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Birthday Wishes (m)

Word Count: 6,309

Warning: Taehyung Smut

“Fucking great.”

You throw the card you’d been reading down onto the round metal table before you, glancing over it once more. The picture on the front is that of a city, the name written in italic in the top right corner. She hadn’t even tried to personalize the picture for you, nor the letter that is nothing more than a bad excuse.

“Do you want another cup o’ coffee?”

You raise your head up to the server, and answer his question with a nod accompanied by a bitter smile. “Yeah.”

He looks at you with a square smile, then takes your empty cup.

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There are so many things I want to do to you.
I want to
a) scream why don’t you see me I’m right here right in front of you. Yes I know I know I’m not so pretty and I’m not so funny and I’m not so special but I’m here. I want you.
b) Kiss you. Just pull your stupid beautiful head toward me and press your grin against my own. I want to do that for hours and not come up for air except for a little bit to just look in each other’s eyes and silently say: yes this is amazing how have I not done this before.
c) Slam the door right in your face. It’s too late and anyway you’re not   that great and I don’t know why a small version of you lives in my head. You’re not that funny and you’re not that special


You are.
You’re everything I’m not but you’re everything I want and you could have anything you want. Or you should, or you shouldn’t, because you should have me. And I should have you. And I know you don’t want me; maybe you want her because she has everything I don’t. She might even have you.


God do I want you.
I want and want and want.

—  the love letter I never sent
Wonwoo As A Father

Originally posted by yixseok

AHHHH!!!! You’re S. Coups as a father was so good and I may have fangirled a little too much over it lol. I don’t know if you a have a certain order, but can you do Wonwoo next if all possible. And maybe make him have a little girl

