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plot twist: while strolling around japan: the new normani stan account is the real normani like "hey lo now that camila is gone we need to sell laurmani af, ill make an account answer it to eliminate the cs, u down?" L: " yea im down, i need a new girlfriend anyway." N: "gurl itll be hard for you to score a lot of gays in hollywood cause camila's new album is all about you and they think youll be forever even if you are not together." L: "bad things huh." N: "sorry, but u know iz true." 🤣😂


Ji-eun : You have legs don’t you?! If you want to go home, you can just use your crutches and go alone! 

WHAT Sangwoo SAID: Hey now! you’re just angry! *smiles* 

WHAT Sangwoo MEANT: nobody insults my hostage but me, are you really trying to test me gurl? know your place gdi Ji-eun. Imma fuck you to death, its me and Bum’s anniversary,how dare you???  


Ji-eun: Don’t be an idiot! *crosses arms* 

Sangwoo: just because youre beautiful, that doesn’t mean you can make fun of me *smiles* 

also Sangwoo: first you insult my hostage, now you insult me? gurl you gon’ get it tonight, better dig your own grave, you make a great wedding cake btw, your cause of death is my bat hitting your insides 

Pentagon reactions to you kissing them in front of the other members


I think Jinho would be so embarrassed but he wouldn’t say anything to you, he would just stay silent and maybe smile a little


Hwitaek would look at you so confused like really?? Right now?? In front of them?? 


He would cover his face with his hands and he would be laughing so much because you are so cute! 


“Hey y/n… you know i love you so much.. but… can you wait a little? We will go home in like 5 minutes…. “


Shinwon would look at you with a “what the heck are you doing gurl” look! He would so suprised when you kissed him

Yeo One

He would start smiling so so much because he would find it so cute when you kissed him. He wouldn’t really care about the members. This time he would kiss you to make the others uncomfortable a little on purpose.


He would be way more embarrassed than Jinho. He never had a girlfriend before so he don’t know how to react when you kissed him in front of the others. 


I think Yuto would start laughing of embarrassed and hug you. He would hide his face in your hair to cover his red face. 


Hyunggu would start laughing because he would find it really funny and adorable, then he saw the other members faces and he would laugh even more


“y/n what are you doing?! Why in front of them?! They’re not going to let me live because of that” he would tell you while laughing

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VIXX trying to get girls
  • N: you wanna hear me sing? I can dance really well too, plus I'm really good-looking, and- wait come back I'm not done yet
  • Ken: aye bby you wanna hear some sick animal impressions
  • Ravi: hey gurl *puts on some shades* wanna listen to my dope ass mixtape
  • Hyuk: hello, my name is Manhyuk
  • Hongbin: *shows dimples* *is surrounded by every girl in a 100 mile radius*
  • Leo: ... *is surrounded by every animal and child under 8 years old in a 100 mile radius*
  • *707 has entered the chatroom*
  • Seven: heyyy gurl~!
  • MC: Hey, Seven!
  • Seven: i lik u
  • MC: ...?
  • MC: You like me?
  • MC: Or you lick me?
  • Seven: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • MC: ////
  • *MC has left the chatroom*
  • Seven: ...come bak n let me lik u
  • Yoosung: Please stop.
  • Seven: O hey man!
  • Seven: Didn't know u were here!
  • Yoosung: You totally knew I was here!
  • Seven: I totally knew u were here

Hey, hunties!!

