hey dani happy birthday

love-made-public  asked:

So I've been dying to give you prompts because I love your writing but I had zero ideas lol luckily the prompt thing you posted inspired me, so here it is: 10 "I might have had a few shots" where kala is drunk and cute and wolfie adores her? :) thanks!

Aww yes this idea is adorable.  Set after the cluster has rescued Wolfgang and right after they’ve left London for a new safe house.  This goes along with my headcanon that Lito brought both Hernando and Dani, and that Felix went looking for Wolfgang and the cluster brought him into the fold.  There are mentions of Dani/Lito/Hernando because I apparently decided Kala and Daniela needed to have a conversation about their boys.  (There’s also some Daniela/Felix in here because I literally can’t help myself sometimes.)

After a month or so in their new safe house, Daniela’s birthday rolls around.  They can’t throw her a big party like she would normally have, but Hernando and Lito (and the rest of the cluster) want to do something to thank her for everything she has done for them.  From being there for Lito to trusting him enough to fly across an ocean for people she’d never met, Dani had made an impression on them all.

Riley found one of her old contacts to get them a considerable amount of alcohol without drawing attention to them.  Nomi and Bug set up the computers so they’re ready for Riley to mix some music.  After Will, Sun, and Wolfgang do some recon to double check that the area is clear, everyone lets loose.  Riley spins up the first track (not too loudly) and the fun begins.

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