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ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah

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//i know i just got back but i wanna say!! i love every single one of you!! no matter what your story is, you’re good in my heart! whether you think you’re the most useless piece of shit in the universe or you’re as self loving as they come, i love and appreciate all of you! if it feels like a bad day, that’s okay! everyone has bad days, not everything can go according to plan. but please! just know that you affect so many people everyday,even if it doesn’t feel like it. you matter and ily k thnx for reading have a good day

Aiming Towards the New World

Series: Horizon Zero Dawn
Pairing: Aloy/Avad
Rating: G

Aloy continues to explore the world, pushing the boundaries of everything the tribes know. Still, she finds herself coming back to Meridian.

Avad’s feelings change, but do not disappear. He gives Aloy a gift, a hope for the future.

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The thing about relative peace, Avad finds, is that it involves a lot of paperwork.

Not that running the Carja Empire has ever been easy. But Avad had thought – hoped naively apparently – that maybe peace would be different. He no longer had to worry about the shadow Carja. (Itamen is safe and a knot in Avad’s chest had gone away when he saw his little brother at Aloy’s side that day.) And they are more at peace with the other tribes than they have ever been in the history of the Carja.

Perhaps that’s part of the problem. Peace means trade, which means trade treaties. Trade means the mixing of cultures, often in explosive ways. Sometimes it is people from outside tribes but often it is the Carja at fault. And every last dispute seems to end up in Avad’s lap.

When he can no longer stand to look at the piles of paperwork on his desk, he excuses himself to the bathroom. Murad gives him a Look but allows it. Perhaps he sensed how close Avad was to eating his quill so he wouldn’t be able to sign anything ever again.

Avad’s favorite place in the whole palace is Lower Gardens. There is just something so calming about being surround by life that demands nothing of him. Perhaps Itamen is done with his lessons by now and Avad will run into him. He’s seen his brother multiple times since Itamen was returned, but it feels like it will never be enough.

But when he approaches the entrances to the Gardens, it is Erend’s voice he hears. For a moment Avad considers turning back. Erend probably wants something. Everyone always does.

But that’s not fair to Erend, who has been a constant and loyal supporter. He’s not Ersa, but in some ways that’s a good thing. Marad has heard, which means in turn that Avad has heard, the gossip that paints Erend as a bumbling oaf. It makes the nobles underestimate Erend’s skills, which can only be a good thing. No one has said anything to Erend yet so Avad is content to let it lie for now.

But a female voice responds. A familiar female voice that makes Avad’s heart clench. And if he takes the last few steps into the Garden at some speed, at least he knows the guards will never say anything.

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Some notes before we start

Hey all! Mod Modi here!

We plan to make our first Introduction posts tomorrow at 9:00pm EST. We ask that once we have started you refrain from submitting reactions or making posts until we have finished posting all of our Introduction posts, you will know once you can start!

Before everything gets started, everyone should make sure of the following:

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take two bc tumblr hates me and ate my first post !! BUT !! hey, hi, hola y’all !! i’m elle and super pumped to finally meet and rp with you angels !! this is my new bby sunmi, who’s actually a fairly new muse that i’ve had running through my mind, and i’m so excited to get her going !! i’m posting this from mobile bc i’m gonna be out with friends all night but i’ll be able to reply on mobile !!  but enough about that !! here’s just a bit about sunmi under the cut !!

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Hey-o everybody ❤️ 💙

I was looking at my past art recently, and for some reason it just really got me down. I feel like half of my art is really on the low-quality end, and it’s been making me really insecure about all of my art.

I sorta did a redraw of a cotton candy garnet piece I made a year ago… except more like, melancholy - to match my mood I guess. This is my way of showing myself that I’m not all bad, and I am improving. But idk, it’s still hard to be happy with any of my drawings anymore :/

all reblogs/likes/commentary is very much appreciated  💖


i figured i would try to contribute some Content™ so i’m going to make some  icons from each episode in no specific order or size so here’s S2E6 part one thanks photo limit 

credit isn’t necessary but its appreciated! 

other icons


remember when i first edited eddsworld

Because of an exchange I had with @pilferingapples, I’ve decided to do a series of drawings for a modern au where everybody is still wearing canon era fashion for no apparent reason. Because.

Starting with Courfeyrac wearing one of the first things (and, in my opinion, one of the best) that popped into my head for this idea: pride waistcoats. Though I mostly just wanted to draw rainbows, to be honest.