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Hey Ash, you need to hear us out. What Tyler did was stupid and Em is willing to look past this. Please we miss you so much. Just talk to us! You're made Camellia cry :( please Ana misses you bunches and I can tell Ty does too. Just think about the results of this~ Lilly + Benji

Lily, Benji 

First of all, I’m very upset that you sent this as anon so I’m forced to post it publically. I don’t want everyone to know about the problem. 

Second, Tyler is the one that ended the friendship, what he said is unforgivable and horrible. I would never say those thing to my worst enemy. Yet he said them to me as easy as you would say “Goodmorning” to you mother.

Third, Emilio is at fault as well. He asked for advice then criticized me when I gave him the “wrong” advice. I told him what I tell everyone, move on. However I’m the bad guy because I didn’t sugar coat it. Newsflash he needed the truth. That’s what I do, I say the truth and usually people don’t want to hear it.  

Fourth, I’m sorry I made Camellia upset. I love her dearly but she has already told me that she doesn’t blame for what happened. Camellia won’t be sad forever, she will be fine. 

Fifth, Ana is young. I know she loved me just like another sibling but we were just friends. She will forget about me within a few months. Plus she can rely on Tyler, she doesn’t need me anymore. 

Sixth, I don’t care if Tyler misses me, he blocked me on everything. He completely ruined me in ways I can’t explain, all because I told him not to worry. He took everything I have built and loved about myself and crushed it in 10 minutes. I understand he is stressed but I am NOT his personal punching bag. 

Seventh, I have thought about the results. But I can’t change what happened. Everyone wants me to apologize for something I didn’t do. I’m done taking the blame for everything that goes wrong when I’m not at fault. 

That is all I have to say. If you need to talk more come off anon or message me. My followers do not need to see this more than they have to. 

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hi sandhya!! my favorite emoji is probably 💁 she just seems really sassy or like she just spilled some tea and i love it haha. I don't really have a creations page because I am very untalented with photoshop haha but I do have a /mine page which is basically just textposts ive made.

hey, courtney!! ahaha tru to me she looks like she’s about to roast someone

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Soulmates comic update: Clearing the art theft problem

Hey guys! 

So I’ve been getting a few messages about the gif where I placed the first comic (with gif and prompt). Apparently, the gif where I posted the first comic was a victim of art theft. Therefore, I am going to delete that first comic, but the second comic (without gif and prompt) will still be here with the link to the original artist of the gif and a quote from the person who made the prompt. Please please pleaassee go to the original gif artist’s link and give em some love!

Also I have a question for you guys…

The idea of the chest glowing and it meaning the soulmate concept technically is not mine. Do you think I should ask the creator of the gif and creator of the prompt for permission to use those ideas to create my comic? I’ve seen a few incidents of people accusing others of stealing an idea, so I don’t want to cause any trouble in that way ;v; Please let me know, and thanks for all the great feedback!