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Alright imagine the wolf pack has to take care Reiner's heir/kid/pup. Now imagine the chaos that they make.

The aftermath! Making MC = Miriem [Last name don’t matter]

Given the stories Ishara would share about Reiner’s youth, it was expected that any child of his would be a handful.

They hadn’t remembered to factor in that Miriem was the mother.

It was just supposed to be an hour or so, just to let Reiner and his wife have a little time together, since between the twins and paperwork there was no rest to be found in their family.

“You know, this was nice. We should ask the retainers to watch the girls more often -” Miriem paused, forcing Reiner to stop.

“What is it?” he asked.

“It is way too quiet,” she said. “Did someone die?” Did August finally crack and try to murder Iseul? Not sure where to start looking, they went for the bedrooms first.

“No children,” she said.

“But they left behind evidence.” Reiner pointed to Iseul’s curtains, which were now on the floor.

“Do you think they’d be in the garden? It’s the best place for hyperactive kids.”

“We might as well,” he said. 

Just as they were turning into the corridor to let themselves out, they heard an almighty crash!

“Throne room,” they said, starting to run in that direction.

Miriem wasn’t sure what to expect when they ran through the doors, but whatever it was it was sure to give her a massive headache. 

All things considered, it wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen there. There was the time the Witch Queen decided to show up and decorate the place.

Their children, grown and not, were all standing around the remains of a vase. Oh hey, it was the ugly one. Yvaine and Vetina looked ready to burst into tears, Altea looked like she was trying to figure out a way to magically defy the laws of thermodynamics, Iseul and Saerys were flanking the twins (probably to keep them from escaping), and August looked like that vein in his neck might explode from strain.

“So… anyone want to explain why my children are only wearing their smalls?” Miriem crossed her arms, getting on her ‘parent face’. Hey, I’m getting good at this.

“Well, see… we were - they,” Altea stammered, her blush more intense than her hair.

“They soiled their dresses, so we went to change them, but your daughters are very good at disappearing,” Iseul cut in.

“Seems a family trait.” How on earth Saerys was smirking at a time like this was beyond Miriem’s ken. Damn, Reiner’s rubbing off on me. Next thing you know I’ll be - focus self!

She decided not to answer that. “And why are they both covered in flour?”

“See, that’s related to the dresses,” Iseul said.

Both Reiner and Miriem shared an exasperated sigh. Everyone jumped when they heard a loud shriek, which happened to be coming from the direction of the kitchen.

“I’d advise that you don’t go near the kitchen for a while,” Iseul added.

And there was the headache. We’re going to need to give Solaire a massive raise after this…