hey ash what are you playing

playing hey you pikachu

“hey pikachu!”


“Okay, Ash, you know what? I think you should leave. I’ll be fine eating that apple, you should just go.

Something’s Missing [Jaehyun]

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Genre: Smut, Praise Kink :)

Characters: Jaehyun x You (Reader)

Word Count: 1758

Notes: I’ve been on Jae for too long, so I had to write a smut about him naturally. As always feedback is appreciated!

Jaehyun had invited you over to the studio this afternoon to give an opinion on the new track he was working on for the new NCT 127 comeback. You made your way through the busy streets of Seoul, the sun blaring down on you as you waited at crosswalks and turned corners.

You saw the familiar sight of the SM building, entering it with a pass Jaehyun had given you months ago in case you ever wanted to visit him at work. You made your way into the elevator and pressed the button for the 7th floor.

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What if Todoroki fell in love with the same girl as Bakugou??? Would they fight over her and how?? :D

Ohohohohohoooo this is juicy

sorry if I took like an eternity and a half to answer this, I suck, I know I do. 

Ever since that day, that damn day at the locker rooms, a simple, ordinary bunch of feelings, hormones and pride turned into a merciless, blood-thirsty war. Ok, not that drastically, but almost. It was a simple conversation, the guys trying to convince Todoroki into telling them who his crush was by constantly bothering and insisting. Their plan was to be annoying enough for him to give in and spill the truth already, it was always funny to tease someone so socially inept, and they wanted the rest of the boys to explode with laughter.

However laughter wasn’t everything that exploded in the room as soon as he pronounced your name.

A loud, deafening boom was heard and one of the benches was suddenly bursting into the air next to a steaming Bakugou Katsuki. Everyone turned to look at him with widened eyes and about 100 heart attacks queuing inside their chests.

“Kacchan! What’s wrong!?” Deku asked, following him to the corridor as he stormed out the room “Kacchan!”

But he didn’t answer. And no one found out what was actually going on until the very next day, when it was to late to stop the happenings, and the war had began.

“[name]-san” Todoroki whispered as not to interrupt the lesson, as he tapped your shoulder and bit the back of his pencil with nervousness “I don’t quite get this…could you explain it to me?”

False, he truly was really good at the subject. In fact, he had already solved all the exercises, but hidden the answers inside his backpack. And although he wasn’t fond of lies, it was worth it to see you turn around with a smile and willing to help him.

“Sure!” you offered your help kindly, turning your chair slightly to check what he was having trouble with. What you didn’t know though, was that the only problem he had was the amount of words he had stuck in his throat and the unbearable need to kiss you as you scanned the paper with your beautiful eyes. Gosh, you were so distracting. So distracting…he didn’t even notice the way Bakugou was staring daggers into his neck from his seat.

“Oi! Todoroki!” he exclaimed, awakening the other from dream land and having the audacity of forcing him to unstick his eyes from you “thanks for letting me copy your answers, man”

Todoroki didn’t understand what he meant at first, but his face paled in embarrassment as the guy abruptly placed the complete sheet of answers, HIS complete sheet of answers, on his desk, right in front of you, with a devious grin on his face. When had he…? How did he even took it from his…?

“Oh, well…it seems you understand quite right, Todoroki-kun” You frowned, returning to your place and giving him your back “tell me when you need real help, I need to finish my own work”

He clenched his fists, biting the inner part of his cheek to prevent himself of punching that bastard right in the face. What the fuck was his problem?? It wasn’t fair!

However, as he stared at him leaning over your desk and openly flirting with you, he knew two could play this game.

“Hey, are you heading to the cafeteria?” Bakugou followed you down the hall, he had been talking to you the whole morning, and you couldn’t quite get his motives “wanna sit down with me?”

Todoroki stared from afar, disgusted. How he DARED to talk to you in that tone? He wanted to frickin murder him, but he knew it wasn’t the best option. If he burnt him into ashes then there would be legal charges…and judging stares from people…and it would probably scare you. So he had to be sneaky, and find a way of ruining his flirting without spoiling his own image.

And he happened to know exactly how.

As Bakugou kept talking to you about how amazing his quirk was, he wasn’t aware of the fact his bag was open, or maybe he didn’t care. Whatever the case, Todoroki saw it as a priceless opportunity, and immediately turned to Mineta to ask him for a little favor…

“And so I was fighting this super, strong enemy” meanwhile, you were still listening to the other guy’s tale “Yet he was not a worthy rival, that fucker had no fuckin clue of what he…”

“Bakugou! Wait up!” Todoroki called, approaching both of you with something in hand “close your bag! Your stuff is falling! Here, you dropped this”

Doing his best to conceal his smirk, he handed him quite a flashy, totally explicit porn magazine, leaving it in his hands as if it were the morning paper.

Bakugou stared at it for a few seconds, paused by the confusion and the huge pair of tits on the cover, but as soon as he acknowledged the situation and realized you were there, his immediate reaction was crushing the magazine against Todoroki’s chest and blushing furiously.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” He screamed, hiding his panic with a rage quit “THAT’S NOT MINE!”

“But I just saw it falling from your backpack” the other returned him the magazine, even though he could see the nitroglycerin beginning go drip from the tip of his fingers “take care of your belongings next time”

“B-BUT! THIS…I…!” he turned to look at you, desperation taking over him as he saw your disgusted face.

“I…I have to go” you said, turning around to leave

“No! [name], wait!” but it was too late, you were already gone, and Todoroki had already won the round by offering to accompany you to the cafeteria “Fuck!”

Todoroki enjoyed gym class. It was a nice break from the studying, a good practice for his quirk…and also the perfect time to stare at you. Girls and boys, although they took clases at the same gymnasium, usually did different activities, meaning he was at the perfect distance to watch you without you noticing. It was stupid, he was aware of that. But there was something so beautiful in the way you tied your hair, in the way your brow frowned when you were making an effort, even in your smile when you achieved your goal…and don’t even let him get started on how great the gym clothes looked on you.

Sometimes, he got so distracted by you that he failed some of the exercises and, of course, Aizawa was disappointed. But this time, he didn’t care about the teacher noticing his distraction…he was more concerned about certain potty mouthed boy.

“Todoroki!” he shouted, almost making him jump from his skin since he was way too lost in your image “You are such a pervert, you fuckin idiot! Stop staring at [name]’s ass!”

His cheeks became instantly red as soon as you turned around and stared at him, your face obviously morphed with embarrassment, as you covered your butt with your hands instinctively as if you weren’t wearing pants. Todoroki almost panicked, he wasn’t staring at that, he swore! Well…maybe a little bit…but he was not a pervert! He wasn’t like Mineta!

“N-no!” he blurted out, trembling “I swear I wasn’t…!”

“How lewd, Todoroki!” Aishido interrupted, staring at him with anger “I thought much better from you!”

“Yeah, stay away from her” Bakugou chuckled lowly, bad at concealing his mischievousness as he snaked an arm around your shoulders “come on, [name], don’t pay attention to him, he can’t control his hormones”

“Hey!” Todoroki was furious, his face beet red, half from the shame and half from the blood-thirsty anger “I did not…!”

“Welcome to the club” Mineta tried to high-five him but he was obviously ignored. The guy had no intention of joining the pervert club, and even less intentions of letting Bakugou win this round.

So as he stared at him, getting closer to you, talking nonsense and obviously trying to woo you, he knew he had had enough.

He looked upwards, and saw the gymnasium’s roof was filled with irrigators in case there was a fire, and gosh, did he have fire to offer. Without thinking about it twice, and after checking everyone had turned their attention to something else, he put his hand on fire and let out a subtle, yet potent cloud of steam that wasted no time in reching the smoke-detectors.

In less than a second, all the irrigators were activated and rained on top of the students without a warning, creating a huge chaos of ruined hairstyles and cold, wet clothes.

“What’s happening???”

“My hair!!”

“My uniform is soaked!!”

“Oh my…oh my…goodness!” 

Everyone kept screaming and running around like idiots, and Todoroki couldn’t prevent his mind from questioning human stupidity. However, he had other things to worry about.

He spotted you in the middle of the crowd, shivering, and Bakugou ineptly trying to keep you warm and failing miserably. Yes, you were freezing, but that didn’t mean you were going to risk your life by submitting to Bakugou’s explosions. 