  • Wonwoo is everyone’s bias wrecker
  • Like even if he isn’t he still is so lets see how far I can get without fangirling
  • Wonwoo is another member I can really see having daddy instincts almost instantly when being a father
  • He would be so nervous though and have doubts about being good enough
  • He would be so oblivious to your hints while trying to tell him you were pregnant
  • When you had found out that you were two months pregnant from skipping a period
  • You were kind of scared of the reaction Wonwoo would give you seeing that the two of you aren’t even married yet
  • Heck with it you weren’t even engaged
  • He was just your 6ft dorky book loving boyfriend
  • You were pretty sure that both you and him were not even 5% ready to have a baby together
  • You knew you had to tell him though
  • You can’t keep a swollen belly hidden away from your boyfriend forever
  • So you tried slipping the idea of children smoothly into conversations
  • “You know Wonwoo, those kids at the park were really cute. Ours would be cuter though”
  • “That couple has a cute little baby. I’m pretty sure we could make a baby that cute too”
  • “These baby commercials really have me thinking, catch my drift?”
  • Wonwoo would be so goddamn dense about it though and you couldn’t seem to get the idea of having a baby stuck in his head
  • So you turned to the one resource you knew your boyfriend would never miss
  • books
  • You managed to take the picture of your ultrasound and fold it up in his novel that he was currently reading
  • One night before bed when you were cuddled up under the covers next to your boyfriend, he decided to catch up on that one very special novel
  • It took a couple minutes until he flipped to the page you marked with the ultrasound picture
  • Wonwoo took out the photo and looked at it with a confused face
  • “[y/n] do you know why there is a picture of a baby in my book? And why does it have your name on it??”
  • “Because it’s mine” you would reply
  • Wonwoo would look at you and laugh thinking that you were joking
  • He would stop immediately though once he found out that you were dead serious
  • Then he would turn even whiter than his whitewashed photos
  • “you’re not joking”
  • You would just nod your head slowly and bit your lips in fear of his response
  • Wonwoo would stay silent for a couple of moments before breaking out in a small grin
  • “do you think it’ll be a little girl? I’ve always wanted a little girl”
  • Just his few words would be enough to reassure you that this was going to be a great experience
  • especially now since you have your boyfriend’s full support over the pregnancy
  • Wonwoo would be so caring throughout the entire thing
  • He would be that man to always make sure he held the doors for you
  • Even in your own apartment where the doors didn’t really need to be held for you to get to room to room
  • He would reassure you that he would cook dinner for the next 7 months of your pregnancy
  • You would be skeptical but wouldn’t complain because you loved the fact that Wonwoo was going all out to pamper you during these next few months
  • He would absolutely fail miserably at cooking for you and you would end up fixing his mistakes
  • He somehow managed to burn water (which i may or may not have done before so don’t judge)
  • In the end you really did give him credit because he tried so hard to make a good meal for you and he would get so upset when it wouldn’t turn out right
  • Telling the boys would be an interesting experience
  • Like all they would do is shower the poor man with questions and tease him for the rest of his life
  • “hyung, boys are the one’s with penises right?”
  • “i s2g kim mingyu you’re such a headass”
  • Although Mingyu seemed to act naive to the entire thought of his best friend having a baby
  • He actually was pretty helpful
  • He offered to do the shopping for the two of you
  • He would walk your dog
  • He would water your plants (only to get smacked by Wonwoo because he over watered and killed your cactus)
  • But overall he was a great help
  • Wonwoo would be so giddy when it came to his first viewing of the ultrasound
  • It was your six month checkup and he was beyond excited to finally find out the gender of your baby
  • He would hold your hand throughout the entire process and watch closely as the doctor explained to you guys about the different parts visible on the screen
  • The doctor would then smiled and point to the lower half of the baby and talk to the two of you in a calm tone
  • “it looks like the two of you are going to have a healthy little girl”
  • Wonwoo would cry on the spot because having a baby girl was what he really wanted ever since he found out you were pregnant
  • “Wonwoo, are you okay? you sound like a dying whale”
  • “i’m not crying a spec just flew into my eye”
  • he would say as showers of tears poured down his face
  • This oaf would be so happy about the entire thing for weeks
  • It’s all he would talk about to the boys and even to random strangers on the street
  • “Hey, did you know that the gender of my baby is going to be a-”
  • “A girl, we know wonwoo”
  • “Are you guys psychic or something?”
  • Wonwoo would be so obsessed with shopping for your little girl
  • Like he would be spoiling her even before she was born
  • Her entire nursery would be pastel colors
  • He’d buy her every single plushie he would see
  • There would always be a moment when the two of you were shopping that you needed to pull your boyfriend to the side and tell him that you’re little girl already has enough
  • Of course he would never listen and still end up buying the whole store
  • The first time you felt the baby kick was during one of Seventeen’s practices
  • And of course you ended up disrupting the entire thing
  • Not that you tried
  • When the baby kicked it took you by shock because you weren’t expecting it and you didn’t realize what was happening until it happened so you were like
  • “o h”
  • Wonwoo heard you and thought that something bad happened so he would scream for the music to stop and quickly run over to you to see if you were okay
  • The boys would follow him quickly because you were like family to them and they were worried also
  • “give me your hand”
  • “why??? what’s wrong”
  • You would take his giant hand and place it onto your round belly
  • It would take a couple of seconds until the baby kicked agian and wonwoo was like
  • :O
  • He would scream loudly and turn to his members and motion for them to place their hands on your belly too
  • And that’s basically how you ended up with 13 hands on your pregnant belly
  • All the boys would be so giddy about it and would start screaming about how excited they were to complete this milestone with you
  • This wasn’t exactly how you expected the first kick to go but honestly it was better than you thought
  • Everything since then seemed to run pretty smoothly
  • The only thing that really bothered you were the constant contractions and morning sicknesses
  • The doctor told you that it was normal though because the baby was so close to it’s due date
  • You and Wonwoo were both nervous and excited because you’ve been waiting for this moment for the past 9 months
  • Wonwoo started having his last minute “i’m not good enough” doubts about being a father
  • You did everything to reassure him that it would be perfect though
  • And finally the day came
  • Your contractions were being extra painful that day and Wonwoo was too afraid to leave you all on your own so he decided to take you to work with him where you laid down on a sofa in jihoon’s studio
  • You were about to fall asleep when you felt a sharp pain run through your abdomen followed by trickling liquid
  • You were like “oh shit” and stood up to go find Wonwoo
  • But the second you stood up you screamed out in pain
  • Lucky for you Jihoon was headed back to his studio to grab one of their newest tracks and heard your scream
  • He immediately ran to your side and judge by the way you were struggling to stand he knew exactly what was happening
  • He allowed you to hold onto him as he led you to the practice room where your boyfriend was
