hey b*tch


San Myshuno Central Hospital, December 2016

Remy: Hey hey pretty lady. Thought you’d be sleeping.

Lala happy: My love! No, I’m not as sleepy any more. Allison was here. She only just left. We talked about so much, Remy.

Remy wary: Ah. You talked. About what?

Lala: About her being my sister, silly, what do you think? She asked about Mami and my family. I felt so bad telling her the truth.

Remy: That your mom is a crazy b*tch? Hey…now I know where Allie gets it from.

Lala: Don’t you dare speak that way, Remy. Allison is my sister. You don’t like it. Why?

Remy: I don’t care no way, actually. I think it’s creepy as f*ck, but life is like that. But I don’t want to talk about it. Today is your sonogram, right?

Lala nods: Yes. And tomorrow is my transfusion and then one more week of observation and I’m out of here. I’m so glad.

Remy: I’m glad too. Once you get released, we look for our own place.

Lala frowns.

Lala softly: But I don’t want to leave the penthouse, Remy. I want to stay with Allison.

Remy firm: No. Not happening. We’re moving out.

  • Customer before me: is rude and thankless to the cashier before walking away
  • Cashier to me: hi how are u
  • Me: Hey B*tch🏄🏽‍♀️do you really really really w

so i was walking down the hall, mindin’ my own fucking business when out of nowhere i get punched in the face. apparently the kid was trying to swing at his friend and i was “in the way”. i swear if it wasn’t on school property i probably would’ve beat his ass. now i have a black eye.