hey cammie

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hey cammie just wanted you to know you are running an A+ blog over here

thank!!!!! i’m feeling rejuvenated about it since someone said im out here blogging like a 2017 elio!!!!

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Heya, Sunflower, I’m back cus I heard ya wanted FMKs? I got ya: Mr Bean, Mr Clean and Kermit The Frog ;D - Cammy <3

Hey, Cammy! Welcome back, Babe. 

Marry Mr Clean (no housework ever again, right?), fuck Mr Bean (although OMG can you fucking imagine?) and kill Kermit BECAUSE I USED TO GET COMPARED TO HIM SO MUCH WHEN I WAS A KID FFFFFSSSS

- Rich

Hey hey, look who isn’t dead and finally decided to update his accounts. In reality I’ve just been lazy, and haven’t been too proud of the stuff I’ve been putting out, but here’s an exception.

@tinderarts OC, Liz striking up a familiar battle pose, ready to fight for that dick

Decently proud of the shading job I did here, hope I can make more stuff worth posting, from now on.

5SOS Preference #6.

Preference: Fake Boyfriend. (part 2.)
In case you didn’t get to read it, here is part 1.

Luke: “He’s not coming back, is he?” (Y/N) sighed as she locked her iPhone, still not receiving any type of text from Trevor to try and console their relationship. Luke sat next to her on the couch, his legs stretched out on the coffee table in front of them as he let (Y/N) rest her legs in his lap. He knew Trevor wouldn’t come back, mostly because (Y/N) hadn’t waited long enough to ‘move on’ from him after their gnarly break up.  He looked over at his fake girlfriend, a sad grin on his face as he watched her chew on her fingernails out of angst. “It’s been two weeks, honey. I’d say he’s trying to move on now.” He answered her truthfully, and she nodded her head slowly. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she let out a shaky breath, her heart feeling as if it had shattered in her chest for the third time since they had broken up. Luke pouted and removed her feet from his lap, moving closer to her so he could curl her body into his chest as the tears began to flow heavily from her eyes. “I messed it all up, didn’t I?” She sobbed into the fabric of Luke’s shirt. He didn’t believe that she had messed the relationship by herself, so he shook his head and rested his chin on top of her hair as he rubbed soothing circled into her back. She cried, and cried, and cried. She was hurting, and Luke hated to see the girl he’d grow so close to in tears over someone who truly didn’t deserve her emotions. “Stop crying, please.” Luke pleaded with (Y/N), trying to catch her attention. She sniffled and leaned back from his embrace, looking up at him with bloodshot eyes and stained cheeks as she tried to catch her breath from her previous sobbing. “You’re better off without him.” She rolled her eyes at his statement, having heard the cliche statement numerous times before she and Trevor had even broken up. “Luke, we were together for a while. I don’t know what I am without him.” She admitted, rubbing her cheeks to try and warm them from her cool tears. Luke sighed and shook his head, bringing his arms down to his sides so that he could grab (Y/N)’s hands and interlock their fingers together. She looked up at him confused, but listened to what he had to say, figuring he was just trying to comfort her. “You’re perfect without him. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, kind. You’re the whole package.” He smiled, leaning his forehead against hers as he licked at his lips, causing her cheeks to turn red with a blush and her heart to pick up its pace inside her chest. “And I’d love if we could go from being a fake couple to a real one when you’re ready, you know that?” He chuckled as she swallowed the large lump that had formed in her throat as she closed her eyes and slowly nodded. “O-okay.”

