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so Jin’s come a pretty long ways since his initial depiction in Tetsujin and i think it’s worth pointing out the differences

one: pile bunker

two: two pile bunkers

Kotetsujin isn’t actually in development right now but someone recently contacted me about turning tetsujin into a retail product and i got to thinking ‘what exactly would tetsujin need in order to be a quality product people would be willing to pay for’ and the biggest flaw in that game was the really confusing-ass wallrun system. now, Jin’s pile bunkers serve double duty as a melee weapon and a climbing implement

more about how that works coming soon


@fluffy-nogger asked: Hoya or Lee Howon

Unnecessary explanation of my reasoning
Before I knew Howon, the only idea I had of him was “this handsome, manly guy from Infinite”. As I started following him more, I sensed his reserved personality in most times, even tho he often loves making lame jokes and tries to be loud, and I think that side of him pulled me more towards him. 
I also love how he is awkward with the people he newly met becuz that’s also how I am and it makes me realize how hard it must’ve been for him in this industry with a personality like that and seeing how far he has come makes me respect him more. I also find it extremely cute ^u^
Last but not least, in a world that women are the ones who are taken responsible for the sexual matters either regarding themselves or even men, I think he shows an extraordinary type of “manliness” and takes the responsibility of his own chastity! It makes me so happy that he thinks like that not only becuz I’m on the same page with him but also becuz it shows his strong determination! And don’t you think the fact that he canalizes this into making something creative (and perverted) is just so damn cool? :D