hey ash what are you playing

Calypso headcannon

One time Calypso Reyna and Leo were fighting a monster and the monster said something like ‘your mom hates you Leo’ and Calypso snaps opens a small instrument case

Reyna: Calypso, what are you doing?

“No one makes Calypso’s boyfriend upset…”

she pulls out a harmonica and starts playing it

suddenly the sky opens up and a huge fire dragon emerges

like this is a huge sprite of fire

Reyna nearly shits herself “WHAT IN THE GREEN EARTH IS THAT???”

the dragon descends on the monster burning it to ash. Calypso hugs leo and Reyna takes a step back

Reyna: She’s scary….. i thought Annabeth made me poop my pants

Leo: Hey reyna whats wrong
Reyna: Ahhh yes i just renembered that i have this meeting to go to called….. ‘i like life.’ yes that one and you two have fun… and gotta dash *runs away*


title: Four Houses Away
author: greyish_sky
rating: Explicit
relationship: Harry/Louis
word count: ~23,000
summary: “Hey, Ash. What are you doing here?”

“Lucy went grocery shopping and I thought we could play FIFA?” Ash blinks his big, green eyes. “I’m tired of playing alone and Daddy said you used to play with him?”

Harry told his son about—again, it doesn’t mean anything. “He told you I beat him every time?”

Ash laughs. “Yeah. He said he sucked.”

“I don’t have an Xbox, though. You’ll have to bring yours.”Ash does a little victory dance and starts running. Louis stops him before he reaches the stairs. “I need to call your dad. D’you know his mobile number?”

“He made me memorize it.”

That’s so Harry. Louis fishes his phone out and hands it to Ash. He types his dad’s number and starts running away. “Don’t run!”

Ash jogs.

Or, having Harry back in his life wasn’t in Louis’ to-do list.

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playing hey you pikachu

“hey pikachu!”


“Okay, Ash, you know what? I think you should leave. I’ll be fine eating that apple, you should just go.

find the board

Okey I was thinking about this for a while, but, what if Chris and Josh went to get the Ouija board instead of Chris and Ash? And maybe a lil bit of secret cuddles??. I almost squeaked when I read this. so thank you seagoatsyntax for the prompt :).

Josh smirked as he stood up from the fire place his blue eyes studying the only other people in the room as he waited for Sam to come down from the bathroom.

It was time to put his prank into action.

“Hey guys, so, I got this Ouija board and I was thinking that we should defiantly play with it.” Josh said the excitement in his is voice easily detected.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good Idea.” Ashley murmured from the couch.

“Oh come on what’s the worst that can happen” Chris says from where his leaning on the wall.

“Oh I don’t know, how about releasing a DEMON” Ashley said standing up and putting her hands on her hips.

“Stop being a baby Ash nothing bad is going to happen” Josh chuckled a large grin on his face.

As the three of them talked about the board Sam appeared at the top of the stairs seeming slightly annoyed.

“Josh where’s the hot water?” Sam asked coming down the stairs to stand in front of Josh.

“Oh, uh, the water heater probably needs turn on” Josh said glancing around the room before he let his eyes land on Ashley.

“Ash and Sam you two go down to the basement and turn on the water heater while me and Chris look for the board.” Josh chirped walking away from the two girls with Chris.

“Oh, bro, this is going to be so cool.” Chris said excitedly as he searched around the attic for the Ouija board. 

“defiantly.” Josh agrees letting his blue eyes trail over to his friend.

“Hey Chris isn’t that it above you?” Josh asked walking over to Chris and grabbing at the box above his head.

“I don’t know is I-” Chris began only to get cut off by Josh pulling the box down on them and making them fall into a pile on the floor.

“Nope” Josh groaned looking at the old sheet that had fallen on top of them.

“Um Josh?” Chris squeaked a bright red blush covering his face.

“Yeah bro?"Josh questioned glancing down at Chris.

Chris gulped slightly as he stared up at josh as his mind wondered to the position their in.

Josh had Chris pinned down his hands on each side of his head with a white sheet mostly covering them.

