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A Place to Fit (Thomas Jefferson/Reader)

Prompt: hey can you write an insecure reader who feels more comfortable with the confident Thomas Jefferson around, until a friend admits to liking him, and the reader can’t help comparing herself to the friend and feeling like she falls short?

Note: This is my first attempt to write something set during the show’s actual time period. Mostly I just tried to avoid any glaring anachronisms (because your girl knows very little about Revolutionary-era America). I did write this as though everyone was still young and single post-war, because I’m not willing to sacrifice the mental image of Daveed Diggs for historical accuracy.

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson/Reader

Rating: G

Words: 2521

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Hey, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a blue eyed- flannel wearing - fast talking - pop tarts lover - sports enthusiast 7 year old running around the crap shack knocking down monkey lamps with his baseball bat as he goes.
I am just saying. Just give it a thought.
Did I mention he should be named Liam, short for William and also because L+L=L, duh!
You know what? We can talk about this later tonight, carry on with your day. Bye.
—  My brain, every morning for the past 9 months.
Farkle x Reader

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Fandom: Girl Meets World

Character: Farkle Minkus

Request:  Hey can u write a farkle x reader where back in the new year episode when farkle told everyone riles still loved lucas she told everyone farkle loved the reader and idk please

Requested by: anonymous

Word Count:  1,078

* season 2 spoiler alert *


    New Years Eve had been fun, yet awkward. You were invited to join the celebration by Riley and you were having fun, but you couldn’t help but feel the tension between Riley, Farkle, Maya, and Lucas. You weren’t sure 100% what was going on, but you did know that Maya and Riley both liked Lucas. What you didn’t understand was how you ended up playing the Couple’s Game with Farkle as your partner. You were both excited, yet nervous that this came to be. On one hand you got to sit next to your crush, Farkle, on the other, you were sure he could here your heart pounding from the limited space between you two.      

     Smackle and Zay were the only ones missing from the bunch. They both had attended their celebrations elsewhere with their families.    

      During the game, Farkle and you surprised everyone; especially yourselves. You two knew more about each other than anyone had known. You knew his most ticklish spot and he knew the little habits you did when you were stressed or worried. You two realized things about each other that nobody else knew. 

     The game was almost over since the tension had grown even more. Riley drew the last card,” Have you ever kept a secret from somebody you love– game over!” Riley stated slamming the card down on the table surprising everyone. “ Why? Because you know secrets are dangerous?” Farkle questioned her. Riley stood up defensively,” No, Farkle, because it’s almost midnight.” She stated. “ And you know what happens at midnight.” Farkle said while giving Riley a knowing look. “ Okay, it’s time to go up to the roof!” Riley exclaimed rushing towards the door yanking Farkle with her. You all looked at the both of them knowing that they knew something everyone else didn’t. Nevertheless, you all followed them up to the roof where the fireworks would be starting in any minute. The only question left was, who would be together at midnight? 


     “ You dragged me all the way up the stairs. I liked it.” Farkle stated cheerfully as they both stood on the roof of the building. Riley sighed,” Farkle, I just need a little more time-” Farkle cut her off. “ No more time. We made a deal, Riley. We’re not starting off the new year with lies between friends.” Farkle said indefinitely. Riley defended herself,“ I’m lying for my friend, Farkle.” Farkle shook his head,” I don’t think you know what you’re doing. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing.” He stated. “ Do you know? What about Y/N, Farkle? You haven’t told her you like her.” Riley questioned him. “ I’m sorry, RIley. This is all new for me too. I’ll tell Y/N when I feel like its the right time. All I know is that we should all tell each other the truth.” Riley tilted her head to the side and sighed,” Farkle, if you really care about me, I know that you will do the right thing.” Riley stated. Farkle nodded,” I do, and I will.” 

     You all joined Riley and Farkle at the roof. It seemed as though they had been bickering before you all arrived. Not wanting to interfere, you stood to the side and stared at the sky. Charlie soon joined Riley and Farkle had disappeared. You looked around for him, but you couldn’t find him until someone approached you. “ Y/N, who you looking for?” Farkle asked you. You smiled,” I was actually looking for you. You okay? You seemed a bit, agitated during the game.” You asked him. He smiled at you,” I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. It’s actually those three I’m worried about.” He motioned over to Riley, Maya, and Lucas. You nodded,” I’m worried too, but I feel that things will sort themselves out as time goes on.” You explained. Farkle frowned,” You do?” You nodded again,” It always does.” you stated once more. Farkle shared a quick glance with Riley before changing the conversation with you.

