hey cool shirt!

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately
  • Jungkook: Hey, I bought this cool shirt.
  • Jimin: Oh, *looks it over, smiles*, it is pretty cool.
  • Jungkook: Okay fine, keep it, damn! *throws the shirt back at Jimin.*
  • *later that day*
  • Yoongi: So did you give Jimin that shirt you bought him?
  • Jungkook: *scoffs* Obviously.
  • Yoongi: You threw it at him, didn't you.
  • Jungkook: *scoffs, while looking sad* Obviously.
The Leia To His Han

Request: “I’m here for Peter Parker! I saw it yesterday and I’m in love! I have a request and we all know Peter is a big geek of Star Wars, so could you write something where the reader is a big Tolkien fan, a.k.a she’s a Tolkienite.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

A/n: I’m sorry but I literally know -1000% about Tolkien so I just made it that the reader is a big fan of star wars :D

“Hey, cool shirt!” A soft voice spoke, capturing your attention.

You lifted your gaze from your work to spy an excited Peter Parker, waving from the table beside you. If it had been anyone else, you would’ve thrown them an annoyed look, or even gone to the extent of shushing them. But Peter had constant puppy-dog eyes, he was the definition of adorable. And even though you barely knew him, you’d gladly get into trouble if it meant talking with him for a little while.

“You like Star Wars too?” You whispered back, your cheeks heating under his attentive eyes.

“Yeah,” he replied, constantly checking up front to make sure the teacher didn’t see him leaning over in his seat. “Ned and I are obsessed. Even do the whole lego thing.” He then realised that last piece of information was nothing to boast about, his confident demeanour faltering. “I mean- Ned does it. I just help sometimes.”

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It’s not hard to guess who inspired this, hm?

Verbal Diaries | Part I

Jungkook x Reader

1350 words

Synopsis: Jungkook runs a podcast, one of the most listened to on campus. He’s looking for inspiration for his next segment when he runs into you.

A/N: Lots of people said they wanted a university au for my next series so here it is! Hope you enjoy

I update this series every Tuesday at 6pm EST

“And that’s it for this week’s live podcast, hope to hear from you guys again next week! I really enjoyed hearing your feedback and advice. Hopefully the first few weeks of class isn’t too much for you all. Stay safe around campus and party hard, but not too hard okay? Until next time, I’m the voice that motivates you for Mondays, JK!”

Jungkook sat back in his chair and waited for the recording light to shut off, then stood and stretched in the small sound booth. He grabbed his notebook and backpack, then emerged from the soundproof room.

“Good job this week, Jungkook,” Yoongi said from his chair. “I still can’t believe you get that many phone calls. You only took seven, but there were at least twelve I had to decline for you.”

“Twelve? No way.” Jungkook stuffed his notebook into his backpack and looked around for his jacket. “I don’t think that many people listen to me. It’s literally just me talking about my week.”

“Beats me, but people find you interesting,” Yoongi said. “Your stories, the way you talk about the dynamics on campus, the profs, everything.”

Jungkook smiled as he headed to the door. “Well, I’m glad people find me a bit interesting.”

“What class do you have again?” Yoongi asked.


“Right, I forgot you have to take science courses.”

Jungkook paused at the door and smiled in amusement. “I’m a health sciences major, hyung. It has sciences in the degree name.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Have a good class, and come up with some good content for next week.”

Jungkook stepped out of the radio room and walked down the hallway to the exit. He stepped out on the concrete sidewalk. It was sunny for September. Even this early in the morning, the university campus was bursting with students.

Jungkook made his way to the health sciences building quietly, listening to music on his headphones. He had almost made it to his lecture hall when he was tapped on the shoulder.

“Hey man, cool shirt!” A boy who was probably in his first year was beaming at him. “You listen to his podcasts?”

Jungkook glanced down. He had forgotten he was wearing his own merchandise. The black hoodie read nochu come thru on the front. Jungkook had gotten the idea for the shirt after receiving many calls about his impression of American rappers. People had thought it was hilarious, so he decided to turn it into a marketing idea with a couple of friends. It was somewhat of an inside joke between his listeners.

“Yeah, I like his segments.” Jungkook shifted the weight of his backpack. “Have you been listening to him for long?”

