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Switched [c.h.] // pt. 4

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,008

ahhh it took me months but i finally found the inspiration to continue this fic!!! i hope some of u are still into it and havent given up on it lmao sorry i suck at updating stuff

incase you missed the first few parts:
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You were loving it here. The change from living in the suburbs back home to living alone in a city was a huge change for sure, but it didn’t take you long to fall in love with your new life. Your classes were great, the people were great—yes, you were getting along fine with Natalie. Living without Lindsay did suck, but she was right somewhat; you saw each other every day and never failed to hang on the weekends.

That didn’t mean you didn’t have other friends, though. Just during your first (and so far only) week here, you found a little group of people to call your friends.

And speaking of friends, you haven’t talked to Calum (or Michael, for that matter) since the little mixup. You haven’t even seen them, which kind of surprised you; Calum seemed like the type to always be on campus, doing whatever he could and always creating.

It also saddened you some. Both of them—but Calum especially—seemed like great people to be friends with. And they were extremely friendly to you, regardless of the short time you talked. You accepted the fact though that you might not pursue a friendship with either of them.


Calum spotted you from across the street, walking out of your last class and heading back towards your dorm. Immediately, his heart filled with joy seeing you, and got up from his comfortable yet extremely cliche position underneath a tree. Eager to talk to you again, he shoved his notebook into his backpack and quickly walked across the park.

“Calum!” He heard someone call to him from behind.

Turning around, he saw Brit, a girl he’s had on his entire time at university. 

She had been in a few classes of his, but Calum being the shy guy he tended to be, never found it in him to go and strike up a conversation. Mainly, because Brit had never shown interest in him. There she was, though, running up to him with a bright smile on her face to see him. “Calum, hey! what’s up?”

Calum glanced back in your direction, seeing you walking further and further away from him, down the street and around a corner. His heart dropped some. “Hey Brit. Look, I really need to get going, I gotta go find–” He said, pointing behind him and started to edge away from the girl, even though a small part of him longed to talk to her.

“I was headed that way anyways! We can walk together.” She suggested. Calum sighed, shrugging his shoulders and beginning to walk side by side with her. “I just thought I’d pop by and catch up some. I feel like we never talk.”

“That’s because we don’t.” He pointed out, anxiously grasping the strap of his bag and looking out for you. 

Crossing the road, Brit tried to keep the conversation up. “Well, why don’t we start talking some more?” Calum hesitated, then sighed; if only this were happening after he ran into you. Brit continued on. “I heard that demo you recorded with Jay. Pretty dark, but it was cool.”

“Thanks.” The compliment was forced, not a single speck of genuineness in his words. All he was focused on was finding you. 

Another turned corner, and he saw you disappear into a building. “You working on anything else recently?”

“Not really…listen, I need to run. I just saw my friend I’ve been looking for all day.” He said, picking up his speed and looking back at Brit one last time.

A soft frown crossed her face. “Oh, we’ll talk later then? Maybe get some coffee or something?”

“Maybe.” Calum called, turning back around and jogging up to the building you entered. He just caught sight of you on the elevator at the end of the hall just before the doors closed, and you saw him as well. 

You immediately wondered what he would be doing in a freshman dormitory, but when his eyes locked with yours and he smiled, you couldn’t help but think he was looking for you. Quickly, you pushed the ‘open door’ button, holding it open for him. “Calum? What’re you doing here?”

“I saw you walking down the street and thought I’d say hi. I haven’t seen you since you were here last month.” He said, approaching you. 

“Yeah, how’d the song turn out, by the way? Did you get everything finished up?” 

“Oh yeah, I love how it sounds. Mike and I stayed up all night at the studio with Jay trying to get it finished, and thankfully he’s a god on guitar and helped with the chord progression.” He told you, starting to get excited about the topic. “Maybe I could show you it sometime?”

“I’d love to hear it.” You smiled, instantly dreaming up how his vocals sounded mixed in with the acoustics. In your head, it sounded amazing, but when you listened to it for the first time, it was better than you could ever have imagined.

That would happen a little later on, though.

Calum, pulling out his phone and flipping it over in his hands a few times, decided to enhance your friendship a little bit. “You should come over tonight.”

You pursed your lips, sighing in disappointment. “I wish I could, but I have some bullshit essay I have to write tonight. Raincheck?”

He nodded, holding out his phone. “Phone number?”

Taking the phone, a soft laugh fell from your lips. “Only for emergencies only.”

“Sure,” He teased, waiting with swelled heart as you entered in your number.

Giving it back to him, you started slowly walking back into the elevator. “Call me sometime. Or text. I don’t really care.”

“Okay, Y/N. See ya.” And with that, he walked out of the lobby of your dorm and back out onto the busy sidewalk.

'Hidden Secrets' Part 4: Family Secrets - Liam Dunbar, Teen Wolf and Supernatural Crossover

[Chapters to the rest of the series.]

It’s the morning of the school carnival, and the cheerleading squad was at Beacon Hills High helping set up for tonight’s event. Y/N couldn’t get tonight off her mind as she taped a “Kissing Booth” banner on one of the booths. She didn’t know what the plan was for tonight. Her brothers, Sam and Dean, were figuring out a plan right now and would explain it to her the moment she gets home later that afternoon. She had to know the plan so she can create a plan of her own, a plan that would prevent her from killing innocent creatures and saving Liam. 

Liam. She didn’t know exactly where they stood. They finally kissed after months of hanging out and flirting, only to find out their darkest secrets might tear them apart. She came from a family of hunters who kill Liam’s kind, werewolves. But now, she wanted nothing more than to save him, protect him, keep him as close to her as she can and away from her brothers.

She couldn’t call Liam or text him after last night’s family meeting with her brothers. She was afraid Sam and Dean would look into her phone, and what she’s done, or if she had warned him. She couldn’t risk getting caught. Instead, she waited for this morning where she knew he would be there and her brothers wouldn’t.

Between the rest of the girls from the cheerleading squat and the entire lacrosse team, Y/N saw Liam setting up the dunk tank with Mason across the parking lot. She needed to approach him without making it obvious. They still weren’t on speaking terms yet, but incase one of her brothers were lurking from a distance to scout the place for tonight, she couldn’t just walk up to him. Instead, she decided to act normal, even though nothing felt remotely normal at the moment. 

“Hey, Brit,” Y/N looked at her cheer mate, “the next sign is the dunk booth.”

“I think that’s across the parking lot,” Britney walked towards the dunk booth with a roll of tape in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. “Hey Mason! Hey Liam!” Britney cheered with a wide smile on her face as she approached the booth. “It looks like you’re almost all done setting that up.” 

“Yeah, we just have to double check and make sure everything is secured, or Coach Finstock will kill us if this thing falls apart when we add the water,” Mason said.

“I’m sure you guys will get the job done,” Britney said.

Liam avoided looking in Y/N’s direction, but he could smell the intoxicating lavender shampoo as the light breeze passed by her. He wanted to close the distance between them. He wanted her in his arms. He wanted to feel her soft lips again. He wanted her, but he knew she needed time to think. It’s been two days, but he didn’t know what the protocol was. How much time does one need to think about their situation? 

Y/N saw Liam tightening a bolt with a monkey wrench. “Liam,” she whispered so low, no one would hear her but him. Liam stopped tightening the bolt at the sound of her voice. He was about to look her way when she immediately whispered between her teeth, “don’t look. Keep tightening the bolt.” Liam does as she says. She had to think of how to say the next part without making it obvious that she was whispering to herself. “Don’t come tonight. Trap. Brothers. Hunting. Killing. Carnival. Tonight,” she gritted between her teeth.

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