hey everyone my name is tyler

Me: *logs onto YouTube*

Danisnotonfire: Hello Internet.

AmazingPhil: Hey guys!

Tyler Oakley: Well hello there, my name is Tyler Oakley!

Troye Sivan: Hey what’s up you guys, it’s Troye.

Connor Franta: Hey what’s up you guys.

IISuperwomanII: Waddup everyone, it’s
your ghurl, Superwoman!

Grav3yard Girl: Hey guys, it’s bunny.

Emma Blackery: she’s got girl balls

LukeIsNotSexy: Hey guys!

Laci Green: Hi babes!

Doddleoddle: Hello everyone.

Bry: Hello Candice and friends.

Ello Steph: Hello Internet, it is Steph!

CapnDesDes: Hey what’s up guys it’s Destery!

Jenna Marbles: *dog squeaky toy*

Nibbles: mother fucking hell yeah bitches

Me: *smiles*

Waiting Anxiously - Part 2

Originally posted by 60slanadelrey

Saturday morning comes around, I never sleep in much so I’m awake by the time Shay comes knocking on my door.

“Happy birthday!” Her arms wrap around me and our hug turns into a tight squeeze.

We both let out a laugh, “Thank you!” I smile at her and then head to the kitchen to make us both a cup of coffee.

Shay takes a step into the hallway and comes back into my apartment with a red bag, “The first gift!” She sets it on the small table in front of the couch.

“The first?” I question her.

“There are only 2, don’t worry.” She takes the coffee cup from me and takes a seat on the couch, “So, whats the plan for the day, anything you want to do in particular?”

“Haven’t really thought about it, maybe just hang out and get some Chipotle?” I let out a small laugh but I’m serious.

“That’s fine, you’ll need your energy for later.” She gives me a smug look.

I ignore the comment and keep drinking my coffee.
The morning is quiet other than the conversation between us. Shay finally gets up and checks the time, it’s almost noon.

“Shit! Ok, chipotle now and then we need to get things going! We have a like 5 hours total to be somewhere.” Shay jumps to her feet and takes my coffee cup from me.

She fills both cups with water in the kitchen sink and then claps her hands at me to get up. I shoo her away with my hand as I get up and get in the shower, I strip down and step in the warm water; she is knocking on the bathroom door after about five minutes so I make it a fast shower.

I walk out of the bathroom with a towel around me, “What is with the rush man, you said five hours!”

“Small change in plans! I need you to open gift one and then I’ll tell you the rest, it’s honestly nothing special.” Shay picks the gift bag up and hands it to me.

I tuck the towel under my arm and throw the paper on the ground, I pull out a shirt and a pair of jeans. I set the bag down and open everything up to see it. 
Its the Twenty One Pilots muscle shirt I had been eyeing that has the lyrics, “My taste in music is your face” on the front. The jeans I have never seen before, they were black with tattered holes on the knees and on the right thigh.

“Ah! I had a feeling you were going to get this! I absolutely love it! And the black jeans are perfect! Thank you!” I give her a huge smile.

“You are very welcome! Now put it on.” She gives me a smug look.

“Now? Seriously?” I giver her a small laugh and she just nods her head.

I head into my room and throw my hair in a ballerina type bun on my head, I slide into the skinny jeans and throw the shirt over my head, I grab a pair of black vans to complete the look. 
By the time I walk out of my bedroom Shay is walking back into my apartment completely changed and throwing her hair in a bus as well.

“Such perfection! Here, no time for lunch, sorry.” She tosses me a lunchable from her fridge.

I let out a sigh and tear the top plastic piece off and throw it away, I start eating the contents as we walk downstairs and get in her car. I didn’t even bother to ask her where we were going, I was consumed with the snack food I had. 
It’s a short drive and I am barley finishing the snack when she comes to a stop, I look out the window and its a salon we are parked in front of.

“What are we doing here?” I look at her confused.

“We are getting dolled up for the night!” She smiles at me and gets out of the car before I can even protest.

“Are you proposing tonight, or?” She rolls her eyes at me as she hold the door open.

I don’t get my hair done often, it always stirs up a bit of anxiety in me and I’m not exactly sure why. 
Shay had everything set up so when we got there a chair was open and waiting, she took a seat in the chair next to me.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a style.” She lets out a small laugh.

“Why do I trust you with things.” I laugh back at her.

The stylist comes over and lets my hair down, it falls down to the middle of my back. It’s still wet from the shower so she starts blow drying it and then turns on a curling iron, in total it took her about an hour to do my hair. 
Shay has longer hair so she is finished shortly after me.
I take a look at myself in the mirror and my hair is full and bouncy with curls, it looks glamorous. I just wish I was capable of doing my own hair like this in less amount of time.

“Thank you so much. I love it!” I let the stylist know.

She responds with a smile and tells me she will be right back. I look over at Shay and she raises her eyebrows at me like she has no clue but I know she’s lying. 
She comes back with a full makeup kit, I give Shay a ‘What the hell’ look and she just smiles back at me and shrugs.

