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Throwback to that time James made Aleks laugh so hard he fucked up his progress

RTX 2017 Cow Chop

Hey guys, with RTX 2017 right around the corner, here’s an early reminder to be respectful during the Cow Chop panel/s if they have them this year. 

Last year there were people asking about The Creatures. Please don’t be those people. They don’t like being asked about them, keep that shit away from the event. 

(Also don’t ask the Creatures about Cow Chop either, just don’t.)

They aren’t there to sign your merch or to make videos for your friends. Ask actual questions. If you want to add a little “Hey thanks for your content” or “You guys have helped me get through a lot” fine, I’m sure they appreciate that kind of stuff. Just keep it short.

Try and refrain from NSFW questions, this goes for practically every panel there is. Be respectful to the people around you and what they’re here for. 

Don’t ask about their private lives. They deserve to have privacy, they have a right to it so do not be the person that makes them uncomfortable.

We want them to continue coming back and interacting with the fans, being a dick isn’t going to help anyone.

Like seriously, if I watch another stream and see people asking about the Creatures or inappropriate questions about S/O’s I will fight. You’re not funny you’re being an asshole. 

You’re not “memeing” you’re being disrespectful and I hope you get thrown out

This seriously goes for all the panels and events. Be respectful, it’s the best way to get the most fun out of the entire event and let the fans and the creators have their fun too. 

Also, have fun and be safe! It’s sure to be a great time and I personally hope I get to go next year. Just do it without ruining the fun for anyone else.