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You walk in the room before you go out and you see Alaric and your crush Damon

Alaric: “hey (Y/N), where are you going”
You: “I’m going out with some friends”
Damon: “do we know them? are there any guys?”
Alaric: “oh come on Damon, just because you like her doesn’t mean you have to be so protective”

You don’t know what to say, so you ignore what Alaric said, you think he’s joking anyway

You: *blushes* “no there aren’t any boys, but I’m gonna go now, before i’m to late.”

And you walk out of the room

Damon: *slaps Alaric* “What are you doing? Why did you say that”
Alaric: “oh come on, how long does it take before you two start dating? Everyone knows you like eachother, i’m just the only one who said it”

First Loves Aren’t Always The Greatest

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Summary: Damon and (Y/N) have a rocky relationship. Just perfect timing for a untimely stranger to swoop in

Pairing: Damon x Reader for now

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

I knew he was growing distant. I could feel it, the boy I first loved slipping away from me. He had come home late that night. Probably with her. I couldn’t blame him, he fell in love but it just wasn’t me.

“Hey babe.”, Damon said, closing the door behind him. He walked into the room and noticed my saddened expression. “Hey, what’s wrong?”.

I looked at him then turned my back and walked to the fire which was set ablaze. With tears brimming in my eyes, I asked, “Were you with her?”.

“What? Who? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”, he answered almost instantly.

What was he doing? I knew that Damon could be mean sometimes but lying to my face. He owed me more that.

“I can’t do this-”

“Do what?”

“Watch as you drift away from me Damon. You’re lying to my face! It’s like you have no respect for me whatsoever.”, you confront, “So I’ll save you the trouble. I’ll leave. I’ll break up with you. I’ll do anything to stop feeling like a piece of garbage.”

With that, I walk out of the Salvatore mansion and climb into my car. Then I start drive. To nowhere really. No place. I don’t know where to go anymore.

Moments I found myself in front of the Mystic Grill. Great! At least, I’ll get a drink! As I entered the grill, I completed ordering a bourbon but then I settled for a glass of gin. Thinking about bourbon only led to a total downpour of emotions to which I drowned in the alcohol. Becoming highly intoxicated, I spotted a man with handsome features. Something was off about him. I could smell it. Werewolf? Warlock? Vampire? Definitely vampire. He shifts out of his chair and sits in the seat next to mine. “What you drinkin’ luv?”, he asked in a British dialect. I swirl the contents of my liquor in my glass and ponder.

“British and a vampire? Let me guess, a Mikaelson.”, I say. His eyebrows arch.

“I wonder which one you are. Well, I hear Elijah is always dressed to the nines so that rules him out. And Klaus has dirty blonde hair and Finn’s a big stick-in-the-mud and this is certainly not his scene.”, I ramble, thinking, “So I guess that leaves… Kol.”

I offer my hand, “Hello, Kol Mikaelson.”

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This Wild Life


Dakota Wint



Never Shout Never

As It Is




All Time Low

Breathe Carolina

Christian Novelli

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Damon and Stefan x Human!Reader (Friendship)

Warnings: Kind of rlly fluffy

I sighed as I walked up to my front door, debating whether to go in or just run away. Making my choice, I slipped through the door and took off my shoes. I passed by my brother and mom, who were screaming at each other per usual, and trudged upstairs. 

I got to my room and laid down on my bed, curling up in a ball. “Hey sweetheart,” I heard my favorite vampire call out.Hey Damon,” I whispered, knowing that he could hear me just fine. “What’s wrong?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Just the usual. I’m stressing myself out about grades and my brother’s being a dick,” I explained. “Well in that case, why don’t we get out of here,” he suggested. I shook my head. “Why not,” he questioned. “I don’t feel like going out,” I told him. “We can just go over to my house, and I’ll use my vampire speed. I could even have Stefan pick dinner up for all of us,” he persuaded. I smiled into my pillow and turned to face him. “Okay.” “Yeah! Go ahead, hop on,” he said facing his back towards me and leaning down. I got on his back and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He put his hands under my thighs and I buried my face in his neck. Wind started to burn against my cheeks and next thing I know we’re in Damon’s room. I hopped off his back and crawled into his bed. “Will you lay with me,” I asked him quietly. “Of course, that’s my favorite thing to do,” he exclaimed, making me giggle. He got into bed next to me and wrapped his arms around me, rubbing my back lightly. I wrapped my arms around his torso and rested my head on his chest. “Thank you,” I said. “Anything for you sweetheart,” he replied. Soon, I felt myself slip into a much needed slumber.

