hey arnold doodles


I post a thing!!

Work’s been busy and I’ve been writing instead of drawing when I get the chance for the past few weeks. Invictus is now 20k words longer than its predecessor.
So here is a dump of characters from Invictus/LoD
Vince, Marley and his lady love Pilar, Sid, Gino, Lila, Katrinka, Helga and her daughter Philippa


Nick Artists Channeling Their Inner Nicktoons! 

At our studio, there’s fun, creativity and DOODLES everywhere you look!!
No seriously. In addition to people physically turning into doodles we have white boards all around the building filled with doodles and meeting notes all have a 3 doodle requirement. WE’RE SERIOUS ABOUT DOODLES GUYS.

Artist cred for these doodleheads go to our incredibly talented former NICKtern, Amelia Giller!