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My fave thing is when a famous man tries to be the next object of libfem thirst or ‘hey girl’ meme so he talks shit about stuff he’s either been in or even written, as if he knew all along it was problematiqe? Like that dude from 500 days of summer and jamie dornan etc etc. And now james blunt is saying that his first ever hit single ‘you’re beautiful’ was NOT romantic and you’re fucked up if you ever thought it was bc it’s about some creepy delusional perv scoping on another man’s chick!!! I’m screaming!!!! I guarantee at the time of writing he thought it was the best panty-dropping anthem he’d ever written but now that it’s 2k17 and ‘feminism’ is the word on everyone’s lips he’s like “duh!! it was not meant to be romantic lol don’t you idiot ladies get subtext?!” God you really do have to hand it to men….they’re on the ball


Hey buddy you in London? The sad part is my keyboard already knows that when I type “hey buddy” it automatically puts in “you in London” that’s really fking sad 😂😂😂

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So. Um. Yeah.

Anyone else remember when Ryan Gosling read some of those “Hey, Girl” memes?

Who else is tempted to start a petition with me to get Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe to do the same with drarry tumblr chats?*

*Totally hypothetical haha**
**I’m obviously not that big a nerd.***
***(unless anyone – literally anyone – thinks it might work?)

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"You deserve better" - Chikayou

You wishes she could say, “you deserve better than her”. She wishes she could say, “you deserve me. You should be with me instead.”

But she can’t.

Riko, oh god, Sakurauchi Riko, that beautiful red haired city girl with a voice to melt the heavens and the gentle disposition any girl would fall for - that’s the competition. That’s who Chika loves, instead, for certain.

Part of You wants to measure herself up. She’s faster. Stronger. She can drive boats and dive for nationals, she can cook and she can sew, she can do all these things, but maybe she’s just not Good enough. Not a Genius enough.

She’s not a child prodigy or anything. She’s Chika’s childhood friend, and she wouldn’t change that for the world.

But still, when she gets The Call, (when her heart stops for a moment in the wrong way, maybe, just maybe, hoping this was a confession call, in her delirious love sickness), when Chika bursts out with emotions never directed at You like that, when she says those fatal words, You feels herself die inside.

“She asked me out,” Chika is saying, “she- she really did.”

A breath. Not enough to be a pause.

“What did you say?”



You doesn’t want to be over dramatic or anything, but she’s sure Chika has lodged a knife right into her chest and thrust. A pause. She hears Chika breathing too loud into the receiver. If only, if only she’d have been as brave and as forward as Riko…!

“That’s great,” You says, and she means it, she really does, and she’s pretty good at hiding how thick her voice is getting, and she’s glad Chika couldn’t wait to tell her face to face because otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to hide her sobs. “That’s great, Chika. I’m so happy for you.”