hey cool man


Michael: my party trick is wearing cool socks so people come up to me and say “hey man cool socks”

Jeremy: what if you accidentally hear “hey man cool sucks”

Michael: i run out of the room in tears. then next time i see them they say “hey aren’t you the guy who stormed out of the last party crying?” either way it’s a great icebreaker

Cool Ninja Sharpshooter
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Written in response to season 3! Although, this is not at all a season 3 “fixer”, because I adored season 3. More like…

“Hey man, check out this possible missing scene where Keith hands over the red bayard to Lance.”

(Completed one-shot. 1799 words.)

Hey Allison!
Jeff Rosenstock
Hey Allison!

She’s on the western side looking at the Jersey skyline.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
She’s had the longest day and it’s a gridlocked highway.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
That poke at every bruise.
Is she gonna write back to you?
You’re an exhausted kid of fractured relationships.
You wanna crush that gloom.
Is she gonna write back to you?
“Hey Allison! This city’s a total disaster without you around.”
You spent the days inside avoiding social landmines
“Hey Allison! This sudden detachment from friendship is making me ache.”

A Happy Birthday to the man and the legend, Mr. Jimi Hendrix. 

BOYF RIENDS Headcanons #1; How they got together

♡ Jeremy and Christine dated for a couple months but then decided they would just be better as friends
♡ Jeremy also realizes he has feelings for another certain someone which is part of the reason the relationship wasn’t working
♡ Christine is a sweetheart and gives Jer some advice on how to get Michael
♡ “Just tell him how you feel.”
“I caN’T what if he thinks I’m a weirdo he’ll never talk to me again and then 12 years of friendships will go right down the drain and I’ll ruin everything and he’ll-” “Jeremy. He likes you.”
♡ Michael gives Jeremy a ride home from school everyday so the day Jeremy plans on telling Michael his feelings, he’s super nervous and Michael definitely notices
♡ “Hey, you cool man? You’ve been acting jittery and weird all day, like, more than usual.”
♡ “I love you”
♡ Michael just stares
♡ Jeremy flips out and is all “Oh my god i’m so sorry that was so uncalled for, I should probably go, I’m gonna go, fuck.” and then he starts speed walking away
♡ “Jer, wait.”
♡ Jeremy turns back around and he can’t really read Michael’s expression. Confusion? Disbelief? Is he offended? Is he going to make fun of him? Is he going to tell him to leave him alone forever? God, he can’t tell.
♡ Michael keeps staring for a second and then he mutters “You’re serious? You aren’t messing with me?”
♡ Jeremy tells him yes, he is serious, but keeps apologizing and saying he understands if Michael doesn’t want to be his friend anymore but stops talking mid sentence when Michael breaks out in the biggest smile ever
♡ “Holy shit, dude! I’ve liked you for forever!”
♡ “Wait what”
♡ Michael starts laughing, and then Jeremy starts laughing, then Jeremy runs back up to him and gives him a huge hug
♡ Michael pulls away first, and says “Can I kiss you?”
♡ Jeremy swear his heart actually stops. He leans in as an answer anyways.
~ Mod Rae

[til hamingju með afmælið ísland!](https://gfycat.com/HeartfeltFarawayAdeliepenguin)

What every VLD Ship has to say to all the discourse ever

Anti Klancers: ermergerd sHEITH!!!@@!## they are SO aBUSIVE!!!/// it’s pedophilia and incest and it sets such a BAD example for real life,,,oh my god,,, sheith shippers should go to hell@@@##! *proceeds to DM popular sheith shippers on anon telling them to kill themselves*

Sheith: ahhh,,, look,,, my DM is full of antis again,, what a good day to f*ckin hate this fandom…/// *continues to scroll through feed anyway bc sheith shippers are possessed by their ship &/or they’re absolute masochists*

Non-anti Klancers: *builds a brick wall around themselves* hey man I’m cool with sheith pls don’t group me with the antis, I’ll ship my stuff u ship urs pls n thnks

Shance: *stares at NSFW sketches, drooling, god blessed this ship* what

Shallura: space dad n space mom for daysss *sparkle icon*

Kallura: I don’t want to know what’s happening in this fandom pls leave me alone with my ship

Any Hunk related ship: nothing, they’re never part of the discourse, Hunk shippers are 100% wholesome

One of the most beautiful views in the world if you ask me. And it´s interesting that the black “stumps” sticking up from the ocean in the upper-left are actually trees from the so-called Ghost forest of Neskowin, which are only visible when the tide is low enough.