hey baby heres that movie you wanted

Bts reaction to you giving them boner while sitting in their lap

Request 1:  Hey can u make bts react when u you give them a boner while sitting on their lap ? ( sorry my english is bad hopefully i can understand it)


“Baby,I suggest you sit on the couch for a while. The movie is nice. I don’t want to fuck you here. Give me 10 minutes to calm down.”

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“Now I have a boner. You will take care for the mess you made. Fuck the stupid the movie. We can watch it later.”

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Stops the movie, locks his hands around your waist. “Move, slowly. Not that  slowly, baby girl. You know exactly at what pace. Don’t tease or it will backfire.”

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“Baby, please stop moving. I beg you. I don’t want to fuck you in front of the boys. I feel awkward enough already. I said stop you little naughty girl or I’ll have to punish you late.”

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“Y/n, baby, I hope you feel what I hope you feel. Don’t move and just ignore it. We’ll take care of it later. And by later I mean the whole night ahead.”

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“Baby, can you please move? I really need this right now. Good little girl, are you?”

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“I dare you to move again. Move one more fucking time and you feel what’s underneath you. This will be buried deep in you and you won’t cum for the next week.”

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BABY #3 “oh, god, i love you more.”

BREAKDOWN “do me a favor, okay, baby?”

MONDAY MORNINGS “please tell Hazel she needs to wear underwear to school.”

LONG WEEKEND “maybe I’ll give you a foot massage?

LITTLE SISTER “I don’t want to break her.”

SOCCER SCARE “oh shit, that does not look good.”

SUMMER DRIVE “can you believe you didn’t like Ed Sheeran before we met?”

SUPERBOWL 2017 “you’re just cute.”

FIGHT FOR YOU “did you just put your hands on my girlfriend?”

FUTURE PLANS “I would never force you to do something you were that uncomfortable with.”

TUTOR “it’s just-I’m sorry-it’s just…you have the most beautiful eyes.”

OVER SLEEPING “have you been sleeping okay lately?”

PARALLEL PARKING “don’t worry about it, love. you’ll get it eventually.”

STUCK IN BED “it’s a good thing I brought ice cream, then.”

ROAD TRIP “just promise we’ll be together.”

TE AMO “did i say that right?”

BABY GIRL MENDES “baby girl is going to have the most beautiful name in the world.”

DANCE COMPETITION “did you really think I’d miss this?”

PHYSICS TEST “you’re not breathing, baby.”

BACKSTORY “just trust me, baby.”

COMING OUT “promise you won’t hate me?”

RED IN THE FACE “we’re gonna get so much shit for this.”

DUE DATES “just relax. I’m coming. I’ll be there soon.”

A THOUSAND PIECES “then fucking stay!”

ROSES “this bed is too big without you here.”

INJURED “you scared me a little, you know that?”

MY GIRL “awh, shawn, are you jealous?”

LAP KID “you want to have another baby?”

divide series

PART ONE // ERASER “my mom says I’m cynical.”

PART TWO // DIVE “baby, are you okay?”

PART THREE // PERFECT “you didn’t have to do this.”

PART FOUR // HOW WOULD YOU FEEL “wanna watch a movie?”

PART FIVE // HEARTS DON’T BREAK AROUND HERE “you’re my favorite person.”

13 reasons why series

TEASER “what do you mean she disappeared?”

TAPE 1 “hey. it’s me.”


“you’re seriously like a man-child”

“welcome to fatherhood.”

It’s Hot in Here

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1k+

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“Y/N, you look so good in my clothes,” Taehyung whispers, his eyes twinkling as he admires you in his favorite hoodie, one that’s two sizes bigger than you are - though you wore it because of how snug it felt on you and how comfortable it was to breath in his scent that lingers on the material of his hoodie. You feel your face heat up, probably turning a dark shade of red and you turn your face away to hide it. 

“Babe, I saw that.” He gets up from the sofa, quickly making his way to you before placing his large hands firmly on your waist, pulling you close to him.

“Hey, it’s hot in here, okay?” you protested, knowing how much Taehyung loved being the reason behind your pink cheeks. The little shit. “Mmm,” he hums, leaning his head down into your neck to give it a small peck, his hot breath fanning against your skin which sends tingles all over your body. “Is it because I’m here, baby?” You can tell that he’s got a wide grin stretched across his face despite being unable to see it.

You push him away abruptly, earning a surprised expression from him as you walk over to the sofa and plop down onto it, picking up the remote to skim through TV channels to find a movie to watch. Taehyung sits down next to you, picking up the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and starts throwing popcorn into his mouth.

“Hey, don’t finish the popcorn! I want some too,” you say after noticing that he’s finished almost half of the bowl and you scoot over to him, reaching out for the bowl. He immediately yanks it out of your reach, a playful grin spread across his face and you instantly know that getting the popcorn won’t be an easy feat. “How about you come a little closer, Y/N?”

You roll your eyes at him, though a devilish idea begins to form in your mind so you decide to play along with him.

“You want me to come closer? Okay, I’ll come closer.” You crawl over to him and throw yourself onto his lap, earning a muffled “Oomph!” from him. You straddle his waist, his eyes growing wide in surprise at your sudden action, definitely not expecting you to give in to him so easily. You snatch the bowl out of his hands as the corners of your mouth crinkle up in a triumphant smirk. Just when you’re about to eat some popcorn, he gives you a peck on the lips.

“I was trying to eat, Taehyung,” you mutter, looking down at him with a fake annoyed expression on your face. His playful demeanor has disappeared, instead you notice that his pupils are dilated as he gazes into your eyes, thinking about how beautiful you look on top of him. He reaches a hand out to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear before caressing your cheek softly, and you find yourself leaning into his warm hand.

“How can I let you eat when you look like this?” His voice is deep and low, indicating that he was already worked up just by seeing you in his clothes, the thought itself already stirring something inside of you as you feel your heart rate begin to accelerate in your chest.

He brings your head down onto his, capturing your lips instantly. His soft lips move slowly against yours, taking his sweet time to enjoy the feel of your lips on his as you thread your fingers into his soft golden locks, a small moan reverberating out of him. The tip of his tongue grazes your bottom lip lightly, as though he were asking for entrance and you don’t even have to think twice before you happily open your mouth for his tongue to meet yours. Both of your smooth muscles move around together as if they were in a passionate dance, exploring and tasting each other. You feel his hands slowly trail down your arms to your waist, goosebumps sprouting all over your skin as he begins to knead into your waist, causing you to moan softly into his mouth.

The kiss lasts for a few more minutes, the both of you completely immersed in each other before he pulls away reluctantly and you almost whine at the absence of his lips. You place a chaste kiss on his neck before licking it and feel him shiver underneath you, making you smirk at his reaction.

“Maybe I shouldn’t wear your clothes anymore, Tae,” you mumble into his ear, hearing a low chuckle come from underneath you.

He places his hands on both sides of your face, pushing it back slightly to look you in your eyes.

“Babe, you should wear my clothes all the time,” he purrs. You giggle at that, a wide boxy grin beginning to form on his face which you have always loved, in fact it was what made you fall for Taehyung when you had first met him. 