“Y/n,” I heard Damon whisper, shaking me lightly. “Mm, what,” I whispered back, my eyes still closed. “Stefan got dinner and we were gonna watch a movie, wanna join,” he asked. I opened one eye and pulled up the covers in his bed. “I guess so, just give me a minute,” I told him, trying to prepare myself for the harsh coldness I was about to embrace outside my nest of blankets. “Alright, we’re starting the movie in ten.” And with that he was gone. At least I thought he was gone. All of the sudden my warm covers were pulled off my body and I was in the arms of Damon Salvatore himself. I let out a shriek as I felt the cold air. “Damon it’s cold!” “Too bad,” he exclaimed spinning me around. I started to laugh and threw my head back. He stopped spinning after a couple minutes and put me down. “I’ll be right back, don’t move,” he demanded. I nodded my head. There was a gust of wind and then he was right back in front of me, but this time he had something in his hand. He held up one of Stefan’s football hoodies and I snatched it out of his hand, placing it over my cold body. “Thanks,” I thanked him. “Let’s go downstairs now,” he suggested. “Okay.”

 We walked down the stairs and into the living room. I sat myself down on the couch making myself comfortable while Damon disappeared into the kitchen. I heard Stefan come up behind me and turned around to be met with him having three carryout boxes from Mystic Grill. “Here you go Y/n,” Stefan said, handing me my favorite meal from the Grill. “Thanks Stef,” I thanked him, smiling brightly at him. He smiled back at me and rubbed the top of my head, messing up my hair. “Hey,” I exclaimed, scrunching my nose up while trying to fix my hair. I heard Damon chuckle and looked up to see him standing in the door way with a blanket and drinks. I patted the seat next to me, signalling him to sit next to me. Damon sat down and placed the blanket over me and himself. Stefan sat on the other side of me and took some of the blanket too. He grabbed the remote and turned on one of my favorite movies. Damon wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I situated myself so I could place my feet in Stefan’s lap. “Thanks guys,” I told them quietly. “No problem princess,” Stefan replied. “Anything for you sweetheart,” Damon whispered for the second time today.  “Hey is that my sweatshirt,” Stefan asked. “What? Pft, that’s ridiculous Stef. I would never do that,” I rambled. Stefan let out a sigh. “God, I’m never getting that sweatshirt back.” “No, no you’re not,” I confessed. 

Babydoll (Damon Salvatore)

Hey Guys! How’s it going? Sorry for not posting, Bio has been an ass, but here is a Damon imagine! I was also thinking, would you guys like if i posted Harry Potter imagines? I have been in such a Harry Potter recently and I have a few ideas for an Neville imagine and Fred Imagine. Let me know if yous guys want me to do that and I will!


Part 1

I was finally back in the states. I haven’t been there since 1945, guess you can say it’s been awhile. I moved to Virginia after living London for a few years. I heard of a town called  Mystic Fall from my other Vampire friend Lilly, who was staked.. She told me about how there were other vampires in that town, I wouldn’t  have to live alone by myself for eternity now.

I found a apparent in the small town and got a job at the Grill. It’s not much, but it’s fine for now. “Y/N, you got a table.” Matt said. I turned to look at my section, sure enough two people were sat in a booth. “Hi guys! I’m Y/N, I’ll be your waitress today. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Can we have another moment? Someone else is supposed to join us.” The young man said.

“Of course. I’ll be right back.”

I walked away and started to clean up another table while i wanted for them. I was in the middle of cleaning when I heard someone said “Hey guy’s sorry I’m late. Alaric needed me. I turned around and saw that a dark haired man had join the couple. “Hi Damon.”

I turned so I could see the man’s face, I was shocked, It can’t be him. My stomach dropped along with the plate that was in the my hand. His head snapped in my direction. “Y/N? His voice was barely a whisper. “Matt I have to go. Cover for me?” I said.

“Ya sure.” he said a bit skeptic. I walked as fast as I could without actually running out of the door. I made it out of the restaurant and was halfway across the street when I heard somebody get up from the restaurant  and run after me. I was in the midst of running when I heard him say it. “Y/N! Wait! Baby-Doll Wait!” Then suddenly I was back in 1941.

Annie and I were going dancing. We made a big fuss about going out. We had some spare money after paying for the bills that month and we wanted to have fun. Everyone was going out in New York before the all the soldiers left to go fight in Paris in three weeks. Most women were trying to find a man that they can claim, I was just trying to have a fun night. My plans changed when I saw him for the first time.