I’ve been part of this studyblr thing for like three weeks and yall have all these motivational posts but none of those work for me, specially those that say “take a deep breath and count to ten.” However, if they work for you, then you go and take all the breaths you need, gurl. So this is what I prefer to do to motivate me to study:

  • Listen to some empowering-ass music right before you study - yall listen to that classical stuff, which is cute, but you don’t want cute, you want something that will get you in the mood to KICK ASS like this song and this playlist. 
  • Give yourself pep talks  - go to your bathroom, flush in case the person before you didn’t, then look at yourself in the mirror, and tell your lazy ass to GET IT THE FUCK TOGETHER OR ELSE YOULL END UP LIVING IN A CAVE.
  • Compliment/reward yourself every two minutes - you need to stay positive throughout the painful process of doing all that schoolwork, so constantly remind yourself that you’re amazing and that you’ll get a better grade on the test than that idiot Mike who throws erasers at you in class (this got personal). 
  • DRINK WATER/MOISTURIZE  - your body does not function well if your thirsty or if you’re ashy, so get that lotion out, honey.
  • Read inspirational quotes - these can come from pamphlets that you got at the hospital or even celebrity gossip magazines from 2007. Example: “Lindsey Lohan is out of control” can you get more inspirational than that???

I hope these are helpful to those of you that can’t get motivated by just breathing…!!!

BTS- Trying to speak English because they’re into you (Reaction)

✥ JIN: “HI BEAUTIFUL GIRL DO YOU LIKE FOOD?” *gets nervous and fills his mouth with food*

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✥ SUGA: “heyyyy gurl do you like dis? very expensive GLASSES” (sorry i had to)

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✥ J-HOPE: *remembers he speaks 0 English* “OH MY GOD HI. Im your hope i’m your engel, call me gurl!”

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✥ RAP MONSTER: *speaks fluently* “Hey cutie, how’s going? Sorry about my weird friends but just like me they’ve fallen into your deep eyes. “

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✥ JIMIN: “EXCUSE MEE! Hey gurl. Your very cute ;))))”

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✥ V: “Wow gurl you are very beautiful. wanna go out some day? You know, turn up on the bitch beach!

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✥ JUNGKOOK: *doesn’t speak with girls even in korean* “OH MY GOD OHMYGOD ohmygOD” 

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Dating chanyeol would include
  •  you feeling like the third wheel when Baekhyun is around
  • “okay can I please get my boyfriend now”
  • studio dates cz he’s there 24/7
  • netflex and chill dates
  • “ Hey jagii feel up my biceps”
  • forming a workout squad with chen suho  xiumin and beakhyun and you being chanyeol’s personal trainer
  • “babe i heard making out burns 230 calories in 30min wanna try”
  • ” no you should probably do some cardio”
  • ” you’re my favourite cardio workout”
  • “PARK  CHANYEOL !!!”
  • Ohohooo~ Get it, hyung!
  • trying to seduce with his rap like :  

Oh yeah my pee is bright yellow·        
 You taste so sweet like jello·                                                                     
 Gurl i hope u got the memo ·                                                                  
Cz I’ll be doing u in the bathroom with no problemo·        

  • He’d have to lift you up every time he hugs u
  • you tiptoeing to kiss him and him not bending down to tease u
  • Everyday running up after him to keep up with his pace
  • phone calls at 2am
  • listening to music together
  • him composing songs about you
  • Putting stuff on top on the shelve to make u feel short
  • “you wanna get that? Better gimme a kiss”
  • “Never mind I got it asshole”  
  • Teasing you nonstop
  • “-Chan can you massage my shoulders for me ?”
  • “-Sure bae”
  • -”Oops  , my hand slipped”
  • If something embarrassing happens to you he’ll never let you live in down
  • -Remember when your pants were torn from behind and I-
  • Being the loudest couple ever and always getting kicked out because of it
  • Annoying the hella out of kyungsoo
  • Kyungsoo : “could you two not laugh so loud i can’t hear myself think”
  • Singing off tunes each time you go to the karaoke but daaamn making you melt when he does it seriously CUZ THAT VOICE Urg
  • Corny jokes and pickup lines
  • “Jagii if you were a booger I’d..”
  • “Omg chanyeol stop”
  • not having a trouble with finding him whatsoever
  • his shirts would be like dresses on you
  • “I gave it to you , to borrow not to keep”
  • “Where is my shirt ?”
  • Catching him staring admiringly at you
  • “you like what you see babe?”
  • Playing piano and guitar for you all the time
  • Teaching how to play the guitar so you can do a duet
  • V-I-D-E-O-G-A-M-E-S . Don’t be surprised if he drag you in a pc bar for a date
  • -Bow down to the king of games
  • Getting kicked out because you are just too loud
  • You feeling like you’re dating a 5 years old when you see how much he love plushies  
  • “yeol let’s go”
  • “ just  gimme 15 min i swear this is my last level in Candy crush”
  • “Okay i’ll just go out with baekhyun then”
  • “nevermind im coming”
  • Constantly call you or facetime you when he is on tour , even if it’s just few minutes
  • “How is the weather down there”
  • “Better than the jokes up there”
  •  just when things get heated baekhyun walks on both of you
  • “when will we ever get it on in peace”
  • members always laughing on your height difference
  • Chen: “ Y/N i would suggest for you to drink milk but it wouldn’t help you considering Yoda’s height you don’t need calcium you need a magic potion”

