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Nayeon x Reader, ft. Flirty Eunha

Angst x Fluff, College AU


Word Count: 1696

Written by Admin LJ who is in love with Im Nayeon

(Author’s Note: I love Eunha so much and I feel so guilty for making her this way in this fic, but her name was the first to come to mind so I just went with it, lol. Also, isn’t this picture of Nayeon the cutest thing?)

When Nayeon had asked you to keep your relationship secret, you hadn’t expected it to be easy. It was difficult to not to shower her with affection in public, with kisses and hugs and adorable nicknames to let her know just how much she meant to you, but you two managed as well as you could.

Nayeon promised it wouldn’t be that way forever. She assured you that one day soon, she’d work up the guts to come out so your relationship wouldn’t have to be so low key. But until then, while to each other you may had been lovers, to the world, you were just best friends.

You accepted that, and never once did you push Nayeon to get it over with and announce her attraction to the same sex. You were understanding, and you had been in the same boat at some point, fearing the reaction of those you were close to once they found out. It was a process that took time to follow through with and complete.

You two had successfully made it through half a semester without giving anything away. In school, you two were just the best of friends, teasing and getting each other in trouble in class. It was all good fun, and you two never got mad at the other. After all, you two had to make this friendship seem real.

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  • im gonna start off by saying that eunha is very girlfriend material
  • i believe eunha would put you before almost everything
  • she would always take care of you and if she isn’t able to due to being far away, she would always check up on you when she has the chance
  • she would be the type to come off as shy when you first meet but then begin to drop flirty comments the next day
  • so before you guys started dating, you would already know she had a thing for you
  • but she would be confident enough to ask you out after yerin gave her a whole lecture about the purpose of life and why you must take chances
  • and she would be so glad she did
  • eunha is definitely an arcade girlfriend
  • like most of your dates are at arcades
  • whenever the two of you have breaks, it’s mostly spent staying indoors, ordering pizza, and binge watching tv shows
  • but she would also like to do something special with you like going to a theme park or a beach
  • eunha wouldn’t mind skinship
  • if you guys are in public, she would simply hold your hand
  • sometimes she’d give you some kisses on the cheek
  • but when the two of you are alone, there’s probably lots of hugging and kissing and heated makeout sessions
  • i feel like after a while of not being able to see each other, eunha would randomly surprise you
  • “it’s been tough without you eunha. i just want to hug you. why can’t it be simple for us to just hold each other.”
  • “maybe it is now”
  • “what?”
  • “open your door, y/n”
  • and then eunha would be standing there with so many gifts
  • and she would even bend down and pull out a ring
  • but then you’d thing oh no im too young to get married
  • but it’ll actually be a promise ring
  • and then you guys would promise to stay connected despite how busy you both are
  • and then you would most likely cry causing eunha to cry
  • don’t ever think that eunha doesn’t care because she does. you’d be the most important person to her and she would always try her best to keep on caring for you and expressing her love despite the things that may get in the way.
  • eunha would love you a lot, and you would’t forget it
Inferiority Complex

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Inferiority Complex
[It seems Kyung isn’t the only one with an inferiority complex]

You don’t know how but your boyfriend always managed to get you to join him on set. It’s not that you necessarily mind, but filming could be a little boring. He’d always be pulled away to shoot, and sometimes it could last the entire day. But just like every other time he sweet talked you into it.

“I promise as soon as we’re done here we can get lunch. We’ll finish up in an hour tops” he grinned, holding your hand, swinging it just slightly. Today he just had to film a live performance of his comeback track, Inferiority complex with Eunha. If everything went well they could finish it in a few takes and wrap up a quick photoshoot.

You nodded, following his lead to the set. Kyung was pretty easily excitable, but he’d been over the moon for his solo promotions.

As you two walked past some of the staff he bowed, happily greeting them. With that beautiful, eager smile of his. “Mornin’ PD-Nim” he held up your hand, fingers clasped around your own. “Look see! My girlfriend! I told you she’s real” he chimed in passing.

You groaned at just how typically embarrassing he was. “Shhh” you huffed, burying your face in his shoulder.

He chuckled kissing your hair. “No way. PD didn’t believe me when I showed him your photo and told him you were my girlfriend. I gotta show you off~”

“Why are you like this?” you pouted as he hugged you.