     Farkle and you had lost each other in your conversation that you two didn’t realize what time it was. It was nice for the two of you to just talk in the chilly air amongst the stars. You both had enjoyed it and had wished to stay like that for a while longer, but midnight was only seconds away. 

In 5…





     It was finally midnight! You all cheered as a year came to an end and another one had just begun. You all couldn’t help but notice Riley trying to make a quick escape, but Farkle didn’t let her.

“ Riley still loves Lucas.” 

     Everyone froze in disbelief. You were the only other one that knew so you weren’t shocked. You were more shocked of what was said next. 

“ Farkle loves Y/N.” 

     You stood frozen in place. You didn’t know what to say. Riley said a quick Happy New Years and then just stood there frozen as well. Everyone else except for the group ran back downstairs. They didn’t want to be part of the awkward situation. Even Charlie left, carrying the sleeping Auggie back to his room. You didn’t want to be near the love triangle so you walked to the farthest side of the roof to clear your head. You were happy to know Farkle had returned your feelings. You couldn’t help but fear that since it wasn’t him who said it, he wouldn’t act upon it. You were wrong.

     As you stood there watching the fireworks, Farkle approached you. “ Y/N I-,” you cut him off,” Farkle, before you say anything. I just want you to know that I love you too.” You felt relived that you had finally put your feelings out there. You were nervous to see Farkle’s response, but as you lifted your head you met the happiest Farkle you had ever seen. You smiled back as he surprised you by giving you a quick peck on the lips. Your first midnight kiss…

     You two pulled away and held hands. “ I wish it was at my own pace, but I’m glad Riley told you how I felt. It was hard keeping it from you.” He confessed. You smiled,” I’m happy she did too. If she hadn’t, you might have not been my first midnight kiss.” you told him. “ I hope to be many of your firsts and your lasts…” he trailed off giving you another kiss.

You’ve been a couple ever since… 


hope you liked it! :)


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A guy did yell at me from his car, it happens sometimes cause im weird looking. The guy yelled at me & he goes “Hey baby, hey girl! You’re so sexy!” I realized that this could be a few different things […] He thinks I’m a girl & he thinks I’m not sexy, so It’s like funny to say that - or he knows im a boy & he’s trying  to be “mean” cause its “funny”. ‘Like you’re a girl haha.’  Little does he know, I think girls are cool and good?! (x)

The signs as HxH quotes
  • Aquarius: I'm sorry! I was about to kill you!
  • Pisces: Hey stop it! That's embarrassing!
  • Aries: It's my fault Kite is a girl!
  • Taurus: Forget the part about jerking off
  • Gemini: Money can get you anything!
  • Cancer: You are a plant.
  • Leo: Gon, you are light; and sometimes, you shine so brightly, I must look away.
  • Virgo: Did you know bungee gum has properties of both rubber and gum?
  • Libra: I have issues, but you are just as bad.
  • Scorpio: You can die after this job for all I care.
  • Sagittarius: Two hundred million snacks, in four years?
  • Capricorn: I think I may have awoken a terrible monster.
#Playlist  ♥