  • Right as you walked through the door, you made eye contact with Wonwoo
  • Wonwoo asked you what was wrong and Jihoon gave him a dead face
  • “dude she’s going into labor, can’t you tell??”
  • Wonwoo’s eyes popped out of his head as he went to dial for an ambulance but luckily Seungcheol stopped him and told him to just have someone drive you to the hospital instead
  • So Wonwoo grabbed a staff member and had them run the two of you to the hospital
  • You didn’t really remeber most of the trip because the pain was too much for you to handle at the time so you ended up passing out on the way there
  • The nurse woke you up in time to tell you that it was time to push
  • And damn was that quite the wake up call
  • Wonwoo helped you push pretty well and he managed to stay calm and collected through the entire thing
  • He knew that if he stressed you out that wouldn’t be good so he tried to stay strong
  • But really he was dying on the inside
  • And finally loud cries were heard
  • And no, it wasn’t from that baby
  • It was from your dorky boyfriend who had a giant grin on his face and broke down at the sight of your little girl being held in the arms of the nurse
  • “she’s here! she’s really here [y/n]!”
  • You couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriend as he continued to fuss over how happy he was
  • The nurse soon got the baby cleaned off and handed it to your boyfriend to give to you
  • But he didn’t want to let go
  • You couldn’t blame him though
  • He looked so mezmerized by the small girl and his eyes were so glossy with delight at the sight of her in his arms
  • He couldn’t process how something so tiny could mean so much to him
  • After a couple of days it was finally time to take her home
  • Of course Wonwoo took up the role of becoming her tour guide
  • He would walk around the house with your little girl in his arms and show her around and introduce her to all your plants
  • “these are the marigolds, these are the daisies, and this is the cactus that uncle mingyu killed so he is not allowed to come around the house until your much older because the same thing might happen to you too”
  • She would start at him with her big brown eyes as if she were listening to every word he was saying
  • This is how you knew that your little girl would have her daddy wrapped around her finger
  • As she grew older Wonwoo refused to miss any of her major milestones
  • Such as her first steps when she fell into his arms and he was so proud
  • Or when her first words were “woowoo” and he was melting over how cute she sounded as she tried to say his name
  • Honestly you couldn’t tell if she was trying to mimic the trains you took her to see of if she was calling out for her father’s attention
  • But you didn’t want to fight about it because it made Wonwoo so happy
  • But basically that’s how Wonwoo got his nickname from you and no matter how many times he told you to stop you were like
  • “yeah, whatever woowoo, you know you like it”
  • And he honestly didn’t mind because he loved you so much
  • Sometimes you wondered if he loved you as much as his little girl
  • But he always said he loved you both the same
  • He would be so protective over her
  • Like when the two of you needed a babysitter so you could go out for a special dinner together Mingyu offered to watch her
  • You were okay with it but Wonwoo was afraid he would kill her like he did with his precious cactus
  • You literally had to pull him out the door so he could let Mingyu do his job
  • And throughout the entire night he couldn’t stop worrying about his little girl
  • “if you were so worried about leaving her alone why did you ask me for dinner tonight?”
  • “because i had important business to take care of with you but i didn’t think you would call the worst possible person to babysit”
  • And because he was so worried he would completely rush through the night and almost forgot that he was planning to propose to you so before you guys left he restaurant he shoved a black box into your hands and you were like
  • “lol okay”
  • So that’s basically how you got engaged which is another story
  • And when you got home you told him that there really wasn’t anything to worry because of the sight you walked into
  • Mingyu was laid across your sofa with your little toddler craddled into his chest
  • Wonwoo walked over to the two of them and placed a blanket over top of them and pouted the entire way back to you
  • “he’s gonna take her away from me”
  • “shut up dork, no he’s not”
  • The wasn’t the last time he got jealous over Mingyu’s relationship with your daughter
  • There was also the time they had a tea party and your daughter declared Mingyu her new boyfriend
  • And it was like that way for 3 years until Minghao’s son strutted into your daughter’s life and was like
  • “sup babe you got a man??”
  • And that’s how you and Minghao’s wife started fangirling about how cute your kids would be with each other
  • Wonwoo and Minghao on the other hand were not happy because they didn’t want their babies to have anyone in their lives so young
  • The two of them were best friends for like their entire life
  • Despite Minghao’s baby being a year younger than your daughter
  • And when they got into high school Minghao told Wonwoo that his son had a major crush on his daughter
  • And jealous Wonwoo was back
  • All that went away though when Minghao’s son came over to your place one day to ask if he could take your daughter to prom
  • He was so nervous because Wonwoo looked so intimidating
  • But Wonwoo only smirked at him and was like
  • “dude, chill. if you want to take out my daughter you can, it’s just prom right??”
  • But Wonwoo was wrong because prom actually made their relationship turn into more and before you knew it your daughter had a boyfriend
  • You were honestly just glad that your daughter was with someone that you could trust to not hurt her
  • But Wonwoo had a hard time processing it
  • He did get over it after a while and realized that his daughter was really happy with baby hao
  • God he was such a mess when it came to her graduation
  • He was the one dad who took way too many pictures
  • But he also came up with the cute couple ideas for graduation pics for both his daughter and Minghao’s son
  • The two of them ended up going to the same college and Wonwoo was kind of relaxed because at least his daughter had someone to look after her while she was away
  • Fast forward a couple years
  • MInghao and your daughter were in their last year of college
  • Your daughter had actually just gotten excepted into medical school while Minghao’s son got excepted into veterinary school
  • So Minghao’s son showed up at your door one day during break and asked if he could take Wonwoo out
  • Of course Wonwoo hesitated before he agreed because it was his daughter’s boyfriend and it could do him some good to get to know her
  • He may have also been forced out by his wife
  • Baby hao was so nervous though like he kept shaking and was causing Wonwoo some stress
  • It wasn’t until he spilled juice all over Wonwoo’s pants that Wonwoo finally broke
  • “dude, are you okay”
  • Hao’s son was shocked that Wonwoo seemed so chill about it all so he decided to come clear about why he took Wonwoo out
  • “I want to marry your little girl”
  • Wonwoo was speechless and soon broke out into a small smile
  • “you’re okay kid, you can marry her if you want”
  • And that was how the two of them bonded
  • Wonwoo even helped baby hao plan his proposal
  • And a couple years later they ended up getting married
  • His daughter was so nervous the day of but Wonwoo helped calm her nerves
  • And the look he gave when he was his baby girl in her wedding gown made him cry
  • Like she was so beautiful
  • It was the same reaction he gave his wife as she walked down the aisle so many years back
  • Wonwoo’s little girl was finally grown up and he couldn’t be prouder of his family
  • Even though he gave his little girl away to another man, he still had his loving wife by his side to reassure him that everything was okay
  • He was okay