“Well, no, not really. Just since July. His stuff was actually recommended by my friend’s older brother. This is my first year, so I haven’t been around campus much yet, but his podcasts really help me, you know? He explains so much stuff about the school that no one else would think to ever mention.”

Jungkook smiled. “I’m glad JK’s helping you with school so much.”

“Yeah, he helps a lot,” the boy admitted.

“Well, I have to get to my lecture, but it was nice talking with you. I’ll see you around.” Jungkook waved to the boy as he continued walking. That was the thing about being the star of a radio show: unless someone recognized his voice, nobody actually knew who he was.

Jungkook made it to his 9:30 lecture right on time, sliding quietly into the back of the lecture hall and pulling out his notebook. He preferred to write out his notes; it helped him stay focused on the class.

Jungkook was used to the rhythm of early morning classes, but it was clear that not everyone was. Several people drifted off during Mr. Kang’s discussion about stem cells.

Since he had a two-hour lecture, Jungkook finished at 11:30, which meant that he was getting hungry for some food. This was a routine he had. After his Monday lecture, he would walk to the university’s cafe to get some lunch, and sit to people-watch a bit. It helped him come up with content for the coming week’s podcast.

After getting his food, Jungkook took his usual spot by the window, facing the crowds of people waiting for their food. He pulled out his podcast notebook and began to jot down things he noticed.

You entered the university cafe calmly, joining the long lineup of people waiting for food. University students were such hungry people.

As you waited you looked around at the people with their food, trying to figure out what looked good. As your eyes swept by the window, you noticed a boy sitting in a chair with his notebook open. His hand was poised to write, but his eyes were sweeping the room, as yours were. For a brief second, the two of you made eye contact. His eyes held yours for two seconds, then flitted down to look at the page.

Your cheeks burned slightly. You were terrible with controlling your blush when cute boys looked at you. Since he was cute, you decided to look at him a bit more. He was wearing black jeans and a nochu come thru hoodie. You smiled, noting that he listened to your favourite podcaster on campus. Maybe that would be a good conversation starter.

You finally ordered and got your food, then stood for a bit, debating if you should go over to the cute boy and say hi. You were ordinarily a bit shy by nature, not one to initiate conversation with others. But something about the cute boy intrigued you.

You decided to go for it. Before you could overthink, you were standing next to him.

Now or never. You cleared your throat. “Um, hi.”

Cute boy looked up at you, and you were struck by the intensity of his gaze. “Hi.” He closed his notebook quickly before you could look at what was written in it.

“Um, I saw that you listen to JK,” you said. “Do you like his segments?”

Jungkook smiled. “I do. Do you like his show?”

You nodded. “I do, a lot. He just seems to get it, you know? The whole university life experience.”

Jungkook nodded. “Yeah, he makes some pretty good points.”

“It would be cool if he made a podcast on the different groups of people, you know? Like a series.”

Jungkook nodded. That was actually some pretty good ideas for multiple podcasts. “What’s your name?”

Your heart seized a bit. Cute boy wanted to know your name? “I’m Y/N.”

He nodded. “I’m Jungkook.”

“What’s your major?” you asked.

“Health Sciences,” he said. “You?”

“Music,” you said.

“Cool! I wanted to go into music, but some other things caught my attention,” Jungkook said.

You nodded. “That’s cool.”

Conversation seemed to fizzle then, you standing awkwardly before him, him staring up at you. Neither one of you was aware of the other’s tension and will to keep the conversation going. Both of you were silently pleading to the other, don’t let this end.

“What, um…” Jungkook cleared his throat. “When’s your next class?”

“In twenty minutes,” you frowned.

“Oh.” Jungkook seemed to falter a bit, then spoke again. “Do you think that… maybe, um, I could get your… your number?”

Your heart skipped a beat. Jungkook was asking for your number? Wow. “Oh, yes! Yeah sure, one second.”

You took his phone from him and entered your number, handing it back to him quickly. “Well, I should probably try to find my class. The location changed in the syllabus, so now I don’t know where to go.”

Jungkook nodded. “I’ll let you go then. Have a good class, Y/N.”

You liked the way your name sounded in his mouth. “You too, Jungkook.”

As you left, you heard your phone chime with you text notification sound. You unlocked it and stared at the text.