You sneezed, making the boy beside you desperate, since he though he was losing the chance to prove he could be “gentle” and “protect you”…even though he thought it was stupid. He knew girls liked that kind of stuff, and he wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip…or that’s what he thought, but he literally slipped into the ground because of the wet floor. That was a low blow. 

“Here” Bakugou raised his head, and his teeth clenched at the sight of Todoroki standing next to you, offering his jacket to protect you from the falling water “Are you still cold?”

You nodded. 

“Well, then I guess I must offer my help…” Acting innocent, but slyly looking at his enemy deviously with the corner of his eye, Todoroki opened his arms and warmed up his left side, offering you the necessary heat the other boy couldn’t give you “this will also dry your clothes faster” 

Almost immediately, you jumped towards your classmate’s embrace, feeling the relief of his hot chest as he wrapped his arm around you, and letting a content sigh escape your lips. 

“Bakugou, It’s not the right time to play on the floor” He mocked, taking the chance to caress your back, and making the other furious “If I were you I would find a way to get out of here…you will get sick”

And, with no more words to say, he guided you towards the gymnasium’s crowded exit and took you outside with a triumphant smirk adorning his face.

He knew the war wasn’t over, he knew this was just day 1 on what would probably be an eternal battle of pranks and misdeeds, and that revenge would bite him in the ass as soon as he turned around…but he didn’t care. All he cared about, as he deafened his ears from Bakugou’s insults at the distance, was the way you were softly breathing on his neck and the fact he could smell the nice fragrance of your hair as he hugged you.

 And he knew, from the feeling of holding you within his arms, that he was willing to fight all the upcoming wars if that was the reward.


OMG my first actual writing post. I hope it doesn’t suck. =P 

Lorenzo comes to Alex after eSports People’s first stream and points out something that should have been obvious for quite some time. And Ryland isn’t sure how to cope.

Good Game. Rylex. Fluff.


“So… you are aware that you love Ryland, aren’t you?”

 Lorenzo’s question was simple enough. They had just finished their first stream, a total success in Alex’s mind, despite the rough patches and Steamin’ trying to incriminate them. The rest of the team had less kind words to say about it, but Alex was satisfied nonetheless. The group had allowed themselves to be a little more out there and crazy than normal.

 Ryland had several giddy moments, an unusual side of him poking out. Alex had been right when he suggested the sand castle. Most people would have called it kiddie, but it was one of the few things that filled Ryland with unbridled joy. Alex needed that for this stream. And for Ryland.

 A shame Ryland had already turned it on its head, but oh well. Next time.

 Alex grinned at Lorenzo. “Of course I do. I love all you guys!”

 Lorenzo lowered his gaze and raised one eyebrow. “That’s not what I mean.”

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Simon: Clingy

Requested: Anon ‘Good luck with your last exam! When you can, could you please write something about being clingy and wanting to touch Simon all the time? Like whether it’s by hugging him or playing with his hair or rubbing his shoulders or anything but he never minds because he’s used to it and he does it to you too when he’s in a cuddly/clingy mood? Thank you! I just need some extreme Simon fluff x 😂😅

Warnings: Cuteness, fluff

A/N: Thank you anon! Enjoy x

You have always been a ‘clingy’ person, whether it’s holding hands, hugging or cuddling; it makes you feel warm, safe and loved. People think that being clingy is annoying, there’s nothing wrong in showing affection towards your loved one. Simon doesn’t mind at all though, he is a very affectionate person himself (although you wouldn’t think of it). The boys constantly tease him for it, he doesn’t care one bit, he loves you and you love him - what’s so wrong in showing it?

Simon was sitting in his gaming chair, finishing up his latest video. You came up behind him, rubbing his shoulders.

“You’re touchy today.” Simon commented, turning around in his chair. You climbed in his lap, wrapping your arms around him.

“When aren’t I?” You questioned smiling, making Simon chuckle.

“True.” He agreed, cuddling you back.

“Are you nearly done?” You asked, playing with his shirt.

“Soon.” He replied, making you pout.

“I need my cuddle buddy.” You told, snuggling into his chest.

“I just need to finish this last bit and I’m all yours.” He reassured, kissing your forehead. “You can stay in my lap until I’m finished, yeah?”

“Alright.” You smiled, happy that you can cuddle with him shortly.

After Simon completed his editing, he picked you up bridal-style and plonked you down on the bed.

“What do you want to do?” Simon asked, climbing into the bed and wrapping his arms around you.

“I was thinking about watching a movie and cuddle. If that’s alright?” You suggested, looking at him.

“That’s fine with me.” He smiled, turning the TV on and selecting movies, finding a random comedy film and selecting it, knowing that you’ll both argue what to watch.

“You give the best cuddles Si.” You noted, laying your head in his chest.

“Do I now?” He smirked, playing with your hair.

“Yep. You’re like a tall teddy bear.” You giggled.

“Is that why you’re with me is because I give the best cuddles?” Simon joked.

“Of course. It’s the only thing you’re good at.” You stated nonchalantly.

“Hey! I’m good at a lot of things and you know it!” He faked hurt, putting his hand where his heart is.

“Aw I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings?” You teased him more, battling your eye;ashes.

“Yes.” He pouted turning his head the other way.

“I’m sorry Simon, you are good at so many things. Somethings I won’t mention out loud.” You purred, putting your hand on his chest.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He smirked, watching the movie.

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Jessies girl reddie

~Richie hung upside down over the arm of Bill’s couch, the blood rushing to his head was not in any way bothersome as he darted his eyes to follow every time Eddie moved. The pit of his stomach burned as he saw Eddie giving that damn boyfriend of his that look. He was aware that he had no right to be so upset about this, considering that look had never once been directed at him. But he couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous. He frowned as he felt someone poke him in the gut. He flung himself back upright on the sofa while Beverly held out a cigarette for him. He gladly took it, flicking open his lighter and holding it out. 

They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Beverly started to chuckle. He threw her a look, which she caught and returned with her own flare. “Tell me again, how that eyesore doesn’t burst into flames?” She pinched the arm of his oddly patterned windbreaker. He shook his head with a grin. 

“This is style, Mrs. Marsh.” He narrowed his eyes and took a drag. His eyes fell back over to Eddie, who was doing that adorable thing he always did when he was shy. He held his cup just under his flustered grin and pink cheeks, speaking against it. Richie groaned in frustration. “What doesn’t he see in me?” 

Beverly pretended to look him up and down in thought. “I don’t know buddy, I don’t.” She rubbed his eyesore covered arm and allowed him to rest his head on her shoulder. 

“I’ve been funny, I think I’ve said some good lines…though he was nothing short of oblivious every time I flirted with him…Ughhhh.” He turned to bury his head in the crook of her shoulder. 

Beverly did her best to comfort him as he came back up to finish his cigarette. “You know Rich. It’s highly unlikely that Eddie will end up with this high school boyfriend.” She tried to remember the statistic Stan had told her when she was troubled with some guy. 

Richie pouted and she took his arm, raising the cig to his mouth. He chuckled and took a drag. “Thanks.” He huffed and slouched against the couch. 

“Look sweets, ” Beverly pinched Richie’s cheek as he so often did with Eddie. He grinned and pushed her arm away. “I’m happy for Eddie and you should be too. He seems happy. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it to work out for you teo but…” She trailed off and looked towards the couple. 

Richie puffed smoke from his mouth and nodded. “Tragically…” he tilted his head to the side and looked that guy, Jessie, up and down. “I know what you mean.” 

Beverly threw her arm around his shoulder and they both sighed. “I’m gonna go outside for the rest of this, doll.” Richie waved his cigarette and tapped Beverly’s thigh. She grinned and allowed him to get up and head for the door. She bit into her lip and got up to find that girl she’d been talking to a few minutes ago. 

Richie sat down on the porch and watched the smoke disperse into the air, the orange tipped ash turning all black before hitting the pavement. He slouched over and tried to cheer himself up by playing that funny ‘Scooby Doo’ episode in his head. 

Just as he was starting to focus on it, Eddie plopped down next to him and he habitually moved his cig to the opposite side. “Hey, What are you doing out here?” 