“What kind of look, where are you going?” The stylist asks.

“Nothing crazy, like natural.” I give her a shy smile.

She wastes no time getting started and I hear Shay going over her makeup wants with her own stylist. 
I feel like she’s applying more makeup than I want but it’s too late to say anything now and I’m never one to make a complaint. 
I feel her turn the chair around to face the mirror again and I open my eyes. Another thing I wish I was good at, makeup. I’m in awe that this is even still me, I mean it looks like me just much better.

“Wow! Thank you again.” I smile at the stylist and she gives me one back, I turn to Shay “Where the hell are we going tonight Shay!” I laugh at her as she takes a look at herself in the mirror as well.

“I may have overdone it for where we are going but I’m not sorry about it.” She laughs.

We both get up and head to the front desk, of course she had already paid for every little thing before we even got there. We get back in her car and we head off.

“Shit, we are running late!” She mumbles to herself.

“What time are we supposed to be there and are we supposed to change?” I can’t help but feel a little ridiculous with the glamorous hair and makeup and a Twenty One Pilots shirt and vans.

“It’s A fifteen minute drive and we are supposed to be there in about seven.” She smiles at me, “What we are wearing is perfect.”

I rack my brain trying to think of where we would ever be heading looking like this. 
Nothing. I can’t think of a single thing.
She puts the car in park and my heart sinks to the lowest part of my stomach once I look out the window.

“Y-you, you didn’t. D-did you? Wait. Hang on.” My heart is racing and my words are stuttered.

“Oh but I did and so much better! Come on!” She get out of the car and grabs my hand to make a dash for the front doors of the arena.

The huge sign going across the front of the arena is crystal clear, “Twenty One Pilots Tonight” with a picture of the two boys underneath. I can’t even begin to calm my heart rate as we get closer, I’m sure I’m going to die of a heart attack tonight. 
There are quite a few people in line already but Shay leads me to a different door, she hands the girl two tickets and they exchange words about being late but I can barley even hear them over the pounding in my chest. 
Its pretty empty inside the hallways of the arena as Shay is still dragging me by the hand to keep up with her.

“Ok.” She stops in front of another door and puts her hands on my shoulders and makes me look at her, “I know what they mean to you but I have to tell you what’s about to happen because I don’t want to put you in attack mode. Take a deep breath.”

I do as she says, a few times actually. I start to feel a sense of calmness, “Ok, what is it.”

“I got meet and greet passes for us.” She can’t even try to hold back the huge grin.

The calmness disappears but it doesn’t quite take me into an attack, just more of an emotional wreck, “How! What! That’s why all this?” My eyes well up a little.

“Yes! I had to make sure you looked your absolute best for these pictures! I just want you to be able to thank the ones that have gotten you here, ya know.” She brings me into a hug, “But we are late so, are you ready?”

I squeeze her tightly and wipe my tears gently trying not to smear the makeup, “Yes!” I exclaim to her.

She reaches for the door and there are two girls still in line in front of a huge black curtain. We step behind them and another girl checks the tickets Shay hands her. 
My heart is beating in my throat but I push the anxious feeling away. 
Not right now. I’m not letting it ruin this for me. 
The two girls scream as they get called back and as the curtain opens for them to walk in I can see the tops of their heads, I give myself a pep talk in my head so I don’t completely blow it. 
‘They are human too. They are just regular people. Don’t bow down to them and kiss their feet no matter how bad you want to. They have been in my shoes, they know.’ 
I close my eyes and breathe. Shay squeezes my hand and reassures me. 
The ticket lady waves us forward and the curtain opens up, I take a moment just to look at them before talking my first step in. 
Tyler in a black shirt and jeans, standing there with a smile across his face. Josh stands right next to him in a red shirt and jeans as well, his smile stands out more than anything. 
We walk in and I remind myself to breathe.

“Hey! Nice to meet you both, this is Josh and I’m Tyler, but that’s Josh.” He smiles and Josh lets out a small laugh next to him.

“Hi, this is Alanis, I’m Shay, but more importantly, this is Alanis.” Shay holds her hand out to shake.

Everyone lets out a little bit of a laugh, “Wait, Alanis like the 90’s chick?” Josh turns to me and holds his hand out.

I thank God that my hands aren’t sweaty as I shake his hand, “Yep, that’s the one I’m named after.” I let out a nervous laugh.

“That’s sick.” He laughs again, “No need to be nervous. We are all humans here.” He smiles at me and I feel like I just melted.

“Picture!” The photographer yells out from behind the camera.

We position ourselves, Josh is on the far left and his arm draped around my shoulder, Shay is next to me with her hand around my waist and Tyler on the end of her with his arm also around her shoulder. The flash comes and goes and I know that’s the end of our meet and greet but I have to say my last words.

“Real quick, uh, I know you probably hear this on the daily but I’ve always wanted to let you guys know, like, how your music has saved my life and uhm, well I get to do that right now thanks to her.” I look over at Shay who just has a smile plastered on her face, “So, thank you for not giving up on yourselves so I could not give up on myself.” I’m pretty sure everyone in the arena can hear my heart beating.

