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“You’re not even in the pack” - Derek Hale Imagine

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“Hey hands-…Derek” you said walking into Dereks loft for the date you planned weeks ago, only to see your almost twin brother standing there with his arms crossed talking to Derek.

“Hey gorg-…..(y/n)” he smirked at you, his arms also crossed across his chest.

You narrowed your eyes at Derek, letting him know you were annoyed at the situation.

“Hey Stiles” you offered, with your arms now crossed across your chest.

“Hi…” he started, looking at Derek, who was standing there with a stupid grin, and then back at you, while you were staring at Derek, “what are you doing here?”

“Oh” you tried, not sure what to tell him. Derek and you have been dating for a few months, without anyone else’s knowledge of what was going on. Your crush all started when Stiles came home late one night and told you about a mean guy who bashed his face into his steering wheel, and ever since then, you had to meet the guy who did what you always wanted to do to your brother, “it’s pack meeting night, isn’t it?”

“That’s tomorrow” Derek corrected, causing another stare from you.

“And you’re not part of the pack” Stiles said, making the same squinty face that you were making to Derek, to you.

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hey gorg! i was wondering if you had any knew of POC psds that are good for aesthetic/picspams? Preferably pale ones that dont wash out skin tones? Thank you!

I’ve gathered up all the POC friendly PSD’s I could find. I’m sure there are more out there but these are the ones I found on my blog and others.

( gabby brooks / 21 / she&her ) is that ( wolfie jo sales ) ordering a ( green tea lemonade ) at mocha? i heard they’re a ( model and aspiring actress) who’s known as the ( free spirit) around here. however, they say (wolfie ) is very ( witty ), but (mysterious ). well, better get their drink before it gets cold! ( annie / 21 / she&her / gmt + 2)

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The Greatest Love (Part 2)

Shawn keeps in touch with Behati. He wanted Behati to update him with what’s going on with Y/N. He even tried to talk  to Y/N’s parents, but they refuse to talk to him. Because for them Shawn was the reason why Y/N became a mess, and why Y/N got into a car accident.

‘Behati please, I just want to see her.’

‘Shawn, I’m so sorry. I can’t. You know how protective Y/N’s parents are and for sure if they knew that I let Y/N see you they’re going to not let me see Y/N  as well.’ Behati said.

‘Please, please, please. I’ll do everything.’


‘I promise, just this one.’ Shawn said.

He sounded so sincere and really desperate to see Y/N.

‘Okay, fine. But please Shawn if you see Y/N just please act casual like you’re just an old friend, ok?’ Behati said.

‘Okay. I’ll try.’ Shawn said.

‘Shawn, please! We’re both going to be in trouble if you screw this up!’ Behati said on the other line.

‘Alright, alright.’


‘Oh, hey bey! You look gorge today!’ Y/N greeted Behati wearing her favorite dress.

‘So are you!’ Behati said. Y/N’s wearing her monki denim skirt and her favorite top and her favorite white pair of shoes.

‘Thanks.’ Y/N said. ‘So, are we like going to meet a new friend of mine?’ Y/N asked.

‘Uh, yeah. Your new old friend.’

‘As usual.’ Y/N jokes.

They left and went to the place where Shawn and Y/N first met, Behati has been really careful with Y/N’s parents since Y/N’s parents has a lot of questions every time Behati will ask permission to go out with Y/N.

‘Here we are!’ Behati said.

‘This place looks familiar.’ Y/N said.

‘It is?’ Behati asked nervously.

‘Why do you look like you’re nervous or something? Is this friend of mine my ex?’ Y/N asked jokingly.

‘What? No, of course not!’ Behati said in a defensive way. 

‘You sounded so defensive that I want to believe that this old friend of mine is my ex.’ Y/N joked again, she’s trying to make the situation light since Behati looked so nervous. ‘Just kidding, just trying to make you laugh, you look so nervous!’ Y/N said and assured Behati that everything’s fine. 

‘You know what, let’s go!’ Behati said and she went off the car same as Y/N.

Behati and Y/N went straight to where Shawn, Brian, Ian and Matt were sitting.

‘Hey guys!’ Brian said.