Pregnant - Peter Maximoff (HCs)

requested by @demoncrypt1066

- “I made that.”

- Rubbing your stomach

- “Peter what are you doing.”

- “I’m massaging the baby, duh.”

- Cries of happiness

- Proud dad

- “We aren’t naming the child Peter Jr.”

- “I bet he’s gonna say my name before he says yours.”

- Whispers to it.

- Anxiety attacks about your water braking.

- “What happens if I’m on a mission and Peter Jr. is born without me?!?!”

- Buys it onesies

- In Babies R Us 24/7

- I’d like a boy- I mean…uh, I’d like the baby anyway but a boy would be nice.

- Tells dad jokes

- “Hey, did you know that I’m a dad? How crazy is that?”

- “Yes Peter, we know.”

- The baby has silver hair.


- Does everything for you because he doesn’t want to stress out you and baby.

Your Laugh Is Even Nicer - Requested Kim Samuel Scenario

This is my first requested scenario which is very exciting!🎉 This is for: @xsiaz

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: I have no idea

Message?: I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry if it doesn’t separate out.

“Please leave the boys alone Y/N,” my mum’s voice came again from by the door where she was carrying a little black and white dog which my little 10 year-old self found the most adorable thing in the world, so adorable my mum had to bring it to work whenever I came with her.

“No she’s okay,” Vernon said, hugging me close. “Hey! Y/N! Did you know we have a new boy today?”

“Really?!” I asked excitedly, flashing my wonky smile.

Vernon nodded, “he’s another English speaker, like you and I.”

I nodded, “so he’s only half Korean?”

A very exciting thought for me with my English dad and Korean mum.

Vernon pointed at me, “Exactly!”