Richie just waved his cigarette and Eddie nodded. “Something wrong?” he tapped his side and Richie shook his head, trying to accept the fact that he will never be with Eddie. 

“Nah, Eds. nothing wrong.” 

(Send me the 60s-80s lyric or song of your choosing, whether you want a Hc list or oneshot , Reddie or Stenbrough, and I’ll do it!)

What Will Probably Happen when Kevin finds out Joaquin and FP are playing him

Joaquin: Hey Kev-

Kevin: So what are you gonna say at my funeral, now that you’ve killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my children, both living and dead. Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted. Most bomb pussy who, because of me, sleep evaded. Her god listening. Her heaven will be a love without betrayal. Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks….

Aurora's Route The Musical
  • Yoshimitsu: THERE! Right there! Look at that tan well tinted skin! Look at that killer shape she's in! Look at the suit to boot she's in, Oh please she's gay, totally gay!
  • Chance: I'm not about to celebrate, every trait could indicate, the totally straight not expatriate. This girl's not gay, I say not gay.
  • Gang: That is the elephant in the room. Well is it relevant to assume? That she who's never dated a dude, is automatically medically fay?
  • Irving: But theres a chance she could be bi?
  • Yoshimitsu: But look at her million dollar tie!
  • Chance: There's an eternal paradox...Look at what we're seein.
  • Yoshimitsu: What are we seein?
  • Chance: Is she gay-
  • Yoshimitsu: Of course she's gay!
  • Chance: -Or European?
  • Gang: ....Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Gay or European? It's hard to guarantee. Is she gay or European?
  • Ash: ? Well hey don't look at me!
  • Irving: You see they bring their kids up different, in those charming foreign ports. They play peculiar sports in shiny shirts and tiny shorts!
  • Gang: Gay or foreign gal? The answer could take weeks. She could call a girl just a pal, yet kiss her on both cheeks!
  • Yoshimitsu: Oh please-
  • Gang: Gay or European? So many shades of gray.
  • Ash: Depending on the time of day, the French go either way.
  • Gang: Is she gay or Euro-
  • Chance: THERE! Right there! Look at that condescending brow! That devious smirk and leering prowl! Thats a metro hetero gal! That girl is not gay, I say no way!
  • Gang: That is the elephant in the room. Well is it relevant to presume? That a hottie wearing a suit is automatically, radically, ironically, chronically, certainly, genetically, medically, gay? Officially gay? Officially gay gay gay gay-
  • Aurora: *laughs at something the male guard says*
  • Gang: DAMN IT! Gay or European? So stylish and so slick. Is she gay or European.
  • Yoshimitsu: She uses cherry chapstick!
  • Irving: But they bring their kids up different. It's culturally diverse! It's not a fashion curse if she wears some slacks, but bares a purse!
  • Gang: Gay or just exotic? We still can't crack the code!
  • Chance: While her accent is hypnotic, her nails aren't long though.
  • Gang: Gay or European? So many shades of gray!
  • Male Guard: But if she turns out straight, Im free at eight on Saturday.
  • Aurora: *glares at guard and shakes her head*
  • Gang: Is she gay or European, Gay or European!! GAY OR EURO-
  • Ash: Wait a minute! Give me a chance to crack this gal. I have an idea I'd like to try.
  • Chance: ? The floor is your's...
  • Ash: So Ms. James. This alleged man you were seen shopping with. How long were you too going out?
  • Aurora: 2 hours.
  • Ash: And your first name again is?
  • Aurora: *clearly annoyed* A-U-R-O-R-A
  • Ash: And your girlfriend's name is?
  • Aurora: MC- WAIT sorry I misunderstood. I thought you said best friend! Mc is my...best friend.
  • MC from across the room: YOU BASTARD! You lying bastard!
  • Gang: *GASP*
  • MC: That's it I won't cover for you anymore! Everyone I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! This girl is GAY and EUROPEAN!
  • Gang: WOAH!
  • MC: The truth is written on her face! You have to stop being such a complete closet case! It's me, not him, she's seein! No matter what she say! I swear she never ever ever ever swing the other way. You are so gay you big parfait! You flaming one woman cabaret-
  • Aurora: How do you know I'm gay?
  • MC smirking: Cause I was with you yesterday. So if I may, Im proud to say!
  • Gang: She's gay and European! She's gay and European! She's gay and European! And-
  • Aurora: Okay fine I'm gay!
  • Gang: HOORAY!!!!!!!!!

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Ryder and romanced companion's' reacting to their child's first serious injury? (Like a broken bone or deep cut)

Hey guys! Mod Ash here, still alive, somehow. Sorry that I’ve been inactive and letting Mod Di take on all the work load, BUT I’M BACK BABY! So let’s get this show on the road! 

(Side note, what do you guys think of a fic series?)

Liam: they were playing soccer with a couple of the other kids aboard the Nexus when a misstep resulted in the child heading face first into the smooth flooring. Liam was supervising the match and so immediately rushed over to check on them, and realized when they raised their head from the floor that their nose was gushing blood, looking a little twisted too, a broken nose. The game was called off effective immediately and he got the child to the infirmary, stat. Even though the doctor told them that it would heal soon and it wasn’t too serious, Liam couldn’t help but give the kid a few once-overs. “Let’s be careful, or else your mother will have both our heads yea?”

Cora: her kid had been making a poor attempt at parkour in the house when neither parent was home, and a jump landing on the wrong footing got them a broken ankle. The child had the sense to at least limp to the nearest doctor, who then informed Cora, she then rushed over like some sort of female Flash. When she got there, the kid got a multitude of scoldings, she said things like: “Why weren’t you more careful?!” and “What did I tell you about doing things you see on the Net?!” But in the end she still tells them she’s glad they’re okay, although now parkour is banned in the house.

Peebee: a field trip to see Eos had turned into a ride to the colony’s doctor due to the child trying to climb up on one of the formations and sliding down. And it wasn’t the fall that injured them, but the scraping of their leg against the rough surface, leaving them with a leg covered in friction burns and large cuts. Peebee had given the kid a small shelling and a threat to ban them from all future field trips out of the Nexus should they ever try to something as reckless as that again. She still bought them some sweets after though.

Vetra: Ryder and Vetra’s adopted kid decided to try skate boarding like those videos they saw from Earth, and ended up doing a flip- that landed them heading towards the ground face first. They fortunately had the sense of mind to raise their arm to protect themselves, and received only a broken arm. When she found out, Vetra fretted over them, and once she made sure they were more or less okay, then she warned them never to try something so dangerous again and made sure that if they still wanted to continue skate boarding that they’d do it with knee and arm guards.

Gil: the kid had broken their whole foot by dropping a box of his tools onto themselves when they were curious as to if Gil had any blowtorches or freaky wrenches inside. He didn’t, but the kid did not know that and now was in the infirmary for four broken toes and a fractured foot. When he found out, Gil’s first reaction was to exclaim ‘what’ very loudly at different pitches. Then he went over to the infirmary to tell the kid off and accompany them till they were able to go home. Needless to say he puts all his tools on high shelves now.

Suvi: her child didn’t really get an injury so much as poisoning. They had always seen her licking her rocks and decided to try the same with Suvi’s latest find from Veold. This caused some severe stomach cramps a few hours later. When Suvi came to know what had transpired, she first went to check on them and made sure that they were well, then made them some stuff to eat like soup. “Although I appreciate you taking an interest in my work, leave the licking to mommy alright dear?” 

Jaal: his child was playing with some other children in the Nexus when game of catching got too out of hand, and the child ended up tripping over another child and soon there were at least three children in a dog pile. Unfortunately his kid was at the very bottom, and was the only one that resurfaced with an injury, a broken leg. Bring the worried parent he is, he rushed the child to the closest doctor available and continued to pace around outside the examination room. He was told not to worry but still did so anyways. He is extremely reassured when he sees the child completely fine afterwards. 

Reyes: he never even thought he’d have a child in the first place, so he’s terribly protective of the kid. When they return home with a broken wrist after a day of shenanigans, he’s quick to get the medi-gel. After everything was fine and the the wrist was well on its way to being healed due to the wonders of modern medicine, he reprimanded them for being so reckless. Though, he is reminded of how reckless he was himself.

