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no offense but stop! romanticizing! the same female face over! and over! and over! what about girls with huge lips? thin lips? chubby cheeks? asymmetrical cheekbones? small eyes? funny-shaped eyes? tiny foreheads? huge foreheads? girls with thin eyebrows? girls with monobrows? girls with wide noses or crooked noses or tall and strange noses? what about anything besides the same facial features I see again and again on my dash?? I know there are beautiful and strange girls out there, show me them!

hey guys do you like time travel, Cold War America and lady scientists because if so, @arsparadoxica has the good good content for you

The fear of addressing a Black Man in a not-so-Black space.

Submitted by Anonymous

Last week, I was in Court waiting to pay a fine for a speeding ticket. I sat next to an older Black man, looking somewhat in his late 30’s or early 40’s. He complained loudly about how long the process was taking. Across from us sat a Hispanic kid, no older than 23. Across the room from us, accompanied by his mother. A Black father and his teenage daughter stood, talking over their case with a lawyer. In the corner next to me, sat an Indian girl rocking her Fenty Trainers. Standing next to her, were two middle age Korean ladies, who traded details about a fake Gucci bag one just brought for $360. An obese-looking white Priest (or a white man wearing Clerical clothing) walked in with his wife. The Black Man sitting next to me says out loud “Damn I wonder what he did to be in here, He probably molested someone’s child.” The room went quiet.

I sat next to him, herd every bit of the vile things he was saying out loud. We were in a room filled with people of every race, class backgrounds, education levels and so on. I wondered why no one said anything, or If I should be the one to say something. Three minutes goes by, and he does not stop voicing his disgust at there being a Priest, in a Court house. He must be a molester. The Priest, by this time has reclined to another corner of the room with his wife. They hear everything this man is saying, but says nothing. With every sentence uttered, I can see the priest’s face become a darker shade of pink. Before I could fully think it thru, I blurted out “Would you please shut up, we’re all in here for traffic violations.” He turned to me and said “Who the fuck are you with your bougie ass?” I replied, “I am a Catholic woman and I’m deeply offended by your words.” Now, while I did grow up Catholic, I haven’t been to church in over 10 years. I don’t think I’ve ever uttered the words “I’m a Catholic woman” before. I say this to say that this has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the fear I had. The fear of addressing a loud-mouthed Black Man in a space filled with people who simply accepted his bigotry, and decided not to say anything.

After I kindly asked him to shut up, I became his new target. He called me fake for having a weave, and slung other insults my way. He told me he’s happy my boyfriend wasn’t there because he would’ve beat him up. I laughed. The Priest jumped in saying to the older man “How dare he talk to a woman that way.” It was cute he tried to help, but I’ve had years of experience defeating older Black men with my words.

We caused such a commotion, the court officers came in to calm the situation but the priest and I, were left with “hey, it’s freedom of speech.”

Is it normal that I had a fear of “scolding” a Black Man in front of non-Black POC and white people? Calling out a Black person for their ignorance, closed-mindedness and bigotry in the face of non-Black people, when those are the stereotypes we’re trying so hard to curve.

I am a 23 year old Black Woman, sharing her experience in a hope to understand it.

Voltron Season 4, Episode 2:

*Real Shiro, comes home after months with the freedom fighters*

“Hey everyone, I’m finally home! Pidge, there’s someone I want you to mee-”

*Sees everyone at dinner with Kuron sitting on HIS chair, using HIS #1 Space Dad mug*


*Queue in VLD credit roll*

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i legit could never bring myself to hand over fenris, so i decided to watch a youtube video of it, and i couldnt do it, i had to stop the moment you saw fenris' face, im tearing up

It’s honestly a heartbreaking moment????? Like he doesn’t even fight it and it’s horrifying. Also if you fucking have Anders with you he GAINS APPROVAL IF YOU HAND FENRIS OVER AND I JUST….

I don’t care how much you can argue than Anders is a good person or if he was right in what he did to the chantry, just that onE ACTION. I will never like Anders for many reasons but bitch. That’s numero uno as to why.