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Flirtatious Sister - Derek Luh Imagine (Feat. John Swift)


Hey gurl hey,can you do another Derek imagine but where Swazz is your big brother? 💖💖





I was walking around in my black under armor spandex with a oversized t-shirt, that was my older brothers. My older bother an I have a pretty good relationship, he is super over protective of me like most older brothers are. My first boyfriend cheated on me and John beat the shit out of him. He left him with a broken collar bone and one hell of a black eye. 

I was excited because my brother was having his friends over and I love to flirt with Derek. Call me a tease but it sends tingles through my spine when I can see how much of an effect I have on the boys. Ive started with just innocent flirting with Derek and he does it back. I choose Derek as prey because he thinks he can flirt with girls, sleep with them and leave them. If he thinks he can do that with me he has another thing coming. 

Since Im a natural flirt this will be easy getting revenge on Derek. And when I say revenge I mean it. He slept with one of my best friends last year then never called her back and left her wondering what she did wrong. Now I’m going to leave him like that.

I skip down the stairs invited by the smell of weed, I prance into the living room and sit down on Derek’s lap. 

“Find another seat Y/N.” John says through gritted teeth. 

“Im perfectly fine here.” I say moving around in Derek’s lap causing him to let a low groan out. 

“Yeah, she’s fine here.” Derek says gripping my waist tighter. 

“Whatever.” John says rolling his eyes probably too high out of his mind to care.

I turned around so I was facing Derek and took the blunt from his lips inhaling the smoke then pressing my lips to his exhaling the smoke into his mouth. I lean back to pull away from his lips but he grabs my face holding my face to his. He blows the smoke out the corner of his mouth when he opens it and slides his tongue into my mouth before I feel my self being pulled off of Derek. 

“I need to talk to you.” John says holding me by my waist, my feet not touching the ground. 

He drags me into the kitchen and sets me on the ground. Crossing his arms and staring at me with an angry expression. 

“What the hell are you doing kissing one of my friends?” He asks staring at my smirking expression. 

“I’m just teaching him a lesson.” I say crossing my arms as well my smirk growing bigger. 

“I dont know what game you are playing but you need to be careful. If he hurts you I’m going to beat his ass.” John says his expression becoming harder. 

“And what if I hurt him?” I shot back an evil grin growing across my face.

“Y/N. Please be careful.” John says shaking his head back and forth in a disapproving notion. 

“I always am.” I say brushing past him.

“I don’t even want to know.” John says causing me to laugh. 

I walk back into the living room swaying my hips and I sit next to Nate, this time I’m trying to get Derek to be jealous. I place my hand on Nate’s chest slow stroking up and down his torso. 

Nate leans over to me and whispers in my ear, “If you trying to get Derek jealous thats not going to do it, let me show you how its done.” 

Nate places his hand on the inside of my thigh moving it up and down ever so slowly. I make eye contact with Derek who has a tight scowl on his face. I smirk to my self but he can’t see the slight curve since we are currently sitting in a dark room clouded over by smoke. 