• Sabrina Carpenter - Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying

• Shawn Mendes - I Know What You Did Last Summer

• Hailee Steinfeld - Rock Bottom

• Alan Walker - Faded

• Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

• Chris Brown - Fine By Me

• Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend

• DJ Snake - Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine

• Demi Lovato - Stone Cold

• Elle King - Ex’s & Oh’s

• Ellie Goulding - On My Mind

• Fais ft. Afrojack - Hey

• Fall Out Boy - Irresistible ft. Demi Lovato

• Fifth Harmony - Work from Home

• Flo Rida - My House

• G-Eazy X Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I

• J Sutta - Forever

• Jason Derulo - Get Ugly

• Justin Bieber - Love Yourself

• Lukas Graham - 7 Years

• MAGIC! - Lay You Down Easy

• Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza 

• Nick Jonas - Close ft. Tove Lo

• Rachel Platten - Fight Song 

• Rihanna - Kiss It Better

• Rihanna - Work

• Sabrina Carpenter - Eyes Wide Open

• Sabrina Carpenter - Smoke and Fire

• Sabrina Carpenter - The Middle of Starting Over 

• Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself

• Sia - Bird Set Free 

• Sia - Cheap Thrills

• Sia - Unstoppable

• Skrillex & Diplo - “Mind” feat. Kai

• The Chainsmokers - Roses

• Twenty one pilots  - Stressed Out

• Zayn - Pillowtalk

• Zayn - It’s you

• Zara Larsson - Lush Life

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Special Occasion ♡ Octavia Blake Imagine

A/N: ‘Can you do one where Octavia asks you out on Valentine’s day’ Enjoy 💕


“Hey Octavia.“ You called from your place just outside the dropship. You watched the girl as she cautiously came over. It was the only time where she was nervous, her eyes blown wide. You knew she liked you and you had a feeling everyone else did too.

“Hi Y/N,” She said, her voice firmer than her appearance. You two had started off not knowing anything about the other until your best friend Bellamy, said that his sister thought you were really pretty.

So you had approached the girl and started talking, realising that you enjoyed her company, become best friends fast. She grew nervous around you after a little while. Shivers running down her spine whenever you hugged her, her heart quickening, her tone wavering. You found it cute but ignored it figuring it’s just a stage that the younger Blake would pass over quickly. You didn’t want to risk getting hurt.


And even though you were much better at hiding it. You really liked the other girl. Your heart still had the telltale faster pace and your hands couldn’t keep still. As she stood in front of you, she grinned and you smiled back feeling your heart leap.

“Do you know what the date is O?” You asked, looking at her face for any signs of recognition. She smirked and you knew she was aware.

“February 14th Y/N. Valentines day.” She sighed, playing with her hands. “How many boys have fallen at your feet this morning? 9? 10 possibly?” She teased, her voice light with humour but her eyes dark with jealousy and sadness.

“None.” You admitted quietly, your eyes snapping downward as hers flashed up. 

“Really? Why not? You’re the most beautiful amazi-” She stopped and you didn’t need to look up to know that you’d see her bright red cheeks.

“I mean uhh, I-” you looked up at her and smiled.

“It’s okay Octavia. Relax. Thank you,” You reassured. “Besides the boys aren’t falling at my feet because they know I have someone else on my mind.” You ventured carefully, like wading slowly into water. You knew Octavia wasn’t going to make the first move, she was oblivious to the fact you liked her even if the entire camp knew. So, you figured you had nothing to lose.

She cocked her head.

“Oh, who?” She questioned, trying to keep the disappointed hitch from her tone. You took a breath. Now or never.

“You” You whispered, watching as her face turned into that of happiness, her eyes lighting up and her smile big enough to swallow any possible doubt you had. She wrung her hands and kissed your cheek,

“Go out with me.” She said as you smiled giddily at the contact. You blinked, wondering if you’d heard her right.

“I’m sorry, what?” You stuttered.

“Go out with me.” She stated, firmly this time, wrapping her hand in your own, the thumb trailing circles over the back of your palm. You nodded before being pulled into a searing kiss, you whimpering in appreciation. She ran her tongue over your bottom lip and you obliged, nipping her lip. When she pulled away you were both red, whether because you were out of breath or blushing you weren’t sure.

“Happy Valentines Day.” You whispered, the plump pink lips before you grinning before claiming you again.


anonymous asked:

Something with a nervous and easily embarrassed Dr. Reid and a girl that giggles every time she purposefully (flirtingly) embarrasses him.

“Hey,” I said, leaning over to press a steaming cup of coffee on Reid’s desk. He shot me a smile over his shoulder.

“Hey, thanks,” he said.

“No problem,” I replied as I settled myself on the edge of his desk. I watched as he cradled his mug between his long fingers and brought it to his lips.

“Did you know that people who have hazel eyes make the best lovers?” I asked. He stared at me for a moment.