“Because I love you”

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Camp Counselor! Woozi

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Camp Counselor! Woozi

Genre: Fluff as heck

Length: 1843 words

Sticky summer heat in the middle of June and the shade from the trees above you contrasted as you sat, laughing with a few other people in a circle. It was week two of camp counselor training, but you’d been doing this for a few years and you were familiar with everyone surrounding you, if not really close. Within the small circle sat Wonwoo, Jihoon, Mingyu, Eunha, and you. It was your little group that had formed over the years, and the other counselors had their groups. 

–It first started three years ago, your first summer in training. You were cabin mates with Eunha, and you clicked pretty fast. From there out, you two met Wonwoo in the cafeteria, his nose in a book. Of course, Mingyu and Wonwoo were a package deal, and that’s how you met part two of the dark and mysterious boys, who actually were just two dorks that were fun to be around. The last person to enter the group was Jihoon. When you first met him, you thought he was a little scary, despite being the smallest out of all the other male counselors. But soon enough, he warmed up to you, and you became friends. Eventually, the little groups were formed among all of the counselors, and that was your preferred group. –

Later on, at night, you sat on your bed in the small cabin with Eunha on the bed across from you. Old habits die hard, and every summer you two request to be put in the same cabin.

 "Did you notice Mingyu staring at you today?“ She threw a paper wad at you, and you watched as it bounced off your shoulder as you both burst into a fit of giggles. "No way,” you waved your hand as if to wave away the thought, it was ridiculous. 

Nodding vigorously, your best friend leaned closer. “Yes way!” You couldn’t deny that he was staring at you earlier, you knew. “Ah, well, Mingyu isn’t really my type! And you know Yerin has had a crush on him for a while now.”

“She’s not even part of the group, she barely knows him!”

After a moment passed in silence, you spoke up with a smile. “Hey Eunha, I’m going to tell you something, but you can’t tell anyone.” You both hushed your voices and leaned in, even though the likelihood of someone hearing your conversation would be slim to none. 

“No way!” Eunha chirped, repeating your earlier words from the night. Another fit a giggles erupted from the cabin, and the two of you stayed up talking until late hours of the night.

The next morning, you and your best friend walked into the cafeteria, Eunha still gushing over what you told her the night before. “I just can’t believe it!” “Oh my gosh, shush!” You both got your food and sat down at the usual table and benches, waiting for the rest of your group to join you, while your heart was in your stomach. You couldn’t bring yourself to eat with the dark haired girl next to you giggling up a storm. When Mingyu slid in next to you, and Wonwoo and Jihoon across from you, she couldn’t keep her cool. 

Laughter echoing in the atmosphere around your table, Eunha covered her mouth, her eyes squeezed shut as she tried to calm herself down. Mingyu looked back and forth between her and you, while the other boys just stared at her. “Ah, I just tripped this morning and she thinks it really funny. Still. Mhm.” You gave a reassuring smile to them, your foot meeting her shin underneath the table.

With that, Mingyu smiled back, offering you a spoonful of his cereal. “Ah?” He directed it like a mother does with a plane to her kid, and you just sat, blinking. “Huh?” He’d never really been like this with you, and you were more than confused. 

After a few seconds of you not taking his offering, the dark haired boy turned the spoon to himself, looking a little defeated. Everyone at the table quieted down, then continued like it was nothing, engaging in regular conversation, except for Jihoon. He stood up, slinging his backpack over his shoulder without a pause. “I’m gonna go, I forgot to fill out some paperwork.” He waved to everyone on his way out, though his eyes seemed to skip over you.

Later in the day, after the afternoon training session was over, you found yourself in the same spot as always, under the trees and in a circle with your friends. Jihoon still seemed to avoid looking in your direction, but you couldn’t pinpoint why. 

Did I say something wrong yesterday? Your thoughts raced as you stared at him, silently willing him to at least glance at you. 

“Yah, Y/N,” Mingyu nudged you gently in the side, pulling your attention towards him, rather than the blond across the circle from you. “Do you want to come with us to play cards or not?” Well, apparently you missed out on a conversation. Everyone was now standing up around you, while you stayed on the ground, fiddling with the braided bracelet around your wrist. “Yeah, sure,” you grinned, taking the hand he offered to pull you to your feet. 

On the way to the cafeteria with the group, it was then that you realized the wind had picked up, and the leaves on the trees were upside down. “Oh, is it supposed to rain?” You asked, trying to start a conversation with the boy next to you. “Mhm,” Jihoon hummed as an answer, watching the ground. As you thought of something to say back, an arm found it’s way around your shoulder.

