hey goldmember

The Austin Powers movies are legitimately some of my favorites

I’m in the basement and my dad has Goldmember on, and I’m laughing my ass off even though I’ve seen it a million times. My family used to have this obsession with all the Austin Powers movies and I’ve probably quoted it more in my life over the course of middle school and high school than any other movies. It’s such a shame that Mike Myers hasn’t been able to duplicate the success of them since.


Oh man, I only liked this part when I was little because I thought Beyonce was super fabulous. Now I watch it again years later and it all makes so much sense.

Too much sense.

we have simple needs really
  • ellie: i just enjoy the leather pants aspect too
  • ellie: i see what you did there, writers
  • ellie: they know what we like
  • me: i hope we get a goldmember nude scene
  • me: i have no idea how they would work that in
  • me: like, someone breaks into gold's house again? but -- surprise plot twist -- he's in the bath!
  • ellie: oh no! they JUST took the towel!