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hey goob, im a writer writing a latin character, and im wondering if you'd have any general tips on like, what kinda stereotypes and stuff to avoid

things to avoid.. I can do that! I guess…

Well first of all this “Hola friends this is Paquito del barrio nice to conocerlos this is my dog Papi” needs to be scratched since the beginning, CERO of it, if its fluid in english theres no problem with them speaking spanish once in a while, but go fully on one sentence or another, we almost never mix words like that unless is ironically to mess with gringos.

Have in mind, where part of latin america are them? we are NOT all mexicans, and yeah, even in the accent theres differences, the way to speak usually too, in my country for example we talk kind of loud, in Chile they speak kind of fast, in Argentina they have a peculiar lil singing, the list goes on! 

AVOID as much as you can the “wow they have like 5000 siblings” bs, really, yeah we have big families over here, but ton of parents only have 2 or 3 kids, its a really… weird stereotype, i really don’t get it? Oh also, keep in mind in Latin America /as general/ we considerate “family” our cousins, our cousins cousins, our aunts aunties and such, we usually have a “big family” because its actually almost all the tree we talk about! I’ve seen is pretty common to have reunions with ton of familiars we don’t see that much.

This one is important, TACOS AND QUESADILLAS AIN’T THE ONLY LATINX MEAL, fuck, they ain’t even 5% of the culinary in Mexico! if you want your character to have ton of latinx air and sometimes eat traditional food, LEARN FROM THE GASTRONOMY OF WHERE THEY COME FROM, Mexican’s tamales ain’t the same as Colombian’s, not all places has as traditional food (for example) Mute, you need to know well where do they come from.

Oh also, Brasil is also part of Latin america, but they don’t speak spanish, Latinx =/= hispanic.

Now… yes, ton of girls in Latin america are hairy, but not all of them, same with boys. I have ton of classmates that are really hairless. The skin tone is NOT THE SAME for everyone either, some are really pale, others are a kind of creamy brown, some more caramel-like toned.

Yes, theres a few of latinx people that believe in ghost and paranormal junk, is much less that you may think! try to avoid  those “theres the cuco in the kitchen is going to comernos a todos” kind of stereotype, is really offensive, yes they can believe and even be super into that but be careful with the way you write them.

0 LATIN LOVER, really that womanizer junk is almost never real, please avoid the super-flirty “i only want girls to date them” guy…. heck even avoid that term, its deleted. 

My best advice tho is that, if you want them to show that they’ve been living in their natal place for a good junk of time, learn about that place. If your character is Puerto Rican learn about, at least, the traditions and gastronomy. Believe in me this is more important that it sounds by, if you wanna show they are from a place of course, it can be sort of neutral too.

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Hey goob, its the one asking abt the latino characters again, asking for an advice; i feel like my character is ''too white'' but im scared that if i try changing that, ill write them too stereotypically, is there anything youd suggest?

OHH this one’s tricky.

Well, let’s see, if your character was BORN on the US, then you can leave it like that!

If it was born in any latinx country, you can investigate about those places to know a lot about what they eat, their carnivals, and ton of that!!! you can even search for accents and movements!

In my country, for example, we speak kinda loud and a LOT with the hands, in Chile they speak fast, its like that kinda junk, they are not stereotypes, they are some behaviours you get bc of your enviroment! is normal! 

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hey goob... important question here... im about to take a 19 hour flight... should i bust a nut at 10,000 feet??

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