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if you dont think Whizzer would go out of his way to get a pretty chess gamefor him and Jason to play when Jason came over you are WRONG! a continuation of the Apartment AU Im glad people like it!! also i literally dont play chess pls dont attack me if its setup is all wrong im simple ALSO KUDOS if u see the lyric reference hahahaha 

Pale as morning mist, his eyes concealed more than they told

a quick sketch of Hawky boy

Guys, it’s been a radical day. I’m gonna go to bed because I reallyreaalyREALLY wanted to post the last chapter today so I was drawing until 2am last night and set my alarm for 6am to upload and do the final touches, but thank you for all the love!!! I’ll write more on this tomorrow. Night! <3

  • Cat: (sees Mon-El) So, this is the boy... Milo, is it?
  • Mon-El: Uh, Mike, actually, and I'm a man, not a boy. Daxamite, if you want to cut hairs about it.
  • Kara: (clears thrust, whispers) It's split hairs.
  • Cat: I know what I said, Milo. Honestly, Kiera. I practically hand you James Olsen on a silver platter. Artistic, sensitive, bursting from his oxford shirts. And you dump him for this pasty teen show reject in bad pants?
  • Mon-El: Hey!
  • Cat: (Sighs) It looks like I'll have to take matters into my own hands. Boy... be gone. Girl... come.
  • (And Kara does)

The front gates glide open with an expensive purr to welcome the Carbones, the fat tyres of the Bentley crunching happily on Cyril’s freshly raked gravel as Chantal guides the vehicle to rest beneath the shade of a maple tree. Despite owning 5 cars, Freddie isn’t fond of driving (and the driver’s seats of the majority of his cars weren’t designed for someone of his height and girth anyway- he will never forget the time he got stuck in his Lamborghini at the Park Plaza and had to be helped out by two doormen- that nobody captured the humiliating event on their cellphone was nothing short of a miracle.)

Chantal: Oooh, I love these trees! Why don’t we have any nice big trees like this at home, Freddie?
Freddie: Because you always say that leaves make the yard look untidy.
Chantal: Isn’t it possible to get trees that don’t shed, though? Yanno, like those sphinx cats? Hey, look at the waterslide, kids! Awesome!
Shea: Yeah, awesome.
Stanley: Yeah. Totally.


one hundred marvel ladies


ororo munroe (aka storm)