I walked to the bar and there he was. He had a glass filled with bourbon in his right hand and he was leaning against the bar smiling and laughing. He looked like dreamboat, all dapper in his uniform. While in the middle of laughing he looked over at me. His piercing blue eyes locked onto mine. His thick black hair was slicked back under his hat. He looked beautiful. Once I arrived at the bar I sat at the end and the man walk over to me.

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 “Hello Baby-Doll.” he told me. I melted at the nickname. “Hello Mr.”

       “What’s your name?”


       “Damon Salvatore,” he grabbed my hand and pulled up to lips and kissed it. “You look exquisite.”

      “You’re not that bad  looking yourself. You, Mr.Salvatore look like a dreamboat.” I told him. He smiled and laughed at the compliment. He opened his mouth to say something, but he keep laughing. “Care to dance Doll?” He held out his hand for me to hold and I didn’t let go of this hand for the rest of the night.

I stopped running and he caught up. “Y/N?” he said. I was so shocked and angry at him so I did the only thing I could think of. “Ow!” he exclaimed. I slapped him. “How could you,” I yelled at him. “Damon I thought you died over in Paris!”

      “Y/N please I can explain what happened,” he said. “Just come back to the my house, I’ll explain everything.”

We arrived at the Salvatore house,after a long walk filled with complete silence. Damon opened the door for me and we walked in. Damon and I sat down on opposite corners of the sofa. “When did you turn?” I asked him. He took a deep a breath and answer “1864”

         “You never told me-”

         “ I couldn’t really find the right time to tell you.”

         “You could have told me when you got back.”

         “I had to leave town. People were getting suspicious. I thought I could go over and fight and not come back,have people thought I was dead,” Damon said.”What happened to you? How’d you get turn?”

   “Ironically, I was waiting for you to get back from France. I was at a train station and I was waiting for you. When I left to drive home I got in an accident. I have no clue how the blood ever got into my system.”

  Damon ran his hands through his hair.” You were waiting for me?”

  I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight “Of course I was. I couldn’t wait to see you again.” I told him.

“Listen, there’s this thing at the high school tonight, a dance. Im chaperoning it and I need you to meet someone. Can you join me?”

“Just give me a time and I will be there.”

Damon smiled, “&;oo Oh and funny enough, it’s a 40’s theme so dress up.”

76. “Please put your penis away.”

“Hey Damon! Come help me with these groceries please.” You walked through to the kitchen, the house was quiet and you got no reply. You decided to go look up in your bedroom, you weren’t prepared for what you saw.
“Hey baby.” Laid out on the bed was a naked Damon.
“Please put your penis away.” you picked up the towel from the dresser and tossed it at him.
“Come on baby it’s not like you haven’t seen it before, you’re actually quite familiar with it.” He smirked, oh that smirk did things to you but you had to stand your ground.
“No Damon, what if it wasn’t me that found you like this? What if it was Stefan?” You crossed you arms and he walked over and uncrossed them and intertwined his fingers with yours.
“I can tell when it’s not you.” He said in and duh tone and you just rolled your eyes.
“Well if you’ll excuse me I have cucumbers to put away.” You left his grip and started to leave but not without one last comment from him.
“Can you put mine away too?”

damon: hey jamie i was just wondering if the music video could be very thoughtful and serious since this album is probably gonna more political based than the other yknow? thanks!


damon: wait n-


Helping Out.

Prompt: Damon helping you through the death of your mom.

Pairing:  Damon x Reader

Warning: None.

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I hate Julie Plec for destroying Steroline Bonenzo and Bamon.

The thing is Julie Plec is just a fan girl who must have obsessed over Delena while reading the book. She was like…

’ Hey, in the books Damon and Elena didn’t end up together. So I’m going to create a new TV series in which they will be together forever. I don’t care if I have to kill the most noble person , or destroy the most beautiful relationships to make that happen. I don’t care if I write the worst finale ever. I just want them to be together. ’

  • Alaric: What you're feeling are pangs of guilt.
  • Damon: What?
  • Alaric: Guilt. Oh, boy. Okay, how am I gonna explain this one? Uh, guilt is an emotion that... okay. Jumping ahead. An emotion is something that...
  • Damon: Hey, hey, hey. Come on. I know what guilt is. It's one of those touchy-feely words that people throw around that don't mean anything... like "paternal" or "addiction."