Ryder: their child came back home with a big bruise on their chest that was blossoming into something nasty. Turns out they tried to fight a Krogan child and got headbutted in the chest instead, probably bruising a rib or two. After a sigh and lot of medical attention from Lexi, they scold the kid for going off and getting hurt like that, but couldn’t deny that they were extremely worried seeing them with such a large injury in the first place.

anonymous asked:

Canon: Gabe gets put in timeout a lot.

Scott entered the house. He had been in Liam’s home a few times. It was a nice place, homely. Often with the sounds of Liam and Theo punching each other. 
Something caught his eye. There was a large dog crate in the room, but there wasn’t a dog in there
“Gabe?” He asked.
Gabe looked at him, his brown eyes looking dejected
“Hi” He said simply. 
Liam entered the room
“Hey Scott!” He handed Scott a cup of coffee “Did you find out yet what was doing those killings?” 
“Erm yeah, it’s a Wendigo. It’s ok, Argent is taking care of it, um why is Gabe in there?” Scott asked.
Liam looked at Gabe, who avoided his eyes. 
“Im in timeout” Gabe said. He sat back against the wall, playing around with his shoe laces
“And if he’s a good boy he can come out in 2 hours” Liam said. 

Scott looked puzzled 
“He’s in there because he thought it would be acceptable to place mountain ash around the house trying to trap me. He didn’t know Theo could pass through it. Imagine his face when Theo did” Liam glared at Gabe, giving him a dirty look “So Gabe is in there for an hour for each birthday. He’s currently on his 16th hour in timeout. Dont worry. We let him out to use the bathroom and we’ve given him plenty of water and food” 
“Erm…” Scott said “Liam, I dont think that is the best thing to do-”
“Hey!” Liam said “You tied me up in your bathtub and I turned out ok” 
Scott rubbed the back of his head.
“Yeah…sure you did, Liam” 


Pairing: Malum + Reader
Requested: Yes! Read request guidelines here, and request here!
Summary: Malum threesome in a pool/hot tub, Double Penetration
Word Count: 3105
Rating: M
A/N: Got carried away, as per usual - Grace

“Come on, Mia, tell me who it is,” you whine, drawing out that last word as you struggle to tie your bikini straps without getting your hair tied into it as well, standing in front of the mirror in your best friend’s bedroom.

“Nuh uh,” she says, concentrating as she pulls her hair up into a tight ponytail. “If I tell you, you’ll get all nervous and be awkward and sweaty around them,” she explains. “Or worse,” she says, “You’ll freak out about them seeing your body and back out.” She pauses for a moment, “Which, by the way, as absolutely banging today, not that it isn’t always.”

You smile “Thanks, babe,” you say and she slaps your ass lightly as she walks by, getting her towel.

You jump a bit “Hey!” you squeal, “What was that for?”

“Well if you’re going to get with any of these guys, you’ve got to get used to it rough,” she says, laughing, “I’m just preparing you,” she smiles. “Catch,” she says, throwing you a towel.

“Can’t you tell me anything about them?” you say as the two of you head out to her car.

“They’re in a band, a band you know, and like,” she says, “And that’s all you’re getting.”

Thirty minutes and several Taylor Swift songs yelled in unison later, Mia’s car is pulling into the driveway of a nice house, and there are people walking around and talking everywhere.

“Wow, this is quite the party,” you whisper to Mia as the two of you walk in together.

“Yeah,” she sighs, “They’re kind of party animals-” she keeps talking but your focus is pulled as you recognize a bright red head of hair in the backyard, making you freeze in your tracks.

“Y/N?” Mia says, snapping her fingers in front of your face. “Hello, earth to Y/N” she says, and you quickly snap out of it.

“Is it 5sos?” you whisper in disbelief.

“Yeah,” she says, “I know you like them” she says as the two of you walk to the bar, grabbing beers for both of you and handing you one. “And I also happen to know that you think they’re cuuuuuttteee,” she says in a singsong voice, taking a drink. “I’m guessing you saw Mikey over there,” she says, “Go talk to him, he doesn’t bite” she pauses for a second, “Unless you want him to,” she laughs. “Go, babe,” she says, nodding her head over toward him, and you take a deep breath before walking over and tapping him on the shoulder.

He turns around and looks you up and down quickly, smirking to himself. “Hello gorgeous,” he says, “Now what is a beautiful girl doing over here, talking to me?” he says as the group of friends he was talking to before dissolves and leaves you talking to him one on one.

You blush and smile, looking down at your feet, “My friend told me the guy with the bright red hair was one of the guys hosting the party,” you say a bit shyly, “And I thought I’d come over and introduce myself.”

He smiles, “I am indeed one of the hosts,” he says starting to walk with you toward a patch of shade, “I’m Mikey, and you are..?”

“Y/N,” you say, smiling.

He shakes your hand, “Well it’s nice to meet you, Y/N” Mikey says just before a blur of a dark-haired boy you can only assume is Calum tackles him from the side, both of them falling into the pool and making a huge splash, the water hitting your legs and feet.

“Oh my gosh,” you say, laughing hard as the two boys resurface and Mikey crawls out of the pool, muttering, “Always interrupting me when I’m talking to a pretty girl…” he scowls and walks back over to you, dripping with water and sighing. “I’m so sorry, Y/N, my bandmate is an asshole sometimes,” he says laughing and shaking out his hair.

You laugh “It’s alright,” you say, smiling at him, “You’re cute when you’re wet, anyway.”

He smiles, “Anyway, this is Calum,” he says motioning to him as he crawls out of the pool, the water soaking his clothes and making them cling to his toned body.

“I’m the asshole,” Calum says laughing, and shaking your hand, “And you are very pretty”

You blush and smile, laughing a bit at his joke, “Wow, two hot boys complimenting me in one day, without even being graphic about it, I think this is a record!” you say laughing.

“Well we generally don’t prefer to start off conversations with girls by telling them that they have a nice ass,” Cal says, laughing.

“Even if it is true,” Mikey says, biting his lip a bit as his eyes traveled downward again on your body.

“It’s definitely true,” Calum says, his eyes following the same trail as Mikey’s.

“Y/N, how would you like to stay for an afterparty with us?” Mikey says, and both boys smile at you hopefully.

“Well I came with my friend, but..” you say, looking for her absentmindedly.

“She can stay too, she can hang out with Ash or Luke,” Calum says, responding to you instantly.

You nod “Sounds good,” you say “But what about you two?”

“Oh, I have a feeling we’ll be busy,” Mikey says, A smirk forming on his lips as Calum gives him a knowing look. 

A few hours later, the party is over and the people have cleared out, you’re in the living room with Mia, watching Luke and Ashton play just dance, laughing both of your asses off as Luke trips over his own long limbs while trying to do a turn.

“Hey, Y/N,” you hear a voice whisper, hands wrapping around your waist from behind, and you turn your head to see Calum with mischievous smile on his face. “Me and Mikey want to go skinny dipping, want to join?” he whispers.

You drag your bottom lip slowly through your teeth, “Hmmm, do I want to see two incredibly hot guys naked? That’s a hard choice.” you say, giggling.

“Mmm, and their dicks both hard for you,” he whispers, his puffy lips starting to lightly suck on your neck, making you let out a low, whimpering moan. “Well if you decide you want us, we’ll be out back,” he whispers, lightly nipping your ear before he walks away.

You take a long, deep breath in and sigh out, “Okay, Y/N, don’t be shy,” you whisper to yourself, taking slow steps toward the backyard and pushing open the sliding glass door, stepping out.

“I’m glad you found your way out here, beautiful,” Mikey says, smiling as he looks at you, his pale body reclining in a poolside chair, completely naked; slowly stroking himself.

“Holy shit Mike-” you whisper, your eyes glued to his massive cock, his tip bright red and dripping precum.

He smirks and chuckles a bit, “Like what you see, baby?” he says, “Come here, Y/N,” he says, and you bend down, flipping your hair over to the side as his lips brush against your ear, “If you like one cock, you’ll love two,” he says, pointing over at Calum, who’s getting out of the pool, buck naked as well, his tan skin glimmering with droplets of water, and his thick cock flat against his stomach, hard as a rock.

You gulp, “Both of you?” you whisper in disbelief.