Opposite Dog Hybrid!Mingyu

Requested by anon: Helooo Mom™ can I have a fluffy Hybrid! Mingyu Or Jeonghan Au? 😊 thank you 💘💖✨💫🌈💘💝💫✨💗💖 

aaa here it is my love emoji anon!!!! i tried to make it super fluffy i think im gonna die from this sweetness!!! 

warnings: fluff that makes u wanna dIE AND MURDER MINGYU BUT ALSO SQUISH HIS FACE

  • You recently moved in your new apartment for the first time ever since graduating college
  • You were able to pick up some temporary jobs that would barely be enough to make a living but hey you wanted the freedom and you wanted to prove yourself to your parents
  • As you were carrying your boxes to the third floor, you were about to colLAPSE BC SO MANY STAIRS YOU WISH YOU DID BETTER IN PE
  • After you finally finished carrying all of your stuff you thought maybe i should show some hospitality and introduce myself to the neighbors!!
  • But you’re also a cat hybrid and you’re like um well do i really have to tho i’d rather just sLEEP MY ARMS ARE GONNA FALL OFF
  • But you’re determined to do something adult!!! You are now living alone and have jobs and bills to pay!!!!
  • So you gathered all of your willpower and got out some of your homemade bomb af cookies before heading to your next door neighbor
  • You were like ok chill all you’re doing is saying your name and giving them some cookies nO bIgGiE!!!

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A (Printer’s) only son, and wealthy: an alternate Enjolras interpretation

A couple nights ago, @robertawickham and I were complaining that Hugo took so much from Charles Jeanne’s story to make his Ideal Barricade Hero (Enjolras) and then class-bent him to be a bourgeois student, instead of the working-class guy  Jeanne actually was. 

And then we realized Hugo doesn’t ..actually say… Enjolras is a STUDENT. Just “an only son and wealthy”.  And he LOOKS like a student (a ‘college escapee’)  but that’s in the same sentence that claims he looks like a pageboy and we’re all pretty sure he’s not that.  And hey, workers can BE wealthy! Class often correlated with income (very often) but it wasn’t dependent on that; it was dependent on what sort of work a person did– manual labor was working-class, intellectual labor was bourgeoisie, to oversimplify a ridiculously complicated social strata.  So after like five minutes of shouting TO HECK WITH YOUR CLASS ISSUES, HUGO, WE’RE TAKING ENJOLRAS BACK FOR THE WORKERS we realized we…needed a plausible profession? 

@amarguerite mentioned that printers could, depending on their job and position, be quite wealthy, and gave us a bunch of wonderful details and info which are included under the cut. And lo, IT IS GOLD.  All of it goes together to make Enjolras being the wealthy  only son of print-shop owning family work SO WELL?!? 

A SMALL  AND  ONLY  PARTIAL list of the ways   that Enjolras being the son of a printshop-owner makes Everything Better and Nothing Worse 

-As a printer Enjolras is a logical point of connection for many interest groups; people need printing done! I cannot even believe how easy this makes plothooks! 

-Also as a printer, Enjolras would be in a position to earn trust very quickly, despite his age and appearance, by printing illicit materials, serving as a message center, and so on. 

-Wealthy or not, he likely wouldn’t have the formal education needed to be student; but he would have access to a lot of books and a professional advantage in learning what he could. This explains his occasional slips with Latin and the like, as well as why he’s apparently managed to get an education that so much inspires his Republican convictions–he chose his own reading material, apart from the standardized curriculum. 

- He WOULD be in a position to have the kind of knowledge we see him display in Enjolras and His Lieutenants–awareness of who’s ramping up their revolutionary discussions, who’s getting cold feet, what the general mood of the radical groups in the city are. He’d know because THEY WOULD TELL HIM, with the kind of work they give him and how often and what the tone of it is. He’s  as close to an internet hub as they’ve got. A GREAT person to help organize your activist group! 