You lean down into him, mischievously nipping at his bottom lip gently and quickly pulling away before he can pull you in for another kiss, not missing the hint of annoyance on his face.

“Are we still watching a movie tonight?” you ask him innocently as you press your chest firmly against his, your hands slowly making their way up underneath his t-shirt as his breath hitches in his throat.

“Hmm. I don’t kn-,” he starts, but he doesn’t get to complete his sentence because you’re up instantly, scooting back to the other side of the sofa, a playful glint in your eyes. He blinks at you, still in a daze at you teasing him but quickly snaps out of it once he realizes your devious plan.

“Okay then, let’s watch something,” you say casually, trying your best to hide your laughter at his frustrated face, feeling his steely eyes lock onto yours.

He gets up immediately, snatches the remote out of your hand and switches the TV off before standing in front of you, only to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder. “Hey!” you protest, feigning shock though you’re actually silently praising yourself, “I finally found something to watch!”

He smacks your butt as he makes his way to the bedroom, “We’re finishing this, now,” He growls, his voice sending shivers all over your body as excitement builds up in you, happily anticipating what was about to come.

It is pretty hot in here.

Momma Stilinski//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


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Stiles loaded the big bag into the back of the Jeep. “Are you sure you grabbed everything, babe?”

You were sitting in the passenger seat, “Yes, I’m sure. You wanted me to pack for this a week ago.”

He closes the door and gets in the front, “I know. I just wanted to know for sure.”

You put your hand on his thigh, “We’re going to the beach. Whatever we forgot we can pick up at the store, okay?”

“Yeah, okay. It’s just hard to relax. I’m used to everything having to be planned down to the minute.”

You rub your hand up and down before returning it to your lap. “I know. Just remember that you’re with me. Things will be okay.“ You lean over and peck his cheek.

You jump out of the car when you get there, “Jesus, Stiles. I thought you fixed the air conditioner.” You fan your face.

He sighs, “I thought I did. If you’re hot I packed water.” He looks up at you and you smile.

You walk over and kiss his cheek.

“What?” He looks at you, water in his hand.

“I love you so much.” You hug him tight and he laughs.

“Okay?” He wraps his arms around you and kisses your head. “Come on, babe.” He picks the bag up and puts an arm around your waist, leading you to the sand.

You lay your towel out and sit on it, watching as he sets everything up.

“Put your sunscreen on.” He flicks his eyes over to you.

“I don’t need it. I never burn.” You shrug.

“I don’t care if you burn, skin cancer’s serious too.”

“I love you with all of my heart, Stiles, but I won’t get skin cancer from three hours of sun.”

“Baby, please just use sunscreen.”

You shake your head, “I’m fine.”

He sighs and sits beside you, “You’re difficult.” He starts spraying himself with the sunscreen.

“I’m really not, I just don’t need it.” You watch him.

“If you say so.” You lean over and lay on his shoulder.

You decide to sleep over at his house that night, your parents weren’t home and Stiles’ dad said he was going to work late.

You’d showered after you got there and went to bed. You were woken by Stiles.

“Oh my god, Y/N.”

You sat up, panicked. “What? What’s wrong?” You rubbed your eyes.

“You’re red. You look like a tomato.”

“Haha, very funny Stiles. It’s six in the morning and you woke up me up for that? Let’s go back to sleep.”

“How are you not in pain?” He reaches over to touch your arm and when he places his hand under the blankets to touch you, you wince at the contact of the blanket.

“Great.” You mumble as you angrily crawl out of the bed. You walk to the bathroom and flip the light on. You were red, he was right. You’d even gotten little blisters on your arms. It hurt, it felt like you had third degree burns all over.

Stiles leaned on the door way, his arms crossed.

“Oh, get that smug look off your face. I know I didn’t wear sunscreen.”

“I never said anything.”

“But I know you thought it.” You sigh. “It hurts.”

He reaches for your hand, “Go get back in bed, okay? I’ll take care of you.”

You nod and follow him, he leaves the room and you hear him moving around in the kitchen. When he returns he has armfuls of ice packs. He lays them on your arms and legs.

“This sucks and I probably look really stupid.”

“Well, you kinda look stupid but it’s okay. I love you.” He smiles and examines your face. “You’ll be peeling by tonight.”

“That’s the worst part.” You sigh.

After lying with the ice packs for a couple of hours Stiles left you alone to run to the store. He returned with your favorite snacks and movie.

“I put aloe vera in the fridge earlier, so it should be cold enough to help soothe.” He sits the bag on the bed.

“Thank you for taking care of my dumb ass.”

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for.” He smiles.

He grabs the aloe vera gel and helps you put it on, “You know that you’re going to wear sunscreen next time, right?”

“Yes, mom.” You look at him and he shrugs.

“I just want to take care of you.”

“I know, baby. I appreciate it.”

“Promise me you’ll wear sunscreen next time?”

“I promise.”

Getaway C.H

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Anon : Hey loveeee, I was going to ask if you do au’s? cause I was wondering if you could do an gang!calum imagine where you’re a getaway driver and you’re the best that there is like the new movie baby driver and he gets interested in you?
I’ve actually never seen the movie so it might not be anything like that but I do really like the idea so here it is!

 Word Count: 3.5k +

Warnings: Drugs, detailed murder, abuse, gangs, violence, profanity



A/N: Parts will be updated every Friday so be ready! If this part gets to 100 notes before Friday I’ll post it earlier. I hope you guys like this, I worked really hard on it, and thanks so much for this request! Sorry, it was late, but as you can tell, it’s kind of long!

“Hurry up and get the money from him Mike!” Calum barked orders left and right to his gang. They quickly collected everything they needed, killed the guy they got it from, and looked around for their getaway driver.

“Where the fuck is she?” Calum muttered as they stood outside the man’s house they collected money from. Calum’s gang was mainly for drugs. They sold drugs and collected money. They even loaned people money sometimes, but they always had to get it back someway or another.

That’s what they were doing on this mission. Ashton called Y/n, their get away driver up and asked where she was. “I stopped by some Donut shop, got hungry.” She had said with her mouth full, “I’m about a block away, and I hear the sirens going off so it’ll be fun this time.”

Calum could practically hear the smirk in her tone, he knew, along with everyone else, Y/n loved her job best, when there was a good ole car chase. She drove up, and stopped with a screech. “Hop in losers!” She yelled ash Mike stuck up the middle finger towards her.

Her laugh echoed around the car as she shifted the gear and revved the engine. “You guys ready for some fun?” She asked as the cops appeared in front of the car. She backed us up, a violently spun us around. She howled and cheered as she sped quickly.

Calum was sat in the seat next to her, and all he could do was admire her. “Hey, Y/n, you know you look really hot today?" Calum smirked. She quickly peered over to him and scoffed, she looked in her rear mirror and saw the cops losing them.

She kept twisting and turning around many different blocks and roads until the police were not in her sights anymore. "That was really fun guys, now let’s get back to the house.”

They all shared a house together, it was like a little thing for the gang and everyone in it. Many of them shared rooms, but, since Y/n was the only girl, she had her own room, to much of Calum’s complaints.

