hey atlanta

Foo Fighters in Atlanta 10/4/15
  • An actual conversation between Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.
  • Taylor: No Paris Hilton here.
  • Dave: No not here tonight.
  • Taylor: No Paris.
  • Dave: God dammit I invited her, but she fucking blew me off again.
  • Taylor: You're probably not the only one she's blew off.
  • Dave: That's going viral.
  • Taylor: (while laughing) Don't even say viral.
  • Dave: Nevermind. No pun intended. Hey!
South Atlanta Runaway

Hey babe, I got the bike gassed up
So climb on girl, close up tight and
Let’s split this sacred night in two
Spinning magic dust from our wheels

C'mon touch me babe (I am not afraid)
You got the mojo that makes me real
Anything you need we’ll find on the way
And baby you can sleep while I drive

We’ll find our horizon, eventually
We’ll make the best of what we got
We’ll make the best of all we find
We’ll make the best of you and me

So climb on baby-doll, close and tight
Let’s split this sacred night in two
The moon’s song has never lied yet
It’s you and me babe, how ‘bout it?

can’t forget you / c.h (picture stories)

this is something new im doing and hopefully i’ll put these up on my instagram but what i’m basically doing is that im taking pictures of the boys(or anyone else really) and i’m making one shots or blurbs about them sooo i hope this isn’t a flop lol 

“One, two, three!” yelled the girl taking the picture. The boys were just starting to leave for Atlanta but all of them decided it was a good idea to take some pictures with the fans before they left. They had three hours till their plane would take off, so why not? All the boys seemed to have lots of fans, talking to them about the New Broken Scene, some talking to those who have recently gone through hard times, but something was just up with Calum and no one knew what it was except Calum, of course. 

“Thank you so much, Calum!” exclaimed the fan with Calum. Cal gave her a sad smile and said you’re welcome. 

“Is there something wrong, Calum?” she said, worriedness in her eyes, thinking she did or said something wrong. 

“Oh, no, no. Don’t be sad,” Calum comforted her, rubbing her cheek, “I just haven’t gotten lots of sleep and I’m just quite tired.” But that wasn’t it. Before leaving for Atlanta two days ago, Calum did something he obviously regretted. 

“Well, what the hell am I supposed to do, Y/N?!” He said, yelling at her as he threw down his suitcase. “I have to leave! It’s the New Broken Scene stream tomorrow and I have to get sleep in and I have to prepare! This is a big part of my life!”

“I thought I was too!” She yelled back. “But have you tried at least putting some time in for me?” Y/N rubbed her eyes and covered her red face with her hands. She sighed and rubbed her temples. 

“You know I’ve tried.” Calum said, looking down at his feet. Y/N scoffed and grabbed her bag. 

“Obviously not hard enough,” she put her beanie on her head and wiped her runny nose with her sleeve, “have fun in Atlanta.” She walked past him but he grabbed her wrist, turning her to face him.

“Why the fuck would you say that when you know I can’t without you there with me?” He yelled in her face. 

“You could’ve at least thought of that when you booked our tickets,” she waved her hand, making Calum let go of her wrist, “sorry, YOUR ticket.” And like that she was gone. And Calum hadn’t from her since. 

“Oh, I understand.” said the fan, smiling at the fact that Calum Hood was actually touching her. 

“Oy, mate, let’s go. Plane’s here early.” Luke says, putting his hand on Calum’s shoulder. Luke and Calum smile at the fan, and they enter the airport, leaving the fans of Atlanta. 


“Hey Cal,” Michael says, waking up the groggy boy from his deep slumber and warming dreams of him and Y/N laying next to each other on his bed back home, “we landed.” Cal looked out the window and looked out at the clouds that formed in New York. Y/N, he thought. 


“We have to stop by NYU.” Cal said, grabbing his band off the conveyer belt. 

“You guys broke up, what are you doing?” Luke says, walking with Cal towards the exit doors. 

“I just need to see her.” 


Luke, Michael, and Ashton all stood outside this building near NYU, hoping to point the fans attention away from the university, for Calum to slip through and try to find Y/N in her dorm hall. He looked from door to door and tried to find the number 35. I just need to see her, God, thought Calum.