“It doesn’t matter how many times we hear it, it always mean something. Thank you.” Tyler comes over and gives me a hug, it’s warm and comforting and he also smells good.

“Yeah, I mean it’s always a new feeling every time I hear that.” Josh pulls me in for a hug as well, he is also warm and his hug is much tighter.

I could die now and it would be more ok than any other time I’ve wanted to die. We say bye and walk out into the arena, I feel like I’m living an actual dream and I also feel like I’m going to puke. Shay links her arm in mine and pulls me in the correct direction. 
We are walking on the ground floor in front of the stage, there are a couple hundred people here already. Shay walks me over to the left side of the stage and we are able to make it to about the second row of standing people.

“Perfect view of the sweaty drummer just for you!” She squeezes my arm in hers.

We both laugh and I can’t even find a response because it’s not a lie. 
It seemed like almost an hour had past and people were filling up the entire arena fast. Being this close the front it started to get a little pushy and I could feel a small spike of anxiety creep in, but again I push it out. 
Not now. 
Its about another 45 minutes and then the place goes black and screams and cheers fill the entire building. 
As soon as the first glimpse of Josh on the drums comes up from the flashing lights the screams get louder, then when Tyler makes his jump from his piano it becomes chaos. I swear the ground shook from the noise level. 
The concert starts and Shay and I sing the songs to each other, we jump around and we scream. I watch Josh most of the time as he is in his zone. 
The intro to Car Radio starts and Shay grabs onto my arm and screams in my ear asking if I’m ok. I nod but I’m not sure. 
The words to this song have pulled me out of some dark places but it has also been able to trigger me into the dark places. 
My heart rate increases, I can feel my palms get sweaty, my stomach turns into knots and it’s not from excitement anymore. 
I need out. 
We have been pushed more towards the middle now and I shake my head at Shay, I can tell a little bit of panic sets into her as she looks for an exit. She tries to push her way through towards the left as she holds onto my hand, but no one will budge. 
The air starts to feel thick, my breaths are getting shorter. I can’t even keep up with the thoughts that start to race in my head, I grip onto Shay like it’s life or death and that’s what it does feel like. 
She starts to get loud, screaming at people she needs to get out. Pleading. 
We make it a few feet but more people that won’t budge, afraid that we are just trying to get closer to the stage. She looks back and me and my face has gone white.

“Al! I got you. I got you! Ok!” She’s screaming back at me as she still tried to push her way through.

I hear her but I don’t. The noise drowns out, my vision starts to blur, my chest feels like it might actually explode.

The drums stop and Josh’s voice yells out, “Tyler! Wait!” He hops off his drums and points to Shay trying to drag me out of the madness.

“Lights! Turn the lights on! Move, guys move and let them out!” Tyler’s demands are heard, the lights come on and the people near us make way.

Shay pulls me into a tight hug as we make it to the edge of the crowd. I crumble into screams and crying. The screams usually ease the pressure in my chest but it’s not working. 
I fall out of her arms and onto the floor. I can’t find a full breath of air.

“Call an ambulance!” Tyler talks into the microphone, his voice mixed with concern and a little bit of his own anxiety.

Josh hops down from the stage and the security forms a wall between the ground crowd and Shay and I, “We’re going to get you out of here, just try and breath. Five seconds in and five seconds out. Ready.” His hand reaches for my back.

I listen to him count but my inhale only makes it to three and my exhale makes it to two. My hands reach into my hair and I grab onto it and pull, I let out a groan of frustration and fear.

“It’s ok, try again, ready.” His hand rubs up and down my spine.

Again, I can’t make the full five. Shay kneels on the other side of me and pulls my hand from my hair and holds it tightly. 
I feel Josh leave my side and when he comes back Tyler is with him.

“Hey, hey, the ambulance is almost here. I just need one full breath from you or I won’t rest.” Tyler’s voice is more calm than Josh’s.

I try again, 1, 2, 3, 4. I stutter with the exhale. 
Shay stands up and she is replaced by an EMT.

“I’m going to get you out of here, is it ok if I lift you?” It’s a male voice, I nod.

“Let us know what, just what happens or something by the end of the night.” Tyler tells the EMT before he picks me up.

The EMT picks me up like he is going to rock me to sleep. I keep my head down and try to not think of all the eyes on me right now. Shay is next to the guy brushing my hair back so I know she’s there. 
They get me in the back of the ambulance and hook up all the machines to me, they ask if I’m allergic to anything and I shake my head no. They ask Shay all my personal information and she answers it all correctly. They let me know they are going to give me something to calm me down and I know that means to make me sleep. 
The drive is quick, they pull me out on the stretcher and a few jolts it turns into a rolling cot. My eyes are already heavy and I can’t even move my mouth to talk now. 
I let my eyes close and fall asleep before they even settle me into a room.