When they pulled up to the house, they loaded the bags of money out onto the table and split it all up. He had owed them 15 grand, so that was three for all of them, the boys, and Y/n.

“Thanks boys, I’m thinking of getting some new sneakers, and maybe a newer motor on that getaway baby.” She smiled and smacked the stack of money she held. Calum chuckled and followed after her when she went into the living area.

There were multiple people sitting in there, just watching a football match that was going on. When she sat down on the couch, he placed his butt down right next to her. He placed his arm around her shoulder as she rolled her eyes.

“Cal, what are you doing?” She asked him in a bored tone. Calum just chuckled, “Nothing at all, just sitting next to a pretty girl in our house.” He smiled at her and she gave him a lopsided smile back.

“That’s really sweet Cal, but I know your reputation with girls.” She said as she patted him on the check and turned her attention to the t.v. playing in the background.

Calum sighed, “If I wanted a quick fuck, I think I would have done it already.” He said as he shook his head. Y/n laughed, “Even if you wanted to, I wouldn’t have let you.” She smiled at him.

“What if I wanted something real?” Calum asked carefully as his palms started sweating. She turned to look at him with shock written all over her face. “Wait, what? You would really want to go out with me?” She asked as she turned her body to face him.

“Well, yeah. You’re really cool, and pretty.” He said awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his neck. Y/n sighed and shook her head, “You know we’re in a gang right? I’m just a getaway driver, most rivalry gangs don’t know about me. but if I started dating you the leader of this gang, I would be in some serious shit.”

She had a good point, Calum hadn’t even thought of that. The rival gangs would most definitely kill her off to get to him, that’s why no gang member has any relationships with anyone.

“Come in your room with me, we’ll talk there.” Calum said and pulled her up as they both walked to her room in silence. When Calum shut the door, he plopped down on the bed and Y/n came with him.

“What if we dated secretly? Like, we never told anyone, didn’t have any PDA, but we still did couple things around the house and in your room, or something.” Calum suggested as Y/n sat thinking.

“Listen Cal, I like you. Ok? But I don’t think that would work, I like being able to show off what I own, it’s what I do.” She joked as she shoved his shoulder with his. He chuckled and smiled. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a side hug.

“Y/n I really like you, and I would never let anyone hurt you. No one will come between us, and no one will ever harm you. They know if they do, I’ll kill them with my bare hands.” He threatened.

She giggled and wrapped her arms around his waist. His stomach started getting butterflies and he smiled like a dope. “Ok Cal, I’ll give this secret dating a try.” She said quietly and he started cheering.

“Thank you Y/n, you won’t regret this, I promise.” Calum squeezed her into a hug and she sighed with a smile. “I better not Hood.”

Y/n P.O.V

The next day it was like we never got together, I didn’t get any closer to calum then I normally was and it worked. I was still around him everywhere, but we were together.

We would steal kisses from time to time, and hand holding while under the dinner table eating breakfast or dinner. And he would always be in my room with me at night. We slept next to each other in my bed and cuddled every night.

I would wake up to his handsome face everyday and wake him up anyway I pleased. Sometimes it was by tickling him, sometimes it was by poking him, but this morning, I did something a little bit different.

I woke up and looked to see Calum sleeping still, to wake him up, I sat on his abdomen and started planting butterfly kisses all over his face, on his jaw, down his throat, and on his neck too. He moaned and smirked when he woke up.

“Hey baby, good morning.” He said in his raspy morning voice that I loved so dearly. “Hey handsome, time to get up, don’t want anyone seeing you in here.” I said as he groaned. “I hate having to sneak around, but it’s for the best right?” He asked in confirmation as I nodded.

“I don’t want to die now.” I teased as he nodded with a smile. He grabbed my waist and slammed both of us onto the bed again. He started peppering kisses all over my face as I squealed and giggled. “Cal, stop it.” I said with a giggle.

He stopped and smiled at me. He leaned in and captured my lips with his. I kissed back and ran my fingers through his curly hair. I tugged lightly and he breathed out a deep breath. He pulled back and rested his forehead on mine.

He gave me one last peck and smiled at me. “I’ll see you in the outside world my love.” I giggled and he smiled largely. He kissed my nose and got up. “We have another deal today, so be ready ok? And be careful.” Calum warned her as she nodded.

“Don’t get hurt, be careful Cal, I don’t want to have to see you come back with bruises or cuts, or not even at all. Just be careful, I’ll be there to pick you up, just let me know when you’re done.” I said seriously as he nodded and gave me one last as he walked out. I waited about ten minutes until I walked out too.

Calum’s P.O.V

Gregory Gene. The man that owed us four-hundred thousand dollars. We had a top notch gang, one of the largest out there. We earned, and stole lots of money. Our gang loaned people money and expected it back within a certain time limit. His limit was up, we were going to collect it today. The boys and I walked into Gregory’s house and burst through the door.

He and his family were sitting at dinner when we bust in. “Hello Gregory,” Luke sneered with a fake smile. His face paled which caused the boys and I to chuckle.

“Honey, who are these gentlemen?” HIs wife asked as she eyed us suspiciously. I glared at her and she shrunk down into her seat. “Calum, give me more time, I just-”

“We did give you more time, we gave you two extra months, but you owe us, and you owe us Now.” I growled to him. His daughter, around 14 years old looked at us. “What does he owe you?” She asked, her dad tried to shut her up but she wouldn’t listen.

The boys chuckled and Michael tried explaining it to her, “We gave him money, and drugs, now he needs to pay us back.” The girl glared at us.

“My dad does not do drugs, and he owes you nothing!” She said as she tried to look menacing. I chuckled and pulled my gun out. The family gasped and I noticed his wife trying to call someone.

“Put the phone down, or else I’ll shoot.” I said calmly as she put the phone on the table. I smirked and shot her in the head anyway. Blood poured out of her forehead and she face planted on the table.

The daughter and son both screamed and started crying. Ashton walked up to Gregory and pulled him up by his collar. “Where’s the money?” He asked in a low tone. Gregory gulped and started shaking. “I don’t have it yet, just give me time.” He tried pleading.

Luke chuckled and pulled his gun out as well. He walked to the mother and through the phone at the wall, smashing it. “How about, for every time we ask about the money, and you don’t give it to us, we shoot one of your children?” Luke asked as he spun his gun around in his hand.

Michael smirked and stood next to the son as Luke stood near the daughter. Ashton pulled Gregory out of his seat while I grabbed another chair and sat it near where I stood. Ashton sat him in it, and I grabbed some robe we brought and tied him to the chair. He tried struggling, but I smacked him with the butt of my gun.

“Stay still and watch your children suffer.” I growled at him. He nodded with tears in his eyes. I laughed, “Pathetic, crying, all because you refuse to give us the money. Now where is it?” I asked as I circled him.

He twitched in his seat, “I told you! I don’t have it yet! Just give me a couple of days!” He pleaded. I looked over to Michael, who still stood near the son, who looked to be about 16, and nodded. The boy shook his head and looked to his dad with tears. Michael nodded and smirked and Gregory, and then the son, “Blame your father kids.” He said before he shot the son in his right leg.

