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Hey so I’m currently unemployed and in regard to how UK benefits work, I won’t recieve any for the next month as I left my job. I’m running out of my last paycheque, and if u could chuck me a few quid till I find a new one, so I can do stuff like go see friends, get to interviews and simmilair I’d be intensely grateful! <3 

my paypal is paypal.me/mxglitter

hey friends!! so for a while i’ve been wanting to do sort of a mix between a fandom family and a birthday page, I guess we can call it a fandom birthday family? idek haha. but since I reached 800 followers *thank u all sm ily* I decided to do it!!


✿ mbf this flower
✿ reblog this post
send me your name, pronouns, 3 characters (just in case), a quote for your description, and ofc your birthday!!

the birthday portion:

✿ on your birthday you will get a cute lil message from me
✿ you can request any moodboard (on your bday)
✿ and finally you will be featured in my updates tab for the entire month of your birthday!!

important → click here to see which characters are taken / click here to see which fandoms i am in (must pick a character that i know)

and that’s all! :)

hey if u want a p2 ticket for shinee in la

i’m selling one!! i ended up getting another ticket so now i have this extra that’s not being put to any use. it’s row 30, seat 47. i’m selling it for the same price i bought it for (including tax and all that), which is about 214 dollars!! pls message me if you want to know anything else. it would be rly useful if u could reblog this so ppl can see it thank u friends!!

hey guys my dash has been seriously dead lately and I just feel like I need to follow more people and make new friends to refresh my feed!! so if you post any of the following maybe you can reblog this post and I can check out your blog?

  • harry potter and/or fbawtft
  • batfam
  • marvel
  • game of thrones
  • tolkien
  • soccer (madridistas and fernando torres lovers where u at? also world cup coming sooooon) and NBA 
  • Singers
  • Canadian shit

and if you know anybody whose blog you feel I could like then please reblog this and @ them!! :D

500 followers mini celebration !

hey everyone ! i hit 500 a few days ago which is amazing, and i wanted to do a thing for u ! thank you all so much for 500 followers <3


mbf me

reblog this post

check these networks out

send me a  🌿 in my ask box for a blograte

or send me a  🐍 for a harry potter aesthetic

maybe even a 🌹 for a moodboard ? (can be of ur blog or of a character/oc)

requests for moodboard end the 20th of may


follow the loml @existentailllama if u are into her stuff  (anna ur one of my best friends u deserve all the things in this universe)

follow my dnp blog @plantlesters

i would be grateful if your checked out these awesome ppl: @acciolunalovegood (faith ily,, the kindest) @clbuspotter @saladtsar  @cuddlingsun (she’s literally the best person ever follow pls) @legowaffles @booksandotherfunstuff (i will always luv u) @glasshowell (the sweetest) @imeaniguessso (i adore u with all my heart) @mychemicalremus (babe ily) @wheresquidsdare @golden-marauders @hellcrafts (ayaz my boi) @weasleytheking (i appreciate u very much) @b-ellatrix-black @romanticronweasley (ily sweetheart) @slythrerin @scarlett-phan @thestrals-in-wonderland  (my fave <3) @cinnamon-starlight (*screams* I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART U WERE MY FIRST FRIEND ON THIS WEBSITE  I LOVE U)

format under the cut !

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anonymous asked:

Maybe dont post if you dont want it to be reblogged. You can control what people do in a public website. Not to sound mean or anything but you could start a journal or something to vent if you dont want reblogs

Uh this IS our journal blog lol
Our art is fine to rb but i just dont like it if im like “hey im sad because my friend just told me im a hypocrite” and ppl reblog it im like uhh hello? Who are u??