Ashton: Cammie had finally given him the attention he had been asking for. She was all over him any chance she got, any time she saw him around (Y/N). Ashton didn’t even pretend like he was dating (Y/N) any time Cammie came around; he usually just ignored her and went along with whatever Cammie wanted him to do. His behavior basically gave it away that they were not really a couple, but Cammie still believed that they were together. She walked into the cafeteria, beating Ashton and for once by herself as she sat beside of (Y/N), who was trying to finish her salad in peace before she put on a facade of being Ashton’s girlfriend. “Hey girl!” Cammie grinned fakely, popping her bubble gum obnoxiously loud in (Y/N)’s ear. She shuddered and gritted her teeth, putting her fork down as she turned and returned a smile just as plastic to the girl she couldn’t imagine Ashton having true feelings for. “Hi, Cammie. Can I help you?” (Y/N) asked, her annoyance verbal in her voice. Cammie raised her eyebrows and looked around the lunch room before she scooted her chair closer to (Y/N)’s, crossing her legs as she leaned in to whisper to the girl sitting next to her. “I need you to break up with Ashton.” (Y/N)’s eyes widened as she looked at the blonde, her smile wide and her teeth shining as if she’d just won a lottery. A chuckle emitted from (Y/N)’s lips as she crossed her arms into her lap, seeing Ashton enter the cafeteria with a weird expression written across his face when he saw the two girls sitting together without him. “Why do you need me to do that?” (Y/N) retorted, a smirk on her lips as she leaned back in her chair. Cammie sighed and sat up straight, her cheeks tinting a slight pink as she started slowing her chewing on her bubble gum. “Well, to be honest, I would like a chance with him. I mean, you’ve been with him forever. Aren’t you tired of the same person yet?” She asked, rudely stating the facts that she thought were true, but were an entire lie. (Y/N) slowly shook her head, wanting to play with the emotions of a popular cheerleader just a bit longer as she watched Ashton move through the line to get his food. “I can’t say that I am, Cammie. You’re gonna have to do better than that if you want to ruin what Ashton and I have.” She smirked, watching Cammie physically panic as she wasn’t getting her way right off the bat. She fidgeted in her chair and uncrossed her legs, scooting back from (Y/N). “I’m jealous that you get to have him and I don’t! Is that what you want to hear?” She whisper-shouted, her eyebrows rising as she felt her blood boiling underneath her skin. (Y/N) laughed aloud, shaking her head and she licked at her lips, gripping her water bottle just as Ashton joined the table. “Hey, Cammie. How are you?” He asked, totally ignoring the girl in front of him beside of Cammie; his supposed ‘girlfriend’. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and stretched as she stood up, looking Ashton straight in the eyes with an annoyed expression. “Text me later.” She said, walking past him as she gently shoved his shoulder to give him a hint that their plan had worked. Ashton caught her arm in his hand, causing (Y/N) to turn and look at him. Her eyes held a somber expression in them as she yawned, a small sigh escaping her mouth. “It’s just not working out between us, you know? I think we need a break,” She looked from Ashton’s eyes to Cammie’s excited ones, her heart slowly shrinking in her chest. “Maybe you can take Cammie out and see if you have a better connection with her. See you, Ashton.” (Y/N) spoke, softly jerking her arm from Ashton’s hand as she left the cafeteria.

Calum: “Would you just answer his calls? You’ve been ignoring them for days.” (Y/N)’s friend rolled her eyes as she clicked ignore on Calum’s awaiting call for the sixth time in the past hour. He knew she was ignoring him on purpose, and (Y/N) knew that, but she was too scared to hear what he had to say. She knew it wouldn’t end as a movie, and he wouldn’t confess to having mutual feelings for the girl. She knew that Calum would apologize for stringing her along in something that lead her to think he might have had an ounce of feelings more than friends for her, and they would try to mend their relationship from before. (Y/N) didn’t want that; she wanted Calum to leave it alone and let things fall back into place naturally. She had even removed their relationship status on Facebook, causing all three of Calum’s band mates, his sister, her family, and even Nia to send messages to the both of them to ask what had happened. Everyone believed they were truly together, and it was shattering to have to ignore the messages or lie about what happened. “I can’t.” (Y/N) simply stated as her phone began ringing again. She knew he was desperate to talk to her, but she didn’t feel like explaining herself to him. She believed it was self explanatory when she had accidentally called him and he had heard everything she had to say, so she wasn’t sure why he wanted to talk it over in the first place. “(Y/N), you’re making yourself and everyone around you miserable. Just talk to him.” Her friend urged, picking her phone up off of the counter as (Y/N) continued to wash the dishes she was so behind on. She groaned, drying her hands on her towel as she ripped her phone from her friend’s hands. She answered hastily, her breath catching in her throat as she realized that she was going to have to talk to Calum. “Hello?” She greeted, hearing soft music playing on the other side of the phone. Her lips became dry as she heard a sigh of relief come through the phone; she could almost picture the look of please written across her friend’s face. “You finally answered.” Calum stated, his voice calm and soft. (Y/N) nodded her head, softly giggling into the phone as she felt slightly better that Calum wasn’t angry with her for ignoring him before. “I was busy.” She stated, technically not lying since she had been doing dishes for a few minutes when Calum started calling her. “You’ve been busy for three days, huh?” Calum awkwardly laughed as (Y/N) bit her lip, not knowing how to nicely tell him that she’d been ignoring him in fear of whatever it was he had to say to her about their current situation. She crossed her arms and looked over at her friend who was standing impatiently in the kitchen, watching the facial expressions of (Y/N) for any sign of progress in her relationship with Calum. “Nia texted me, you know.” He told her out of the blue, causing her to sigh and nod her head. “She asked me why the two of us broke up. I didn’t know what to tell her.” He explained, and (Y/N) stayed silent in fear of interrupting something important that he would have to say. “Why did you not just tell me you were uncomfortable with fake dating me?” Calum asked her, and her eyes widened. “I didn’t want to disappoint you by not helping you.” She answered truthfully, her heart hammering hard against her chest as she listened to Calum scold her. He told her that he would never be disappointed with her, and that he loved her, but merely as a sister. She hurt when the words left his lips, but she understood as she knew from the start that she would never be anything more to the boy than a best friend he could come to for advice about girls. “I’m going out with Nia tonight, to talk about things.” He finally told her, and (Y/N) sadly smiled, wiping the few tears that had spilled from her eyes. “I’m sorry things are so messed up between us right now, (Y/N). I still love you; you’re still my best friend.” He told her, and she placed a hand over her heart as she finally heard him say the words she’d always wanted to hear from his lips. “I love you too, Cal. Thank you.”