“Weren’t you paying attention back there, when we were talking?” Mingyu squeezed you reassuringly, though his face gave off a confused look. “You’ve been spacing out all day." 

"Uno!” You beamed, throwing a card on the messy stack in front of you. It was maybe the fifth game of Uno you’d played since coming to the cafeteria, and you were so close to winning this time, which is always rare within your group because let’s be honest, everyone cheats.

Eunha dropped a card, a single card remaining in between her fingers. “Me too!” Jihoon drew a card, while Wonwoo placed one, and then it was Mingyu’s turn. You tried to keep your card close to your body as he tried to figure out which one to choose to stunt your win. Suddenly you felt yourself being tickled at the sides and your card was fair game for everyone to see as it floated to the table.

“Not anymore,” Mingyu laughed, continuing to steal the air from you with his tickling. He only stopped when Jihoon dropped, or rather threw his card onto the table top with a look of disgust on his face. “Ugh, I can’t be around you two,” he huffed, clearly fed up as he pushed away from the table.

When your fingers met his to keep him there, the blond jerked back with a harsh glare in your direction. “Don’t touch me, Y/N.” Once he was out of your grasp, he left the building, the door slamming behind him as if to further tell how he was feeling.

You didn’t process much as your legs stood for you, and start moving, following after his footsteps outside. While you couldn’t see where he went, you knew. You just knew and suddenly you were tearing down a path through the trees, on your way to where he’d be hiding out.

“Jihoon-ah?” You called out in between pants. You were doubled over in front of the arts and crafts building, sweat lining your skin from the run. “Oh my God I’m so out of shaped,” you wheezed to yourself, your muscles stiff as you walked up the porch. 

Like you knew, there was Jihoon, sitting against the wall of the log building, his head leaning back against the wooden surface. His eyes were closed, and he looked peaceful, at least until you sat beside him on the ground. 

“Jihoon, did I do something wrong?” One of your hands found it’s place on his arm as a gust of wind swept up, allowing the leaves to rustle and hush your words just slightly. 

“If you’re too dense to understand, just forget,” he hissed, pulling his arm from under your hand with a roll of his eyes.

Your hand felt empty without his arm holding it up, but you still tucked in into your lap, respecting his silent wishes. “It’s going to storm soon, we should go back.” But as you said those words, a light rain started around you, soaking the ground outside of the porch. The little pitter patter of raindrops on the awning overhead the both of you was the only noise for a while before Jihoon spoke. 

“You really don’t get it, do you, Y/N?” The boy asked with a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Don’t get what?” You fired back, finally getting frustrated with his vague questions and answers. 

“I like you!” He half yelled, before letting out another puff of air. “I like you,” he repeated, in a soft voice this time.

You were stunned stupid, eyes wide as you stared at him.

It wasn’t so much of a question as it was a statement, though you were extremely taken back. You practically had question marks floating around your head.

“If you like Mingyu, that’s fine. I just don’t want to see it. I know he likes you and all, it’s obvious, but it’s really not okay to just throw it in my face–”

“Ilikeyoutoo.” You cut him off quickly, revealing what Eunha had been cackling about that morning. Now it was his turn to be stunned.
“You huh?”

“You heard me.” At this point, the rain was picking up, and you two were actually sitting so that you were facing each other, both with pink cheeks. His jaw was dropped while you were chewing on your lower lip, thoughts racing.

“I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry. I just have liked you for a while, and you said it first so I thought I should say it back because I do like you and you know what maybe I should just go because–” Your words were running together as you started to stand, but before you could get all the way up, two hands grabbed yours and tugged you back down. 

When his lips met your cheek, you couldn’t help the squeak that came from you, and the way you tucked your face into his neck when his arms wrapped around you in a hug. It just felt like it was completely normal, and everything was in place. “So we like each other,” he whispered into your hair, pressing another kiss to your head. 

“It’s probably going to rain for a while, so we have time to talk about everything. But for now, can we just stay like this?”

EunHae wore their bracelets last night. Hyukjae’s visible briefly at 0:38 and Donghae’s clearly at 0:41.

So what was that about it just being “stage wear”? Donghae would not casually drop 300 USD a piece on this one piece of jewelry just to wear it thoughtlessly on stage. 

But then again, why would both Donghae and Hyukjae remove all the other jewelry and not the bracelet before KTR if it’s just stage wear?