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You’re All Mine

“Are you going to kiss me or not?” Niel asked as he played with the ends of your hair.

“No” you said crossing your arms over your chest.

“I said I was sorry, what more do you want me do hmm? I’ll do anything, really, just tell me” Niel said.

A few days ago was supposed to be movie night with Niel but because of some sudden schedule he couldn’t make it. Rather than wasting the night and sulking about not being able to meet Niel you invited Changjo over who just so happened to be your best friend.

Truth be told there was a time you had a thing for Changjo but that was a long time ago. Your relationship now was strictly platonic considering Changjo himself had a crush on some girl that you had met a couple of times.

It wasn’t like Niel didn’t know about Changjo’s crush, he did, he just didn’t appreciate coming home so late to find his girlfriend snuggled up to her ex crush. Yeah you were watching a movie with Changjo and ended up dozing off, it wasn’t your fault that you liked to snuggle when you slept.

Niel ended up yelling at Changjo and words were said that weren’t meant to be said. It’s been almost a week now since you’ve been acting all cold towards Niel because of this incident.

“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to” you said as you stood up and walked towards your shared bedroom.

“I already told Changjo that I was sorry I didn’t mean what I said” Neil said as he followed you into the bedroom “it was just that I was tired and I had missed you and Changjo was once your crush and you guys have so much in common and you both get along so well and…and-”

“And you thought that I’d leave you for him?!” You said as you completed his sentence. Niel just nodded as he fiddled with his fingers “oh my God Niel if I still liked Changjo I wouldn’t be dating you now would I?!!”

“I-you-I mean-what…what if you came home and saw me cuddling one of my old crushes whom I keep proclaiming is platonic?!” Niel said “platonic or not you wouldn’t like it”

You had to agree he did have a point there, you do get pretty jealous but he’s possessive. Changjo and you were friends way before you and Niel started dating though and he was in fact the one who introduced you two to one another.

“Niel that’s not what this is about! I’m not angry that you got a little possessive, I’m angry because you yelled at Changjo when he had done nothing wrong and you acted like I had cheated on you!” You yelled back as you let out a deep breath and ran you fingers through your hair. You sat down on your bed and fiddled with your fingers.

There remained a silence between the two of you for a brief time before Niel walked over and knelt down in front of you. He took your hands in his and caressed the back of your hands with his thumb.

“I’m sorry” Niel said again as he looked at your hands in his.

“No, I’m sorry, I understand how you feel and I know that I too was in the wrong. Changjo isn’t my boyfriend, he’s my friend, your friend and sometimes I just forget to draw the line when it comes to skinship” you said in a voice audible only to Niel.

“Well I’m sorry for losing my temper and yelling at Changjo like that, it wasn’t right of me” Niel said with a faint smile that brought a smile to your face as well “I’ll apologize to him first thing tomorrow”

“But you said that you already-” you said before Niel interrupted you by attacking your lips with his.

“Let’s not talk about Changjo anymore, you haven’t let me kiss or touch you in a week so right now all I wanna do is kiss the life out of you” Niel said making you laugh as you bit down on your lower lip.

His lips were smack against yours once again as he slowly pushed you back onto the bed. Your hands were in his hair while his were on your hips. You bit down on his lower lip earning somewhat of a hiss from him, you let it go with a grin while he just looked at you before his plump lips assaulted yours.

He wasn’t so kind this time as his tongue penetrated your mouth taking control of the kiss. You mewled into the kiss as his hands ran up and down your body. You swore you felt him smirk against your lips but you just chose to ignore it.

His lips trailed from your mouth to your jawline and then to your neck where he kissed, sucked and bit down on your sensitive skin causing you to let out a stream of moans. When he pulled away there was a purplish red mark on your neck that made him proud.

Niel was about to strip you of your garments when suddenly your phone began to ring. Niel said to ignore it but you couldn’t do that, what if it was important?

“Niel move-my phone is ringing-Niel!” You said as he kept kissing and touching you.

“Just ignore it I’m sure it’s not that important” Niel said as his hands found their way under your shirt.

You couldn’t just ignore it so you managed to push his off of you leaving him speechless and needy. He lay in bed with his hands over his face as he let out a frustrated sigh. You on the other hand answered your phone that was on the night stand.

“Hey Changjo what’s up?” You asked totally unaware that Niel’s ears had stood up the minute you took Changjo’s name “no I’m not busy at all why?”

She has to be doing this on purpose right?! Niel thought to himself.

You were sitting at the edge of the bed still talking to Changjo when you suddenly felt Niel’s arms wrap themselves around your waist. His lips were on your neck and his hands seemed to be everywhere. It wasn’t hard to block Neil out, you had done it lots of times before but this time seemed to be the most fun.