- Printers, whatever their more abstract politics, could hardly help knowing and caring about the various censorship and speech laws, which directly affected their business. A printshop owning family wouldn’t have to totally support Enjolras in his more dramatic views to agree with him taking dramatic action, especially in 1830; but they could still like Louis-Philippe, be more conservative– or very radical! So many options! (more on this under the cut)

- Printshop culture generally leaned heavily on the sort of jokes and teasing and goofing around the Amis are seen to love, and narratively applauded for, at least equally an evolution of working-class culture (which it really should be) as of student culture (which it still would be!)

- but as an expected heir and future manager of the shop he’d still be used to interacting with bourgeois clients and businesses! And probably dress quite well when out of the shop, in a subdued, professional way. 

-Gavroche is mentioned as doing the occasional odd bit of work in a printshop.  If anyone  wants, this gives a really easy hook for Gavroche and Enjolras’ interactions at the barricade. 

- Wait! (I panic.) Isn’t Feuilly the only workingman in this group of students?? **checks**! Wait, no, Hugo doesn’t actually say that! He only says that Feuilly IS a worker.  Enjolras ALSO being a worker takes away nothing from Feuilly; a wealthy shop-owner’s  only child and obvious heir will have dramatically more advantages than  an orphan. But it does acknowledge that the working class wasn’t a homogenous block or single sort of life experience. 

-Enjolras and Feuilly’s relationship is so much more interesting this way?? and it stops Feuilly being the Token Worker in a city full of workers in a worker-led movement.  Seriously, Hugo, screw your class issues so much. 

 -I have an excuse to draw Enjolras in a printer’s apron with his sleeves up. :Like, ALWAYS.   That is SO what I’m doing today. 

Below the cut: Longer discussion and more explanation, and some  Q&A with Amarguerite (shared with permission!)  for the use of anyone else who wants to adopt this headcanon/alternate reading!  (please consider sharing this headcanon it’s so great I am so happy right now)  Warning: VERY LONG. 

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#30 Bunnyribbit please?

Ahhh these ones have been in my askbox so long and I’ve wanted to do them but I kept putting it off. Thanks for your patience!

I feel like this one takes place before they really started hanging out???

30. Concert

“Come on—get under there you stupid—” Hana was tucking her hair up under a baseball cap, the brim of which was already tilted up at a somewhat 80′s-looking angle from being forced over the majority of her hair in a bun. When she finally managed to get her hair under it, she stood back and put her hands on her hips with some satisfaction.  She was wearing a baggy printed tee and high-waisted shorts with sneakers. She pulled on a slightly oversized letterman jacket to complete the look. and struck a pose. “Cute!” she said, turning around and tugging on the socks of her sneakers. She grabbed her phone and snapped a selfie then nearly posted it, but then stopped herself and set her phone down. “Nope. No posting until you get back,” she said to herself in the mirror, before making finger guns at herself, “Hana Song is just going to have a normal night out!”

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Wake Me Up - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello again, dearies :D

live-life-in-freedom said: Hey ! I was wondering if you could do a Sirius black one shot where the reader is on the gryffindor quidditch team and gets seriously injured during a game and Sirius stops in the middle of the game to go help her and stays by her side in the hospital wing for weeks until she wakes up and they confess their feelings for each other :)? Thanks!! 

thank you so much for this request! I absolutely loved it! here it is ;) ok so for this Quidditch match I decided that Lee Jordan’s dad was at Hogwarts in the Marauders Era and he was the announcer just like Lee because I honestly love his narrating! so I used some of the actual Lee Jordan’s quotes here too ;)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

Wake Me Up

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Sirius yelled running towards her as they made their way out of the tent and into the Quidditch Pitch.

“Hi, Sirius” (Y/N) said a smiling a little nervous.

“Hey” he said catching up with her. “I um- I just wanted to tell you uh-“ Sirius stuttered a little running a hand through his hair nervously. “G-Good luck out there” he said smiling at her.

(Y/N) felt her heart fluttering a little. “Um, thank you, Sirius. You too” she said smiling up at him.

