hey beast studio

Steller’s sea eagle at the National Aviary. She’s a beauty!

Awesome weekend here: lots of productive studio time; company in from out of town; a visit to the National Aviary (loads of good pics for reference and ideas for another book); and a new Cat Power CD to listen to in the studio ❤❤❤

Happy Labor Day weekend to followers in the States – and happy weekending to peeps from other parts of the globe.

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Someone asked what medium I work in - figured it would be fun to break and take a shot of my work table as is. Included you will find the following:

1. Daler Rowney liquid acrylic - Kinda weird and still figuring it out, though I do love the white. It pops when I need pop.

2. Higgins ink - pen and ink stuff

3. Pelikan watercolors - from Amazon. Nothing fancy as of yet, watercolors can get pretty pricey! These work nicely.

4. various tubes of watercolors and gouaches

5. Pens, pencils and markers - my faves are Sharpie fine point for detail work and Staedtler pencils, preferably 2B

Woohoo! Armadillo to Zebu: an Alphabet Book for You and Me Too has been loaded and looks good online! Ordered proofs this morning to review an actual physical object. If all goes well it should be available in 2-3 weeks!

19 months to make a book. It’s so weird that it’s about done, at least the creation of part. I know getting it out there and supporting it will be a whole new chunk of work. I look forward to it!

Thanks everyone for following!

And the buddies in the pic are our dogs, leftover illustrations that did not make it into the book. They’re super jazzed about all of this :-)

Fooling around in Photoshop tonight to get the cover right. The type is taking a lot of time, much longer than anticipated, but I’m pleased with the results thus far.

All of the letters were made by hand - drawn, colored, and cut - and then scanned. It seemed silly to spend so much time on the animals and then slap on some computer generated font. No thanks.

The only manipulation in Photoshop was to adjust size or erase a stray piece of fuzz. I like it that way.