I giggled until Mingyu came over and picked me up, carrying me over to the door where my mum was.

“No!” I exclaimed. “I want to stay with you! Not my mum!”

“Thank you very much then,” my mum said, mock offended.

“You’ve heard about Samuel?” Mingyu asked, changing the subject and the language.

“Yep!” I said. “I’m excited!”

“He’s coming up now guys!” my mum shouted.

A few seconds later a little boy entered the room, he had to be the same age as me.
He looked around at the green walls and the ten boys he was going to be working with.

“He looks very small to be working with you guys,” I whispered to Mingyu, still in his arms.

“I’m sure he’s very talented though,” Mingyu whispered back.

I nodded and Mingyu put me down.

“Hello!” Samuel said bowing. “I’m Samuel.”

Everyone smiled.

“Aww so cute!”
“Y/N has a same-age friend!”
“He’s even smaller than Y/N!”

He was visually baffled by the mention of a girls name so I waved.

“Hello! I’m Y/N. I don’t actually work with guys, I can’t dance,” I introduced myself. “I’m 10 by the way, how about you?”

“I’m 10 too!” he exclaimed. “Nearly 11 though.“

“And you can dance,” Mingming said, joining the conversation.

I shrugged and went over to my mum to view what the boys were practising today.

“You have a nice smile by the way,” Samuel said from behind me. “I think you need braces though.”

I laughed, “I think so too.”

“Ahh, your laugh is even nicer,” he said.




“Y/N!” Samuel shouted, clicking his fingers and clapping his hands in from of my face.

“Huh?” I asked.

Samuel laughed as I looked up at him from his arms.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

He hummed and went back to watching his programme until a few seconds later he took me by surprise by attacking me in the worst form. Tickles. I burst out laughing as he tickled my waist. “Tell me what you were thinking about! I know it was something!” He laughed. “Or not, ahh your laugh is so nice.” “That’s wh-what I was thinking about!” I laughed. “What?” he asked. “The first time we met!” I exclaimed. “What does that have to do with your laugh?” he asked, still laughing. “I’m serious!” I pouted. “You said I had a nice smile but I needed braces then you said ‘ahh, your laugh is even nicer’.” “Well, it was all true,” he said, kissing my forehead. “And your laugh is even nicer.”

Bestfriend! Jaehyun pt. 1

Originally posted by kaepop-trash

  • being jungjae’s best friend would literally just be you dealing with weird questions 25/8
  • “y/n if this octopus is in water how can you tell if its crying what if its crying right now?”
  • “yes jeff it’s mourning your lack of an ass-”
  • most of your communication would be tagging each other in fb memes and insta posts about food and astrology
  • “Y/n look our compatibility is 9/10 👀👀”
  • him flirting with you but not like the suave type of flirting he does when he wants to get a girl
  • the cheesy kind of flirting where he’s super extra with the compliments and is just a greASEball
  • your ultimate hype man
  • but also drags you non-stop to keep you humble….he does this especially in front of boys you like
  • “hey mark did you know y/n got her hand stuck in a pringles tube once and she had me come over with some lube to slip it out”
  • you’re not able to roast him on much because he’s literally the best at everything……but you must get revenge
  • “hey but remember that one time in fourth grade when you tried to teleport like Harry Potter but ended up concentrating so hard you shat your pa-”
  • you using the fourth grade story to keep him in check

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Space Family|Langst

Lance sat on the observatory deck, his feet tucked close to his chest, it was very early and the teen couldn’t sleep, his mind was in complete overdrive. The Cuban male lifted his hand up towards the stars in the direction which Coran had said planet earth was in, his home planet. Lance was homesick, very homesick; he missed everything, the trees, the beautiful ocean, the cool breeze, the feeling of the sand between his toes, the busy chatter of the cafe he used to work in and most of all he was homesick for his family. The playful fights between his younger siblings and him, the hugs his mama would give him whenever he felt down, the friendly teasing from his papa, the nights when his younger cousins and siblings would stay up for hours with him to have a midnight feast or camp out.

Saying he missed them wasn’t enough, his heart ached for them, he wanted his family. Because the male knew it, he had tears rolling down his cheek, Lance didn’t move to wipe them away too lost in his memories to care. His dark blue eyes looking up at the beautiful sight above him, the stars and planets, the thing he continually fought for. Suddenly Lance was thrown back into another memory, one which brought a teary smile to his lips.