The son cried out, and so did his daughter, “Marcus!” She yelled with tears streaming down her face. “Dad just give them the money!” She yelled at him.

I looked at Gregory and mocked his daughter, “Yeah Greg, just give us the money.” I forcefully said as I hit him with my gun again. “I don’t have it, why don’t you believe me?” He cried out as he looked at his bleeding son. “Because you’re a lying bastard, I’ll never believe you. Your son is going to die soon anyway, might as well keep the fun going.” I smirked.

“Mike, put another hole, but in the other leg,” I said as he smirked and nodded, “Should have never believed your dad kid, he ain’t a good man.” Michael said before he shot ‘Marcus’ in the other leg. “Oh yeah?” Marcus asked, “Like you guys are any better than him.” He spit.

Michael growled and slammed the butt of his gun down onto Marcus’ head, hard. The daughter screamed as his skull was split open and started bleeding. Michael looked at Greg, “Give us the money, and he might live.” Michael threatened as Greg shook in his chair, trying to get out.

“I don’t have it! I don’t have your money! Just leave him alone!” Greg screamed at Michael. Good thing he lived in a secluded area. I shook my head and tsk-ed him. “Mike, you want to put that kid out of his misery now?” I asked Mike and he nodded.

He took his gun, lifted it to the kid’s temple, and shot. His eyes dulled, and closed, the his head fell back in his chair. I looked over to the daughter. “Next time he doesn’t give us the money just kill her, I’m done playing this game.” I said with a brush of my hand. Luke nodded, but I could tell he wanted some fun too.

“Now, where’s the money? Or your daughter dies.” I said with a menacing smile. He started crying, “I told you I don’t have it!” I sighed and turned around to Luke. I nodded my head and h shot her right in the heart. Gregory cried out and screamed.

I shot his leg to shut him up. “Shut up, the only thing we have left to do is look around and then kill you since you wont cooperate with us.” I said as I had Luke watch him, “If he does anything, don’t hesitate to shoot him and put him back in his place, we’ll go get the money.” I said as me, Ash, and Mike grabbed the bags we brought.

We went into his room and searched for any code, or secret door there. “Hey guys, check this out.” Ashton said and we turned out attention to him. He found a lever in the wall behind a picture frame. I smirked and nodded at him to pull it.

He pulled it, and that whole side of the wall shifted and opened up to a vault filled with money. “Lying son of a bitch.” I heard Michael mutter and I silently nodded my head. “Get the duffle bags and just collect all of it, I’ll get the rest from the room with Luke and we’ll take all of it. it’s not like he’ll be needing it in his death.” I chuckled as they nodded and started filling the large duffle bags.

I walked out and saw Greg all shot in his legs and Luke staring at him with an un-amused expression. “What happened?” I asked as I grabbed the remainder of the bags. “He tried escaping while I went to pee.” Luke said nonchalantly as I chuckled. 

“Just kill him and help us get the money.” I said as he nodded and shot him in the head. Luke walked back with me and all four of us started filling bags up. When we were almost done, I called Y/n.

I walked out and into a different room so I could talk to her. “Y/n, we’re done, and we got all the cash. We might be a tad bit bloody so, sorry about the car.” I smiled sheepishly through the phone and she groaned, “You’re so lucky I like you Hood, or I would have never let you in the car.” She said, trying to sound serious, but I could tell she was smiling.

“Ok, well, just come soon, ok? I’ll see you then, bye baby.” I said as I looked around to make sure the boys, hadn’t heard anything. Lucky they were still working on getting the last of the money.

“Bye handsome, I’ll see you then.” She said and hung up the phone. I sighed and walked back out to the boys, “You were talking to Y/n right?”

 Oh shit. “Um, yeah, why?” I asked, putting on my poker face. “We heard you say 'baby’ and were just wondering.” Michael smirked and walked out with the bags. We all followed after him with the rest of the money and I cursed under my breath.

Y/n told me she was there, and we went out to load the trunk. When we all filed in I sat in my usual seat and looked over at Y/n, and Luke started talking. “So are you guys a thing or something?” He asked as he smirked and looked between Y/n and I. She choked on her spit and whipped her head to look at me. “Why would they think that Calum?” She said my name in a dark tone that sent shivers down my back.

She looked back to the road, and waited for my response, but Ashton jumped in before I could say anything. “We heard him call you 'baby’ through the phone and we got suspicious. Plus, Mike says that Calum is almost never in the room they share at night, which could mean he sleep in your bed with you.” He said with a smirk.

I sighed and shook my head. I looked over at Y/n trying to read her expression, but she had gone poker faced. “Well, Calum, guess it’s out.” She shrugged with a sigh. The boys’ eyes bulged out of their heads, and Mike’s mouth dropped.

“You and Calum are actually together?” He asked shocked as Y/n nodded. “Yeah, only for a few days though, and we didn’t want anyone to know so there isn’t such a huge target on my back. I didn’t want any rival gangs like, using me to get to Calum or something stupid like that.” She sighed, and I grabbed her hand in mine and squeezed it.

She squeezed it back and shot me a small smile. Luke cooed and I flipped him off with my other hand. The boys just laughed. “We wont say anything to anyone, Y/n’s a great friend to us all, and we wouldn’t want her getting killed off either.” Ashton said as he ruffled her hair. He was practically like her older brother in the gang.

She lost her family and came to us, much like most of everyone in our gang, and Ashton got attached to her quickly. They have a brother-sister relationship better than any actual siblings I know of. “Just don’t hurt her Calum, we may be brothers, but she’s my little sister.” Ashton threatened as I nodded with a small smile as I looked at her.

“I won’t Ash, I swear.” I said as Y/n pulled into the gang’s house. We got out, and me and Y/n stayed close, but not too close. We walked in and held up the bags. Everyone cheered and we had Tommy, our best calculator, look at the money in private, and try to determine how much he thought was in it.

“Well, it seems to be all hundred dollar bills, in seven different bags, all in same size, and there’s an estimated 200 stacks in each bag, and each stack looks to hold 50,000 dollars, so that would be about,” He trailed off and stood looking at us wide eyed.

“We have to keep this hidden, if any other gang knows we have 70 million dollars all from one steal, they’ll all come at us and try to kill us. We can’t tell anyone.” He said as the five of us stared at each other.

“Well shit,” Michael said, “I didn’t think we took that much.” He chuckled. Y/n slapped his arm with a small giggle, “Shush Mike, this is supposed to be serious.” He faked hurt, and rubbed his arm with a small smile. I knew it was just Mike, but I couldn’t help the small amount of jealousy that ran through my body.

“Well, we just have to tell the guys it was only about 500,000 dollars and pray the believe us.” I sighed as Tommy nodded and ran his fingers through his hair. “Ok, I’ll let you guys tell them, since I don’t want to get questioned or anything.” I sighed and walked out to go into his own bedroom.

We were in Mike and I’s room, so we just left our things in here, since we knew no one would ever dare to come into our room. We were the leaders of this gang and they respected us.

