• Me explaining to my manager why I need to be out by 6 PM on Black Friday: I have a family function that was planned in advance and I CANNOT get out of it; I'm totally cool with coming in at seven in the morning, though. I just need to be out for that family thing.
  • Me in my head: I have been waiting for this movie for fifteen years I'm not gonna miss it I need to be home I need to see my babies again.

Hey Arnold! The Movie - Secret Tunnel

Hey Arnold! The Movie had a secret tunnel a few years before Avatar: The Last Airbender did. Both tunnels got destroyed shortly after they were introduced into their universes. That about ends the similarities between the two. I think.

This ends the Hey Arnold! The Movie pieces. April Fool’s Day will be up in about a week, and The Journal about a week or two after that. We’re so close to The Jungle Movie! Are you excited?