“Hey! Could you two lovebirds cut it out?” they heard James yelling. “We have a Quidditch match now! So stop making puppy eyes at each other and get over here!”

“Lay off her, mate! We’re coming!” Sirius yelled back glaring at his friend. James rolled his eyes and turned around walking back to the middle of the pitch, making (Y/N) giggle.

“Um, we uh we better go” (Y/N) said awkwardly.

“Right” Sirius said smiling before he leaned down to kiss her cheek. “Good luck” he said squeezing her hand before he ran over to where James was. (Y/N) stood still on her place bringing a hand up to the spot where Sirius’ lips had been just one moment ago.


“I’m coming! I’m coming!” she yelled walking over to the rest of the team.

“Hello everyone and welcome to yet another Quidditch Match!” Richard Jordan greeted everyone on the field. “Gryffindor against Slytherin!“

“Alright, I want a nice, clean game! Understand?” Madame Hooch said looking at the team captains, Lucius Malfoy and James Potter. Both boys shook hands glaring at each other.

“And it starts!” Jordan announced the crowd.

The game started with Gryffindor taking the lead. It wasn’t long before they started winning and Slytherin started attacking them to beat them. James grabbed the Quaffle and raced for the opposite hoops to score. It wasn’t long before Lucius bumped into him, causing him to drop the Quaffle and grabbing it himself before flying in the opposite direction. Before he could get to the middle of the pitch, Sirius pushed him away and stole the Quaffle from him again flying even faster and scoring this time.

“Yes! Sirius Black scores!” Jordan could be heard through the speakers. (Y/N) could hear the crowd, (mostly girls) cheering for him. She turned to look at him and Sirius winked at her from his spot. She rolled her eyes smiling at him and went back to looking for the Snitch and she spotted it not too far from Lucius Malfoy.

“And I think… YES! (Y/N) is after the Snitch – what an amazing Seeker that girl is, and rather attractive too-“

“JORDAN!” they all heard Professor McGonagall’s voice.

“Sorry, Professor. Just a fun fact.”

(Y/N) was too concentrated into not losing sight of it, that she didn’t even notice Avery and Scabior following her. Before she knew what was happening, she felt her broom being pulled back.

“Not so fast, (Y/N)” Avery said smirking at her.

“HEY!” Sirius shouted furious from his spot.

“So, after that obvious and disgusting bit of cheating-“

“Jordan!” Professor McGonagal growled again.

“I mean, after that open and revolting foul-“

“Jordan! I’m warning you-“

“All right, all right. Avery nearly kills the beautiful Gryffindor Seeker, which could happen to anyone, I’m sure-“


“Keep your bloody hands to yourself, Avery!” Sirius yelled fuming coming towards (Y/N).

“Sorry, my bad” he said winking at (Y/N) who simply glared at him.

“Are you alright?” Sirius asked her.

“I’m fine Sirius” she said smiling at him.

Suddenly, (Y/N) looked past Sirius and saw a Bludger coming towards his head. Sirius noticed the look on her eyes before (Y/N) pushed him out of the way.

“Sirius! Watch out!” she said pushing him out of the way just in time to avoid the Bludger.

(Y/N) turned and watched it soar away, then blinked. The Bludger turned around and streaked right back at her. (Y/N) jet off before it could get to her. (Y/N) was flying in a series of zig-zag, loops, and rolls, trying to shake the Bludger off but the Bludger was relentless. (Y/N) frantically dipped and dove before she saw it again… the Golden Snitch. (Y/N) gripped her broom tighter and flew as fast as she could and soon enough, Regulus Black, the Slytherin Seeker was by her side racing for the Snitch. Shoulder to shoulder, they were racing madly, driving and dodging the wooden support beams that crisscross their path. Directly behind them, the Bludger followed, shattering the beams as it dogs (Y/N). (Y/N) brushed the wall, battling for control. Once she was out back on the pitch she bumped into Malfoy.