I’m walking alone, the streets are empty The only thing I can see is my own silhouette

A song which he used to sing to his younger family, whenever someone was upset or depressed.

I’m getting stronger step by step The clock is ticking but there is no time for regrets

When Lance noticed one of his family members looking sad or upset he would organize a family ‘hug out’ where the rest of the family and Lance would surround them with a group hug and talk about silly things or just stay sing the song.

I’ve been flying from town to town From London to Taiwan I’ve been all around the globe Trying to protect your soul

It wasn’t just any song they would sing either, no the song meant everything to the McClain family, it held a special place in their hearts which filled each of them with a warm fuzzy feeling whenever they hear it. The meaning they incorporated from the song giving them all strength and the feeling that they were never alone.

We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky We are heroes tonight

Knowing that to Lance, his siblings were his heroes, and they could face any challenge and hold their heads high.

yeah, We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky

It was a guarantee that no matter What, no matter what life threw at them, they can stay strong and will get through it. Lance blinked as the tears ran down his face, his voice shaking as he sang the song out loud his voice echoing around the room.

We are heroes tonight, yeah Night yeah

He curled in a fist over his heart, the pain nearly excruciating. The male held back a sob as his heart called out for his family, hey mama, papa, did you know your little boy has grown up?

Feeling like a dynamite Ready to explode right up in the sky I need you to listen

He wasn’t dead, he hadn’t run away. Her little boy was saving people, helping them live without fear. Lance smiled slightly, hey sisters?

I need you to hear And don’t show any fear

Your big brother is actually a hero, just like those stories he told you when you were younger. Lance closed his ocean deep blue eyes curling up on himself letting out a heart-wrenching sob, he missed them so much.

“I’ve been flying from town to town From London to Taiwan I’ve been all around the globe Trying to protect your soul”

A voice sang from behind him, carrying on what Lance couldn’t finish, the Cuban male jumped and looked around his eyes shining with tears, his nose and eyes red from crying, looking completely broken. Pidge walked over to him slowly followed by Hunk, Keith, and Shiro. They had been woken up by Pidge who had been awake working on something, she had heard singing and come to investigate only to find a heartbroken Lance crying, she had been the one to carry on the song when Lance broke down.

“ We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky”

Hunk sat down next to his best friend singing along with Pidge who sat on his other side, he put his arm around the sobbing male and held him close.

“ We are heroes tonight, yeah We are heroes tonight”

Shiro sat in front of Lance gently wiping the oncoming tears away with his thumb, joining in with the singing.

“ We will fly above the sky We are heroes tonight”

Keith kneeled beside the brunette looking slightly confused on how to deal with a homesick sobbing Lance, being the last to join in on the singing Keith finally leaned forward and brought the male into a hug leaning his forehead against his, mimicking what Shiro had done in the past to comfort him.

“Yeah We are heroes tonight, yeah Night yeah We are heroes tonight We will fly above the sky We are heroes tonight, yeah”

The paladins all now singing apart from Lance who was trying to calm down, hugged their friend tightly sharing his pain. In one way or another, they also were homesick for something, whether it was family, home or peace. They all shared the pain equally between them, no matter the circumstance of how they were brought together, the five loved each other, They were a makeshift space family with the addition of Allura and Coran. And they would go through hell together and together they would go home.

“I’ve been flying from town to town From London to Taiwan I’ve been all around the globe Trying to protect your soul.”

The song finished and they all were silent with only Lances sobs, sniffs, and cries heard. After a while the blue paladin calmed down and holding each other the paladins Voltron fell asleep holding each other tightly, holding their family closely. Before Lance drifted off to sleep he thought of one thing, it doesn’t matter where he was because he had his family with him, blood or not and a little broken, but they were his and he would never change that.

-the song is |Heroes to tonight, Janji|-

Award Show Arse

“And again, good luck!” The person smiles at Y/N, giving her arm a small squeeze before turning and heading back into the growing crowd. She watches them disappear before turning to the man next to her, a bored look on his face.

“Can you act a little more excited?” She asks him, frustration from throughout the night growing.

“I am excited.” Joe drawls sarcastically, his hands in his pockets and as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. “Can’t you tell?”

