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Do you ever just…. think about Victor and Yuuri holding each other, in complete silence, simply listening to each other’s heartbeat.

silver and gold - a playlist for rachel and annabeth

for @pjofemslashminibang and an accompaniment to @girl-of-ink ’s fic

// a bout - bad bad hats // silver & gold - wild // sucker - the big moon // emotions and math - margaret glaspy // on + off - maggie rogers // ribs - lorde // ease my mind - hayley kiyoko // down in flames - ella vos // only a girl - gia // hey there delilah - jasmine thompson // make them gold - chvrches // girlfriend - icona pop // trying not to love you - caroline smith // our youth - sonny alven, emmi //

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Roman/Seth/OFC Blurb request – Complications

“Hey, Gia,” I looked up and found myself staring into a pair of grey eyes, “you wanna go grab some dinner?” Roman was leaned up against the door frame, arms loosely crossed across his torso. His black hair was pulled back in a high bun and I felt myself flush when I realized I had been staring at him and not saying anything for several long seconds.

“Shit, Ro,” I tried to pull myself back to reality, “I’d love to but I already promised Seth I’d go with him. Said he had something he really wanted to talk to me about, or something like that.” I shoved my ring gear into my duffle bag and stood up with a small smile. “I’m sorry….raincheck?”

His grey eyes clouded over and he scowled as he spoke, “Yeah, sure….” He turned to walk away.

“Roman, wait.” I watched him turn back towards me, his eyes unreadable. “What’s the deal? We’ll go in the next few days, I promise.” I smiled up at him but he didn’t return it.

“Okay, sounds good,” he gave me a small smile as he stepped out of the doorway and made his way down the hallway towards the parking lot.

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Dirty Attraction

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Length: 2,046

Genre: Thirst cuz Jay is thirsty lol. But seriously I guess this is lowkey angst.

A/N: This is WAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue so enjoy. Btw this is part of a series.

Gia and Naomi have been best friends since they were out of the womb. Their mothers were best friends and raised their daughters together. After Naomi’s mom died, Gia took her on a trip to Korea since she was a huge fan of kpop and khip-hop. What was supposed to be 3 months in Korea turned into 3 years and the girls couldn’t be happier with their new lives.

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The Originals S2 Appreciation Week - Day 3 (Favourite Quote)
02x03 - Every Mother’s Son

“Sometimes it’s difficult to express.”

Hey guys! So here’s something I wrote the other day and it’s kinda a mix of several prompts at once. So I have Laurel meeting Frank’s family plus her telling him about some of her past and how sad and depressing it was. I don’t know how I like this one but I wrote it so it’s already here. Let me know how you like it.


“What’s wrong?” Frank was on his way to his Sunday family dinner. The traffic was unusually slow and he was already late to his parents’ house.

“My car broke down and you were the only person I could call. I’m in North Philly, by that one gas station, and I can’t get back…”

Laurel trailed off, she sounded more agitated than scared of her situation.

Frank was already turning his car around. “Why are you there by yourself? Do you know how dangerous it is for someone like you to be there, stranded?” It would only be a quick stop he told himself as he sped through the neighborhoods to get to her.

“Well Michaela is with Levi, and Connor and Oliver are doing something, and Wes doesn’t have a car to come get me, and I most certainly was not going to call Asher…a-”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.”

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