Unknown’s P.O.V

“Boss, Calum’s gang just received a huge load of cash in their last steal. Over 70 million dollars worth of money in their house.” I said to my boss, “And get this, my inside guy said Calum got a new girlfriend. He overheard Michael, Ashton, Luke, and Calum talking about it. Her name is Y/n Y/l/n, and she is very  easy on the eyes.” I smirked, as did the boss.

“Alright then,” Boss smirked, “Let’s pay these guys a little visit, and maybe get to know this girl of his.”

You can request a part two here. :-)

Sebastian Stan Imagine; Little Bump

Hey! So this is a little one shot I posted on my AOW, hope you like it!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x You

Warnings: Fluff 

Word Count: Lots.

It was Saturday morning, and woking up early wasn’t one of my greatest abilities. I loved a good sleep, a long one.

I rubbed my eyes before sitting up on the bed, before turning on the Tv to hear the news or something to keep me up for a bit at least.

Then I took my phone from the nightstand besides my bed, turning on the phone before going through all the notifications on it, finding a new text from Sebastian.

“Hey, baby. New location, working my ass off. I’m missing you like crazy, i’ll be back in four weeks. Love you with all my heart.”

That text made me smile, he has been gone for a while, shooting his new movie in Europe got him moving all around the countries. He’s been sending me pics from all of the famous spots in the countries, some of them were with him pouting, wanting me to be with him. It made me love him even more.

“I miss you too, baby. I’ll be waiting anxiously for you here, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

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What Are The Chances (Pt 3)

Pairing:  Chris Pine x Reader

Warning: Smut!! I wrote smut! Oh my god.. Please tell me if it’s terrible!! 

Summary: Filming finally wrapped on Star Trek. You are Chris having been dating for a few months now, but haven’t taken it to the next level. While doing interviews, Chris and you can’t seem to stop flirting, let’s be honest, it’s adorable.

A/N: Again, I LOVE SOFIA BOUTELLA. I think she is amazing. In fact I like her some much, I decided to steal her life… ish… for you, the reader. <3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Word Count: 1377

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Rules For Dating Tony (6)

What? A Natasha Chapter?! YES! Because we needed one. If you need the rest of the Dates, catch up HERE!
This is the end, and I hope hope HOPE everyone enjoys how it ends!
Thanks for reading guys and thanks for all the sweet messages you send me! Love you all!


“So you know what they did, right?” She asked him, and Tony shrugged.

“I figured it out about the time Bucky showed up at my door. I assumed they drew straws or something to see who got to try and seduce me first.”

“Right. And you slept with… all of them?”

“It’s not like it was one night after another!” Tony defended himself, but couldn’t help grinning. “But yeah, definitely all of them.”

“Not a bit ashamed of it either, are you?” Natasha rolled her eyes but her voice gentled. “Were they all good to you?”

“So good. They were all amazing. Sweet and gentle–”he made a face. “Maybe gentle isn’t the best word.” He admitted with a laugh, digging his spoon into the carton of ice cream. “But it was amazing. They each went after me in their own way, and I love all of them and it’s just… great. Each of them were… wonderful. I don’t know if I’ve ever really felt this good in my entire life.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Natasha asked, “because this is what girls do, apparently, watch old movies and eat ice cream and talk about whoever they just slept with.”

“Is that what we are doing?” Tony raised an eyebrow. “Having a girls night? Because I thought maybe it was your turn to take me out for a date.”

“Oh please.” She rolled her pretty green eyes. “Black Widow remember? Do you really want me to go after you in my ‘own way’?”

“Well when you put it like that it sounds creepy.” Tony frowned.

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Daddy Daughter Day: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested:  How about one where tom as has to do his daughters hair without reader there to help him, cause she on location or something. And he wants to spend the day out with the little one but he was threatened by reader to not let her baby go out looking a mess. 

Tom was asleep until he felt a foot pressing into the side of his face. He woke up and looked over at his daughter and smiled. Her body was tangled in the lush covers, he moved his body and fell back asleep. 

“Daddy wake up!” The voice of the little one shrilled in his ear. “Huh?”

“Wake up!” See started jumping on the bed and tossed a pillow at him, “Lee, can you calm down.” He grumbled, quickly grabbing her legs and catching her. She giggled as he placed small kisses all over her face. She rested her head on his chest, “I miss mama.”

“Me too darling, me too.” You were away on set, filming for a highly anticipated movie while Tom took care of your 5 year old daughter, Leah. “What do you want to do today babygirl?” He asked. She shrugged and played with his hair, “Do you want to go to the park?”

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Please don’t cry, I hate to see you cry

A/N: this is a prompt from prompt list one which I found on @ships4you’s page. (Insert link to list here) I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by lonely-my-middle-name

When Jax walked into the house he heard your soft whimpers, his ears leading him to wards your shared room. The door was slightly ajar, yet he still needed to push it open, and when he did he was greeted by the sight of you sitting on the covers, head resting on your knees as your shoulders shook from your muffled crying.

“Babe, what is the matter?” He asked as he slowly approached you, your head never leaving your knees as you wept. 

“It’s nothing.” You said, your voice cracking as you let out some more tears. 

“Come on babe, if you are crying then it isn’t nothing.” He gently placed a hand on your back as you lifted your head to reveal the black streaks running down your face. 

“Juice ate the last of the cake last night when he was over.” You pouted as Jax let out a laugh, resulting in your lower lip quivering. 

“Is that what all this is about?” He chuckled as the tears started falling again. 

“Yes! And I don’t get why you think it is okay to laugh at your pregnant wife! If it wasn’t for you putting this thing in me that only craves cake, bacon and hormonal as fuck then I won’t be a crying mess right now.” You sobbed out, pulling your whole body away from his touch as his smile dropped. 

“Come on babe, please don’t cry, you know I hate when you cry." 

"And I hate when you think my hormonal outbursts are funny." 

"Hey, hey, hey listen, how about I call up Juice right now, and I make him get you two new cakes, and while we wait for his slow ass to get here, we just watch some Disney movies, and cuddle in bed.” He proposed as you wiped your eyes. 

“As long as he gets vanilla, and we can watch The Little Mermaid, I am fine.” You sniffled, as you scooted closer to him again, and laid your head on his shoulder. 

“Whatever you and the baby want babe.” He whispered, placing a kiss on your temple, before pulling his phone out to call Juice.

Hey guess what, Jack? You messed up!

Gotta get more milk.

Oh the kid said “momo”, he wants more peaches. Okay chill. Also how did Jack get back here so fast? Maybe he is staying local to this area. Just… very varied terrain around.

Alright back to the cave trolls. Crush em, Jack.

I was about to make a reference to when Jackie Chan is holding a baby in movies but then Jack… Jackie… I don’t know is this too on the nose?

Alexandria Country Club part 9

Pairing: NeganXOlivia (OC)

Warnings: cursing, discussion of violence, SMUT!, Daddy Kink, mild-ish dom/sub, loads of dirty talk

Summary: AU! Olivia makes dinner and is feeling anxious and unsafe. Negan offers to stay the night to keep her safe and help her relax. He does.

A/N: So, sorry first of all this took forever. However it’s a loooong chapter, and I do believe some of my best smut to date. So forgive how long it took?… hope you enjoy! If you want me to tag you, just let me know!