“Watch where you’re going, love!” he winked at her but (Y/N) spotted the Snitch behind him and kept on flying. She continued on, closing on the Snitch, her fingertips were only inches from catching it when…

“(Y/N)!” she heard James yell, she was sure it was him. But it was too late.

Before she could see it coming, the Bludger smashed into her left arm. (Y/N) screamed out in pain but steadied herself and managed to snatch the Snitch out of the air with her good hand. She kept on trying to fly her broom but soon enough, the Bludger was making its way back to her.

“(Y/N)!” Sirius yelled scared to death flying as fast as he could making his way towards the witch.

Wincing in pain, she squinted up to see a black dot, growing rapidly larger and plummeting from the sky directly towards her. The Bludger. Unable to control her broom with her shattered arm, she felt something hitting her before she fell onto the pitch with a sickening thud and everything went black.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Sirius yelled landing on the grown and kneeling next to her. He saw Remus walking to the middle of the pitch getting rid of the Bludger with his hand in no time and making his way towards his friends.

“Moony! What’s wrong with her?” he asked looking up at his friend. Remus saw something he had never seen in Sirius. Fear.

“I don’t know, Padfoot. We should take her to Madam Pomfrey” he said kneeling on the other side of (Y/N) as the rest of both teams landed.

“Is she alright?” James asked making his way towards the group.

“We don’t know” Remus said as Sirius picked her up.

“Hey, what’s that on her hand?” James asked suddenly.

“What?” Sirius said confused before he opened (Y/N)’s tight fist to reveal the Golden Snitch inside.

“Bloody hell!” James said impressed.

“No! She couldn’t have!” Malfoy said getting upset along with the rest of the Slytherin team.

“Unbelievable!” they heard Jordan’s voice through the speakers. “Gryffindor wins!”

Sirius was sitting at the Hospital Wing, next to (Y/N)’s bed. He hadn’t spoken since the match. He didn’t even smile when they mentioned Gryffindor won. He could only focus on the girl lying in front of him with a broken arm and a bandaged head. Madam Pomfrey said her arm was no problem to fix but her head had suffered a rather harsh hit on the head and she had a very bad concussion. But she should only rest for now. He hadn’t even gone to dinner. He told the other ones to go on without him. He sat there for Merlin knows how long when he heard someone coming in.

“Hey, Pads” he saw his three best friends walking over to him. “You missed dinner” Remus told him getting out some food for him.

“I’m not hungry” Sirius said sadly never taking his eyes off (Y/N).

“Pads, you’ve got to stop blaming yourself” James said sitting next to him.

“Yeah, there’s nothing you could’ve done” Remus tried to cheer him up too.

“And she’s going to be alright, mate” Peter added.

“I was going to tell her today” Sirius simply said making the other Marauders look at each other a bit awkwardly. “Right after the game” he continued. “I was going to tell her that I love her” he said sadly.

“Well, you can tell her when she wakes up” Remus said with a sad smile.

“What if she doesn’t wake up?” Sirius asked with his voice breaking a little.

“Don’t say that, Pads” James said. “She’s gonna wake up” he assured him.

“I hope so” Sirius whispered grabbing (Y/N)’s hand.

A few weeks had passed since the incident and (Y/N) still hadn’t woken up. Sirius was a completely different person. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t eat. He didn’t move from his spot next to (Y/N) unless the Marauders dragged him out for him to shower and change, by Madame Pomfrey’s orders. Remus would bring him all of his work every day so he wouldn’t fall behind and made him do it when he saw it all piled up in a corner. That night, Sirius sat alone with (Y/N) while he read her favorite book out loud.

“(Y/N), can you even hear me?” he asked all of the sudden looking at the small girl on the bed.

He had never been this afraid in his entire life. This was the only girl he had ever loved and she was lying unconscious for two weeks now. Sirius felt his eyes watering. What if she never woke up? He never got the chance to tell her how he felt. He closed the book and placed it on the nightstand. He held (Y/N)’s hand and gave it a soft kiss.

