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Merry (late) Christmas 
@l-sula-l !

Hey Bambi! I know 2016 has been a nightmare of a year, but I’m so glad I got in touch with you! You’re really funny and you always crack me up. Also, you’re very talented too!  You have a beautiful voice and your Pearl’s impersonations are hard to believe they’re not the real thing hahahaha! Well, Merry late Christmas, and I wish you and all a better 2017! Love you, be safe and take care! 💜

Best For My Boy, Part 3

Part 1/Part 2 or Follow on Ao3 -Rachel

Two weeks later …

Tony couldn’t believe he’d let his dad talk him into coming to this stupid function. It was boring as hell and all of the people that he came across wanted to talk about Politics or sports, neither of which he found very interesting. But this wasn’t about fun, this was about improving his skills as a business man, or at least, that’s how his dad had put it.

*ring….. ring…..* “Hello?”

“Hey Bambi, how are you?”

“Oh! Hi Dad, I’m good, things are finally slowing down at school again. I was taking a nap and didn’t check the caller ID.”

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you…” Howard felt bad waking his son up, he knew the boy probably didn’t get enough sleep these days with all the work he was putting in for his projects.

“It’s okay dad. I missed you, it’s been a few days since our last phone call.” He heard rustling over the phone, probably Tony moving into a more comfortable position. His heart swelled, hearing that his son not only missed him, but was willing to admit it. He must be really tired if he was saying stuff like that.

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Up and Over ^ [NMH Texts]
  • Bambi [deleted]: so you're probably wondering why
  • Bambi [deleted]: have you heard John Legend's new alb
  • Bambi [deleted]: hey Berlioz!
  • Bambi [deleted]: what's up?
  • Bambi [deleted]: so weird thing happened to me the other day
  • Bambi [deleted]: just for the record im definitely NOT gay
  • Bambi [deleted]: if your dad was some weird magical shapeshifter what would you do
  • Bambi: hey

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I got a river for a soul, and baby you’re a boat
Baby, you’re my only reason