"Could you get off me?” Chris asked his bluish-gray eyes staring into Josh’s own blue eyes.

“I don’t know im pretty comfortable” Josh said leaning down till his face was inches away from Chris’s.

Chris’s eyes widen slightly as he felt Josh’s hands curl into his hair and his breath against his lips.

“Real f-funny Josh” Chris whispered licking his lips.

“What’s funny?” Josh whispered back his eyes staring intensely into Chris’s own.

“T-This game” Chris whines unconsciously curling his hands into Josh’s shirt.

“What game?” Josh chuckles breathily.

Chris gulps roughly his hands tightening into Josh’s shirt.

Josh smirks leaning down even more till his lips almost brushed Chris's own.

“Josh..” Chris breaths his bluish-gray eyes holding a questioning look in them.

“Chris” Josh mumbles back his fingers tightening in Chris’s hair.

A tense air passed between them as they decided their next action.

Josh was the first to move tilting his head and brushing their lips together.

Chris tensed almost instantly though it was only for a few seconds before he was kissing back his hands sliding up to clutch at the back of Josh’s shirt.

After a minute both of them pulled away Breathless and with messy hair.

“That was..” Chris mumbled trying to find the words to explain the kiss he just shared with his best friend.

“Amazing” Josh supplied burring his face into Chris’s neck.

“Yeah” Chris murmured petting at Josh’s back.

((haha hope it was okay I know it was more of kisses then cuddles so im sorry bout that. Also seriously titles are so hard))

How the next episode of Markiplier's Until a Dawn should play out:
  • Josh: Ha Ha! I sure pranked you guys good!
  • Everyone:
  • Josh: hey come on! Say something?
  • Everyone talks all at once.
  • Ashley: …ghosts… everywhere … ghosts … everywhere…
  • Chris: What the hell man?! I- We thought you were- I thought I had killed you! That was the hardest decision of my life! Oh jeez, oh jeez, WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF I HAD CHOSEN NOT TO SAVE ASH!!! Oh God! I- also Ash stabbed you pretty badly in the shoulder, someone should really have a look at it- dammit! I still don't know if I want to hug you, or deck you- wait, no, you decked me, And Ash, a couple times each- definitely deck.
  • Sam: Oh my God, Josh! You- you… I don't even know what to call you! Perv? For making me run around like a headless chicken in just my towel? I almost caught hyperthermia! Psycho? For- for all of this! Idiot? As any one of us could have killed you in self defence! Just- what is wrong with you?
  • Mike: OK, I'd give you the double bird you deserve, but, you know, I'm missing some Fucking fingers! That is not a joke! More importantly, I think Jessica is dead! And I don't mean, oops, something went wrong and there was an accident, I mean full on murdered!
  • Josh: …ok.
  • Josh: I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I’m Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now.

but imagine little boy irwin curling up in a ball on the couch as wind whips against the house and thunder booms and he won’t listen to any condolences you offer, but when ash gets home from the studio the little boy dashes over and leaps up into his daddy’s arms and ash chuckles and says “what’s the matter buddy?” And he’d whimper “I want the thunder to go away” while he clings to his shoulders through his soaked t shirt and ash would frown a little and say “hey little man, that’s just the rock band in the sky. You don’t want the drummer to stop playing do you?” And his eyes would light up and he’d go “no” and ash would say “and why is that?” And little irwin would smile his dimply smile and say “cause drummers are the best” and ash would smirk and say “that’s right. Give me some” and they’d fist bump bye im gone

Possible Not What He Seems Promo
  • Bill: Hello, Pine Tree! Look at your uncle, now back to me, now back at your uncle, now back to me! Unfortunately, Stan's in jail, and the world's fixing to end! Look down, back up, where are you? You're in the future, and the apocalypse is happening! What's in your hand? Back to me. I have it! It's that journal that you look through so much! Look again! The journal is now ashes! Anything is possible when the world's going to end in 21 hours. I'm in a flesh suit!
  • Dipper: *out of his body* Hey!
  • *Last few notes of the Gravity Falls theme plays*