“There-there’s no…evidence of that,” he stammered. I smiled coyly at him and leaned in to whisper into his ear.

“Well, I have a funny feeling that the proof is right in front of me,” I said, and walked away. As I settled at my own desk, I chanced a peek at Spencer, and couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the flush that crept up his neck and into his cheeks, his beautiful eyes averted. I smiled to myself.

I ended up on the jet next to Spencer. He smiled at me as I sat down.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” he asked quietly.


“Wanna play cards?”

He beat me, of course, but not for my lack of trying. My sexual innuendos seemed to frustrate and fluster him, although not enough to throw him off his game.

“So, Spencer,” I began, leaning toward him, “why do you grow your hair long?”
He hesitated.

“Um, I don’t know,” he said. “I just…it looks better this way,” he answered. I smiled, reaching over to ruffle his curls.

“You look good any way,” I whispered, watching as he turned red again. I laughed.

“You’re easy to embarrass,” I said, standing up to go and get coffee.

The following week, we worked on a case. I got my comments in as well, though. Spencer’s reaction was predicatble and inevitable; he blushed and turned away every time.

We arrived back at the BAU and the rest of the team went home, leaving just Spencer and I to work on paperwork.

“Reid?” I said.


“You know you’re adorable when you’re so focused?” I asked, anticipating his usual response. But that wasn’t what I got. He held my gaze, a challenge in his eyes.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

“Doing what?” I replied, trying to sound innocent. To my surprise, he groaned in frustration and dropped his head briefly to his desk.

“You’re leading me on!” he exclaimed. “You’re trying to make me think things that I was already thinking, with no…no relationship!” he groaned. “I don’t get it.”

“Spencer,” I began, standing up and ambling over to his desk. I sat on the edge and looked at him seriously. “I’m not leading you on. I’m flirting with you.”

“What’s the difference?” he asked.

“When you lead someone on, you’re not pursuing anything,” I explained.

“Well, what are you pursuing, then?” he asked. I smiled and leaned forward, pressing my lips lightly to his.

“That,” I whispered.

But the runaway boy ends up being Magnetos son, who has the same power as his father.

Magneto : you keep your filthy homo sapien spawn away form my son!

Nick Fury: did you just, oh i KNOW you did not just call my daughter that! how about you keep your hazard of a child away from my baby girl so i wont whoop some mutant ass, okay lensher?

Mystique : the avengers, how pathetic.

Tony : really? were the pathetic ones? at least we dont hide out real skin.

Wolverine : *looks to other x-men* i dont even know what the hell were suppose to be doing. 

Magneto’s son : should we stop this orr….

You: hmmm…NAH

okay please request imagines of any fandom, i do marvel imagines for a fact, but hey, request from anything else and ill see if i can do it. right now i have a peitro imagine in the wokrs so if you want peitro please request! I LOVE HIM!!

so please request away causeihavenolife!

How Monsta X Would React When Jealous

Shownu: Shownu would try to make it obvious to the guy who was making him jealous that you was his girl. Whether that was by putting his arm around you, making you laugh or kissing your cheek. The guy would stop flirting with you instantly. 

Originally posted by sonhyunu

Wonho: Like Shownu; Wonho would make it obvious but be more vocal. He would openly say to the guy “hey, did you know this is my girl?” then he would follow it up by giving him a glare making the guy walk away in seconds.

Originally posted by wonho-shin

Minhyuk: This little cutie wouldn’t know what to do. He’d see the guy use pick up lines on you and he’d be stuck in his own head. But he’d get relief when he heard the words “I have a boyfriend” fall from your lips. Then he’d come over and embrace you in a huge hug. 

Originally posted by yukimuradesu

Kihyun: He wouldn’t necessary confront the guy face to face but would let him know in subtle ways that he was annoyed. When you stood next to Kihyun he’d kiss your neck or whisper something into your ear while giving evils to the guy trying to flirt with you. 

Originally posted by yookihyun

Hyungwon: Won’t even waste a minute to tell the guy to back off. He could see the way he was looking at you and he knew the look because it was the same look that he gave you. He’d instantly swoop in like your knight in shinning armour and take you away from the situation. 