“That’s right, princess,” Calum says smiling, “Only if you want to, of course,” he adds, reaching out and gently moving the hair from your face.

“Y-yes, I want to,” you say shakily, still staring at Mikey’s cock, unable to tear your eyes away from it.

“Don’t be shy, baby,” Mikey says, smiling, “You can suck it if you’d like,”

You lean down slowly, wrapping your hand around the base of his cock, squeezing it lightly and kitten licking his tip slowly, making sure to lick along his slit, tasting his precum and moaning softly as Mikey lets out a shaky moan “Damn baby,” he says “It’s not even in your mouth and you’re making me feel so good,” he whines out.

At the same time, Calums hands are rubbing up and down your thighs, over your hips and waist, reaching under your bikini top and groping your breasts, kneading them slowly in his hands, then pulling on the strings and freeing you of it, casting it to the side. Mikey wraps his hand around your hair, pulling it into a loose ponytail, just as your wrap your lips tightly around him, slowly sucking your way down his length and moaning around him.

Mikey lets out a soft gasp, moaning out as Calum’s hands travel back down your body, feeling every inch of it as they move, then kneeling down at your side, using his teeth to untie your string bikini bottoms, letting them fall in between your legs on the floor.

You start to bob your head up and down on Michael’s cock, fast as you can, making it a little bit sloppy and wet for him, swirling your tongue around his tip each time you come back up, making him moan and groan, cursing and throwing his head back.

Calum’s hand presses against the small of your back, making you arch it for him, and he lets out a low groan, “You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you Y/N?” he says “You must be, only a dirty, horny girl would get this wet sucking cock,” he sighs and shakes his head disapprovingly, “And you haven’t even been in the pool yet”

You whimper softly, feeling Calum’s eyes on your center as he squats behind you, his rough hands spreading you open as you feel yourself start to throb, as if your heat had a hearbeat of its’ own. Suddenly, you feel his tongue making contact with it, licking up and around, then unexpectedly pushing into your entrance, making you pull off of Mikey’s cock and gasp “Holy fuck,” you whisper.

Mikey smiles and laughs a bit, “You like Cal’s tongue in you baby?” he says, “So wet and wide and soft, does it fill you up baby, soothe your aching pussy?” 

You whimper softly “Yes it does, so fucking good,” you say as Calum roughly tongue fucks you, his calloused fingers spreading you wide as you go back down, licking along the vein on Mikey’s shaft, gently kissing his balls and sucking on them as your hand, tiny in comparison, pumps his cock as fast as you can.

Mikey lets out a long stream of curses, accompanied by whiny moans “Fuck if we don’t do something else I’m gonna cum” he says, and you stop your actions quickly, smiling, proud of yourself.

“Then let’s get in the hot tub,” Calum says, withdrawing his tongue from you and placing a kiss on your clit before standing up and slapping your ass hard, making it shake in his hand, both him and Mikey going over and getting into the hot tub.

You go and find the switch to turn on the jets, sliding in between the two of them and moaning softly as the water hits your skin and soothes you.

Mikey smiles and presses his lips to yours, “Don’t worry baby we’ll make you moan a lot louder than that” he whispers in your ear, trailing his lips down to kiss your neck.

“In fact, I think we’ll make you scream,” you hear Calum’s voice in your other ear, their whispers surrounding you.

“Okay baby, I’m going to take your pussy and Cal’s going to take your ass, if that’s alright with you,” Mikey whispers “We have waterproof lube, don’t worry” he says, looking at you and kissing you softly, making sure you were comfortable.

You nod “Sounds good baby,” you whisper, and he nods, both him and Calum getting up and going inside for a minute, which you assume is to lube up.

You sigh to yourself, sitting alone in the hot tub, trying to prepare yourself emotionally. You weren’t a virgin in any sense of the word, but you had never had two guys in you at once, never even been close to being in a threesome before.

Before you had time to think about it too hard, they’re back, each completely lubed up and sliding into the water on either side of you.

“Miss us?” Calum says, attaching his lips to your neck and sucking hard until he was satisfied with the hickey he left behind, then picking you up effortlessly in the water, moving you to the middle of the pool as Mikey came up in front of you. 

Calum’s arms hook under your legs, holding them wide apart and making you moan softly as he kisses and licks at your neck, his wet tongue grazing over and soothing the massive hickey from just moments before.

Mikey smirks as he looks at you “Damn, Y/N, so open for us, you want these both of these big cocks, don’t you?” he says, pumping himself in the water, just looking at you.

“I do, I really fucking do,” you whine out, throwing your head back impatiently.

Before you even finish your sentence, you feel Mikey’s hands grab your legs, and his huge, thick cock thrusting into you, making your head snap back up, your back arching as you let out a high pitched moan, “Fuck, Mikey!” you yell out.

He grunts a bit and lets out a breathy moan, “Holy shit, such a fucking good pussy” he says, pulling out for a second and then slamming back in, pounding into you, your legs and arms starting to shake.

“My turn,” you hear Calum growl in your ear behind you, trying to brace yourself but finding it impossible to concentrate on anything other than how good Mikey felt deep inside of you.

Before you know it you feel Calum’s thick cock push into your ass, feeling a bit like he was tearing it in half as you winced and let out a loud moan, his hand kneading the back of your thigh as he started to thrust in and out as well, soon getting into a perfect rhythm with Mikey’s thrusts.

Your body shakes and writhes, but you’re unable to really move at all, pinned completely between their bodies, moaning uncontrollably, whimpering and whining, every sound of pleasure streaming out of your mouth.

“I was right, you’re a dirty, dirty girl, Y/N” Calum hisses in your ear as he pounds into your ass, “You like being stuffed with cock, don’t you?” he says, groaning and grunting directly into your ear, Mikey’s face burying itself in between your tits, his tongue and lips roaming over them, leaving dark purple bruises in his wake. 

You moan and whimper, feeling yourself edging up to a massive orgasm, “I don’t like it, I fucking love it,” you breathe out and your words give both boys a surge of energy, their hips snapping as they thrust wildly, moaning and yelling out, bouncing your body faster and faster on theirs, meeting their thrusts and intensifying the whole thing for you. 

You can tell that they’re both getting close by the sounds coming out of their mouths, getting whinier and whinier by the second, and you feel Calum’s hand sliding around your waist and then down, “Cum.” he orders, rubbing your clit in a few harsh circles before bringing his hand down, slapping it.

You scream out and a loud, pained whimpering noise comes out of your mouth and you cum just as ordered, even harder than you expected, your whole body taken over by pleasure, everything around you but the sound of their moans fading away.

Mikey pulls out, pumping his cock as fast as he can, then shooting cum into the warm water, throwing his head back as he moans your name.

As you’re recovering from your orgasm, you feel Calum’s rough hands bend you over the edge of the Jacuzzi, fucking your ass with a vengeance, more intense than you’ve ever had it, grunting in your ear and groaning until he fills you up with his hot cum, “Just what you wanted, huh, Y/N,” he moans out, his body bent over yours.

Your heart is beating faster than ever and you pant, half of your body laid over the edge of the hot tub, hearing one of the boys getting out and the water splashing a bit, the other moving towards you as you lay there immobile in a post orgasmic trance.

“Can you stand, baby?” you hear Mikey’s voice whisper in your ear.

“I don’t think so,” you whisper, shaking your head and you feel his hands wrapping around your waist, lifting you up and into his arms. He lets you bury your face into his chest as he carries you inside and to a bedroom, which you assume is his. He lays you down gently on the bed and pulls over a pillow, placing it under your head and adjusting it until he was sure you were comfortable.

“Be right back,” he whispers, kissing your forehead gently and getting up, going over to the bathroom before coming back with a towel.

“Can you sit up, love?” he says, and you nod, letting him help you up and drape a towel over your shoulders. 

“You’re not going to want to put your swimsuit back on, are you?” he says, standing up and getting you a pair of his boxers as well as one of his T-shirts. “Will these work?” he says, holding them out to you and you nod, smiling weakly and letting him dress you, then wrap you in his arms. 

After a little while spent cuddling with him, you whisper, “It’s really late, Mikey, I should be getting home.”

He nods and gets up, and you can’t help but notice a little flash of disappointment and sadness on his face as he lets you go, walking out and finding Mia asleep on the couch, one leg draped over Ashtons.

