hey but april is my birthday month

Hey taylorswift ! This Tuesday (April 7th) is my 23rd birthday! This is the first birthday that I have ever felt nervous about. It’s starting to hit me that I am becoming a real adult now and this is the time in my life things are starting to change. I am going to be going to grad school in a few months to get my masters in special education. I will be looking for teaching jobs here on Long Island and also in other states. Moving to another state will require me to be away from my family and I don’t know if I can do that for the rest of my life! Being away from them for 4 years of college took a lot of courage for me! I need to start paying off my student loans in June along with other bills and I don’t know how I am going to make ends meet. Also, I feel like I should have a serious boyfriend right now to discuss the future with, but I’m 23 and still so nervous to even talk to cute guys, let alone have a serious boyfriend. What if I never meet anyone? What if I never get married and have kids? This is all really hard for me to think about especially because I have an anxiety disorder and going through all these changes and not knowing what the future holds makes me worried. 

For my birthday, I would love to know how you have dealt with growing up? Were you afraid? How were you able to keep calm with all the changes that have happened in your life? What is some advice I should take with me in the future? I’m sorry for writing and asking all of this but it’s because I feel like you are truly and old friend to me that has been with me since I was in high school. Your music, concerts, and interviews have gotten me though high school, college, and now you are still with me as I am entering my adult life. You are a constant in my life and that will never change. 

Thanks for everything you do Taylor and for truly being a friend to every one of your fans. For my 23rd birthday I will dance to 1989 (even though I do this often) and surround myself with family and friends as I enter this new and scary time in my life. PS- I am also said that I wont be feelin’ 22. PPS- Let’s celebrate when you come back to NY. See you at Metlife and Gillette :)