Behati introduced Y/N to Brian, Matt, Ian. Y/N smiled at them so sweetly.

‘And, this is Shawn.’ Behati said and looked at Shawn like saying to act normal.

‘Hi, Shawn.’ Y/N smiled sweetly at Shawn and held his hands to Shawn’s hands.

Shawn was just there standing and staring at Y/N. He wanted to hug her and say sorry. She missed her, her eyes, her smile, her voice. Nothing’s changed, even her style, except, she didn’t know him. All of their memories just got lost.

‘I know this is pretty weird since Bey told me that we’ve all been friends for like 8 years so please bear with me.’ Y/N said as she sat down next to Behati.

‘It’s fine, we understand.’ Matt said.

‘So, do you want us to order your favorite?’ Ian asked.

‘Oh, yeah sure. I would love that.’ Y/N said and smiled so sweetly. ‘So Shawn I heard you’re a singer?’ Y/N asked Shawn and she’s so curious with all this info about Shawn.

Matt, Brian, Ian, and Behati just looked at each other.

‘Uh, yeah. I am, you should watch one of my shows.’ Shawn said and he’s looking so nervous.

‘I would love that, right Bey?’ Y/N said. Behati just nodded and smiled nervously.

‘Why do you look so nervous? Is everything alright Bey?’ Y/N asked Behati who’s so concerned because since they jump out of the car  Behati looks so nervous and tense.

‘I’m fine. I’m just not really feeling well, but I’m fine.’ Behati smiled and looks at Matt, Brian, Ian, and Shawn.

‘Alright.’ Y/N said and turned to Shawn, Matt, Ian, Brian. ‘So tell me about yourself? I mean I know we’re friends but I want to know the usual things we do.’

‘We love making funny videos and we love to eat out after school.’ Brian said with a bright smile.

‘Really? That sounds so fun, oh and I want to see those funny videos’ Y/N smiled.

‘Of course! I’ll send them to you!’ Brian said.

‘We always go to parks because you love seeing children play especially when you’re sad.’ Matt said. Y/N is always dragging Matt to drive for her especially when she’s sad or when she’s having a problem with Shawn.

‘We always play this random toys at the toys store because we’re the weird kids! Right, Bey?’ Ian said and everybody laughs. Bey nodded and laugh as well.

‘What about you, Shawn? Don’t we have a memorable moments?’ Y/N asked looking at Shawn. Shawn was so shocked and he doesn’t know what to do. Same as Behati, Matt, Ian, and Brian. They all went quiet and seemed so nervous.

‘Uh…’ Shawn’s trying to look calm, he’s trying to stop himself to tell Y/N that they had past, that its his fault. ‘I mean, you love going to my shows so yeah that’s memorable for me.’ Shawn said and he tried to smile.

Y/N just smiled. ‘Sounds great.’

The table went silent until Matt broke the awkward silence.

‘So, Y/N are you going back to school or?’ Matt asked.

‘I’d love to, but my mom told me that I should home school for a year maybe next year I’ll be back at school.’ Y/N said and smiled.

Until a couple of girls went inside the café and asked Shawn if they can take a picture with him. At that moment Shawn was hesitant because what if the fans talks to Y/N then she’ll know everything for sure. Until this one fan approached Y/N.

‘Oh, gosh! Y/N I’m so glad you’re fine now.’ One fan said. Matt, Ian, Brian, and Behati looked at each other so shocked. They don’t know what to do and they didn’t get the chance to stop the fan because they’re all just so shock. 

‘You and Shawn are such a cute couple. Glad you guys are back together.’ The other fan said. And said thank you to Shawn and left. That moment went by so fast for Y/N she’s so confused with what’s going on. First Behati’s acting so weird same as Brian, Ian, and Matt. Also, Shawn seems so tensed. And now, these fans just said that She and Shawn used to date.

‘Bey-‘ Y/N said so confused but Behati cut her off.

‘Let’s go.’

‘No, what, wait me and Shawn I’m so confused right now!’ Y/N kind of shouted at Behati.

‘Y/N we can explain it to you.’ Matt said trying to calm Y/N down.