Maybe we can meet up get coffee sometime? - Jungkook

You smiled and typed a response.

I’d love that.

Part 2

boys v girls: compliments

boy1: hey, dude, cool shirt


boy1: but, ya know, no homo

boy2: w-what?


girl1: omg girl you look hawwttt

girl2: aw thanks babe

girl2: but look *lifts up shirt* i got a new bra!1!1!

girl1: dAYUMM they’re sexy af

girl1: boobs look great

girl2: but here’s the best part *pulls down jeans* I GOT SOME MATCHING PANTIES


my least favorite thing about being a ‘nerd girl’ is that if I was a guy wearing a 'nerd shirt’ other guys would be like “hey cool shirt man” but since i’m a girl, I could wear the same shirt and the same guys would be like “oh really? you’re a fan of that show? when was the original air date? name all the actors from season three. draw the concept art of this character from memory. what you can’t? do you even watch this show? wow fake nerd girl.”

anonymous asked:

hey when you went and saw Taz in the Nash, you said Clint complimented your shirt (first of all hey !! love when people i follow meet ppl they look up to) and was he like "hey cool shirt" or does 90 year old man retired radio host Clint McElroy listen to the band that goes GGGKKSSSSHHGGKSSSSHHSSSS

he was just like “what a cool shirt” but god I Want To Believe


Riki the dork wad (cutie butt) Heropon, checking out some butterflies. He’ll probably beat them up, Riki’s a bamf. Both full-coloured background and the transparent.png dealy-o. B)

master-of-pocket-worlds  asked:

Once I was at a cousin's birthday party, and my grandma (who is American born) was wearing a shirt with the Captain America shield on it. I said "hey, cool Captain America shirt", and she got confused and said, "what? This is just an American flag." Turns out she'd never heard of Captain America. She laughed and chalked it up to being old, to which I said, "Grandma, Captain America was created in the 1940s". She had nothing to say to that. I have never forgotten that interaction.

That is amazing. But, I also feel like Captain America didn’t have as many references before the movies.

anonymous asked:

How would team skull react to a rich guzma s/o that is 0veeky kind and loving? Like, "hey that's a cool shirt" it's on their bed the next day with a smiley face sticker. Says they had a bad day gain instantly hugs and attention.

~ “Mom can you buy me this” “Did you just call my s/o Mom?” “Ya Dad.” “The fuck??”

~ This is literally the most parental figure in Team Skull right here. Guzma’s s/o is looking out for every grunt and showering them with encouragement and praise and everything.

~ They love to spoil the grunts. They’ll get the grunts little snacks and trinkets, just whatever if it brings a smile to their face throughout the day!

~ If Plumeria is off doing whatever, the grunts come to Guzma’s s/o to rant and vent if they had a particularly shitty day. They’re always there to listen and provide helpful advice if needed.

Wenn Casper auf der Bühne steht und bis über beide Ohren grinst, weil das Publikum einfach nicht aufhört Singalongs und Sprechchöre anzustimmen, obwohl das schon seit Jahren bei jeder seiner Shows passiert; wenn er immer wieder auf Menschen zeigt als wolle er sagen „Hey, cooles Shirt!“; oder wenn er jeden Song so rausschmettert als hätte er ihn gestern erst geschrieben - dann muss man ihn einfach mögen, zumindest in diesem Moment.
—  Musikexpress
Domestic Series AU: First Meeting – Luke

You had always loved fashion. As a child you loved putting on your Mother’s dresses and walking around the house in her heels, that were way too big for your small feet. As you got older your Mother taught you to sew. At first it was just basic things but before long you began to alter your clothes and add bits of your own style to the clothes your mother bought you. When you were around sixteen you began to create your own items of clothing from scratch. After you began doing this you started sketching up pieces of clothes to make in the future

When you were seventeen you decided that this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. You had dreams of opening up a boutique of your own with all your original designs.

You had always dreamt of moving to London. You grew up in Brighton, England, which was about an hour away from London. You had been to London several times while growing up. Your mother and you loved to make the trip via train and spending the day shopping and immersing yourselves in the city. As you got older you would make this trip with your friends and often to go to the concerts of your favourite artists and bands.