I write my feelings into my journal that I bought. I never thought I would use this again. Dating Calum made me forget about this damn journal, but I can’t think about him. I wrote over and over how I didn’t need him. I did. 

“Y/N,” I recognized that deep Australian voice anywhere. My breath hitches and I look into the reflection of the shared TV of the whole dorm hall and looked at the tall figure behind me, his hair tucked into a beanie. Tears formed in my eyes and I stand up, facing Calum.

“Calum?” I manage to get out. “What are you doing here?” Instead of answering, he jumps over the couch and walks toward me and pulls me into his arms, making me inhale the scent of New York rain and cologne. Normally, I would pull away if I was still mad at him, but I was suddenly not mad at him. I just missed him. 

“Everyday,” he said into my hair. I tugged at his shirt and he pulled me in closer, “everyday I have hated myself for not being with you.” I pulled away and looked into his tired and puffy brown eyes. 

“Just fucking kiss me.” And without a second thought, he pulled me in, our lips meeting once again. 

hey, i don’t know that kind of sucked lol but hopefully i’ll do more of these loll 

my fly in USA tour update story:

okay so as some of you know, I’m following the tour. I have bright purple hair so on the first day bam was like I LOVE YOUR HAIR and since then I’m almost very sure that at least jb has recognized me at every show. When I showed back up at NYC he looked at me and kind of sup’d nodded at me (he took my phone in Dallas and was very very sweet to me since then) but lol last night at NYC day 2 bam asked the crowd who was there yesterday and I was directly in front of him and raised my hand and I think Jackson started talkin but bam looks at me like 😳 and talks to me with out his mic: you were here yesterday too?? And I nod and say yeah and and make a circle motion and say yeah all the shows and he’s like 😳😳😳😳😳 ALL THE SHOWS??? and repeats the circle motion that I made and I nod and grin at him and he is like the happiest bunny in the world he’s like wow, kind of looks taken aback and then gives me a thumbs up and says thank you but it wasn’t just like a dismissive thank you it’s like holy shit you like us enough to do this thank you so much for supporting us thank you.

and so after that I switch my group photo wrist band with a hi touch and so during the hi touch bam sees me and is like YOU!!! You’re going to—and I interrupt him like yeah!!!! I’ll see you in LA!!! And he has like the biggest smile and is like really???? And I say yes! All the dates!! All the shows!! (Which is a lie no Chicago or Atlanta but hey I had a limited time to say this ok) and I’m being pushed along so I’m saying this to him in front of jb next to him and jb is like what the fuck is this girl saying what’s happening and I almost forget to touch his hand and then next to him looking like a proud puppy, having heard what I just said is Jackson and because NYC’s hi touch was so rushed I basically spent all my time with bam meaning that I was being forced out so I just grin at him and honestly I cannot explain his reaction but wang puppy is real okay. and then junior who does not give any shits as usual just looks at me over his shoulder (again I was being rushed) also oops backstory okay so I told junior he was my fav in Dallas and at day 2 NYC I had a fansign for him, which he saw and smiled very cutely at me and tbh him and jb space the fuck out when they are dancing so I got a couple more smiles but like I could practically see him doing the counts in his head so I didn’t really expect him to be looking at me that much during the show. anyways, he has one hand tucked into his side across his chest and the other hand out and I grab it as as I’m walking past him say “you’re still my favorite” but lol I picked the best and worst bias because he just fucking smirks at me and I’m like 😒 whatever I still love him and his sassy ass.

fast forward to that night after the show:

so I’m eating with some friends at a restaurant and one of them goes “is that got7’s vans?” And I’m like no fucking way no BUT THEN THEY WERE. turns out they were eating on the top level of the restaurant. and so jackbam leave with jb and bam says hi to us (I said hi to him as he walked out) and smiles and then about 30-40 minutes later Youngjae and Yugyeom leave and Youngjae passes by me and I quietly tell him to have a goodnight and he turns and smiles that beautifully tired smile and as their dancers, managers and friends leave we realize: Mark and Junior weren’t there.

so all I’m saying is markjin exploring the city at night/staying at the hotel eating room service together and tiredly trying to keep each other awake through it by telling each other dumb jokes and making each other laugh