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Thor drinks a gallon of mable syrup and turns into a moose

“It is called Maple Syrup.”

The room went quiet.

“You’re kidding, right?” Asked Clint. “You don’t have syrup in Asgard?”

Thor shook his head. “Nay, but we have a similar dressing we sometimes use. Though it is not alcohol.”

Natasha smirked. “Weird. Maple syrup is one of the tastiest alcoholic drinks in Midgard. Surprised you hadn’t tried it before.”

“Aye! I shall fetch myself some more.”

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i dont understand why you care so much about Misha?? The show is about two brothers, like it or not. Enjoy the fucking show WITHOUT misha!

Keep telling yourself that

tell me again how Dean would have gotten out of Hell if it wasn’t for Cas? Oh, maybe another angel. right.

What about stopping the apocalypse? Would another angel have cared enough about Dean & Sam to help them stop the apocalypse? To rebel against God’s words and archangels?

Would an angel have brought Sam back from Hell? No, Cas did because he was his friend.

Would another angel have said “always happy to bleed for the Winchesters”?

Would another angel have helped them do the trials and destroy the tablets to close Hell? Would another angel have broken from Naomi’s mind control because of how much he cared for Dean?

Keep telling yourself that Cas isn’t important. Enjoy the show without Misha, and I’d love to see you go past mid-season four.

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alec lightwood

  • their blog url

waycuterthanjace. jace created the blog for alec with the url notascuteasjace and alec just never bothered to change it. when magnus found out he changed it to waycuterthanjace. alec has gotten many asks wondering who jace is, and alec has responded that jace is his annoying pet.

  • the kind of posts they reblog

alec is totally a photoblogger, but he’s well-known around tumblr for giving advice. he just wants to help people in whatever way he can and he answers every question he gets with solid, thoughtful answers. there’s also the occasional high fashion outfit that he thinks magnus would look good in.

  • the first person they followed

jace made him follow his blog

  • what kind of theme they’d have

redux edit with mountain background

  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am

sharing wild conversations that he and his family members have had

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I am very intrigued by your last anon answer. Why does Allah have 99 names? And what is the reason women of Islamic faith wear hijabs? I hope I don't sound offensive, I really and truly would like to know... Xx

you don’t sound offensive, it’s okay to be curious and best to ask for answers.

so basically in Islam we don’t just see God (called Allah) as someone we have to worship day and night, we also see him as someone who helps us through life, someone who is by our side, etc. so Allah has 99 names that describe him

some of them are:

  • The merciful
  • the appreciative
  • the provider
  • the loving one
  • the wise
  • the patient one
  • the resurrector 
  • etc

as for the hijab, girls who wear it usually want to be modest and they want the attention to be on their minds and personality rather than their bodies at first sight.

It’s also doing it for their creator, as a sign of modesty. because usually in some cultures like rich people would dress a certain way and peasants would dress differently, and in Islam basically they all cover their bodies equally as a sign of equality.

this is also not just for girls, which is something most people don’t know. For example, a girl should cover more of her body because female bodies are seen as prettier/etc, but men also have to cover their bodies. They can’t show anything above their knees and below their abdomen, but you know, most Muslim men ignore that.

also, Muslims don’t just have to cover their bodies, but they have to avert their gaze. A man is not allowed to stare at a woman, even if she’s naked, without her permission. Likewise, a woman cannot stare at a man.  But to avoid lust and people not averting their gaze, there is some more precaution with covering your body to help avoid it.

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But like. If you're going to say you are an asshole. WHEN are you an asshole? Because I have not seen this either on the internet or irl.

I am. When I’m with James and Nora and Amy. I say things that are totally dickish things to say. I actually apologize to them sometimes because I am such an ass.

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For the "say who in the ship would do this" - Can you do Shules? or Destiel?

I’ll do Shules :)

who the heck put the peeps in the microwave:

Shawn, he wanted to see them melt but didn’t think to put a plate.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing stuff:

Juliet, she has over 1k followers.

who breaks the most phones:

Shawn and Juliet both break a lot of phones in their line of work.

who dies first:

Juliet. (I don’t have a reason why, I just think she will i’m so sorry :/)

which one I could see as being lactose intolerant:

Shawn, but he likes to pretend that he isn’t and still has dairy, much to Juliet’s annoyance because of the aftermath.

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t:

Shawn thinks he can do everything well, Juliet is sure to tell him when he can’t. But Shawn never listens.

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed:

Juliet, she snores too loud.

who uses the computer most:

Shawn, but he doesn’t use it as much as he used to because Juliet made him limit his time because he was downloading too much stuff onto it.

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How can I change words on my dashboard like you did with 'followers' into 'assbutts'?

There’s an extension for google chrome called Stylish. It’s pretty cool, you can do more than just change the name of your followers. You can change the mouse, you can change the background theme, lots of things. And it’s not just tumblr, it’s lots of other sites too. :)

After you download the extension you can go into the site and search for supernatural tumblr modifications (or whatever you would like but that’s what I searched) and download the ones you want to add!

Here’s the link to the extension download and the site where I got the modifications.

Hope that was clear enough for ya, I’m horrible at explaining things… :P