“If you didn’t want to come, you should have said.” Y/N crosses her arms, glancing around at the people nearby.

“I told you I would, so here I am.”

The couple were at an award show for Y/N; she was nominated for one of her top singles that had been released this year. She was already nervous, and was hoping Joe being here would help, but instead he was being standoffish and ignoring anyone that came up to talk to them. She hated when he got in to these moods, and she had noticed that he got in to them more and more when it was her being praised, and not him.

“And maybe you should have stayed home.” Y/N shook her head, tired of dealing with him.

“Now you don’t want me here?” Joe questions, raising an eyebrow.

“I want you here if you’re going to be a supportive boyfriend instead of this asshole.” She snaps at him, trying to keep her voice quiet.

“How am I being an asshole!? I’ve been with you all night, stuffed into this ridiculous suit, and listening to everyones stupid stories.” His tone turns angry as he shifts to face her, hands still in his pockets.

“You always do this.”

“Do what, Y/N?”

“Get weird when I’m the one being praised instead of you! There are other people in the world besides you, Joe. Or do you not realize that? Tonight is about me, sorry, but it is. I am the one up for an award, not you. I apologize if your ego is damaged by someone getting attention instead of you.”

“I’m not being weird.” Joe glares at her, “You’re imagining shit. I don’t care that we’re here for you. I don’t really care about these stupid award shows, you know that!”

“I just figured you would care because I’m nominated. Sorry for thinking I had a boyfriend that would be excited for me.” She took a breath, blinking back the tears. “Excuse me, I need some air.” With that, she brushed past him, walking quickly before the tears fell.

A few minutes later he finds her outside, her arms wrapped around herself, rubbing her bare arms against the chilly autumn air.

“It’s freezing out here, you know that, right?” Joe speaks softly as he walks towards Y/N, slipping off his jacket to drape it across her shoulders.

She doesn’t say anything, nor does she look at him, but he does notice her pull the jacket tighter across her body. He also notices the marks on her cheeks where tears had fallen, tears he had made fall.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been a right arse.” Joe sighs, running a hand through his hair.

“Yes, you have.” Her voice is small, and she shifts her eyes to look at him, unshed tears shining in them.

“Y/N,” He starts, reaching out to pull her body close to his. “I’m sorry. Truly. I should have been more excited to be here, I don’t really have any excuse for me being an ass.” He pulls back so they can look at each other, but his arms remain around her. “But I am proud of you, so incredibly proud. I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I’m not dreaming. I still remember when you were only singing in the shower. And now look at you! We’re at a bloody award show for you.” His gaze softens, and he lifts a hand to brush away a tear from her cheek. ”And I’ve gone and ruined that for you.”

“I just…” Y/N pauses, licking her lips. “I just wanted to share it all with you. You’re the only one I want to share this with, Joe. Then seeing you so bored, and obviously not wanting to be here…I feel like you don’t want me to be excited and happy, for me to have attention instead of you.”

“That’s on me, love. I hate attention, you know that. Don’t know why I became a bloody youtuber, too much attention there. But you deserve everything and anything, because I want everyone to hear and see how amazing you are. When I first heard you were nominated, I kept telling everyone! Ask the boys, they got sick of me saying Hey, did you know my girlfriend is nominated for an award?” Joe smiles down at her, happy when she returns it. “I think the office has your songs constantly stuck in their head too, because whenever I go there, I play them. Because they are great. And deserve to be heard.”

“You are such a dork.” She lets out a small laugh, smiling fully up at him. “You promise to tell me if you don’t want to come to some event where you have to get stuffed into a ridiculous suit?” Y/N questions, the worry starting to return.

Joe leans down, kissing her softly. “I’ll wear a ridiculous suit for you any day. That’s how much I love you. But can we go back inside? I think I’ve lost a toe.”

She laughs again and nods, stepping back as their hands link together, leading him back inside.

They make it to their seats just in time for her category to be announced. And when Y/N’s name is called as the winner, Joe claps louder than anyone there, turning to the person next to him to say That’s my girlfriend!

me, meeting some white boy: hey

italian boy: did you know meatball is considered a slur to italian people? my grandma is italian she makes the best pasta. ITALIAN PRIDE. #NOTWHITE

me, softly: dude, what the fuck