Once you had decided that owning a boutique was your dream you knew that London was the best place to achieve this dream.

Your little boutique was up and running and within the year of first opening you had massive success. Your designs ranged from women’s wear, teen wear and a small range of men’s clothing. However you had begun to dabble with ideas for maternity clothing. The idea came to you when your Sister-in-law was pregnant and she was finding it difficult to find maternity clothes that were both comfortable and stylish, in line with the current fashion trends.

Your maternity line had become such a huge success, demands for the clothing was going up. There was even a large fan base on social media. Many women were recommending your clothes to other mothers to be and you were racking in the customers.

~ 27 April 2015 ~

One particular customer came to you as quite a shock though. As a music fan you were familiar with many up and coming bands. However one particular band that your little sister especially loved was the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. So when Michael Clifford’s girlfriend of six years walked into your boutique you were quite star struck.

Savannah Armstrong was well liked by the fans of the band, having been in a relationship with the guitarist since they were in high school. You watched her browse through the racks of clothing until she looked over to the maternity section. Glancing over about to make her way over and then quickly retreating. From what you could tell it seemed as though she was unsure whether or not to go take a look. You found it odd though, that she was interested in maternity clothing, you weren’t to judge but you were confused as your sure you would have remembered if your sister would have told you about her favourite band’s girlfriend was pregnant. She would have definitely told you something like this. You decided to go over and talk to her, she was a customer after all, instead of staring at her like a creep.

“Can I help you?” you asked as made your way from behind the counter you were standing at.

Savannah’s head snapped up to the sound of your voice, her expression like a deer caught in headlights.

“Ah, yeah, I’ve heard about your maternity clothes” she said unsure about whether or not it was really what she was looking for.

“Yeah of course they are just over there,” you said pointing to the other side of the store dedicated to the maternity clothing, “were you looking for something specific?”

“Not really, I don’t have any clothes that will probably fit me better when I get a bit bigger” she said as she was rummaging through a few racks of dresses. 

“I’ve heard really good things about your clothing line especially your maternity line, everything is so beautifully designed” she said.

“Thank you,” you said flattered by her compliment, “you don’t sound like your from around here, how did you hear about it? You asked pretending you didn’t know who she was. Obviously no one knew she was pregnant and you respected her privacy.

"Just through social media I guess and my boyfriend’s mum linked me to your Facebook page.”

“That’s great”

After looking through and trying on many articles of clothing Savannah decided on what she wanted to buy. As you were ringing up her total you asked her how far along she was, she replied by saying that she was eleven weeks pregnant. Earlier when she was trying on clothes you got to talking and she had told you about her boyfriend (without mentioning names) and her relationship with him. She also talked about her job as a personal assistant and how she had to travel. Explaining how she wouldn’t have much time to be able to buy maternity wear while she was away. She also spoke about keeping her pregnancy quiet. She apologised if you thought she was shifty when she walked in. Joking that she probably looked like she was going to ran-sack the place. You laughed along with. You realised that you both had similar interests and you could see yourself being good friends if situations were different.

After Savannah paid and wad making her way out she stopped before she opened the door turning around. “I promise to give your store lots of promo.”

“Thanks Savannah, I appreciate it,” you replied, “and I promise to keep your secret safe with me from the fans.”

Savannah stopped dead in her tracks looking back at you in complete shock, her jaw dropping.

“You know who I am?” She asked.

“Yeah I’m sorry,” you said, “but I swear I won’t tell a soul.”

“How did you know? Are you a fan?” She asked in a panic.

“No, not really, I mean I like their music,” you stammered, “but my sister is a big fan of Michael.”

She didn’t say a word but she nodded.

“Look we’re just not ready to tell people and well shit now I’m screwed.

You were angry at yourself now for letting it slip that you knew who she was. You would never be that type of person to expose someone’s secret. You walked up to Savannah where she was standing near the door and you pulled her into a hug. She was stiff at first not returning the hug but after a moment she wrapped her arm around you whispering a soft thank you. Moving out of the embrace you smiled back at her.

"Look here’s my card and I’ll put my number on it,” you said as you pulled a pen out of your pocket, “if you ever need to talk I’m a phone call or text away” handing her your business card.

“Thank you Katielynne” she said talking the card and examining it.