“Mia,” you whisper, shaking her arm a bit.

“Huh?” she says, waking up and wiping a bit of drool from her chin. “Oh, Y/N, you’re done, how long does it take to get double-teamed?” she says standing up and walking outside with you to her car.

Both of you get in and drive in silence for a few minutes before she turns and looks at you at the stoplight, “Who’s clothes are those, Y/N?” she says, “They’re definitely not yours.”

“You’re right, they’re Mikey’s” you say sighing slightly, “He was really sweet to me after, really took care of me.”

“Really?” she says, a bit surprised.

“Yeah,” you whisper, “He was almost sad when I left, maybe he wanted me to spend the night,” you say, fiddling with his boxers a bit.

“Maybe he loves you,” she says, glancing over at you for a second.

You look at her in shock for a second, trying to process your thoughts, and all the small, caring moments between you and Mikey that night flood your memory.

“Yeah,” you whisper, barely believing your own words, “Maybe he does.”

Feedback??? Part Two????

anonymous asked:

How about some single dad Harry fics? I checked your masterlist and didn't see any on there.

Hello ! There’s not so much fics but well, that’s my fav!

Single dad! Harry :

(thanks @yourssincerelylarry for the pain, this manip is killing me)

- Standing on the Edge of Forever : “So let me get this straight. You took Mr. Squiggles from the classroom habitat, took him with you on your fieldtrip to the zoo, and released him in the aviary?”Harry Styles is a single father, just trying to keep his life organized after losing his husband four years earlier. Between his daughter, Liam’s hellion twins, and Sophia throwing him into any romantic tangle she can think of, life gets a little crazy. Of course, everything changes the moment Lo and the twins get interested in their school musical, The Wizard of Oz. Because the new director, Louis Tomlinson, is just about the most attractive man that Harry has ever seen.Featuring adorable Dad Harry, hotshot actor Louis, three sassy kids, a badass Sophia Smith, and a Liam who just wants all their kids to be well behaved. (55k, my fav !!)

- May You Enjoy Your New Life : It begins for them all at the bungalow – ‘Alright, time to lay out the cards. We’re in this together and hopefully, for the long haul, yeah? So I think – you know, we should just be honest. It’s deal-breakers time. That thing that like, if we’re gonna hate you or something, just tell us all now.‘When One Direction begins, Harry Styles is a sixteen-year-old boy foundering under the pressure of impending fatherhood. His ability to balance the sobering responsibility of caring for his tiny daughter, Millie, and the exhilaration of seeing his own dreams coming to fruition affects not only his future, but those of Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis, who never expected fealty to be the key to their success. But Liam is the first to show him how to grow up without growing old, and Zayn is the first to defend from the public what is private and precious. Louis – Louis is the first for a lot of things; for most of the moments of Millie’s life and for the moments of Harry’s that matter. And Niall is the first to toast when Millie is born: Go maire sibh bhur saol nua – (264k)

- Didn’t think it would work out : here was no way he could let it happen, the prospect of working with Harry for the next two months or so seemed like a nightmare specially designed for him. From hell. By the devil himself, probably. Perfect torture, fit amazingly well with the self-destructive path he’d been on for a year now, Louis clearly had to say no.“‘Course, yeah, I’ll clear it with Simon then, brilliant, cheers mate,” Fuck.—–Or, Louis is a primary school teacher, Harry has a 7-year-old son in his class, Louis has a 1-year-old crush on Harry, and they have to put on the school’s Christmas play. Brilliant. (16k)

- Celebrity Status : The one where Harry’s an X—Factor contestant with a kid, one too many tattoos, and his favourite judge’s room key. (3k)

-In the Country: Harry and his son Luke spend the summer at Harry’s childhood cottage in the country. But after meeting his old playmates and meeting the man of his dreams - will he be able to return to his rock star persona?  (16k, no smut)

- i can’t be no superhero (but for you i’ll be spider-man) : Harry is a single father who has a son with some issues. Sometimes Louis dresses as spider-man. Spider-man is Lloyd’s hero, but then again, maybe Louis is a bit of a Superhero as well. (19k)

- your eyes are like starlight now :  “Yeah. Me, Daddy, and Buttons. That’s my puppy. I named him. Sometimes we call him Butt for short,” Olivia told him, looking up at the boy with a full smile, minus her two front teeth. Louis realised that talking to this girl was more fun than talking to Zayn. Zayn was a little shit, though, so that was understandable. or the one where louis hates his job as an elf at the shopping mall, but hates it a lot less when he meets olivia and her hot daddy (2k)

UPDATE (last update on April 4th 2017)

- A Life That We Share (I Owe It All to You) , by Rearviewdreamer :  When Harry’s son came home from school crying he didn’t think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.or Harry’s son get bullied until Louis’ son shows up :) (34k)

- Four Houses Away , by @greyish-sky : “Hey, Ash. What are you doing here?”“Lucy went grocery shopping and I thought we could play FIFA?” Ash blinks his big, green eyes. “I’m tired of playing alone and Daddy said you used to play with him?”Harry told his son about—again, it doesn’t mean anything. “He told you I beat him every time?”Ash laughs. “Yeah. He said he sucked.”“I don’t have an Xbox, though. You’ll have to bring yours.”Ash does a little victory dance and starts running. Louis stops him before he reaches the stairs. “I need to call your dad. D’you know his mobile number?”“He made me memorize it.”That’s so Harry. Louis fishes his phone out and hands it to Ash. He types his dad’s number and starts running away. “Don’t run!”Ash jogs. Or, having Harry back in his life wasn’t in Louis’ to-do list. (23k)

- The Summertime, The Butterflies, All Belong To Your Creation: When Louis decides to help out a lost little girl at the park, he never expected it would lead him to finding his home. (11k)

- Wasn’t Expecting That   : Since moving out of his mum’s house with his baby daughter, it’s always been just Harry and his little Luna Flower; dad and daughter against the world. Things are just fine and Harry doesn’t think he needs anyone – and that could have had to do with the fact that he doesn’t think there’s anyone out there good enough. But, with a leap of faith and some unexpected twists and turns, maybe he might just prove himself wrong. Or, the one where Harry is a single dad and gets more than he bargained for after a one night stand of sorts. (103k)

- Behind The Lights   : Inspired by Maid in Manhattan, but not the same at all. (61k)

Creepypasta #1007: A Pocket Full Of Posies

Length: Medium

Ring a Ring O’ Roses,

A Pocket full of posies,

Ash! Ash!

We all fall down.

I rose my eyes from the old book to find the store owner – a middle aged lady smelling of powder and cold green tea – looking down at me.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I was just –”

“These books are not for sale. You shouldn’t be here.”

Yeah, no shit. I should be at home watching the game. But it’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of days, and Jill has dropped so many hints as to what she wants as a gift I could make an Agatha Christie novel out of them. So here I am.

“I’m looking for a book,” I said. “An old edition of The Unbearable Lightness of –”

“Did you read anything on that book?”

I looked back down at the book I was holding. It was an old collection of nursery rhymes, pages all yellow and flaky. That’s a problem I have with bookstores – especially used book stores – I get lost in them and I browse and I forget what I was there for originally.

“I – I don’t know. I’m sorry, I didn’t know –”

Did you read this?” She asked again, laying a pointy finger over the page the book was open on.

“Yeah… it's… nice. But I’m not interested in buying.”

She closed her eyes. Then opened them again. “You’ll be able to see them now.”

“I’ll be able to what, now?”

She took a deep breath, like it pained her to say the next words. “Don’t make eye contact with them. Whatever you do. If they don’t know you can see them, you will be fine.”

Okay, this lady’s was giving me the creeps. Time to go.

“All right,” I said. “So that’s a no on the Unbearable Lightness of Being thing?”

She shook her head. “Don’t look them in the eyes.” She took the book from me and placed it back on the shelf.

“Don’t look them in the eyes, got it,” I said, applying my theory that it’s always best to agree with crazy people. “Thank you.”

I turned around to leave and stopped. Standing just by the door, under the little bell that announced new customers, was a little girl in a gown that looked like it was sewed around the time Louis XVI was decapitated.

I paused for a second. The kid was scanning the store with a weird, adult-like expression on her face. Something off about her.