My body feels exhausted as my eye finally open, they take a little bit to adjust. Shay is laid out on the couch, wide awake. I look out the widow of the door and blink a few more times, I see pink hair. 
I look over at Shay again and she hasn’t moved, I’m thinking this is a dream. 
Why would they be here? 
I see Josh pace the widow and Tyler leans against the opposite wall yawning. Josh runs his hands through his hair a few times before he leans his back against the window.

“Shay?” I whisper.

She jumps up and rushes to my side, “Thank God!” She hugs me tightly.

“Im ok.” I smile at her, “But what are they doing here? Are we in trouble?” I whisper to her.

“Honestly, all I know is they wanted to check on you. I guess that sort of freaked them out a little bit and I head Tyler telling Josh, “We can just call the hospital tomorrow or her! Get the friends number so we can check in.” But Josh had to make sure now that you were, well, breathing.“ She smiled and me, "I’m going to let them know you’re awake, ok?” 
I nod and close my eyes.

Shay goes out there and lets them know and all three of them come in the room, Tyler stays at the door of the bed and Josh comes to one side.

“I’m, I’m sorry guys.” I keep my eyes closed and swallow hard after the words leave my mouth.

Josh leans down towards me, “Look, don’t be. I get it. He gets it. Nothing to be sorry about. I’m just, we are glad you’re ok.” He lets out a sigh of relief.

“Seriously, we are though. I’ve got her number to make sure everything is ok in a few days, if that’s ok with you?” Tyler asks and then yawns again.

“Mhm, I don’t mind. Thank you, both of you.” My voice is still low from barley being awake.

“Good, goodnight Alanis.” Josh rubs his hand up and down my arm a few times before leaving.

I want to so badly to run and scream and become this mess of a fan but I don’t have it in me. Instead I let Shay do a few squeals for me and then I doze off. 
I highly doubt they would actually check on my anyways.

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Spin The Bottle (Josh Dun Smut) (Requested)


Word Count: 1859


A/N:If you guys haven’t seen the movie The First Time you should totally watch it because it’s so fucking good and its one of my favorite movies ever.