Derek grumbles from across the room and I turn to Nate andean my head in his shoulder playing with his long slightly curly hair. I look back to where Derek was originally sitting but I see an empty spot. 

“Im gonna go to the the bathroom.” I whisper to Nate and he just smirks. 

I shake my head and start walking down the hallway. I was about to turn into the guest bedroom when I felt an arm wrap around my waist and yank me into my own. I squeal out since I was quite surprised by the sudden action. 

Derek throws me on the bed and immediately climbs on top of me. He attaches his lips back to mine and moves quickly. 

“I want you so bad.” Derek whispers in my ear. 

“I know, but you can’t have me.” I say pushing him off of me and grabbing my shirt that some how he managed to get off of me. 

He lays on the bed dumbfounded. Then stands up abruptly and runs over to me forcing me against the wall. “Oh don’t you worry, I always get what I want and I want you.” 


Ayeeeeeee back on the imagine wagon, another one shall be up tonight!

See you later my arty people 


Please stop the ‘Forget Felix Propaganda’

Spreading of Felix hate is stupid as heck. Like, ok, Hawkdaddy already said that nope he won’t be back for probably an eternity. I take it all of us understand this and know what that means. But hey, doesn’t mean that the LB crew threw him and the 2D ML troupe away that we all should too.

I mean, ok, if you wanna forget about Felix and focus only on the current show and everything, then please do. That is your choice and you are free to not think about the bitter cat, the sunshine girl bridgette and the rest of the old ML 2D stuff forever. But please, let the 2D ML fans have their fun in the fandom. Making fanarts, fics and other media forms that appreciate felix, bridgette, the old ladynoir duo, the quantic kids is not bad. Stop trying to invalidate 2D ML and those in the fandom who still enjoy it.

If you only like the old ML stuff, then that’s fine too. And if you only like the current show, that’s ok. If you enjoy both, nothing is wrong with that.

These things aren’t meant to be put on stand against each other. They are for the fandom, for everyone to enjoy. If someone is happy remembering, forming HCs for Felix, for the 2DML then that’s good. If someone is happy if they forget about the old dudes, it is also good. What is not good though is propagating to forget about the 2D ML people because Astruc said it won’t happen. I mean, who are you to go tell people to forget something they enjoy? Are the people making 2D art, fics, etc. hurting anybody by doing what they do? Nope, I don’t think so. Everyone here is just trying to have some fun in tumblr, so please do not speak ill of the 2D kids because they didn’t make it to the show. I think 2D ML fans, more than anyone, are aware of that fact and despite that, the old kids are still loved.

Loving Felix, Bridgette, the old ML duo doesn’t negate Adrien, Marinette or the current LadyNoir. It is just simply loving Felix, Bridgette and the Old ML. I really don’t see what is wrong with that.

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hey do you mind showing us a picture of you? 💜💜💜 I wanna see the face of the gurl that blesses us

This will be the first and probably the last time I will ever reveal my faceu. 
Let me introduce to you the girl that hides behind this blog, da da daaam.

Seventeen as bad pick up lines 2

Part 1


you know what material this is? *grabs his shirt*

boyfriend material


is your name google?

cause you got everything i’m searching for


are you religious?

cause you’re the answer to all my prayers


what has 36 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? 

my zipper


you must be tired..

for running through my mind all day


let me be a chicken nugget..

..and take a dip in yo sauce


gurl I’ll treat you like my homework

i’ll slam you on the table and do you all night long


you must be a keyboard..

..cause you’re just my type


that ass is so tight..

..that when you fart I bet only dogs can hear it


are you a camera?

cause everytime i look at you, i smile


damn Gurl,  

your ass is bigger than my future!


what shoe size do you wear babygirl? 

i’m gonna guess size sexy!


hey, tie your shoes! 

i don’t want you falling for anyone else.