    Olivia nursed a glass of wine while she made dinner. It was a way to distract herself from everything going on.

    She’d thought once Brad was arrested that would be the end of it. He’d been a sleaze, and she’d let the relationship go on much longer than she should have. She ought to have broken things off the moment he’d started showing his true colors. The second he’d started belittling her she should have walked away.

    There was no use in wishing things were different. It had been a bad relationship, it hadn’t lasted long, and she was with Negan now. Half a restaurant’s worth of people saw him hit her, and mysteriously no one saw Adair retaliate. The heroin in his pocket only sealed the deal. She’d never expected to hear from him again.

    She sighed, dredging pounded-flat chicken breasts in bread crumbs. It had to be Brad. She couldn’t think of anyone else who had a grudge against her. She wouldn’t have thought Brad was angry enough at her to threaten her life, but she supposed she underestimated him.

    The pan sizzled as she put the chicken breasts in the heated oil. The water for the pasta was almost boiling, and the marinara sauce simmered over low heat. Negan and Adair had moved off into the living room, discussing the current situation. While she appreciated that they cared about her, it was more than a little disheartening that they were in this position because of her.

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Fix A Heart 19

Chapter 19 - How I Feel

Confetti fallin’ from the sky
My hometown on the fourth of July
A midnight snow on Christmas Eve
Like standin’ up for what you believe
That’s how I feel when I’m with you
That’s how I feel when I’m with you
That’s how I feel
That’s how I feel when I’m with you

“So how are you?” Peta asked Sharna as they watched Shai play in the sprinkler in the backyard. He was chasing the family’s new puppy, Balto, giggling and shrieking. It had finally gotten warm enough that they were able to enjoy the outdoors again after all the winter weather.

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Requested** Could you do something along the lines of your best friend not liking Harry for some reason and she sleeps over and Harry is just sort of shot down by your friend and he gets all sad and cuddly??? 


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liberum-imaginari  asked:

Hi hi :D Who're you top 5 book characters?

Hey! Oh goodness this is hard…

5. Bilbo Baggins: whenever I think of comfort, I think of Bilbo. That and I really want the housecoat he had on in the first Hobbit movie…. Plus he’s sassy as hell in fanfictions and I LOVE it <3.

4. Nicaise: a CP baby, but I can’t help it, the characters are just so layered and gorgeous~ MY FORK-WIELDING SASS CHILD JUST HAD TO BE ON THIS LIST.

3. Patroclus: MY SWEET TRAGIC BABY, COME HERE FOR HUGS. I haven’t been made to hurt so much in a book before Patroclus and TSoA, and I loved every second of it.

2. Kvothe: this little shit is this high on the list because I just love how damn gutsy he is. That and he’s as sarcastic as hell, and just plain gorgeous (in my mind anyways…) I still have a tiny crush on him. 

1. Laurent of Vere: this kid packs a pretty mean punch when he opens his mouth… no matter what he says. I love the way that Damen describes him in the books, especially how layered his character is. <3

Audrey Jensen - Trick 'R Treat

Today was Halloween and you and your girlfriend, Audrey Jensen, were in charge of accompanying your little brother and his friends while they trick-or-treated.

“C'mon Y/N, it’ll only be a couple hours, tops, out with the kids and then we’ll be back here and can watch Trick ‘r Treat and eat candy and whatever else you like.“ She pressed a kiss to your temple.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” You smiled. You loved Halloween and trick-or-treating was fun and all, but you’d rather have some alone time with your girlfriend. “Now let’s get going!“ You grabbed Audrey’s hand and walked towards the door; your brother and his friends already outside, eager for candy.

"Ready kiddos?” She ruffled a boy’s hair with her free hand and it made you melt. Her soft side always came out around kids, but whenever you brought it up, she always denied it (it was adorable).

“Yeah!!” They all exclaimed and took off down the street.

She laughed, and you had never been more grateful that you got to be the person that was lucky enough to see her smile the most, (okay, well, you and Noah shared the title, but still).

When she turned her head to look at you, you were already staring. “Whatcha you looking at, dork?“ She chuckled.

"This isn’t so bad, is all I’m thinking.” You said vaguely, before elaborating. You gestured around at the scenery surrounding you, “I’m surrounded by beautiful things. I mean, look at the red and orange leaves on the trees, and how it’s clear and cold out today, and there’s happy kids in costumes, and I’m holding the hand of my amazing girlfriend who’s wearing my favourite flannel and she’s laughing and it’s the most gorgeous thing ever. I’m just really happy.”

She wrapped her arm around you tightly, giving you a tight squeeze as you continued walking. She kissed the corner of your smile and while pulling away said, “I can’t really top your little speech there, so I’m not going to try to, but just know that, yeah.” Laughing to herself she leaned her head on your shoulder. You heard a whisper of, "Fuck yeah,” (almost entirely to herself). “Me too.” She added, a little louder.

You walked from house to house for some while longer, always trailing slightly behind the kids. After all, you guys were only there to keep them safe, not to harsh their fun. Once the kid’s route was complete and they were satisfied, you all headed home.

“Let’s all dump out and sort our candy, hey guys?” Audrey suggested to the kids. They all agreed and emptied their bags onto the kitchen table. “What I always used to do was count how many I had of each type and then I’d know what was the most popular candy people hand out.” She reminisced.

“What’s your favourite chocolate bar, Audrey?” Your little brother asked. The question took her back for a moment, as if she hadn’t thought about the simplest things from before all the killings in a long while. Her brows furrowed as she spoke slowly, “uhh, as a kid, I think my favourite was Snickers?” (You chuckled silently as your brain was instantly populated with thoughts of ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ memes about your easily angered girlfriend). “But now since I work at the movie theatre, I mainly eat Skittles. You guys get any of those?” She was back. Her mind pulled out of the past once again, (she never seemed to like to stay there too long, even if it was the good times that weren’t plagued with murder).

You walked up behind her, enveloping her in a warm hug from behind and burying your face in her shoulder.

Your trance-like hug was broken when you heard a small voice ask, “here, want a Snickers?”

Audrey’s features broke into a big grin, “hey thanks buddy!” She gladly took the candy bar, opening it and taking a bite, (they’re only 2-bite Halloween sized chocolates, but okay). At least a dozen emotions passed through your girlfriend’s beautiful eyes while she chewed the Snickers, but you weren’t going to pry. You just hoped the memories were great for her, perhaps of running house to house hand in hand with an equally small and innocent Emma. Of watching horror movies with an even more baby-faced Noah, but in a time when neither had witnessed such horrific things with their own two eyes. You hoped the brief falter you saw in her eyes was simply one of overwhelming nostalgia. You squeezed her hand in reassurance.

“You can have a candy too, Y/N,“ the child offered.

"You’re too kind!” You ripped open a small bag of M&Ms, dumping them all into your mouth. Audrey chuckled.

There was a knock at the door; it was your parents to pick up all the kids and take them to a costume party before heading themselves to a Halloween dance. The kids frenetically ushered their candy back into their bags and ran to the door to put their shoes on, eager to go the party.