Originally posted by bloodylee

Jooheon: Like Minhyuk; Jooheon wouldn’t know what to do. He’d stand there for a couple of minutes trying to come up with ways to let the other guy know you was his. Finally, when he did he came up to you and gave you a massive smooch on the lips in front of the guy. You thought it was funny when you saw the shock on the other guys face. 

Originally posted by trainingpanda

I.M: He would be standing next to you when it was happening and thought the whole situation was just awkward. You felt uncomfortable, he was jealous and the guy was a bad flirter. Finally when you gave him the look he thought it was best to vocally announce that you were leaving and throw the guy a dodgy look. 

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Gifs don’t belong to me, credits to the owners! Enjoy ^-^ 


Just That Good ~ Liam Dunbar x Reader

Requested: hey can you do an imagine where the reader is the newest member to the lacrosse team and no one knows she’s a girl and Liam gets all jealous and try’s to be better than her and she does even better than she reveals herself as a girl? sorry if this is long and confusing. Also can Liam start to have feelings for the reader? thanks xx

A/N: I did some tweaking- everyone know she’s a girl and Liam had feelings for her prior to joining the lacrosse team. I hope that’s all right! xx

A huff escapes his pursed lips as he crosses his arms across his chest, all but seething as he watches lacrosse practice from the sidelines. He’s used to being the new, young kid with exceptional athletic abilities, but the attention isn’t directed at him anymore. And he doesn’t like it at all.

“What’s your damage?” Stiles asks between short gasps, sitting down on the bench next to Liam’s rigid figure. He’s dripping with sweat and his golden brown eyes have a spastic look to them. Typical lacrosse practice for player number 24.

“How? How is that even possible?” Liam gestures to the field where the newest member of the team scores yet another goal. That makes it, what, the sixth one so far? And they’re only an hour into practice.

“I used to think the same thing about you, ya little runt,” Stiles notes not unaffectionately. “She’s really talented. And we can use all the talent we can get.”

“We already have enough talented players…” he pouts somewhat childishly. His eyes follow her up and down the field almost hypnotically. He wants to stop watching, but he can’t. Her movements are more fluid and graceful than the way the boys play. Maybe that’s why she’s so good. 

“Awh, don’t be jealous, Liam,” Kira coos as she approaches the boys. Her hair is pulled back into a tight french braid and a thin layer of sweat gives her face a dewy glimmer. Her smile is warm as she regards the two boys. She likes having another girl on the team. Enduring the lame jokes that only boys seem to think are funny with no allies to appreciate her subtle eye rolls was becoming unbearable. 

“I’m not jealous!” Liam snaps quickly, his cheeks heating up. “It’s just… Lacrosse is my thing.”

Outside of Liam, Stiles, and Kira’s private conversation, cheers erupt from the field; a sure indicator that the rest of the teammates are thrilled with their new female player. A few of the guys give her a pat on the back, one of them being Scott, who offers kind words of a job well done.

“Yeah and before you came along it was Scott’s thing, and before that it was Jackson’s. So what’s your point?” Stiles points out. His breathing has become steady again.

“Wait,” Kira interjects, “Is that all there is to it?

“What do you mean?” Liam scrunches his face up. His eyes dart between his friends and the field. He can only tear his gaze away for so long.

“You’re jealous, that’s all it is?” Kira prods curiously.

“Where are you going with this?”Liam narrows his eyes suspiciously. He shifts his weight from foot to foot, wringing his hands together.

“It’s hard to impress someone if they’re better than you,” Kira announces, a devious smile twisting the corner of her lips.

“Ohhhh,” Stiles hums at the same time that Liam yells, “She’s not better than me!”

“But you do want to impress her?… By establishing dominance?” Stiles snorts, quirking an eyebrow. “Pee on the field then to mark your territory why don’t you.”

“Please do not do that,” Kira adds quickly, her face mirroring disgust and horror. 

“I will not do that.”

“Dunbar!” Coach yells from the field. His whistle is balanced in-between his lips carefully. It’s a wonder how he’s able to yell with barely opening his mouth- something only Bobby Finstock could do.“Get your ass out here!”