Then I went past her and gave no more thought to it.


Ring a Ring O’ Roses… A pocket full of posies…

All the way home, I couldn’t get the rhyme out of my head. It was like a song, stuck there, except… I didn’t know the melody. But there was a melody in my head, as soon as I read it. Almost as if I knew that song from somewhere, or as if the music was written within the words of the book, somehow.

“Hey, hon, where were you?”

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Jukebox Hero

Title: Jukebox Hero

Pairing: Reader x Ash

Word Count: 1,660

Theme songs: You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC, Alright Now by Free

Request: Can you do an ash imagine? Like I don’t care what the plot is, I just really want one! Please?!


Your name: submit What is this?


Your boots clipped heavily along the worn wooden floor of the bar you’d just entered the dusty and splintered doors of. The Roadhouse, that was the name. You’d heard of it in stories your dad used to tell when he talked about his hunts, and you’d passed by the place a time or two in your own travels, just never had the want to pull over. But the moon was just right tonight and the road too long in front of you to pass up stopping for a drink or two.

Not many people inside, but the ones that were there were a rough crowd, gnarled and road-worn, like the way you felt. You’d all seen a hard day’s night or two you could guess. They may not look the most friendly, but they were still your kind of people and you felt at ease as you strode towards the bar, taking a seat on an uneven stool there and catching the eye of the long-haired woman working the place.

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Until Then: Josh Washington x Reader

@katjacson said: When you’re not busy, can you plz do a fic with josh about him going with a movie premiere w/ his dad and he meet the actress from the movie he was working on, few years later they’re close friends and she’s actually there on the night Hannah and Beth disappeared?? Except this time Josh actually wakes up and helps herself and Beth find Hannah.

I’m never busy, I’m just lazy. lol Thanks for asking

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Camera Personas

Anonymous said to bvb-oneshots:

Do you think you could do a BVB one shot where you get your wisdom teeth out, and it’s just really hilarious and the guys get a video of it? Then fast forward and you watch the video and get pissed but laugh at the same time??


I changed it just a little bit, hopefully it’s still alright. If you can’t tell I’m on a Jake kick, so send in Jake requests, please ^.^


When the guys pulled up in front of your house you were furious.

“I said I needed you to drive me to the dentist, Jake, not the whole damn band.” You growled at him and he laughed, wrapping his arm around your waist.

“It’s okay, (Y/N), seriously, they just wanted to support you.” Your best friend chuckled, leading you to his car.

“Support me my ass.” You grumbled as you sat in the passanger seat of Jake’s car, CC in the back seat.

“Jake, don’t lie to her, man. We wanted to come because it was going to be funny as hell.” CC told you, and you growled at him. You glared at the car that followed Jakes. Ashley was driving it, Andy in the passenger seat, and Jinxx in the back.

“I hate you.” You said bluntly, looking at Jake. “I really really hate you.” You didn’t even have to tell them, but you did, and now they’re here, and so help me God, Jake, if you pull anything I’m going to fucking murder you.”

“Relax, (Y/N), you shoudn’t get wound up before surgery.” Jake laughed and you hit his arm.

“Bastard.” You grumbled.


“What the fuck are you asshats laughing about?” You asked the five men huddled around your computer. You’d just woken up from a nap, giving the pain killers time to wear off, and had hoped to awake to an empty house. You hoped in vain.

“You.” Andy said, smirking at you over his shouler. You stuck your tounge out at him, Andy having always been your least favorite. You didn’t dislike him, you just liked him the least, because he was a cocky asshole who got on your nerves.

“Go fuck a cigarette.” You told him, going towards your computer. “What the fuck are you guys doing anyway?”

Jake looked up at you from the computer, barely containing a laugh with a grin that said he had done something stupid.

“What did you do?” You asked angrily, then looked over his shoulder to the computer screen.

“You didn’t?”

“I did.” He smirked, and then the video started playing.

“How are you, Izzi?” Jake asked from behind the camera, and you laughed, obviously drugged up.

“I’m broken. I’m missing teeth.” You laughed, biting down on some gauze.

“Is there anything you want to say, Izzi?” Jake asked, and you laughed.

“Where is Starbuck?” You asked, and he laughed.

“There is no Starbucks.” He told you, laughing, and you frowned, and proceeded to throw a tantrum as Andy guided you to the car.

“But I want Starbucks.” You whined. “I want coffee.” You hit Andy’s chest lightly, and he chuckled, making you glare at him. “You-you need to shut up. You annoy me.” You told him, angrily.

The guys started to laugh, and so did you. You were angry as hell that Jake had filmed all this, but it wasn’t not funny.

“Jesus you guys are assholes.” You told them, leaning over Jake’s shoulder to watch the rest of the video.

Andy helped you into the car and you looked like you had found Narnia.

“Whoa, look at this place.” You said, looking at the interior of the car that you had been in only hours before like it was a new and wonderful place. “This is like Wonderland. Quick, Jake, get me a mushroom that will make me grow.” You told him, and he started laughing.

“I don’t think I can do that.” He told you, handing CC the camera so he could drive. You whined on the screen and laughed as you watched yourself.

“This has to be against the law.”

“I think it actually might be.” Ashley stated, and you put your hand up to high five him.

“Fuck yeah, brownie points.” He laughed, and you hugged Jake around the neck.

“I’m going to fucking kill you, you know that right?” You asked him, and he laughed.

“It’ll be fucking worth it, just watch it through the end, it get’s funnier.”

“But Jake, I want to be like Alice in wonderland.” You pouted. “You can be the mad hatter, and CC can be the rabbit, and Andy can be the stupid caterpillar. I hate Andy.” You told him, and you laughed, looking at Andy who was looking back at you with a raised eyebrow.

“It was the drugs.” You laughed, and turned back to the screen.

“Why do you hate Andy?” Jake asked, and you pouted.

“He’s too fucking tall.” You grumbled, and all the guys laughed, you couldn’t contain a little scoff yourself, and Andy looked at you accusingly.

“I’m telling you, it was mostly the drugs.”

“Mostly?” Andy asked, and you shrugged.

“You are annoyingly taller than me.” You told him, looking back at the screen.

“I’m not much shorter than him.” Jake told you, and you contemplated that.

“I just don’t like Andy. He’s mean.” You told him, and then looked back at the camera.

“Shit!” You whispered, looking at the lense. “Look, they’re filming, it’s the NSA!” You yelled, ducking behind the seat, and peaking out every couple of seconds as though CC and the camera would just disappear.

“It’s not the NSA, Izzi.” Jake laughed, and you hit him.

“They’re going to kill me. They know about wonderland, Jake, go get the stupid caterpillar, he always knows what to do. Oh! Get Jinxx, he can be the cat, he can make the NSA disappear! You hear that, NSA, I’m getting the caterpillar and the cat on you!” You told the camera.

“You guys all deserve to get fucked by dildo-weilding fem-doms.” You told them, and they just seemed sort of shocked at you. “You’re assholes.” You reiterated as the screen went black.

“We stopped filming there.” CC told you when you were confused by the blackness of the screen.

“Liars.” You told them, and Jake chuckled.                                                                                                                           

“You were trying to bite CC.”

“And not nip, you were trying for blood.” Andy laughed, and you glared at him.

“And how would you know that, smart ass, you weren’t in the car.” You glared. You knew there was more footage, they just weren’t going to show it to you.

“CC told me.” He laughed, and you glared.

“Get out of my house, asswads. When you tell me what happened to the rest of that footage you’re welcome to come back.” You told them, walking away.

“You mean this footage?” Andy called after you, holding his phone out to you.

You glared at him.

“Have I ever told you how sexy you are?” camera you asked Andy, and your mouth dropped open as you took the phone from his hands. Andy leaned over your shoulder, watching with you.

“No, you haven’t, why don’t you?” Camera Andy asked, and Camera you just laughed.

“Because I don’t like to lie.” Camera you laughed, and you held out your hand to Ashley for another high five, but he rejected it.

“Just wait,” Ashley told you, and you looked at him curiously. He was smirking evilly, and you got a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.

“I don’t think you’d be lying. I’m very attractive.” Camera Andy said, and Camera You groaned.

