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that moment when ur boyfriend and u dress up in ancient attire circa 1985, and hes drunk out of his mind, but ur not cause ur a robot who’s fueled by alcohol. its ok tho cause ur both havin a good time

a soft son

Played with new brush to calm my nerves ahead of some upcoming exams aah
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Please. Please bless us with your headcanons for the au. It's so pretty I need context

So I’ll not get into the more emotional headcanons because I don’t know how to explain those well, but here’s a not quite but still general summary.

Under the cut because it’s kinda long and like I said before, don’t take it too seriously just have fun!

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fan-favorite BATB 2017 cast members- a summary (pt 1)
  • Dan Stevens: is really, REALLY hot, but in reality is cute and adorable
  • Luke Evans: also really hot, everyone in the fandom has seen all his other movies
  • Josh Gad: adorable, has adorable family, and represents all of us when he randomly breaks into song
  • Ewan McGregor: living meme, actually all of his characters, especially Lumiere and Obi-Wan
  • Ian McKellen: inspirational father figure to literally everyone
  • Alexis Loizon: his instagram actually makes all of his fans pass out in shock because he's that gorgeous

Yamada Ryosuke fan-boying over Emma Watson Part 1

“I saw the trailer of Emma Watson’s movie Beauty and the Beast. Rather than saying she’s cute, she’s just naturally a beautiful woman, her beauty is on the level of artistic beauty. It was really satisfying just by looking at her through the screen. I wonder if Keito can get a chance to interview her. Then he’ll show a picture of 9 JUMP members and ask her, “which one is your type?” (laughs). To be honest, I don’t want her to choose Chinen. Because doesn’t that mean she likes “cute little guys”? If [her type] is “cool guys”, I can polish myself more to look cooler, but its impossible for me to be cute. —What the hell am I delusioning about?” (laughs)

Yamada Ryosuke fan-boying over Emma Watson Part 2 (in HS7′s Crosstalk)

Nakajima: What is the theme this time?
Chinen: Things that are “beautiful”, so something beautiful that I’ve seen. Yeah! (claps hands) The three of you, yeah!
Chinen: A scenery from the ranch of Hokkaido~
Okamoto: A beautiful beach I went to in Hawaii
Yamada: Emma Watson!
Nakajima: Ahahahaha, the sea of Los Angeles!

Yamada being a cute little fanboy (ノ◕ ω ◕)ノ*:・゚✧