Your parents opened the door, “Hey kids!” They exclaimed.

“Hey guys!” You replied as Audrey waved.

“Thanks for taking the kids trick-or-treating you two; there’s no way I would’ve made it home from work in time.”

“No problem, Mrs. Y/L/N,” Audrey smiled.

“Okay, here’s some money for you guys to order pizza or something. You guys stay out of trouble, okay?” Your dad joked.

“Will do, Dad. Thanks.” Your mom had almost got all the kids settled in the van. "See you later. You and Mom have fun!” You all waved before closing the door.

“Well that wasn’t so b-,” you started, turning back towards the kitchen, when Audrey’s lips silenced your own.

She pressed your back into the door, keeping your hips in place with her own. Your hands instantly went to her hair, running through it, worshipping it. She bit your bottom lip with such a force and gripped your hips equally as hard. You moaned loudly from the back of your throat, making her smirk against your lips before moving to kiss up your jaw. She nibbled on your ear lobe, sending a shiver throughout your body, “how long did you think you could go being that cute before I did something about it?” She whispered huskily in your ear. Her voice was the hottest fucking thing ever, and unfortunately, she knew your opinion on the matter.

Abruptly, she stepped away from you, throwing on an innocent smile and stating, “okay, I’m going to go put Trick 'r Treat on. You wanna call the pizza joint?” You tried to form coherent words, but couldn’t so you settled on just frustratedly flailing your arms, as she slid around the corner on her socks like a fucking child.

After ordering the pizza, you headed to the media room with candy and soda in hand. “You come bearing gifts!” Audrey exclaimed, grabbing a can of Pepsi and a heaping handful of tiny chocolate bars.

“You’re insufferable.” You jokingly sighed.

“So,” she flicked a M&M into the air, catching it in her mouth (wow, wonder if she’s trying to smug, you thought with a mental eye roll), “on a scale of 1 to holy-hell-Audrey-take-me-now, how rattled are you right now?” Her eyebrows danced.

You tried to remain calm, but your body failed you, and a blush crawled up your skin from under the collar of your shirt. “Let’s just watch the movie, okay?” Your voice was several pitches higher then usual. You stared directly forward at the screen, trying (and failing) to distract yourself.

Her fingers were suddenly lightly on your chin, “now,” she moved closer to your face as you continued to bore holes in the TV with your gaze, “you didn’t answer my question.” She guided you to look at her and pressed a sloppy kiss to right beside your mouth, (because, of course she did. More teasing, of course.) Yep, that was the last straw, and you moved so that her lips were once again where they belonged.

“That’s the spirit,“ she joked, still close enough that your breath mingled, as she was in fact, the worst. You gave her a shove back into the couch and moved to straddle her hips. A proud smirk painted itself over her perfect features and you couldn’t wait to take it off.

"Happy Halloween, loser.”

Imagine: Paul Rudd reacts bad when you tell him you are pregnant but then he is happy

 Request: Could you do a paul rudd imagine where he reacts bad to a pregnancy announcement but then is happy?

You and your boyfriend, Paul, had been dating for almost two years and things have been going really good, but you had just found out you were pregnant and you didn’t know how to tell Paul. You are happy that you are having a kid you just don’t know how he will react, of course you guys have talked about having kids before but you two always thought you would be married first.

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Thats My Little Sister (part 2)

Originally posted by teenwolfobsessed

Requested: no/yes

Writer: Athena 

About: your Scotts little sister (part one) (part 3)

Warnings: Swearing, smutish, rated r whatever idk if your 9 don’t read? lol 

(A/n: idk how to even describe this its like really cute  but i keep teasing because i’m mean i wanted to make this a natural as possible lol idk what i’m even talking about ill stop teasing in part 3 you’ll see. I just wanted to develop my characters a lil bit)

I walked through my front door making my way to my room to finish this school project in English about a mythical creature, I decided to pick banshee because on of one my best friends was one, I thought I’d represent. I was just finishing up on writing when Scott bust through my door looking around my room looking mad at something I didn’t do. I just looked over at him with a questioning look. 

“Are you looking for something, or are you just going crazy?” I said looking at him questionably

 “Just making sure that there is no one in here.” he said walking up to my closet pulling it open.

 “Got ya!” he yelled into my empty closet. 

“You want to check out the window too.” I said sarcastically motioning to the window. 

“No, its just i cant even stand the though of a guy touching my baby sister, ANYWHERE,” he said have a look of fear and disgust on his face.

 “Well ,now you know how Kira’s dad feels,” I said sarcastically, he just sighed walking out of my room.

 “I wont get pregnant!” I yelled over my shoulder 

 “Not helping the situation,” he yelled back. 

~Later That Evening~

“Hey, (Y/N)! i’m going out tonight with Kira, mom will be late tonight!” Scott yelled as he walked out the door before I could even respond. 

“Uh, okay,” I said mostly to myself before walking back to my room from where I was at the top of the stairs. I was watching one of my favorite movies when I heard my phone ringing, it was Stiles i slid my finger across the screen to answer it. 

“Hey baby,” he said into the phone

 “Hi, Stiles,” 

“Do.. you, um, want to come over?” he asked in a raspy voice which I found extremely sexy, i rolled over onto my back from where i was on my bed. 

“Yes, I do, when should i come over?” I asked sitting up

 “um.. now is good.” I could here the stupid smirk in his tone.

 “Did you just wake up?” I asked

“Yeah, why?” he asked sounding curious. 

“Nothing you just sound really sexy.” I said smirking into the phone.

 “Just get your cute ass over here.” I  laughed  “Okay i’ll be there in ten.” I said hanging up throwing on my sweats and heading out the door to my car.

 Ten minutes later I was pulling into Stiles driveway walking up to his door knocking. Stiles dad opened the door. 

“Hey, Sheriff,” I said walking in

 “Hi (Y/N), i’m headed to a night shift tell Stiles i’m leaving, okay.” He smiled at me.

 “Yeah I’ll tell him, be safe” I said making my way up the stairs. 

“BOO!” I yelled as rounded the corner into his room. I saw him jump as he was getting dressed.

 “What the hell!” he yelled, he was topless at the moment, holding the shirt to his chest looking scared.

 “Sorry baby,” I said laughing putting my bag down next to his bed.

“Yeah, whatever.” he said rolling his eyes pulling the shirt over his head.

 “Oh yeah, your dad is taking a night shift he told me to tell you.” 

“Okay,” he said as I made my way over to him wrapping my arms around his waist putting my head on his chest. 

“I missed you, its been so annoying Scott is all over me and checks on me like every five seconds,” I pouted 

“I know baby, but he’s just worried about you,” he said wrapping his arms around my shoulders pulling me closer to him. 

After a few moments like that, I pulled away walking over to his dresser looking for a shirt to put on.

 “Well, i would be worried too, if i were him.” I glanced over at him as he looking up at me from where he was sitting on his bed.

 “Why do you say that?” he said furrowing his eyebrows. 

“Because I want to fuck your brains out,” I said mater of factly turning around looking at him straight in the eyes. 

He just shook his head. “God, your a naughty little girl,” (GIF) he took a deep breath just staring at me with lust in his eyes. 