“(Y/N), I miss you” he said sadly. “Please wake up” he whispered. “I- I don’t know what I’d do without you” he said feeling his eyes starting to water. “You’re the most beautiful girl that I’ve known” he continued. “And you’re also smart and kind and funny a-and” he said feeling a tear slipping through one of his eyes. “And I love you” he admitted. “I love you so much (Y/N)” he said kissing her forehead.  Exhaustion came over the boy and he felt his eyes closing. He rested his head on (Y/N)’s lap never releasing her hand and he could swear that he felt her squeeze his before he gave up to slumber.

(Y/N) opened her eyes feeling a massive headache when the sun hit her face. She sat up carefully when she noticed someone resting on her lap. Sirius Black. She smiled a little as she ran her fingers delicately through his soft, black hair. She stayed like that for a while until she saw him fluttering his eyes open.

“Morning, Sirius” she whispered smiling.

“Morning, (Y/N)” Sirius said before closing his eyes again. And then, it hit him. “(Y/N)!” he said sitting up and opening his eyes. “Y-you’re awake!” he said excited, sitting next to her on the bed and hugging her to him. “Oh, thank Merlin! You’re alright!” he said kissing her head.

“Uh, what are you talking about?” (Y/N) said a little confused. “What was I asleep for a few days?” she asked remembering the Quidditch match.

Sirius pulled away from her concerned. “(Y/N), you’ve been asleep for about two weeks now” he said making the girl widen her eyes in shock.

“W-what?” she asked. “What happened?”

“Um, w-well” Sirius said. “A Bludger hit you in the head pretty badly” he explained. “And you’ve been unconscious ever since” he said. “I’m so sorry-“

“What?” (Y/N) said frowning her eyebrows in confusion. “What are you sorry for?”

“That I couldn’t help you” he said looking away.

“Sirius, you’re not even a Beater” she said placing her hand on his cheek. “This wasn’t your fault. I’m not the first one and I doubt I’ll be the last one to ever get hit by a Bludger” she said with a small laugh. “I’m alright, see?”

“Yes, but (Y/N), I was so scared” Sirius admitted. “I didn’t know when you were waking up or if-“ he stopped. “I don’t know what I’d do without you and I just I don’t want anything to hurt you ever again” he said in a serious tone. “Because I-“ he stopped once more before he could say it. He had seen this play a million times inside his head but somehow he couldn’t do it now. “I just agh” he said running his hands through his head frustrated.

(Y/N) simply giggled and made him turn to look at her again. “Sirius” she said smiling. “I love you too” she said sitting up to press her lips against his before she remembered her injuries and whimpered in pain. “Ouch” she said against his lips. “Sorry” she told him laughing.

“W-wait, you m-mean- uh” Sirius stuttered confused. “How did you-?”

“I heard you” she simply said. “I heard you last night” she said blushing a little. “I um, I could hear some things like you reading to me and when James and the others came and tried making you laugh” she explained. “And… I heard you when you said it last night” she said looking away. “I thought it was a dream though” she admitted. “But I still had to go for it” she said smirking at him.

Sirius smirked back at her before he leaned down to capture her lips once more. “I love you, (Y/N)” he said resting his forehead against hers.

“I love you too” she said smiling. “So… did we at least win the match?”

Sirius rolled his eyes smiling and nodded before he kissed her again.

The End

A/N: hope you guys liked it :D

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Mayyybe this is a reach or i am just thinking way too much into this but its really interesting when Lance showed jealousy towards Keith and Allura's little escapade notice how it was never really made obvious to whom he was jealous of. Even when he asked Keith if the princess was with him he never got the proper reply cause hunk interupted them. Ya know as long as its not out there you're free to think that Lance could have been jealous of either one cause hey we're given that freedom XD

Trust me honey, I’m over here BELIEVING that Lance was jealous over Keith because it’s true, he never really emphasised who he was jealous about. I mean we all know he does like Allura, but the way he was acting and the way the scene was excuted…I don’t knooowww seems pretty fishy to me. But I think this is just my fangirl mindset really wanting Klance to be canon lool