- I was sitting in my room on a normal Saturday night, eating hot pockets and watching Netflix, when suddenly my best friend Josh burst into my room.If it were anyone else I would be super angry and I’d probably yell vulgar things at them but me and Josh have been best friends since we were 6. He lets himself into my house and I let myself into his closet and I steal all of his clothes. Josh climbed up onto my bed and stood over me with his hands on his hips “Okay seriously? This is the 4th Saturday that I’ve come into your room and walked in on you watching Netflix and eating something with cheese in it.” I groaned loudly “Here’s a solution, stop letting yourself into my house.” Josh ignored my comment and plopped down next to me. “You’re not even watching anything new! You’ve watched all of  Bob’s Burger’s like 3 times!” I rolled my eyes “So?” He closed my laptop and took my plate of food. “Josh what the heck!” He didn’t respond he just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, my head down by the back of his knees. “Jooosh put me down.” I whined, hitting his butt in the process. “Nope not until you agree to come over to my house tonight, I’m having a party and you have to come. No exceptions.” I stayed silent for a second and Josh pretended to drop me. I involuntarily yelped before yelling “Okay, okay fine! I’ll come to your stupid party, just put me down before you drop me on my head, you maniac.” I heard him chuckle before he dropped me gently on my bed. “See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” I stuck my tongue out at him and he pretended to bite at it, looking at me with wide eyes. “Get out so I can get dressed for your dumb party.” He stood up and walked out while yelling “Party’s at 8 be there or be…” I closed my door cutting him off. I changed into a black dress with a flannel and slipped on my black combat boots. I grabbed my phone and my headphones and started walking to Josh’s house. Even though we live in the same neighborhood we still are about 5 minutes walking distance from each other. I finally arrived at his house and checked the time 8:15. I mean I guess I’m fashionably late. I let myself in and went into his kitchen grabbing a bottle of water before making my way down into his basement where everyone was. As I walked down his stairs I heard laughter and multiple conversations. Everyone came into view and I knew most of them from Josh, as there were only about 20 people. Josh saw me walk in and he came over to me “Hey! You actually came.” He grabbed my hand and led me over where everyone was conversing. I noticed Josh’s friend Tyler was here and I said hi to him, quickly starting up a conversation. Somehow the topic of spin the bottle was brought up and Tyler shouted over everyone “Hey why don’t we play spin the bottle!” Everyone agreed and sat down in a large circle. Tyler went first and spun the bottle landing on a blonde girl who I didn’t know,Josh nudged me and told me her name was Jenna and that Tyler had a huge crush on her. Jenna spun and the bottle landed on me. I gulped and spun hoping that I would get someone good. It landed on a kid named Brendon. He was attractive but is known for being a bit of a man whore. I kissed him and it was nice, nothing special, and it only lasted for a few seconds. Brendon spun and it landed on a random girl. While the game continued on I glanced over at Josh and noticed he looked upset. I nudged him and whispered in his ear “are you okay?” He just responded with “Yup” and stayed looking forward. I didn’t want to push his buttons so I turned my attention back to the game just in time to see the bottle land on Josh. He spun and I almost passed out when it landed on me. “…Uh you can just respin.” I didn’t want Josh to feel like he had to kiss me because of some stupid game. But of course Tyler had to yell out “No way! Rules are rules! You gotta kiss her bro even if she’s your best friend.” I blushed and looked over at Josh. He muttered “rules are rules” before leaning in. His lips met mine and after a second I started to kiss back. The kiss was rough and needy but soft and passionate. After a few seconds people starting making wolf whistles and clapping so we hesitantly pulled away, both blushing like crazy. We played for a few more rounds and I ended up getting Tyler which was super awkward at first but it turns out that he’s a really good kisser, and I also got Josh again. This time it didn’t last for just a few seconds. It wasn’t until Tyler made a joke about Josh swallowing me whole, that we pulled away. We hung out with everyone for a little while longer but it was quite obvious that there was something bothering Josh. He just had this look on his face and I had never really seen it before. Josh made the excuse that he was getting tired and everyone started to leave. Once everyone was gone I stood up from his couch to leave but he grabbed my hand. “I don’t think we finished what we started earlier.” I turned to look at him and that look was back on his face, this time with darkened eyes and closer to my face. He stood up and slipped his hands around my waist, leaning in. Without hesitation I reattached my lips to his, this time not holding back. I ran my hands through his hair and tugged on the ends gently. He deepened the kiss, running his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I granted it to him and I began to walk backwards until I hit what used to be Josh’s school desk. He pushed off all of the old papers and pens and lifted me up, standing between my legs. He started to make his way down my neck sucking and biting harshly, leaving purple and red marks behind. I gasped as he pulled away blowing lightly on them. Josh’s raspy voice cut off my heavy breathing and hushed whimpers “I hate to break it to you kitten, but I don’t like seeing you kiss other guys, and I also don’t share very well.” He moved his mouth closer to my ear with each word and I felt myself getting more and more turned on. “I’m yours Josh, please just do something.” I felt like a child begging for a lollipop in a candy store. I heard him grunt as he pressed his growing bulge against my thigh “say it again kitten.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed myself against him, bringing my mouth up to his ear. I whispered “I’m yours Josh” before nibbling gently on his ear. I saw his eyes flutter shut for a second before they shot open when I slipped my hand under his waistband. He grabbed my wrist and glared at me “You aren’t in control here kitten. I am. Now stand up.” I slid off the desk and looked up at him. “Why don’t you take my shirt off for me kitten.” I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, discarding of it once I got it off. I dropped down to my knees and began to undo his jeans. There was no way he was going to keep up this angry act, he might have been jealous before but he was slowly realizing that he had nothing to worry about. I tugged his black jeans off and pulled down his tight briefs. He sprang free and he watched me intently as I wrapped my hand around him. I placed a soft kiss on his tip before licking a long stripe up his length. He threw his head back and groaned. I swirled my tongue around the tip before taking him in my mouth, using my hand to get the places I couldn’t reach. I pushed him deeper down my throat and he hissed “Woah kitten, slow down, or this is going to end way faster than either of us want it to.” He lifted me up and carried me back over to the couch where he sat down and pulled me onto his lap. “Let’s get this off of you babygirl.” He tugged off my flannel tossing it in the direction of his clothes, doing the same with my dress. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was left in just my soaking wet panties. He kissed down my collarbones and then quickly attached his mouth to my nipple, sucking and biting gently on the hardened nub. He switched to the other one after a few seconds but quickly stopped when I bucked my hips and whimpered loudly. My thighs were now shaking and my panties were drenched. I moaned loudly before whimpering “Josh please fuck me, I need you so bad.” He smirked and tightened his grip on me “You don’t have to tell me twice kitten.” He flipped us over so he was hovering over me before he lined himself up at my entrance and pushed in. He groaned “holy fuck you’re so tight.” He just kept hissing and muttering profanities under his breath while slowly pushing in and out of me. Finally we both adjusted and he started building up a rhythm. His hands were wrapped around my thighs and he leaned down, pressing soft kisses to my forehead every so often. I felt a warmth in my lower stomach and I felt myself tighten around Josh. He adjusted his position slightly and started thrusting harder suddenly hitting a spot that left me clawing at his back for more. I gasped loudly and gripped onto his shoulders as I felt a knot build in my stomach. “I’m so close kitten.” I only moaned in response, my brain too worked up to come up with a real answer. “H-harder.” I managed to stutter out. Josh’s thrusts became sloppier but he still obliged to my request, pounding into me with every thrust. Josh leaned down and purred in my ear “come for me kitten.” and I lost it. I tightened around him and my hips bucked as I screamed his name, he thrusted a few more times before he reached his peak too once again hissing profanities and moaning my name under his breath. He rolled off of me to catch his breath before getting up and grabbing me his T-shirt and throwing on his underwear. I slipped his T-shirt on and he slid on the couch next to me. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I cuddled into his side and let sleep take over.