“Come here,” I bit my lip walking up to him standing right in front of his knees. 

“Yes?” I asked

“Why do you say such naughty things to me?” He said pulling me down onto his lap. 

“I don’t know,” I said running my hands through his soft hair.

 “On a serious note.” he said looking up at me while I was still playing with his hair.

 “Yeah,” I said still not looking into his eyes just playing with his hair. 

“Do you say those because i’m older than you and you think you need to say those things?” he asked grabbing my chin making me look at him. 

It was silent for a moment.

“Do you?” he asked again in a harsher tone.

 I shrugged placing my head on his shoulder. “Your kinda killing the mood Stiles,” I said into the crook of his neck.

 “Can you just answer my question please.” he pleaded 

“I did” I said my head still in the crook of his neck, I could feel him shake his head but all he did was lift my head up making me look into his eyes, giving me a sweet kiss pulling me closer to him by my waist deepening the kiss. I started grinding my hips on his making him moan into our kiss he pulled away slightly.

 “Your so beautiful” he whispered centimeters away from my lips. I smiled pecking his lips. 

“Thanks” I smiled leaning back in giving him a passionate kiss tangling my hands in his hair, he broke our kiss pushing me up the bed.

 “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked I just nodded my head in agreement after I did so he pulled down the grey fabric of my sweat pants leaving me in just my shirt and panties. 

His hands made there way up under my shirt.

 “No bra, you are a naughty little girl.” he practically growled as he pulled my shirt over my head tossing it off the bed leaving my breasts exposed. 

He just let out a low moan leaning down kissing me, he made his way down my body stopping when he got to my panty line. To say the least i was a nervous wreck and i think Stiles could tell, I wasn’t as confident as i seemed. He looked up at me running his hands up and down my thighs. 

“Baby, whats wrong.” He asked worry evident in his tone.

 “Nothing,” I said moving my hands to cover my breasts feeling to exposed. 

“Its just i’ve never done anything more that what we have already done, I know I make it seem like it with what i say but really you were only my second kiss.”  I said at a fast pace. “Can I put a shirt back on?” I said shifting uncomfortably. 

“Yeah, of course,” he said getting up off the bed grabbing one of his t-shirts from his dresser handing it to me, I pulled it over my head as Stiles came and sat next to me grabbing my hand.

 “I’m sorry.” I said playing with his hand. 

“Why are you sorry?” he asked

 “I don’t know i just feel like i’m being a tease.” I said sorry in my tone.

“No babe, its okay and i know you haven’t done everything. I wouldn’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.” He smiled sweetly.

 “I know you wouldn’t” I said standing up from my spot on the bed making my way over to my pants that were on the floor putting them back on. 

“Do you want to spend the night?” I smiled at the thought.

 “Tomorrows Monday, also Scott would murder me.” 

Stiles was about to say something but was cut off by my phone ringing. “Speak of the devil.” I said showing Stiles my phone screen, answering it Scott spoke first.

 “Where are you?” I sighed knowing he would blow up. 

“Im at Stiles why?” I questioned 

“WHat!?” he asked sounding like I killed his dog. 

“I’m at Stiles,” I stated again.

“Yes, I heard you,” he said 

“Get home, right know,” he said in a threading tone.

  “Okay,” I said hanging up the phone.

 “What was that about?” Stiles asked 

“I’ve got to go, he’s really mad for some reason.” I shrugged 

 “Okay, um just text me when you get home,” he said standing up pecking my lips. 

“I Love You.” I heard him whisper when I left his room, I don’t think he released that i had heard him.

 “I love you too,” I whispered as I make my way down the stairs and to my car.

~At your house~ 

I opened the door to my house. 

“Scott?!” I yelled looking around for him.

 “Come here” I heard the firm tone from the living room making my head turn quickly. As I entered the room I saw it was him and Kira on th couch. 

“Are you serious right now?” I asked dropping my bag on the couch. 

“Deadly.” he said with a angry expression on his face.

 “Whats this even about?” I asked 

“You and Stiles.” He stated like it was obvious to me.

“Are you fucking serious!” I yelled 

“YES IM SERIOUS” he yelled back at me his eyes turning bright red.

 “Scott” Kira said grabbing his arm as I took a few steps back away from him.

 “Did you two have sex, (Y/N)” he asked I just rolled my eyes crossing my arms. 

“Why are you so admin about this, why do you need to know I don’t ask when you and Kira have sex so why are you so on my case about it?” I said in a angry tone.

 “It’s different.” he said in a firm voice.

 “how? how is it different Scott?” I asked fuming with anger.

“Because he would be taking my baby sisters innocence.” he huffed


 “(Y/N)” he protested.

“Fuck off Scott,” I said making my way up the stairs slamming the door.

(Part 3?? jk i know you want more already on it.)

sentence prompts ➝ broad city
  • ❝Are you sure that’s even a cat?❞
  • ❝Okay, I love you too.❞
  • ❝I don’t watch anything but solo porn.❞
  • ❝We just got pizza.❞
  • ❝Don’t black swan me like that, dude.❞
  • ❝Don’t do drugs.❞
  • ❝I’m like whatever I wanna be right now.❞
  • ❝Coat racks aren’t for babies.❞
  • ❝Wanna foook?❞
  • ❝What are you doing here? No offense.❞
  • ❝Dude, I just saw the hottest girl I have ever seen.❞
  • ❝I thought you got SUV’D.❞
  • ❝But I won’t make out with you.❞
  • ❝Animated movies are where it’s at. They’re like visual crack.❞
  • ❝I don’t care if you believe me or not.❞
  • ❝Do you mind if I take off my shirt?❞
  • ❝I’m gonna respect your dick later.❞
  • ❝Knock em over! They want to be on the ground.❞
  • ❝Are you still talking to me?❞
  • ❝I’m a sexual x-man. I’m Wolverine. I’m vulvarine.❞
  • ❝Parkour is terrifying.❞
  • ❝Hey, you’re blocking the whole fucking sidewalk.❞
  • ❝No, I’m not sure. Because I’m not sure about anything.❞
  • ❝How did you get into my apartment?❞
  • ❝I can’t. I can’t get into adoption with you, again.❞
  • ❝I just wanna get home and watch my shows.❞
  • ❝Can you pick me up? Can you lift me up?❞
  • ❝I literally don’t give any fucks. Like I hate fucks, they’re the worst.❞
  • ❝I’m crushing it, two for two. All day.❞
  • ❝Because I’m a badass…BOSS.❞
  • ❝Okay, this is your new sexual partner.❞
  • ❝Hey, chill, I’m on the phone.❞
  • ❝I thought we were rating them on dick size.❞
  • ❝Don’t ever let society change you.❞
  • ❝Have fun doing all your drugs together.❞
  • ❝I was so worried, I baked a whole cake. Then I ate a whole cake.❞
  • ❝Well look what the cat dragged in.❞
  • ❝You need to do your brain kegels.❞
  • ❝You asked me the question and then just started answering it yourself.❞
  • ❝Your hands on my ass.❞
  • ❝You’re gonna smoke the whole bag.❞