hey bishop

How awesome is that?
  • How awesome is that?
  • Bishop/Rebecca Crane/Shaun Hastings
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Bishop: Hello, Initiate.

Recently, Abstergo Historical Research began several new projects in London.

We both know that when Abstergo makes big moves, the Templars are up to something. We think they’re hot on the trail of a new Piece of Eden. I’ve got people in London looking for it.

Rebecca: Hey Bishop! Jacob and Evie Frye are twins! How awesome is that?

Bishop: Speak of the devil. Fire up your cameras, Becs!

I’ve got picture. ETA on the payload?

Rebecca: Sending it now.

Bishop: A lot to sift through. I’m going to get the Initiates on it ASAP.

Rebecca: You look weird with a weapon.

Let’s plant a little bug and see what we can see!

Got something. Isabelle Ardant has a meeting here in a few hours. Doesn’t say with who.

Shaun: ‘Doesn’t say with whom,’ Rebecca. And I suppose it’s down to muggins here to find out.

Bishop: Hold on, the mission was to find data to locate a Piece of Eden in London.

Rebecca: We did!

Shaun: And now I’m eager to try this new kit!

Bishop: I don’t like it when those two go off-book like this. Well, all we can do is take a deep breath and move forward.

You’ll be searching for the Piece of Eden through the lives of Jacob and Evie Frye. Twin Assassins who operated in Victorian London.

Your first set of genetic memories are downloaded. Good luck!

  • Bishop: Oh. Yeah, no, piece of cake. The whatchamacallit just disconnected from the thingamajig.
  • Tony: Oh. boy
  • Bishop: No, really come here. Just see for yourself.
  • Tony: I'll just keep my nose out of your whatchamacallit if you don't mind.
  • Gibbs: Hey
  • Bishop: Hey
  • McGee: Hey, boss
  • Gibbs: There a problem?
  • Bishop: Um...
  • Tony: Our new agent has a little engine trouble.
  • Gibbs: Anything I can do to help?
  • Bishop: Uh, it's pretty self-explanatory really.
  • Gibbs: Check to see if that little gizmo there is attached to that other doodleybop?
  • Bishop: Mmm, not yet. You think that'll do it?
  • Gibbs: If you spit on it. Sometimes that works.
  • Bishop: All right
  • Tony: Oh, come on

anonymous asked:

hey, where is kate bishop from? i always assumed she was white

I had assumed she was asian american, but i had never looked into her race but i guess tumblr wasnt the best source but now looking into it i didnt find a confirmation so i took the post down.

She’s got a boyfriend anyway | The dysfunctional thing that is canon TommyKate is one mix.

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Kinda Friendly Les Mis Fact:

Hey remember these?!

The Bishop’s appearance at the end of the movie is actually a reference to the Brick. In the brick, when Valjean is dying at the convent, he is asked if he wants a priest. He points above his head and says he has one, which implies the Bishop is there, witnessing. 


one hundred marvel ladies

27/100 kate bishop (aka hawkeye)


youve all seen this right


What’s Yours is Mine 

Meet Thomas and William Hiddleston, inseparable identical twin brothers and heirs to the phenomenally successful Hiddleston Corporations. That is, until Thomas was cut off from his family for his drug usage in university, leaving William to run the company alone. But now, their family is in shambles; a sick mum and a wash-out dad has led the fortune to run dry and the company into deep debt. With no other options, William has only one person to turn to for help: the most successful drug lord in England: his own twin, Thomas.