  • Qrow: Winter I'm going to need to suck the venom out of your thigh.
  • Winter: Qrow no.
  • Qrow: Qrow yes.
  • Winter: Qrow-
  • Qrow: And I'm going to need the venom sucked out of mine. Here, we can do it laying on top of each other facing in opposite directions.
  • Winter: Qrow no I-
  • Qrow: This is a matter of life or death.
  • Winter: No it's not.
  • Qrow: Yes it is.
  • Winter: The snake wasn't even venomous.
  • Qrow: How do you know that?
  • Winter: A couple of reasons. First, the "Snake" was an inflatable blow up toy we both bumped into because us because I somehow got convinced to get into the kiddie pool with you.
  • Qrow: You're talking as if you didn't want to.
  • Winter: Second, you weren't invited to this thing and I don't think my cousin even knows you are here.
  • Qrow: I forged an invite.
  • Winter: Why would you... Nevermind. This is my niece once removed's 7th birthday party and we are not going to sixty nine in front of the kids.
  • Qrow: But you'd be willing to elsewhere?
  • Winter: ...........I-
  • Kid: Hey mister Branwen?
  • Qrow: What's up, Tyler?
  • Winter: How do you know his name-
  • Kid: What does 69 mean?
  • Qrow: It means to save the life of someone who was injured on the battlefield, like when you perform first aid on a venom infected wound.
  • Winter: Wait no-
  • Kid: I like that word.
  • Qrow: Me too.
  • Other kid who was within earshot: me three!
  • Winter: WAIT-
  • Qrow: Hey everyone, who wants to play 69 tag?
  • Winter: QROW STOP
  • All kids in the vicinity: Me! Me!
  • Qrow: Allow me to explain the rules, when someone gets tagged, they lie on the ground, and they can't get back up till someone else gets on top of them like this-Wait a second. Winter, come here for a second I need a partner and don't want to get arrested.
  • Qrow: Don't listen to her she's just a meanie face.
  • Kid: Yeah, shut up meanie face.
  • Winter: *Exasperated shrieks*

You know you are in for a smile when you hear:

Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley.

Hey whats up you guys!

Hello everybody my name is markiplier!


Hows it going bros, my name is PEWDIEPIE!

Good Mythical Morning!

What up everyone its ya girl superwoman!

*Squeaky dog toy*


 Hey everybody its bunny!

Hello Internet!

Hey Guys!!!!

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A Million Miles//Josh Dun

Requested: hello :) could you write a josh imagine where y/n visits josh on tour and they cuddle and kiss and stuff and it’s really fluffy? thanks xx


              It broke your heart the past few Skype calls with Josh; the way he’d look like a lost puppy and talk about how he missed you. This wasn’t the first time he was away on tour while dating you; the two of you survived through nearly his whole musical career together. Though for some reason he was missing you like no tomorrow lately.

              “Yeah, I don’t know why. He just seems so sad when we skype. Is he okay otherwise?” You were currently on the phone with Tyler, you worried about Josh.

              “Yes and no,” The answer brought uneasiness to your stomach. “He still preforms like usual, putting all his energy into it. So he’s fine on stage, but other than that he seems, down. Like he doesn’t do as much stuff as he used to, doesn’t seem as upbeat. Come visit him.” You giggled at Tyler’s sudden idea, you really wish you could go see him but you doubt that your boss would allow you to miss work to travel across the world. “Don’t laugh. I’m 100% serious here. Talk to your boss, explain the situation and we’ll figure something out from there.” You suddenly got nervous, like all the pressure was on you. When it depended on what your boss would say.

              “I’ll see. I make no promises though.” Your voice barely over a whisper as you spoke, you really didn’t want to let Josh down.

              “Everything’s going to work out Y/N.” Tyler reassured before ending the call, leaving you to wonder what you were going to say. ‘Hey can I take time off to see my boyfriend while he’s on tour?’ seemed too generic. ‘Hey my boyfriend is having a really rough time, he isn’t being himself and everyone is worried so I need time off to go see him’ seems like too much information. You pondered, before your boss’s name lit up on your phone.

              “Y/N, I have a very important question to ask.” You mumbled a quick “yes?” before she continued. “Grady just called in, he won’t be able to pick up his shifts this week. I know it’s a lot but you’re the only one I can schedule in his place.” You cringed at the idea of having to work for the rest of the week, rather than having your 2 days off.

              “Fine, but can I ask of something in return? This is a totally different topic, but my boyfriend’s bandmate just called and invited me on tour for a little bit to surprise him. I know it’s a lot to ask but could I have some time off to?” You were waiting the ‘we’re short staffed I’m sorry’. You were in the middle of preparing yourself when your boss gave you an answer.

              “You asked at a really good time.” You heard her laugh “We have some new hires coming in next week, so they can probably cover your shifts. Take the time off, have fun. You deserve it.” You smiled, not expecting to get the time off that easily.

              “Thank you so much!” You were over the moon, you’d be able to have a whole week with Josh when you’d be happy with only a couple hours at most. You just wanted to hold him, feel his welcoming arms around you, and hear the sound of his voice in real life. Not just over a skype call.