Kira smiles supportively and Stiles wiggles his eyebrows as Liam jogs onto the field. He takes his place on offense, waiting for the other players to get situated. Of course she ends up on defense on the opposite side. Of course.

Coach blows his whistle and everyone scatters. One minute Liam is heading towards the goal with the ball in his lacrosse stick, the next he’s laying flat on his back completely dazed and unsure of how he got here.

“It was a good effort, Liam,” she smiles, lightly hitting his knee with her lacrosse stick.

Oh. That’s how he got here.

Usually he tries not to use his wolf abilities to enhance his performance, but getting knocked on his ass is not something he cares to repeat.


It was a stupid idea. It was a monumentally stupid and dangerous idea- throwing all of his weight to plow through the girl standing between him and the goal. The look on Scott’s face and the loud crunch of her nose breaking fueled the shame burning a hole in his chest.

“I am so so sorry,” Liam sighs, elongating his strides to keep up with her quick pace. Naturally he volunteered to walk down to the nurse’s office with her since this was his fault in the first place.

“It’s a contact sport, I know what I signed up for. But thank you, for apologizing,” she adds the last part in quickly. She isn’t angry with him, maybe a little confused as to why he used way more force than necessary, but not angry.

“I was… I just… I guess I felt a little threatened… and I wanted to impress you…” he rubs at the back of his neck and looks down at his grass stained cleats.

“You thought bulldozing me over would impress me? Does that usually work for you?”

“I’d never tried it before.”

“And what have you learned from this experience?”

“I will never try it again. And noses make a really gross sound when they break.”

She stifles a laugh at the part about noses. There’s a faint red stain above her mouth where the blood came pouring out, and the area between and under her eyes is starting to darken. Yet somehow she still manages to be okay with the situation. At least it wasn’t her arm or leg.

“So, you think I’m good?” she grins, the stained blood making the expression somewhat grotesque. Regardless, Liam’s cheeks still heat up at the fact that she’s smiling at him

“Very. So good I lost my mind and mowed you over,” Liam jokes, laughing softly.

The direction of this conversation has taken an unexpected, positive turn. He was bracing himself to get yelled at, but she is being very good natured about the whole thing. It makes him feel even worse for losing his cool. He’s not sure if he did it because he’s a werewolf, or if he’s just an idiot. Probably the latter.

“Did it ever occur to you that maybe I wanted to impress you?” she inquires.

“Oh really?” Liam’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. This was not something he ever considered. Not in any world. Especially not this one. “So then breaking your nose hasn’t completely ruined my chances with you?”

“I would say your odds are still pretty good, Dunbar.”

“I can’t believe I’m about to ask you out after I just broke your nose.”

“I can’t believe I’m about to say yes, but here we are.”

“Do you like food and stargazing?”

“Love ‘em.”

“I know a place where the stars look brighter than anywhere else. And I’m a pretty good cook.”

“Really now?”

“The stars yes, cooking no. But I am a pro at ordering takeout.”

“My kind of guy,” she chuckles, “I’m in.”

Liam smiles dorkishly, not bothering to hide his excitement. This scenario definitely shouldn’t have played out this well, but thank god it did. Thank god for girls with exceptional athletic abilities and an understanding mindset.

“Can I ask you something?” Liam asks. He feels like he’s been asking a lot of questions today.

“Sure,” she nods in affirmation.

“Did wanting to impress me make you better, or are you just normally that good?”

She stops walking and turns to face him directly. She laughs lightly, amused by the question. In one swift movement she places her hand on his shoulder and leans up to kiss his cheek, ignoring the throbbing pain in her nose.

“I’m just that good.”


Monster Movie - Part 2

Word Count: 1220

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: It’s super short, I know. Sorry. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Hey.” You walked back into the motel room in the middle of the night after girl’s night with Jamie and Lucy. “You’re still awake?”

“No way I’d sleep until you were back.” Dean chuckled, standing from the table and pulling you into a hug. “So…you won.”

“I did.” You chuckled. “I always do.”

“So…” His hands played with the hem of your shirt.

“No.” You smacked his hands away with a sly smile. “You’re not gonna be dehymenated here. I wanna make your first time special. Take you on a date and shit.”

