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You walk in the room before you go out and you see Alaric and your crush Damon

Alaric: “hey (Y/N), where are you going”
You: “I’m going out with some friends”
Damon: “do we know them? are there any guys?”
Alaric: “oh come on Damon, just because you like her doesn’t mean you have to be so protective”

You don’t know what to say, so you ignore what Alaric said, you think he’s joking anyway

You: *blushes* “no there aren’t any boys, but I’m gonna go now, before i’m to late.”

And you walk out of the room

Damon: *slaps Alaric* “What are you doing? Why did you say that”
Alaric: “oh come on, how long does it take before you two start dating? Everyone knows you like eachother, i’m just the only one who said it”

Imagine Damon Salvatore being afraid of your mother.

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“Here we are, back home with nine minutes to spare. ” Damon replied, tapping the car clock. 

You glared at the bright red numbers illuminating 9:51, before glowering at the vampire next to you. He gave a playful smile as if having no clue why you were so angry. Grabbing your purse, you jumped out of the car muttering, “I can’t believe you’re scared of my mother.”

“Hey.” Damon protested, indignantly. “Your mother is terrifying. And trust me, I know terrifying-I’m a vampire.”

You shoot him a snarky look. “Which is all the more reason not to be scared of her. ”

“(Y/n), the woman tried to kill me with a wooden spoon-and that was before she knew I was a vampire. If she says have you home by ten, I’m going to have you home by then.” Damon argued. “Oh, and let me remind you the woman didn’t even flinch when she found out I was a vampire. ”

You crossed your arms, in no mood to argue. Damon was right your mother couldn’t careless if he was some bloodthirsty vampire. She just didn’t like him.
“I still can’t believe you’re scared of my mom.”

“Yeah, well neither can the rest of the world. Now get your cute little ass inside, it’s almost ten. ” He replied, smacking your butt.

Babydoll (Damon Salvatore)

Hey Guys! How’s it going? Sorry for not posting, Bio has been an ass, but here is a Damon imagine! I was also thinking, would you guys like if i posted Harry Potter imagines? I have been in such a Harry Potter recently and I have a few ideas for an Neville imagine and Fred Imagine. Let me know if yous guys want me to do that and I will!


Part 1

I was finally back in the states. I haven’t been there since 1945, guess you can say it’s been awhile. I moved to Virginia after living London for a few years. I heard of a town called  Mystic Fall from my other Vampire friend Lilly, who was staked.. She told me about how there were other vampires in that town, I wouldn’t  have to live alone by myself for eternity now.

I found a apparent in the small town and got a job at the Grill. It’s not much, but it’s fine for now. “Y/N, you got a table.” Matt said. I turned to look at my section, sure enough two people were sat in a booth. “Hi guys! I’m Y/N, I’ll be your waitress today. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Can we have another moment? Someone else is supposed to join us.” The young man said.

“Of course. I’ll be right back.”

I walked away and started to clean up another table while i wanted for them. I was in the middle of cleaning when I heard someone said “Hey guy’s sorry I’m late. Alaric needed me. I turned around and saw that a dark haired man had join the couple. “Hi Damon.”

I turned so I could see the man’s face, I was shocked, It can’t be him. My stomach dropped along with the plate that was in the my hand. His head snapped in my direction. “Y/N? His voice was barely a whisper. “Matt I have to go. Cover for me?” I said.

“Ya sure.” he said a bit skeptic. I walked as fast as I could without actually running out of the door. I made it out of the restaurant and was halfway across the street when I heard somebody get up from the restaurant  and run after me. I was in the midst of running when I heard him say it. “Y/N! Wait! Baby-Doll Wait!” Then suddenly I was back in 1941.

Annie and I were going dancing. We made a big fuss about going out. We had some spare money after paying for the bills that month and we wanted to have fun. Everyone was going out in New York before the all the soldiers left to go fight in Paris in three weeks. Most women were trying to find a man that they can claim, I was just trying to have a fun night. My plans changed when I saw him for the first time.

I walked to the bar and there he was. He had a glass filled with bourbon in his right hand and he was leaning against the bar smiling and laughing. He looked like dreamboat, all dapper in his uniform. While in the middle of laughing he looked over at me. His piercing blue eyes locked onto mine. His thick black hair was slicked back under his hat. He looked beautiful. Once I arrived at the bar I sat at the end and the man walk over to me.

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 “Hello Baby-Doll.” he told me. I melted at the nickname. “Hello Mr.”

       “What’s your name?”


       “Damon Salvatore,” he grabbed my hand and pulled up to lips and kissed it. “You look exquisite.”