              “You’re welcome, thank you for this week!” Right as the call ended you called Tyler back to tell him the news. You were nearly bouncing off the walls, waiting as the phone seemed to ring so slowly.

              “Y/N? This is bad timing I’m about to go on.” Tyler laughed, as you couldn’t hold back your excitement any longer.

              “I got all of next week off!” You squealed “But good luck to both of you, call me tomorrow or something so we can figure this out.” You ended the call, letting them get to their show as you laid back; hoping that the next 5 days would go by quickly.


              You were laying in an airplane, flying out to meet the guys at their next stop in London. The week went by slower than ever, and you knew this plane ride would too. But nothing was about to hold you back from seeing Josh.


              “Y/N!” You heard Tyler call, he and Mark met you in the airport, “Are you excited?” He asked, smiling at you, receiving a quick nod in response.    

              “She doesn’t want your small talk dude, she wants to be all over Josh already,” You felt you face burn as you laughed at Marks comment.

              “I also don’t want your sass, Mark.” You grinned, following them to the car where Josh was sitting confused in the back. Looking down at his phone, presumably texting you.

              “Sorry man. Your surprise didn’t show up.” Tyler shrugged as he slipped into the front seat. You were standing outside the van trying to hold in giggles as you heard them talk. “There is something that followed us out here though; she said something about wanting to have your babies.” Josh raised an eyebrow before looking out the window, seeing your face smiling in.

              “Y/N?” He laughed, flinging the door open as you crawled in, feeling his arms slip around your waist. “When did you get here?” You could tell he was beyond happy to see you, his eyes were crinkled at the edges, he was smiling wider than you’ve seen him smile before.

              “Considering I just got picked up from the airport, I think I got here 2 seconds ago.” You giggled, putting on your seatbelt and looping your fingers into Josh’s. “My boss gave me the week off, so I get to bug you a little bit.” You joked, noticing that Josh hadn’t stopped smiling since you got here.

              “I really missed you Y/N.” He spoke only loud enough for you to hear. “I don’t know why it was so hard this time, but I sat there thinking about all the things I was missing when you were at home and I was touring.” You felt your bottom lip start to poke out. The words he was telling you broke your heart, you hated hearing of him in any distress. Let alone dealing with distress indirectly caused by you.

              “When we get to the bus. You, me, Netflix, cuddles.” You demanded. Pulling him into a gentle kiss. “We have a bit of catching up to do, and I want to start as soon as we can.” You felt him press his lips into yours, a thousand feelings filling your heart at once. You missed this, moments like these. The soft kisses, the way he looked at you; it was hard when he was gone. But as the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Youtubers Intro
  • NigaHiga: "Hey, Guys!"
  • Miranda Sings: "Hey, guys. It's me Miranda."
  • Joey Graceffa: "Ahh! Good day, everyone!"
  • Zoella: "Hello, Everybody!"
  • Oli White: "What's up, people? How is it going?"
  • iisuperwomanii: "Waddup, everyone! It's your giiirl Superwoman!"
  • Tyler Oakley: "Hey, everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley."
  • Troye Sivan: "Hey, what's up you guys? It is Troye Sivan!"
  • Life wouldn't be the same without these introductions! <3

Me: *goes on YouTube*
Pewdiepie: Hey, how’s it going bros? My name is Pewdiepie.
Markiplier: Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier.
Seananners: *laughing*
Jacksepticeye: *yelling* Top of the morning to ya ladies, my name is Jacksepticeye!
Danisnotonfire: Hello Internet.
AmazingPhil: Hey guys!
Tyler Oakley: Well hello there! My name is Tyler Oakley.
Zoella: Hello everybody!
ThatcherJoe: Hello everyone!
Caspar Lee: Hi, my name is Caspar Lee. 
PointlessBlog: Hey guys!
Connor Franta: Hey, what’s up you guys.
Troye Sivan: Hey what’s up you guys, it’s Troye.
Bethany Mota:  Hey guys!
Miranda Sings: *lipstick everywhere* Hey guys, it’s me Miranda…
IISuperwomanII: Waddup everyone, it’s your gurl superwoman!
Grav3yardgirl: Hey it’s Bunny!
Shane Dawson: Hey, what’s up you guys?
Nigahiga: Hey guys! Imma get this intro out really, really fast!
Smosh: Shut up!
Onision: *offense warning*
HowToBasic: *eggs*  
Me: *smiles*

anonymous asked:

Can I get a joe sugg imagine please? Where you're American and you're best friends with Tyler Oakley and you're doing a challenge with him and all the British youtubers are there and joe falls for you?

Yes, darling! :)

“Y/N?!” your best friend Tyler yelled from the kitchen. The two of you were spending the weekend at Tyler´s place, just hanging out.
“Yes, Ty?” you laughed and switched to another tv channel.
“We should make a collab.” He stated as he marched into the living room.
“Well, okay.. after all, I´m quite bored. But aren´t you awaiting guests today?” you asked, well aware of the fact, that British youtubers were supposed to come.
“Well yea I do, they can help us though, can´t they?” he smiled.

