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normally the equipment doesn’t have to wear a sweatband. normally the equipment isn’t human children.

I really don’t understand the whole “if you headcanon LGBTQ+ characters as also aro/ace spec along with their LGBTQ+ identities it’s homophobic/transphobic” like ,,,,,, what a hot mess of a statement,,,,,, I can’t believe bc I’m bisexual and aro/ace I’m a biphobe,,,,,, being an aro/ace spec LGBTQ+ person doesn’t water down the “”“actually”“” LGBTQ+ part,,,,,,, it’s just,,,,, a different way to be whatever sexuality or gender (although ace/aro-ness is less relevant to gender so idek),,,,,,, like,,,,, can someone explain this to me,,,,,,, bc it makes no sense to say x identity + aro/ace = homophobe/transphobe ????

Stiles- Hiding

Requests-  Hello, can you do one where you are scott sister & you are secrelty dating stiles & scott gets suspicious because you are wearing his lacross jersey. & jealous scott confronts you while at the same time finds you & stiles making out.

A/N- This turned out kind of long so I added a read more link. If you’re on mobile that big space isn’t a time skip it’s the place where the link is supposed to be because I’m pretty sure they don’t show up on mobile.

Footsteps thumped on the stairs as you quickly shut your closet door, practically leaping onto your bed in the process of trying to look casual. You snagged one of your discarded textbooks from the floor and quickly threw it open, just as your brother popped his head into your bedroom.
“Hey, Y/n,” he called. “I’m going to pick up Ki-are you studying?”
“Hmm?” you asked as you looked up from your textbook. “Oh yeah.”
“Y/n,” Scott said with a tiny smile. “It’s Friday night.”
“Well, you’re going on a date and mom’s working,” you told him. “Lydia’s at the station with Parrish and Malia isn’t back from her hiking trip yet.”
Scott frowned. “What about Liam and Mason?”
“Double date with Hayden and Corey,” you told him with a sigh.
Scott pursed his lips. “Well, I don’t wanna leave you alone…”
“Go on your date. I’ll be fine, Scott. I think I can spend one night alone.”
Scott thought about this for a minute. You were only a year younger than him, so it wasn’t like you couldn’t take care of yourself. He knew you would be fine staying in, but with everything that had happened in Beacon Hills, he didn’t exactly feel comfortable leaving you alone.
“Scott,” you said with a roll of your eyes. “Go.”
“Fine,” he told you. “But if anything happens you call me, okay? And if you need someone faster, call Stiles. I’m sure he can take a night off from playing Halo if you need him.”
“I’m sure,” you told Scott. “Just go already! And you better be taking Kira somewhere nice.”
Scott grinned. “Okay, okay. I’ve never seen someone so anxious to study.”
“I have to get my chemistry grade up,” you told him with a shrug.
“Alright,” Scott said with a nod. “You’ll probably be asleep when I get back, but I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”
You nodded and flashed him a smile, watching as he backed out of your room and shut the door. You hadn’t been totally lying when you said you needed to get your grades up, especially in chemistry. Mr. Harris had disappeared not even half-way through your sophomore year, but even though chemistry wasn’t a living hell anymore, it was still incredibly confusing. You blamed it on the endless amount of substitute teachers that had passed through the chem classroom, most of the them having no idea how to teach the subject.
While your grade in that class may have been dangerously low, you weren’t exactly planning on studying the whole night. After all, it was a Friday night and as Scott clomped down the stairs, you waited patiently for the telltale slam of the front door. The minute the loud boom rang throughout the house, you slammed your textbook shut.
You rose from your bed, but you barely had two seconds before a muffled voice called out “Is he gone?”

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I feel so bad for my friend rn. She has ocd when she texts me. And for example, most ppl would ask for hw over texting like "hey do you get the math hw?" But my friend will be like "hey do you have the mrs(teachers name) 2nd hour chapter 4 section 2 math hw on page 24 due on Monday" and if she misses anything she'll write it again. I saw your ocd post from a few days ago, so I'm wondering, do I tell someone? Or tell her she needs to get help?

1. you shouldn’t be classifying her as OCD just because she is more specific about something. Unless she’s seen a doctor and been diagnosed, you have no right to make assumptions 

2. It’s not your place to tell her to get help, but there isn’t anything wrong with hinting asking if she’s thought that’s something she could have