“No worries,” you replied, “but call me Kat.”

Savannah just smiled and walked out of your little boutique in downtown London.


After that day you never expected to hear from Savannah again but a week later she texted you while you were back home in Brighton for a family celebration. Thanking you again for keeping her secret. You then texted for a solid hour about touring and her pregnancy.

~ 30th June 2015 ~

Around two months later your sister called you in a panic saying that Savannah and Michael had announced that she was pregnant. You spent a long time reassuring your sixteen year old sister that everything would be ok and that nothing would in regards to the band and their music. You did not tell her that you already knew because that would be a breech to Savannah’s privacy. You were happy that the couple had finally told the world of their good news.

~ 27 April 2017~

It had been two years since the day Savannah had walked into your little boutique to buy maternity clothes. Your store had grown even more so your maternity clothes had become so popular that you opened an online store to sell worldwide.

Savannah and you had become very good friends. You spoke online and via text, whenever she was in London you would catch up over coffee or dinner. She would even come into the store and hang out sometimes. You hadn’t met the band as Savannah never really made any arrangements. She even mentioned that she liked having a friend that didn’t know the boys. Which never bothered you.

One day however Savannah had called and asked you if you would be in store as she wanted to pop in. You didn’t hesitate to say yes, getting excited to see your friend again after a few months, However what surprised you was she did not come alone. She walked in with a tall blonde man with a lip ring, who you instantly recognised as Luke Hemmings. You were shocked, you never expected someone to be with her let alone a member of the band she worked for. 

“Hey Kat!” Savannah called out walking over to your counter where ypu were standing.

“Hi…” you stammered out feeling flustered as Luke was staring at you. 

“So I brought Luke in with me because he needs some new clothes and I though hey! Kat has some cool shirts he would like” she said with a big grin on her face.

“Ok” replied unsure of what else to say.

Luke looked really shy standing behind Savannah like a little boy would with his mother. You looked over at him and smiled. Slowly he returned the smile but it quickly faded. 

“So anyway, seen as though you are an amazing stylist I am going to leave you two alone” she said with a smirk on her face. 

“You’re leaving?” Both you and Luke said at the same time with panic laced in your voices.

“Yeah I’ve got things to do my darlings” she replied skipping (yes literally skipping) away and out the door.

“So…” Luke spoke up after what felt like hours of you both staring at one another.

“Um ok so what types of clothes do you like?” You asked walking over to the section of your store filled with men’s clothes.

“I can’t believe she did this” Luke said still not moving from the spot he stood when he fist walked in.

“Walked do you mean?” You asked.

“She obviously set this up” he said gesturing between the both of you.

“She’s setting us up” he said.

“How do you know?” you asked.

Surely Savannah wouldn’t have done that. Why would she. He was Luke Hemmings. Why would he go out with you? Your were just a girl from Brighton, you were just Katielynne Page not a celebrity like him. You weren’t anything special.

“She told me a few weeks ago she a friend that was perfect for me,” he said looking straight at you. 

“Doesn’t mean it’s me,” you said bluntly, “now I have a few shirts that you might like or there are these sweaters––" 

"It’s definitely you,” he said cutting you off.

“You are her, God she was right you’re perfect” a blush rising to his cheeks.

You just starred back at him confused by his statement. Did he really just call you perfect?

“I’m sorry if I’m not your type or something or like if you don’t like me. I know Sav can be over the top but she means well…” he babbled.

“It’s ok I get it anyway I’ll just get some shirts and I’ll be out of your way.”

You stood still staring at him. He looked so cute when he was nervous and flustered, biting his lip ring. Of course you were attracted to him. He was gorgeous and he seemed sweet. There he was thinking that he was getting rejected by you and he still wanted to buy clothing from your store. 

You picked out a shirt for him. A simple back button up with grey cuffs and collar. You placed it in a bag, handing it over to him.

“Here take this it would look on you to wear on our first date” you said with a cheeky smile. 

He took the bag with a dumbfound expression on his face. Looking inside the bag to find the shirt along with a business card with your number on it.

Smiling he turned and left your store with the ringing of the bell above the door.

You smiled also feeling exhilarated that you might possibly be going on a date with Luke Hemmings.

You just hoped that he would call.