“You’re so full of yourself.” Camera You said, and Camera Andy and real Andy laughed simultaneously. Camera you did something real you was taken aback by. You kissed him.

“Oh My GOD!” You screamed, covering your mouth with your hands, and the guys all laughed. “You guys are all assholes!” You told them as you watched your Camera-self pull away from the sloppy kiss. Drugged up camera you laughed.

“See, you’re a horrible kisser.”

“No, you’re a horrible kisser.” Andy countered, and you glared at him.

“No, you’re a horrible kisser.” You told him indignantly.

“No, you’re a horrible kisser.” He started to smirk.

“No, you’re a horrible kisser.” You glared.

“Hey, Izzi, I’ll tell you if you’re a horrible kisser.” Ashley offered.

“But I’m not a horrible kisser!” You yelled, and Ashley laughed.

“Come prove it to me.” He taunted you, and you stood, and watched yourself get up and kiss Ashley Purdy.

“How could you guys just let this happen? I thought you were my friend, Jake!” You yelled, watching yourself dribble all over Ashley.

“You use too much teeth, by the way.” Ashley informed you, and your mouth popped open.

“Not when I’m not on fucking drugs!” You defended yourself, and Andy laughed.

“You do use a lot of teeth.”

“Damn it,” You growled, frustrated, but sort of amused and then frustrated as you watched Ashley grab your ass and whoever was holding the camera zoomed in on it.

“You bastards!” you yelled, smacking Ashley.

“It get’s better.” Jinxx assured you, and you groaned, torn between laughing and screaming. You paused the video and turned to Jake.

“Just please tell me it doesn’t get X rated.”

“It doesn’t escalate past that. You tried, but it doesn’t.” He smirked.

“Despite what you think we’re not complete assholes, just semi assholes.” Ash chuckled, and you hit him.

“I’ll kill you later.” You said, playing the video again.

“Hey, stop that.” Camera Ash told you, and the camera moved to get a view of you biting his lip.

“You taste good.” Camera you said, and you flushed back in reality, handing the phone to Andy, ready to take another nap.

“There’s more.” Jake laughed, pulling you back and holding you against his chest as the phone was put into your line of sight.

“I don’t want to see it!” You said, shaking your head and closing your eyes.

“It’s not that bad.” Jake assures you, and you open your eyes, just in time to watch yourself grab Ash’s crotch.

“Oh God why!?” You screamed, looking away, but unable to keep yourself from laughing. “You bunch of liars! I thought you said it wasn’t that bad!” You yelled at Jake, laughing into his chest.

“It isn’t, trust me, later get’s worse.”

“What do you mean?” You asked, peaking at the video. You were standing in front of Andy now, and sizing him up in all your drugged up strangeness.

“Let’s fuck.” You told him, and you groaned.

“Damn it, someone shoot me.” You laughed, practically collapsing against Jake.

“I was down, Jake said no though, something about date rape.” Andy laughed, and you glared at him.

“You know I always liked you least.” You told him, and watched him deny you and laugh at you on the phone screen.

“Ditto.” He laughed.

“Please tell me I didn’t try and get in anyone else’s pants.” You begged.

“We could say that, but it wouldn’t be the truth,” Jinxx said and you groaned.

Whose?” You asked, and Jake laughed.

“Mine.” He told you and you groaned.

“I can’t take anymore.” You told him. “Can’t we save my humiliation for another day?” You asked, and Ashley laughed.

“No way! We wouldn’t all get to see your reaction if we waited.” Ash said, and you sighed, opening your eyes to watch yourself attempt to seduce your best friend unsuccessfully.

After being rejected a third time you sat in a corner and pouted. The video went black and you sighed.

“Is that all of it?” you asked Jake, and he smirked.

“Yeah,” he lied, and you groaned.

“I don’t even want to know.” You laughed against his chest.

“I do, what other footage do we have, I mean I know more happened, but I thought that was all we recorded.

“I was recording the sing along up the stairs.” Andy laughed.

“I got some of the stuff after she got out where she asked if Andy would turn into a carrot so she could eat him and he could disappear.” Ashley interjected.

“I might have been recording the cry session when we told her that we weren’t at Starbucks when we got here.” Jinxx said.

“I hate you. All of you.” You laughed, clutching Jake’s shirt. “You all suck dick. In fact you suck each other’s dicks. You’re horrible horrible people.”

“Thank you.” Andy said making you laugh.

“Go to hell.” You told him, shaking with laughter that was reverberated throughout the circle of people surrounding you. Assholes or not, they were your assholes.

5SOS Preference #28: Bad Day
  • Ashton Irwin: "I t-thought I was doing great, A-ashton." I sob into his muscular chest while he holds me into his arms. After I got home from finding out that I got let off from my job, he took me upstairs and made me lay down with him. That's when the water works came. "And you did, baby," Ashton whispers to me, rubbing my back in a calming manor. "You did wonderful." My chest shakes as I try to find my breath. "I wish I w-would've known what I could've d-done better," I admit in whisper, my voice cracking. "I'm f-fucking terrible, Ash." Ashton presses his lips against my forehead. "You're amazing, (Y/N)," He whispers gently as my sobs quiet down. "You are absolutely amazing." I sniff and move closer towards him and try to focus on his gentle and sweet gestures. "Just breathe, sweetheart," He breathes quietly, giving my forehead a kiss. "Just relax, I got you."
  • Luke Hemmings: "Hey, hey, what's that matter?" I ask, gently, after Luke rests his head on my lap without answering my usual "how was your day" question twice. He shrugs and just looks at the ceiling above us. "Well something's on your mind." I whisper, my hand playing with blonde locks. "I should quit." He admits in a whisper. "What?" I ask, my fingers running through his hair. "It's too much, (Y/N). The band is." Luke mumbles. "I'm no good." I shake my head. "Nonsense." I say back. "You should've heard me today, (Y/N). I playing all the wrong chords and was off with everything. I don't belong-" I stop his babbling by leaning down and kissing his lips. "You're speaking like you're crazy, my love." I whisper to him before kissing his cheek. "But-" "Hush." I say then kiss his lips. "Today just wasn't your day. But tomorrow will be. Don't say that craziness because you and I both know that you don't mean it. You belong and I love you. Okay?" I finish and Luke nods. "Okay." He whispers before smiling and I kiss his lips.
  • Calum Hood: "Oh C-Calum." I cry hard into his shoulder, holding onto him for dear life. "Shhh, darling. It's okay." He whispers to me as he runs his hand down my back gently. "No, i-it's not okay!" I yell into his shoulder, my hand smacking his chest. "I-I feel so...so b-broken." I say in defeat. "It was not your fault, baby." He says softly to me. I pull away from him and sit back on the passengers seat, wiping my eyes with my fingers. My heart sinks more every time I think of the blood and the pain. "I want a b-baby, Cal." I whisper as my eyes well up again with tears. "And we'll have one, darling," He whispers to me, taking my hands. "One day, we will." Tears run down my face and I sniff. "I feel terrible." I sob shakily. He pulls me into his chest again and I lose it. "Baby, you didn't do anything wrong. This is a natural thing." Calum reassures me. I sob into his shoulder and hold onto him again tightly. "We'll have a baby one day. I-I promise." He reassures me again, his voice breaking while he tries to hold back his own tears.
  • Michael Clifford: "Are you sure you're alright?" I ask Michael before sitting next to him on the couch. He nods his head as he scrolls through his phone. His eyes move across the phone screen, reading something. I sigh and return back to my movie. "(Y/N)?" Michael asks quietly. "Hmm?" I say, turning my head to him. "Do you like my hair?" He asks me with hopeful eyes. I nod my head before looking up at his blueberry hair. "I actually really love it." I admit and he gives me a smile. "You do?" He asks softy and I nod again. "Of course. Why, babe?" I ask, taking his hand. He sighs and lays his head on my shoulder. "I've been getting shit all day from people about it," Michael mumbles. "They say I look even more gross with this color." My heart breaks at the horrible words. "How fucking rude." I admit out loud. "You're telling me." He whispers quietly. "Well I think you rock the color, hon." I admit in a whisper. "Thank you, babe." He says. "In fact," I say before straddling his lap. "I think you look even more sexier, baby." Then he leans into me and kisses my lips as I play with his hair.