Michael: (Y/N) woke up to a shouting Michael in her house, anger in his voice as a sound of a breaking dish entered her ears. She jumped out of her bed, not even caring that she was in nothing but a t-shirt and panties as she sauntered down the stairs, looking at the mess of a plate she saw laying on her hardwood floor. “What in the actual fuck are you doing?” (Y/N) yelled, moving by Michael to get her broom and dust pan from her pantry to clean up the shards of the plate her friend had broken. Michael sighed and moved out of her way, sitting at her counter as he unlocked his phone and showed (Y/N) the tweet he was so angry about. She stopped her movement, squinting her eyes at the brightness before her as she read Michael’s ex girlfriend’s tweet. “Must be hard to downgrade from an iPhone 6 to a Nokia flip phone.” (Y/N) laughed, shrugging her shoulders. It was an immature tweet, and simply petty jealousy, but it didn’t bother her that she had posted it. She found it flattering that she was enough to make the girl jealous, so she took it as a compliment. “Why would you get so worked up over that? And why would you break my dishes?” She chuckled, kneeling down to scoop up the shards of glass that surrounded her bare feet. Michael let out a breath and shook his head, running a hand through his dyed hair as he watched (Y/N) clean the mess he had made. “I actually tried to get some breakfast, but when I saw the tweet I panicked and dropped the plate. I’m sorry,” He explained, still not answering the first question that (Y/N) had asked him. She finished cleaning up the mess, throwing the glass into her garbage bin as she moved and sat beside Michael with a yawn. “Why does it make you mad?” (Y/N) repeated, laying her head down on the counter in front of her. Michael looked from his phone to her, a soft smile coming from him as he twisted around to face the girl. “Because you aren’t a downgrade, (Y/N). I’ve had you as a real girlfriend, and a fake one. You’re great as both, even better than her.” Michael’s nose sneered as he mentioned her, causing you to laugh. (Y/N) laughed and shook her head, rising up straight in her seat as she stretched her muscles. “Thanks, Michael.” She replied, and he nodded his head. “I sort of miss us being a real couple.” He said, causing (Y/N) to stop laughing and get serious. She stared at him, studying his facial expressions for any sign of a joke or lie, but she found none as Michael’s green eyes stared back at hers. “I’m serious, (Y/N). You’re probably the greatest girl I’ve ever had in my life besides my mum.” He spoke. “Can’t we please try it again? I’m tired of having failed relationships, and I miss you too much to let you get away from this.” He chuckled, watching as (Y/N) smiled with tears of joy in her eyes. “I’ve missed you too, Michael.” She muttered as she flung herself into his arms, hugging him around his neck as he embraced her, nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck.

Cameron dallas Imagine

Imagine: Cam Dallas- Requested Anonymous

It was my first Magcon. It was so much fun. I was a guest this week, I started making vines about a month before Bart asked me. In that month i became really good friends. 
“Cameron!” i yelled when I first saw him, It was our first time meeting.

“(Y/n)! ” He opened his arms and hugged me. It felt so good. “Its so nice to actually meet you! Come over here and I’ll introduce you to everyone else.” He dragged me over and I got to know the rest of the boys.

The first meet and greet was so nerve racking but Cameron was at my side the whole time.

Everyone loved me and by the end of the night they had given me and Cam a ship name. We had gone back to the hotel rooms, I was rooming with Cameron, nash and Carter. They brought in an extra cot for one of the boys. 

Cameron and I were laying next to each other while i was on tumblr.

“Hey Cammy, look at all these edits.” i showed them all of the edits of us.

“Why were you searching our ship tag?” He asked.

“Uhm, people were telling me too.” Truth be told I had a thing for Cam and wanted to see if others liked us together.

“Oh i like this one. Maybe we should make it real.” He said with a wink. It was a photoshopped picture of us kissing.

“Cameron!” I said pushing him.

“What im serious!”

“Nu-huh.” he cut me off from saying anymore by kissing me.

“I ship (Your shipname) completely.” He said while getting up to change. “Even if you dont.”

“Wait cam! What if i ship it too.?”

“Well i guess that means we’re a couple.” HE said matter of factually while climbing into his bed. “night beautiful.”

“Night cam” i said with a bright red face.

And thats how my first weekend of magcon started