‘No, I’m so done. I’m so confuse with everything.’ Y/N said and she looked at Shawn, ‘So we dated?’ Y/N asked Shawn and Shawn can see the anger in her eyes.

‘Shawn answer me! What, we dated? Huh?’

‘Y/N I’m sorry-‘ Shawn got cut off by Y/N.

‘I’m done. I’m sorry but I have to go.’ Y/N said and left.

‘Y/N wait!’ Behati followed Y/N and while Matt, Ian, and Brian are trying to calm Shawn down with after everything happened.

A/N: Here’s the part 2 of The Greatest Love. Feedback is always welcome to my ask. and REQUESTS ARE OPEN. :) 

It’s bee a while since I posted a typography edit. But I made one for Hey Violet! I really love their song and I hope that they get big and be successful. (Shout out to 5sos for signing them. You guys are the real MVP) It has no watermark but if I caught you stealing this shit I will personally cut your foot off. Have a nice day :) P.S I wanna know if you guys use my typography edits as your wallpapers. I am a message away. 😉😉😉 (Nia is so bubbly it’s adorable)

Tout à l'heure je me baladais tranquillement, la chevelure de licorne violette volant au vent, le téton pointant fièrement sous un pudique tee shirt ample et un grand sourire scotché au visage sous ce magnifique soleil brestois.
Vint un malheureux coup de vent qui plaqua mon tee-shirt sur mon torse, dévoilant par mégarde aux yeux de tous que je ne portais pas de soutien-gorge.
Et bah ça n'a pas loupé !
Relou : Hey mademoiselle, le soutien gorge c'est pas une option !
Moi : Hey trouduc, tout comme mon soutif, être relou ça devrait en être une d'option !
Et je suis repartie comme une déesse, les tétons en avant.

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Hello gorgeous 😘😘😘 how are you? I was wondering if you would also tag me in this bill skarsgard fic you are writing 😍😍

Hey gorg! And I’m doing good. How are you? And yes, I will tag you in it, bby 😘


drive (dean)

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ship: dean x reader

words: 1194 words

based on the song “drive” by halsey

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My hands wrapped around a stick shift

Swerving on the 405, I can never keep my eyes off this

My neck, the feeling of your soft lips

Illuminated in the light, bouncing off the exit signs I missed

Y/N was beautiful. Hell, she was gorgeous. She was just what every man in the world would what. Her breathtaking smile, her Y/E/C orbs admiring at you, her lips…God, her lips. Being in the Impala with her wasn’t easy. Wanting her lips peppered my neck like earlier would have been better. Or maybe her soft fingers fitting into mine perfectly? Yeah, maybe that. Only if Sam and Cas weren’t awake right now. They really didn’t know about us. How badly I wanted to be with her. How I lie awake at night, wanting to call her mine. How desperate I was to show her off to the world? But how could I do that? This thing between us was complicated. It was too complex. But who am I kidding? Was there even an us?

All we do is drive

All we do is think about the feelings that we hide

All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign

Sick and full of pride

All we do is drive

All I want to do his hold his hand. Hold his strong, large hands that were tightly grasping onto the steering wheel. I knew how he felt about me and the feelings were mutual. But in fear of rejection from the angel and the younger Winchester, Dean and I were just..friends with benefits. But friends with benefits are closer than we are. They actually talk to each other. I wish we talked more often. We only had a chance while driving. It was weird, that Baby made me feel safe. Baby was like my safe haven, the only place I felt worthy enough to talk with Dean. Dean. Dean Winchester. Oh God..Why couldn’t the green eyed hunter disappear from my mind? Why couldn’t he just spit out the feelings he had for me? But then again, why couldn’t I do the same thing?

And California never felt like home to me

And California never felt like home

And California never felt like home to me

Until I had you on the open road and now we’re singing

In the long drive back to the bunker, Y/N was stuck reminiscing the days of when Dean visited her in Bakersfield, California. The days when Dean drove her away from the breaking of expensive china and the loud screaming of her parents. It only took one phone call and Dean was there. Even if he were miles away in another state, he always found a way to be by Y/N’s side. Those were the simple days of the two, where their affection for each other was minuscule. But after a couple of years, the pair could never keep each other out of their minds and the need of each other became like medicine.

