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Day 46, Nominations - Ash Booker

Ash: “Hey, Big Brother. *heavy sigh* There’s no two ways about it. This week was always going to be the hardest. I’ve got two sets of nominations in my head right about now. Well, one name is on both, so…I’m going to nominate Choi this week. Out of all of them, I think he’s going to give me the most trouble if I make it through to the finale. I like him, but I want to win this game.

“Now for the hard part. *Bleep*! Jayme. I’m nominating Jayme. I’d probably sit easier against her; but she’s the biggest source of headache in this House.”

Nominations Tally:
Ash: 0




Anna DeWitt

A little backstory for pict I did earlier. 

In one of many alternative realities, Booker did not sell Anna to Comstock. He raised her by his own. However, his debts were never paid for, which means many people are after his neck.

He tried to keep Anna away from this, but situation is getting serious. So this happened.

"When I first seen Columbia, that sky was the brightest, bluest sky that ever was. Seemed like Heaven. Then your eyes adjusted to the light and you see that sea of white faces looking back at'cha."

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Beyond The Sea: The Importance Of Elizabeth

We’ll do our damnedest to not talk spoilers for this installment – but it’s hard when it comes to Elizabeth Comstock.  Because her story is so interwoven into the plot of BioShock Infinite, we’re instead focusing upon Elizabeth’s creation, her purpose within the game world and the larger significance she could play in the future of gaming.

First, though, we should start with how Elizabeth came about.

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That’s it. That’s the joke.


Hey! I’m Booker, I’m 18, I hate to ask but I really need to get out the living situation I’m in! I’m genderqueer and pansexual living in a very southern community here in Texas. I have no car, job, and live in the middle of nowhere with only one day out of the week to get out.  My father is physically and emotionally abusive, and my alcoholic mother promotes his behavior, and steals what little money I make cleaning houses. They both have taken away my depression and anxiety medicine, claiming that I “look fine." 

All my money is going to help relocate me, seeing how I’m a high school drop out and using the money for a school would be useless at this point. My main priority is moving somewhere safer. 

I’m down to draw anything but porn or mecha! I can try to do furry/animal art, but I can’t promise it’ll be good! 

Commissions are on a super sale so I can save up to get out of here! Prices dropped by a ton! Please signal boost this and donations are really appreciated! amatoriam@gmail.com! 

bookerandlucille  asked:

Booker is flying toward the Everfree, and sees Crackshot's house. "It's been a long time since I've seen Crackshot..." He spirals down and lands just in front of his door. He knocks, saying, "Hey Crackshot, it's Booker!"

“Crackshot ain’t here right now, can I help ya?” A very different voice answered. An orange mare with straw colored mane and a brown hat rounded the corner, hooves caked in a light layer of dirt.

Hey bookers!!!!! Here’s CoverBound’s Book Photo Challenge!!!

*crowd cheers*

ANYWAY! I have been dragging this around for weeks, never sure if it was ready to see the world and then thebooker mentioned me in an ask about book photo challenges and I stopped procrastinating and did the pretty pic and here I am!

Ramble’s over. 

Explanation starts: This, while having 31 points, is not a daily challenge to do in a whole month. You guys are free to do this at your own pace, whether its all in a week or all in 31 days or in 31 weeks, or whatever you prefer. I decided to do it like this because I never work well with daily challenges, there’s always something in the way and bam! My mojo goes puff!

Extra: the “for free” point is for any book you didn’t spend any money on, a present, a free book from a promo, anything, as long as your money wasn’t involved in acquiring it.

One last thing. Put in your first 5 tags either #coverbound or #coverbound book photo challenge (or both) so I can see what you’ve done and reblog it here :D

Yay! Happy reading and happy photographing!