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Girl Crush

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1199

Request from andhiseyesweregreen: “Hey beautiful! Since you did a fantastic job with “I Know,” could you maybe write a Dean x Reader for ‘Girl Crush’ by Little Big Town? (I’ve had that song on repeat all week. Love it!) But Dean and Reader end up together somehow? Sorry for being so vague, please and thank you! :)”

Request from anon: “I had an idea for a DeanxReader that is based off the song “Girl Crush” by little big town. I thought it would work well with, but if you can’t or don’t want to do it, that is a-okay.”

Link to Girl Crush by Little Big Town here.

I loved the meaning of this song, as well as incorporating it into the story. I hope you both like it! Enjoy!

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You Are My World ~ Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford x Reader

Requested: No 

Warnings: None 

Originally posted by we-get-sodisconnected

(Credit to owner of gif)

Your P.o.v 

“Hey Mikey.” I greeted as I sat down on the couch besides him

“Hey.” He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck, something he only did when he was nervous.

“Okay what’s up with you?” I asked curiously eyeing him.

“You know that girl I like?” Michael inquires causing me to hum a reply and nod my head.

“Well, I kinda heard her talking to her friends about how she likes this guy.” He pauses. “I’ve tried so many things just to get her to notice me and maybe like me but, it’s like she never notices. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m worried that she’ll find someone else, someone better than me before I get to tell her how I feel about her.” He announces, hanging his head.

“You’re going to have to tell this girl soon Michael or else you’ll regret it.” I tell him, reaching over and placing my hand on top of his. 

“Yeah. You’re right. But could you help me with something?” He asked looking hopefully at me. 

Unable to resist, I nod my head which caused the eager boy to pull me into a bone crushing hug. 

4 hours later

“Okay I’m ready.” Michael confirmed confidently, a large smile on his face. 

We had gone to a nearby florist where, he had ordered some red and white roses, that had come along with an enveloped note and a box of chocolates, to be delivered to the girls house. Unfortunately, Michael hadn’t allowed me to see what he had written on the small card that would be attached to the roses, telling me that only the girl receiving his gift would be able to read what it said.

I had stood back as I watched him gave the cashier the address of her house. I didn’t understand. Why did he ask me to come with him if he doesn’t want me to hear or see anything he was doing? Did he not realize that my heart was being crushed by all the affection that he possessed for this mystery girl? 

I had only agreed to help him because he seemed so hopelessly in love with her and had been mopping around thinking that she didn’t return his feelings. I mean what kind of girl wouldn’t return his feelings? Only someone insane for sure. 

“Hey Y/n? You can head home if you want now.” Michael spoke, walking over to me. 

“Are you sure?” I quiz causing him to nod.

“Yeah. Thanks by the way.” He said, kissing my cheek before I left. 

A smile made its way on to my face as I saw that Michael’s caller ID had appeared on my phone and I quickly reached for the phone.

“Hey.” I say. 

"Oh Hey, Y/N.” He replies.

“So are you gonna tell me who the lucky girl-” I start saying but am disturbed by a knock on my front door.

“Michael, I’ll call you back. There’s someone at the door. Bye”  I rush, ending the call. 

When I had opened the door, I was shocked to see Michael standing there with a sheepish smile on his face and the roses and chocolate he had gotten earlier that day, in his hands.

“I guess I should start by saying I love you.” Michael said quietly.

At hearing this, I stood still with my eyes wide. Did he just say that he loved me? 

“Are you joking?” I ask. 

My answer had cause Michael’s head to snap up before he shook his head quickly. 

“No. Why would I be joking?” He responds. 

“I just never thought that you would love me back.” I mutter. 

“Well, I do. I love you Y/n and I would tell the world if you wanted me to.” Michael confirms moving closer to me. 

“Prove it Clifford. Tell the world that you love me.” I tease, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Michael lent down, whispering “I love you” in my ear causing me to furrow my eyebrows.

"Michael why are you telling me?” I question, giggling lightly before, unwrapping my arms from his neck and taking the roses and box out of his hands and setting them down on my table.

Michael spun me around before, closing his arms around my waist ane leaning down so that our lips almost touched. 

"Because, you are my world.” He whispered, finally pressing our lips together. 

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