Hope that didnt sound mean but yeah this blog is public but people can still be nice and respect that we dont want certain posts reblogged sooo good on them 👌
-mod g

hey, it’s ya boi luciel and i’m looking for more studyblrs to follow and be friends with !!!!!

i wanna follow more studyblrs to b inspired/motivated! especially studyblrs who post original content like photos, useful  textposts and stuffs lolol. but it’s a-oooookay if you don’t c:

if u post original content though, it doesn’t matter if ur photos doesn’t have the perfect lighting or ur posts doesn’t have a lot of notes, as long as you post original content frm time to time, i’d love to follow you!

that being said, please reblog/like this post so i can follow you, and maybe you can follow me too lolol, thanks

do u like the graphic i made? its my first time making a gif and am supper happy about it, even though it’s very simple;;; but it’s progress!!!

edit: I changed my url from studybear to fuckstudyblr!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys ~ Next month both my mom and my best friend will be having their birthdays, so I’m tryin’ to earn some money for their presents ~(o u o~) 

If you’d like to help me out you can go here x and reblog the newest posts - thank you so much!!! (Hit me up, I’ll give you a mini blog rate as a thank you ♥) 

hey! i’ve been fiddling around with photoshop and figured out how to make circle shaped icons (finally) so i practiced on a handful of bts icons if anyone would like some! pls like or reblog if u take one and u can see my other icons here!

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anonymous asked:

Hey yo so thanks for the reblog! Really Glad you enjoyed the fic!! Shameless self promo here, but if you wanted more ticklish eggsy there's more on my blog which can be found both on my masterpost and in the ticklish!eggsy tag! There are also fics by otomiya-tickles (which are really good I love them) that I've reblogged! thanks for the support and enjoying my fic friend! -heartsywritesthethings


//ahem// Calm down me, u lil piece of shi-

HI. Thank you for making that fanfic! I really liked it and damn Eggsy’s so cute omg please staph  And you’re welcome too!! I WILL READ ALL OF THEM HAHAHA!! MUWAHAHAHAHA! //winks// 

Thank you and you’re welcome once again!!

anonymous asked:

To that anon that wants to make friends, I've noticed people tend to reblog posts about 'message me if you want to be friends' or 'reblog if people can message you about random stuff' and listen, they do it with a purpose so if you see someone like that just send them smth and they'll probably be really happy you want to talk to them ^^ it's easy and it only takes a simple "hey I saw your reblog about making friends, I'd love to be your friend", go for it my shy friend

^^^!! 😊

btw if they make stuff, writing in your tags when u rb their stuff can be another way of striking a convo, as well as replying to their post ofc since you can ‘@’ people in ur replies now

Hey guys lmao im sorry for this but
If you’re like, 13?? 14?? Don’t brag about kissing, making out, or doing anything sexual with someone who is 20, or in their mid twenties.
sure. You think you’re mature and grown, but seriously? Multiple times I’ve had friends who has done it, and all that jazz, and I can’t stomach it one bit. Something seems wrong about it (Another thing though is that, don’t lie about your age just so you can “get away” with stuff) ((//read tags)


hey i need some new blogs to follow + would love to have more friends on here so can u like/reblog/msg me if u post any of the following things? i’ll check ur blog out and maybe follow u!! and if u could follow me back that would be nice lol
• art
• plants
• animals
• pale/dark pale
• vegan/vegetarian foods
• outfits
• generally aesthetic things
• orphan black
• the x files
• harry potter
• percy jackson
• disney
• marina and the diamonds
• lana del rey
• lorde
• halsey
• the 1975
• of monsters and men
• fall out boy
• or ur just a cool music blog in general
• feminism/LGBTQ/social justice stuff
• genderfluid stuff*
• BPD/depression/anxiety stuff*
• if u a fellow art hoe
• other cool things idk

* im genderfluid + mentally ill so pls don’t think im like wanting to follow ppl for the sake of some weird fetishes or to pick on u bc im not at all

daisypeach  asked:

hey congrats on the followers!!! i reblogged the post to patriughy bc that is more of my random fandom-ish stuff blog (i hope that's ok, lmk if it's not) i follow from this blog and also my face tag is on this blog as /tagged/face !! i'm fine w male or female ship idrc and can i get profiles for hp and got ?? :> thank u so much!!!!!

nono, that’s just fine :) thanks for participating!

♡diverse profiles♡

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Hey there friends, we’re a median system and this blog is v. new so we’ve got like zero followers, but were also looking for some more mental health blogs to follow! we have/post about:










So yeah! if u post junk like that, like or reblog or whatevs and we’ll check out ur blog. If we follow, it will be from our main (u can message us to check if its us if u want).