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Hey if Jack and Cynthia became a couple would it be hard for them to be romantic with one another-like imagine Jack trying to hug her but she flips and slams him to the ground

(I lol’d) well, that would happen if they started to date with the level of their relationship being what it is right now. In this current state, if Jack tried to hug her for whatever reason (it’d take him some courage to actually do such a brave thing) she surely would pin him on the ground and start to eat his face… Indeed, what they should do is to reconciliate and starting to have a normal relationship between co-workers, then as friends… and then…
(Fun fact: Cynthia wouldn’t allow Jack to hug her but Jack would never refuse physical contact from her. Cynthia is one of the few mammals whose closeness doesn’t upset him at all)

little things about the Dear Evan Hansen cast album

- evan’s “oh… ://// good… :////” in the opening

- the perfect teenage logic of connor’s (not word-for-word) “oh you don’t want me to go to school high, then i won’t go, glad we agree *leaves*”

- heidi and cynthia’s harmonies yas 

- okay but waving through a window is actually v sad especially when you know the storyline and it’s messing me up and ?

- the transition from “do you ever really crash or even make a sound” to “did I even make a sound” like!!!!

- the musical silence from “will i ever make a sound” to when the chorus starts again LoUDLy

- ben’s VibRaTooOOoOoOoOoO

- “i’m on the ground, my arm goes numb.” pause. “and i see him come to get me.”

- the desperation in evan’s voice when he repeats “he’s come to get me” like babe no

- evan calling connor “buddie” pls my heart can’t take this

- the implications of evan, when creating connor in his head, immediately imagined that connor had helped him after falling from the tree like frick

- “Why would you write that?” “I’m just trying to tell the truth” i love you jared

- jared’s sarcasm, “ s m oking d r u gs?”, “KINKY!”, “very specific”

- evan calling connor “dude” lol bro nice try

- even when evan and connor specifically do their “no homo” it’s still very gay 

- HEY HEY HEY HEY ***harmonies****

- cynthia can i hang out with you pls thx

- “that YoUUUU ARe NOt the MONSTER that I knewwww”

- the vibrato on the word “he” like

- ben’s voice so seamlessly transitions from low to high it’s

- “i’m just trying to remember the best ones” too precious

- “you looked really pretty–er–uh–*cough*–um–ah–it looked pretty cool”

- the progressions of the “I love you”s 

- mike’s voice is so pureeeee

- the little final whispered “disappear”

- the growth of YOU WILL BE FOUND to the full chorus just BLASTING their beautiful HARMONIES

- michael park is such a dad, i’m emotional

- can i fight evan’s actual father asap

- “you don’t have to be scared you’re not enough”

- BEN AND LAURA’s HARmonIEs Just!!!!!

- how quickly evan responds, like he’s just so excited, these two

- the hand-drums during “only us” yes 


- g u i t a r “I’m SORRY that I’m NOt EnouGH, THANk GOd They RESCuED You” like fuq let it out heidi

- alana and jared’s harmonies!!!!! their voices are so pretty!!! and strong!!!! petition for an alana and jared musical 

- how quietly ben starts until he’s absolutely BELTING “I gotta find a way to STOP it STop IT just let me OOOOOOOOOUt”

- someone nominate Rachel Bay Jones for a Tony

-ben’s breathing in “words fail” someone help him

- the throwback to “waving through a window” i’m not crying you’re crying

- actually now we’re both crying

- who the fuck approved evan going off his meds like dr. sherman wtf

- how ben emphasizes certain words and it’s so painful i can’t talk about it this song is just so–too-i

- “would they like what they saw…or would they hate it…too” 

- i cri

- hope at the end but i’m still crying

The crown is always a burden. But it cannot be borne if you cannot stand. 

overcome - laura mvula ft. nile rodgers || 1000 deaths - d’angelo & the vanguard || cold war - janelle monáe || black man in a white world - michael kiwanuka || two hearts - valerie june || munayé (my muna) - mulatu astatke || on & on - erykah badu || black is the color of my true love’s hair - nina simone || killing me softly - the fugees || ain’t no grave can hold my body down - sister rosetta tharpe || don’t wish me well - solange || river - leon bridges || who tells your story - the roots ft. common, ingrid michaelson || 

BONUS: ***flawless - beyoncé ft chimamanda ngozi adichie

L I S T E N | (for @reluming)

Always - Alec x reader

You and Alec were lying down in your shared bed, head on his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around you. You liked it.

Alec’s sister Izzy was your Parabatai, your other half. She was out in a mission with your sister Cynthia in Idris to investigate massacres apparently carried out by greater demons.

“You think they’ll be ok?” you looked up at your dark haired boyfriend.

“Yes. They’ll be back anytime now.” Alec assured you, his hand missing up your hair.

You wanted to believe him but somehow you couldn’t shake the feeling that something had gone terribly wrong.

*6 hours later*

You heard footsteps approaching the door of your bedroom. Izzy appeared a few seconds later. You rushed to get up give her a hug.

Izzy’s face lit up as soon as she saw you.

“You made it! How was the mission? Everything went fine?” you asked her, pestering for details.

Izzy’s expression visibly darkened as she placed her hands in your shoulders.

“On our way back from Idris, we were ambushed by a greater demon named Azazel. I made it out just in time but your sister.. she didn’t make it.”

You tried to take in Izzy’s words but you couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. She was all you had left. Your parents were killed on a mission 7 years ago.

Alec walked in the room and saw you crying next to Izzy.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Alec asked, sitting down beside you and pulling you closer to him.

You didn’t have the energy to get the words out so Izzy told her brother what had happened and excused herself to return the weapons she took from the weapons room.

“Hey, I know Cynthia was the only family member you had left but I want you to know that you’re not alone. I love you so much, baby and I’ll always be there for you. Your fights are my fights, remember? ” Alec looked at you before starting to kiss you.

You couldn’t help but smile. His hands roamed your body, lifting your shirt over your head. His touch sent warm tingly sensations throughout your body.

“You’re my entire world, y/n. I’ll always try to make you happy. I’d do anything for you. You know that, right?” Alec said. You could feel his hot breath down your neck.

‘God I love this boy’ you thought to yourself.

“You’re my everything, y/n. My everything.”


Ben Fankhauser in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, amirite?

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Hey Aoimotion,since Cynthia is a little bit dirty minded,do you think that Cynthia would like Jack to make love to her???

Eehhh… Cynthia has a strange relationship with everything that concerns sex (Colonel’s fault) so I think her mind can hardly conceive… well… the scenario you proposed 😄

‘Hey, Jude’ was actually about Julian Lennon. It was written by Paul at the time John was splitting up with Cynthia. Julian was just a little boy - probably five years old - and Paul had gone out to John’s house and been affected by seeing Julian, the innocent bystander in a divorce situation.
—  George Harrison quote from the book The Beatles Anthology, Page 297

headcanon that doesn’t involve grimsley getting kicked out of the elite four (don’t do this to my boy)

his fellow elite four members and champion insisted he take a break because they all care so deeply about each other and grimsley was just. looking worse than ever. he’s actually pretty touched by it all.

anyway, he’s in alola specifically because he’s actually traveling with cynthia, because hey, caitlin is close to cynthia. actually, they’re all pretty familiar with her. so he goes with her to alola and gets some horrible sunburn because look at how pale this guy is but still when he comes home he’s looking better than ever and everything is fine.