      “You’re not that bad  looking yourself. You, Mr.Salvatore look like a dreamboat.” I told him. He smiled and laughed at the compliment. He opened his mouth to say something, but he keep laughing. “Care to dance Doll?” He held out his hand for me to hold and I didn’t let go of this hand for the rest of the night.

I stopped running and he caught up. “Y/N?” he said. I was so shocked and angry at him so I did the only thing I could think of. “Ow!” he exclaimed. I slapped him. “How could you,” I yelled at him. “Damon I thought you died over in Paris!”

      “Y/N please I can explain what happened,” he said. “Just come back to the my house, I’ll explain everything.”

We arrived at the Salvatore house,after a long walk filled with complete silence. Damon opened the door for me and we walked in. Damon and I sat down on opposite corners of the sofa. “When did you turn?” I asked him. He took a deep a breath and answer “1864”

         “You never told me-”

         “ I couldn’t really find the right time to tell you.”

         “You could have told me when you got back.”

         “I had to leave town. People were getting suspicious. I thought I could go over and fight and not come back,have people thought I was dead,” Damon said.”What happened to you? How’d you get turn?”

   “Ironically, I was waiting for you to get back from France. I was at a train station and I was waiting for you. When I left to drive home I got in an accident. I have no clue how the blood ever got into my system.”

  Damon ran his hands through his hair.” You were waiting for me?”

  I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight “Of course I was. I couldn’t wait to see you again.” I told him.

“Listen, there’s this thing at the high school tonight, a dance. Im chaperoning it and I need you to meet someone. Can you join me?”

“Just give me a time and I will be there.”

Damon smiled, “&;oo Oh and funny enough, it’s a 40’s theme so dress up.”

76. “Please put your penis away.”

“Hey Damon! Come help me with these groceries please.” You walked through to the kitchen, the house was quiet and you got no reply. You decided to go look up in your bedroom, you weren’t prepared for what you saw.
“Hey baby.” Laid out on the bed was a naked Damon.
“Please put your penis away.” you picked up the towel from the dresser and tossed it at him.
“Come on baby it’s not like you haven’t seen it before, you’re actually quite familiar with it.” He smirked, oh that smirk did things to you but you had to stand your ground.
“No Damon, what if it wasn’t me that found you like this? What if it was Stefan?” You crossed you arms and he walked over and uncrossed them and intertwined his fingers with yours.
“I can tell when it’s not you.” He said in and duh tone and you just rolled your eyes.
“Well if you’ll excuse me I have cucumbers to put away.” You left his grip and started to leave but not without one last comment from him.
“Can you put mine away too?”

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Little Damon

Request: Hey! Can u do a Damon X reader where they a baby together and the baby its only months of being born and Damon is rlly cute with the baby , full fluff/smut *_* please?!? – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none, yey. Except of extreme fluffiness!

Word Count: 2108

YAS for daddy!Damon, like I can’t. Btw, I wrote this while I was in Knott’s Berry Farm because I saw this cute tiny baby and I remembered this request, lol. 

Little Damon… Number Two?

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“Baby, you gotta stay strong, ‘kay? For me and for little one.” He said, holding your hand, reassuringly, and his other hand brushing your face off of your hair. You nodded, sweat slightly trickling down your forehead. Your stomach was about to pop, you were in pain and you were about to go into labor. You screamed as pain flashed through you, and you tightened your grip on Damon’s hand.

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“He’s a what?” Stiles asked looking at your dumbfounded. “A vampire Stiles, which was why I was telling you to maybe not be so sarcastic around him, that’s Damon’s thing” you nodded. “No, no, I’m the sarcastic and funny one” he protested. “I can agree you do look quite funny” Damon smirked as he made his way over to you and Stiles. “Hey Damon” you greeted him smiling slightly. “We were just talking about you” you chirped. “All good things I hope” he grinned. “Yeah” Stiles muttered, rolling his eyes. You looked between the two boys and huffed. “Why do you find it so hard to get along?” you asked, folding your arms. Both men looked at each other before back to you. “We don’t” Damon chuckled. “Okay” you sighed. “C’mon Stiles we gotta go” you told him. “Go where?” Damon queried “We have a study date” you explained. “A date huh?” Damon teased, glaring at Stiles momentarily. “Not like that” you laughed shaking her your amused as you turned and began to walk away. “It is like that” Stiles said in a low voice. Damon glared at him once again, making Stiles widen his eyes before he left Damon began to jog behind you. 

Helping Out.

Prompt: Damon helping you through the death of your mom.

Pairing:  Damon x Reader

Warning: None.

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