Your laugh, echoes down the highway

Carves into my hollow chest, spreads over the emptiness

It’s bliss

It’s so simple but we can’t stay

Over analyze again, would it really kill you if we kissed

After finally arriving at the bunker, the Winchesters, Cas, and Y/N sat down in the kitchen and had dinner. With the boys, it was incredibly noisy yet it was what filled Y/N’s heart with joy. The four ate Chinese takeout and pizza along with Sam’s rabbit food which Y/N admittedly loved. Dean always made fun of Y/N for her preference in healthy foods but Sam was glad that at least one person cared about their health. Well, what could Cas say? All he could taste were molecules. As they continued to eat, Dean and Y/N played with the fortune cookie Y/N had made while Sam received more beers for everyone. “So, what is my fortune, Y/N?,” Dean asked as he peered over her shoulder. Cas and Sam both eyed the pair as they mentally shipped them together.  “The person to the left of you is going to be your husband/wife for the rest of your life.” Dean slowly turned around to face Y/N’s orbs. Y/N’s face blemished furiously as Dean’s eyes met her pink, plump lips. A faint laugh beautifully slipped from Dean’s lips, filling Y/N’s heart with pure joy. His laughter was ecstasy to the helpless girl, unknowingly falling in love with the older Winchester. God, how Y/N longed to kiss this man, cup his beautiful, sculpted face and melt away into his arms. Little did Y/N know, Dean’s thoughts were preoccupied with the same idea. 

All we do is drive

All we do is think about the feelings that we hide

All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign

Sick and full of pride

All we do is drive

After cleaning up and calling it a night, Sam and Cas begged Dean to confess. To confess his love for Y/N to her. Dean looked at his brother and his winged friend before shrugging his shoulders. “Are you guys..sure about this?..I mean, you don’t mind Y/N and I?” Both Sam and Cas scoffed and nodded their heads in approval. “Of course we don’t mind,” the pair said in unison before pushing Dean off to Y/N’s room door. Dean stood face to face to the wooden door, his fist raised before he lightly knocked. “Y/N? Can we talk for a second?,” Dean asked through the door of Y/N’s room. Y/N’s eyes shifted toward the door before she smiled and ran to open it. As the door opened, Dean’s hands were shoved into his pockets as he tried to say something. “Hey gorg-beauti-..hey, Y/N,” Dean struggled to say after stumbling across words. “Hey.” Y/N’s voice was smooth and calm, like gentle waves crashing on the bea-. “You okay, Dean?,” she softly whispered as her hand laid across his firm chest. The heat in Y/N’s face grew as she realized what she had done. “Oh..um, I’m so-” “Don’t be sorry, that..felt nice.” Y/N took a few seconds to wrap her head around the words Dean had uttered. Soon, Dean and Y/N stood there, smiling foolishly at each other. “C’mon, Dean,” Sam and Cas silently cheered him on as they watched the two. “Did you come to wish me goodnight or is something else bothering you?” Dean’s lips fell into a thin line as he cupped Y/N’s face. “Please don’t hate me for what I’m about to do,” he warned before his lips crashed onto Y/N’s. The couple melted into each other, their fingers running all over each other’s body. As they broke apart, Y/N heard the boys outside high five each other before going into their rooms. Y/N couldn’t help but to smile to herself. “I’m so glad we don’t have to hide these feelings anymore as we drive,” she softly said as she cupped Dean’s face. Dean nodded, replying back with the same words that had slipped from Y/N’s very lips.

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ohhhh internet au sounds cool! can i have a scenario where bambam and Jackson are famous youtubers but jackson is a comedy blogger and bambam is a makeup guru/ haul vlogger and it starts off with jackson parodying him which results in and internet war but soon the dislike turns to flirting and then collabs and then dating ect something cute thanks

warnings: none

words: four thousand because omg why

author: angel

hey! T.T omg i had no idea this would turn out so long. I actually had a load of other things I wanted to include along with JJP and Mark and everyone but it was already at 4k so i decided to tie it off there. I might be doing an extension on this acc though? hehe hope you like this anon! thanks for the great prompt!