Finally frustrated with you and Changjo Niel pulled your phone out of your hands and cut the call. He made sure to put your phone on silent mode before pulling you back into bed.

“Niel I was on the phone!!” You said as you placed your hands on his chest.

“And I was about to strip you before you ran away to Changjo” Niel said as you couldn’t control it any longer and burst out into a fit of laughter “what’s so funny?” He asked a bit taken aback by what exactly you found funny.

“The person on the phone” you began to say after calming yourself a little “was not Changjo, it was some random sales call, I just wanted to harass you a little more” Niel didn’t know how to feel about this so he turned his face away from you.

“I’m not talking to you! You can go talk to Changjo if you want!” Niel said as you just smiled. Your boyfriend really was cute.

“Aww is my lover boy sad? Does he want a kiss? A hug maybe? Or perhaps he wants to see what’s hiding under my clothes?” You kept asking questions like this but there was no reaction from him “Hmm he doesn’t want any of that, I see. Well then I guess I’m gonna to ask someone else, maybe Changjo would-” you were interrupted as Niel yanked you down underneath him and hovered above you.

“Don’t even think about it!” Niel said as his arms were on either side of your head “I’m the only person who gets to do all those things to you and see you like that” you just smiled and cupped his cheeks as you pecked his lips.

“Then why don’t you show me how much of yours I am” you said as Niel smirked.

“With pleasure my lady” he said, his lips sealing the deal as he made sure you knew you were all his and no one else’s. Let’s just say that for the rest of the night Changjo was the last thing on your mind and Niel made sure of that.

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eng translation

Ricky: As I thought, overseas is different. 

Ricky: I’ve finally arrived to the land of my dreams.

Ricky: After getting off the airplane and on the way to our hotel,

Ricky: There was a beach.

Ricky: I looked across the beach but there were many noonas and hyungs with amazing bodies.

Changjo: (i think, he’s mumbling.. so i can’t really tell very well) He says noona. 

Ricky: so it made me feel very embarrassed. 

Cap: Why did you feel embarrassed.

l. joe: Why did you feel embarrassed?

Changjo: Why would you feel embarrassed?

Cap: We’ve gone swimming a lot in Korea.

Niel: What’s wrong with you?

Ricky: No… it’s…

Niel: Why did you feel embarrassed?

Ricky: Because… there were many people with these kinds of bodies.

Niel: WHy?

L. Joe: You have been talking about weird things all day today.

L. Joe: Asking to see other people’s underwear. (the context here is a bit of a mystery because I don’t know what happened)

cap: Yeah.

Niel: What?

L. Joe: Ricky what’s wrong?

L. Joe: *smirk* You’re being weird.

Niel: What’s wrong with you.

Changjo: Hey, why are you getting red for?!

Ricky: I’m going to go again tomorrow.

Niel: WHERE are you going?!

Changjo: Where are you going to go?

Cap: Where?

Ricky: I’m going to our photo shoot.

Ricky: To our photoshoot.

Chunji: Ah, our photoshoot.

Cap: You said you’re just going but you didn’t write where.

Ricky: I’m going to go to our photoshoot tomorrow.

[ Going to the dream land of many hyung and noonas with great bodies ]

Ricky: END!

Changjo: waaa~!


Teen Top Angel Box: NieLjoe First Impressions (Height Controversy) [eng trans]

—Q: First impressions of each other?—
Niel: How did you feel when you first met me?
Ljoe: I didn’t think much of you
Niel: Why? Could you explain it further?
Ljoe: Just. There’s moments in life which you just can’t stand, right?
Niel: Right
Ljoe: That was one of them
Niel: Mm, I see, the feelings were mutual in that case, during out first meeting.
Ljoe: So that’s how we became a team
Niel: I was like what’s up with this Lee Byunghun guy..
Ljoe: Lee Byunghun? (not Lee Byunghun hyung)
Niel: You’re Lee Byunghun, that’s your name!
Ljoe mumbling nonsense: But I’m your hyung!
Niel: I’m recalling our first meeting. How would I have known you were older than me then?
Ljoe: Okay, I see
Niel: What’s up with this Lee Byunghun.. He has the height of a midget..
Ljoe: Midget? Back then we were about the same height!
Niel: What? Back then? Our heights weren’t similar!
—Sudden height controversy—
Ljoe: Back then we were about the same
Niel: Hey! Changjo! Were we about the same then? Our heights
Changjo: He shrunk
Niel: Huh?
Changjo: I think he’s gotten shorter
Niel: See..
Ljoe: You’ve grown since then! Back then you were shorter!
—Never ending differences in opinion—