The two of you were preparing all the stuff for the video when the bell rang. Tyler rushed to open the door and you heard lots of voices. You had never met any of the British youtubers before, so you were quite excited to meet few of them. You sat there on the sofa, facing the camera and waiting for Tyler who entered the room with his friends.
“Hey guys so that´s Y/N, my best best best friend I couldn´t possibly live without.” He said and cuddled you. You greeted everyone and so did they. All of them really seemed to like you, but one boy caught your eye. You knew, really well, who that boy was.

 “Hey guys, my name is Tyler Oakley and todaaay I´m here with my bestie, who you, I believe, have missed so much, Y/N!” he laughed at the camera, showing you off. “And, I´ve got my other friends here to help me! Welcome Zoe, Alfie, Caspar, Oli and Joe!” he added and 5 heads popped out.

Joe was a kind of guy that would make you feel nervous without a reason. And him being there, helping out with the collab, made you feel nervous as hell. You noticed he couldn´t stop looking at you and whenever you needed something, he was the first to provide you with anything. Does he like me? That was the first thought that flew through your mind.

“…and I´ll see you again! By-eeee!” Tyler ended the video.
“Well that was fun!” you laughed and stood up. “I´m gonna get some water, there´s like Sahara in my throat.” You added smiling and heading to the kitchen. You were pouring  water in a glass, when you heard someone´s voice.
“You were great.” You could feel the settled cologne caressing your skin. “I´m Joe, by the way.” The voice added and you turned around, smiling.
“So, you´re my provider.” You laughed and he laughed with you.
“Ya know, I just had to take care of such a beautiful girl as you are.” He said while getting closer.
“You think I´m beautiful?” you asked, laughing at his sentence.
“More than that.. Y/N, right? Well, your name should be a term for some kind of advanced beauty.”
“Are you flirting with me?” you giggled with your cheeks turning red.
“Do you wanna find out?” he smiled and came even closer.
“Uhm .. I do.”
“Then say yes to a dinner, with me, tonight.” He was so close you could feel his minty breath.


A/N - Hope you all enjoy!!! :)

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Well Meagan was spilling truth tea, while also throwing shade.

I tell ya, the way she handles these haters, is the same way I would handle them if I was in her position and I was a celebrity of some sort.

Fuck that block the haters and focus on the positive fans bullshit. I shouldn’t have to and she shouldn’t have to.

I’m gonna speak my piece before I even dare to look at that block button. And Meagan, it seems is of the same mind.

We need more celebs, especially poc celebs like Meagan Tandy, and Tyler Posey who won’t let trash fans influence their opinion, dictate their enjoyment, or won’t keep silent on the issues of hate and name slandering just b/c those fans feel they can do so to human beings who share that occupation b/c “hey they’re celebs, they chose this occupation, they knew what they were getting themselves into, not everyone is gonna like them”

Huh, well.

Hey there! My name is Tyler (Ty). I’m almost 3 months on T and 114 days away from top surgery. I go to school full time for Simulation and Game Development (video game programming). I just wanted to throw some encouragement out there for everyone and say that things really do get better. Just stay true to yourself and surround yourself with positivity and people that support you. ❤️❤️


I couldn't think of a title

Summary: At Vidcon, Troye, Connor, and Tyler play Fuck, Marry, Kill. Connor has a special suprise for Troye.
Ships- Tronnor
Word count- idk
A/N- Connor told Tyler his plan, and Tyler put Troye’s name in the cup.
Also, this is my first ever fanfiction do please don’t hate me if it’s bad
*Tronnor is out*

“Hey, y'all!” Tyler says on the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. “Quiet down and I’ll announce our next game!” The crowd stopped yelling and all eyes focused on him. “Ok, we’re playing an exclusive round of fuck, marry, kill!” Again, the fans went crazy. “But, you guys know I can’t play by myself. I’d like to introduce…” He paused, creating anticipation. “My two best friends, Connor Franta and Troye Sivan!” Everyone cheered as they walked onto the stage, smiling and waving. “I have all the names in these three cups.” Tyler said, gesturing to the table with the cups. “Troye, wanna go first?” They played a couple of rounds; the boys all agreeing to fuck Harry Styles over various household objects. Then it was Tyler’s turn.“Joey Graceffa, Zoella, and Troye. ” “Um…” Connor says, suddenly a little bit nervous. “I guess I’d fuck Joey, kill Zoella, (sorry Zoe!) and… marry Troye.” Then Connor gets down on one knee, locking eyes with Troye. “That is, if he’ll say yes.” He pulls out a ring. “Troye Sivan Mellet, you are the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you more than life itself. Will you marry me? ” Troye’s hands are covering his mouth in shock, but you can tell he’s smiling. “Of course.” He says. “I love you, Connor.” “ I love you too, Troye.” Connor whispers as he slips the ring on Troye’s finger. They hug, then kiss as everyone cheers for the couple. They are both happy beyond words but the two boys know this is just the start.

So did you like it? I know it’s kinda cheesy and lame :\