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Matt Espinosa Imagine for Anon

You finish drying your hair as you text Matt back. You both were planning on going to dinner for the night, but you didn’t feel too well. You called him feeling the guilt inside of you. You heard the phone pick up as Matt exhales his breath with a big hello.

“Hey, listen. I’m really sorry, but I don’t feel too well.” You say as you brush your hair along with your fingers. “Aw, babe. Are you okay?” Matt asks concerned. “Yeah, I just have cramps for some reason.”

You knew Matt was going to ask if you were on your period, but you just ended it a week ago. Everything was fine though.

“I’ll be over in 5.” Matt says quickly. “But…” you say as you hear the line end. You sigh as you put on Matt’s nike grey sweatpants and a navy blue tanktop. You fix your bed as you plan on taking a nap for the rest of the day after Matt leaves for whatever reason.

What seems like 5 minutes passing time, you hear your front door slam, with footsteps stomping onto the ground. You smile to yourself knowing it was Matt just being a little kid. The door flies open with Matt as he jumps onto your bed. “Hey gorg.” He smirks at you as he lays his head down.

“Matt what are you doing here.” You smile as you lean back onto the doorway. “Am I not allowed to see my girlfriend?” he pouts. You walk over kissing him lightly on the lips. “Of course you are, I just feel bad that I blew off our plans.” You admit. “What makes cramps feel better?” he asks as he puts his backpack down next to your bed. You shrug your shoulders as you think. “Um…being a bum, eating food, basic stuff.” You say as you turn on your TV.

“Does cuddling count?” Matt asks as you giggle to yourself. He slides himself under the covers as he waits for you, patting the bed for you to sit. You climb in bed next to him as he pulls out some things from his bag. He had ice cream, candy, and advil.

“Matt, I’m not on my period silly.” You laugh. “Oh, whoops, must’ve been in there from last time.” He says trying to be the best boyfriend possible. You always appreciated Matt for whatever he did for you. He was always prepared. You open the kit-kat bar as you start flipping through the channels. You feel Matt’s arm around your waist as he plays with the waistband of your sweats. As you munch onto the candy, you decided to watch the ‘notebook’ it was the only thing on. “Damn, we watched this about 5 times y/n.” Matt says to you. “Shh…” you move your hand up to his face as you keep your eyes onto the TV screen. As you feel Matt pull you closer, you lay your head onto his chest. You always loved how warm it was, it made you feel more protected.

Matt would occasionally give you frequent kisses that kept you smiling. He’d play with your hair softly, making you want to fall asleep.

As the movie continues on, you feel yourself lower your body to Matt’s height. You were face to face with him as you stare into his brown eyes. He showed a big smile that you loved. “Maybe we could go tomorrow?” you ask still feeling guilty. Matt gives you a reassuring nod as he holds you closer. “Whatever’s good for me.” He says pecking your lips. You lay by his side as he holds onto your arm. You both share one passionate long kiss as you move your lips together in sync. Matt exhaled, as he stuffed his face in your hair. “You smell gooood.” You giggle as you then felt a small push from Matt letting go of your arm. He quickly sat up as he looked onto the screen. “My favorite part.” He announces. You look at the screen as you see Matt’s favorite line coming up.

“What do you want….what-do-you-want.” He mimic’s, saying it directly to you.

“You.” You giggle as you kiss him once more. 

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Ai stood in front of the soon to be improved Aiyas. They were making renovations to accommodate the bigger and slobbier people of Inaba. Ai was practically drooling at the thought of going in. She wasn't the only one, half the town was here. Chie, Nanako, Yoskue even Naoto...wow, Naoto grew out her hair. It was defiantly longer then she rembered. That and she was wearing some weird outfit. But she was about the same size, smelled the same, She also had blue hair, which was a give away. "Hey!"

Gorging on one of their famous rainy day specials with gluttonous glee, Lucina squealed at the yell of someone rather close to her. Slurping up and gulping a particularly savory chunk of beef she turned to see an unfamiliar, weighty woman.