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Not a question about preserving or stripping bones, but i was thinking that in this hobby yoy have to have some of the BEST out of context quotes. Do the admins all have any particularly good or favorite things they've said

Oh my gawwwd I’m sure we all have some hilarious stuff. My favorite was I was walking home with literally half of a raccoon in a shopping bag and some dude starts chatting me up and he asks what was in my bag “most of a raccoon” I reply and his face goes WHITE it was amazing. I never saw a dude split so fast.

Also “I gotta go water the corpse” (referring to my rot pots)

“No don’t touch me, I’m covered in fox”

“Hey, can you get me a bandaid? This skull just bit me.”

“No I will NOT move Claudius, he’s part of this family!” “He’s dead! I’m sure he doesn’t care”

“Don’t go in the bathroom” (just dumped a ton of maceration water in the toilet)

“My cat killed a mouse it was so disgusting” “…can…can I have it…?”

“I wonder how suspicious buying six containers of peroxide looks….“

“Look! A deer!” “Like, a live one, or?” “YES A LIVE ONE”

This is just for me, I’m sure the other mods will add more!!

-Mod Kitty

My favorite is anytime I go to tell my bf about my opossum I have buried he just shakes his head and goes, “STOOOOPPPP.”

I also love the day we were walking in the woods and I caught a severed deer leg out of the corner of my eye and it scared me because I thought it was a snake 😂😂!

Please don’t keep our dog after she dies.“

- Mod Galaxies

Oh man this is my fav topic!

"Gross, cat soup” (it rained on my half rotted cat)

“Wow, those skulls look so real!”
“They ARE real.”

“Soooo do you dig up people’s dogs too?”
“If they let me”

-disappointed looks from old white men- (yes, only white guys for some reason????)

“I thought you loved animals!!”

“If you look back and I’m dragging a carcass behind me it’s just a taxidermy thing”

“Do you have a boneyard?”

“Did it die? Can I have it?”
Usually followed by
“Oh oh I’m sorry no I’m really glad he’s okay I was just wondering-!”

“I found a [animal]!!”

What they say: “let’s go on a hike!”
What I hear: “let’s go find deads!”

“Hang on I have to put these fetuses in borax”

-mod Cookie

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( @rwby-embyrshadow ) Hey fox, so, I'm going out of town for a few days. Is miss Adel still mad at you? Want to come with me?

(pokes head out from over-turned-table fortress he’s created) Yes, and yes.

New Music Friday

Let’s just get right into it guys!:

  • Lorde’s album Melodrama was released today. I honestly love it so much, i think it’s a wonderful follow for Pure Heroine. Perfect Places is probably my favorite song off the album. Let me know what you guys thought of it and what your favorite song was!
  • Fleet Foxes new album Crack-Up was also released today. It’s definitely the opposite of Lorde’s album, i haven’t had a chance to listen to all of it yet, but let me know what you guys think.
  • Portugal. The Man also released a new album today, Woodstock! I will forever think Feel It Still is a jam.
  • Imagine Dragon’s released their last single, Walking The Wire, before their album comes out next week. I really like it, and i’m ready for this album next week.
  • My 80s babes Fickle Friends also released their new single Glue. It’s amazing if you’re into the 80s vibes like i am, and i’m patiently waiting for them to release an album. Please and Thank you!

Some more things that came out this week are:

That’s it for this week! Let me know what your favorites were from this week and check out my monthly favorites for all of my June Favorites so far!