hey angel in the snow

cute sapphic winter things

• when her cheeks get all red from the cold
• big cuddly jumpers and swapping them with her
• when u can see ur breath and it’s all around her like a halo ??
• ice skating !! especially if ur both clumsy and fall over and laugh a lot and then just drink hot chocolate and watch the people who are good at ice skating and make up stories about their life in a snow circus to explain how they can stand up on those lil knife boots
• when she’s cold so u give her ur coat and ur cold but she looks cute so it’s 10000000000000% worth it
• christmas coffee dates and getting silly names on ur cup and warming one hand on the festive takeaway mug and one hand in hers
• u both have cold hands but only one of u has mittens so u have a mitten each and hold hands,,,,, for warmth
• snow !!!!!! making pretty snow angels and saying look it’s u and making a really bad snowman and saying look it’s u and having snowball fights and
• christmas is great u could call her on christmas day and open ur presents together over facetime
• ridiculous seasonal nicknames that get out of hand and become really competitive “hey snow angel sugar plum fairy gingerbread house christmas tree”
• matching ugly christmas jumpers oh my god
• there are so many possibilities,, enjoy being sapphic this season

Snow Day in the Seireitei

As requested by @dameofnodelicacy and @sambamrazzy. :)

It has snowed in Soul Society, and a snow day has been declared! How do the various shinigami react?

1. Hitsugaya: Is 90% scarfs 

Hitsugaya bundles himself up well. Very well. He basically looks like a walking pile of scarfs.

Byakuya: Aren’t you an ice type? Should you not be impervious to the cold or some such thing?

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: There is nothing wrong with wanting to be cozy.

2. Yamamoto: Goes shirtless

Mostly because he can.

Yamamoto: Such bad subordinates, being affected by the cold.

Yamamoto: Personally I just need my beard to keep ME warm.

3. Byakuya & Rukia: Build snowmen

Or rather, a snow bunny and a snow Admiral Seaweed.

Rukia: Your snow sculptures are just as amazing as your sand sculptures, Nii-sama!

Byakuya: Yours are very good too, Rukia.

4. Matsumoto: Drinks (and shares) a lot of spiked hot chocolate

Of course, it’s too cold for strip drinking games. So instead she, Hisagi, and Kira see how many sweaters they can put on.



Matsumoto: Who knew reverse stripping could be so fun??

5. Hinamori: Spends the day reading

She has a blanket and (non-alcoholic) hot chocolate, and she is ready to party. And by “party” I mean “read.”

Hinamori: It doesn’t really get cozier than this.

[Outside the window, Hitsugaya waddles by in his 19 scarfs]

Hinamori: Except possibly for that.

6. Rose: Enjoys the look of the snow

Rose, more than anyone else, appreciates the aesthetics of the snow - the look of the fresh snowdrifts, the way the snowflakes swirl down through the air, the way the world seems almost hushed.

Rose: Every few seconds I get another picture of Izuru wearing more sweaters.

Rose: But it’s pretty peaceful anyway.

7. Yachiru: Pelts everyone with snow balls

Mostly while riding on Kenpachi’s shoulders.



8. Renji: Gets involved in the Squad 11 snowball fight

The one that Yachiru started.

Ikkaku: Abarai!!! Did you put  ROCK into this SNOWBALL?!

Renji: We villains are dirty by nature, you know!


9. Isane: Is pretty much stuck dealing with injuries

Squad 11 files in all day, most of them with mysterious rock wounds.

Unohana: And this is why I insisted we spend the day inside Squad 4, Isane.

Isane: Ohhhhhh.

10. Aizen: Melts all the snow with his spiritual pressure

No snow is actually able to reach him.

Aizen: I am simply too powerful.

Aizen: …

Aizen: Admittedly it is a little sad.

11. Ukitake: Is cared for by his subordinates

Basically this means that Kiyone and Sentaro compete to keep him comfortable, until he is essentially swimming in blankets. And mittens. And hats. And hot chocolate. 

Ukitake (faintly, from underneath it all): G-guys?

12. Soi Fon: Hosts a GIANT snowball fight

Just imagine, if you will, the entirety of the punishment squad pelting each other with snowballs.

Omaeda: T-this is surprisingly nice of you, Captain!

Soi Fon: Nice? You understand so little.

Soi Fon: I am increasing their antagonism towards each other by having them simulate battle. I am decreasing their camaraderie.

Omaeda: They, uh, sure seem to be having a good time, though.

Soi Fon: That is probably battle laughter. 

13. Komamura: Goes sledding with Iba

The sokyoku hill makes for some awesome sledding.

Komamura: Amazing! I can’t help but let my tongue dangle and my wolf ears flap in the breeze!


14. Shinji: Makes snow angels

I can’t even explain this one. Something about Shinji and his gangly limbs making snow angels amuses me

Hiyori: Hey baldy! Aren’t you a guy who does everything backwards? You should be making snow angels FACE DOWN


15. Mashiro & Kensei: Get distracted by Shinji’s snow angels

Kensei was just trying to go for a nice snow walk. Mashiro was following him.

Mashiro: Uh oh are people disappearing again? Kensei! Kensei! Look! Mysterious dents in the snow!

Kensei: Those are just snow angels, Mashiro.

Mashiro: What? Angels? Of the snow? I don’t understand! I don’t understand!


16. Nemu: Clears the snow around Squad 12

Kurotsuchi really wants nothing to do with the snow day. So Nemu clears the snow away from Squad 12. Using the world’s most giant snow blower.

Nemu: I may or may not have blown Akon away.

Nemu: But he is probably fine.

[The sounds of Akon’s screams fade into the distance]

Nemu: Probably.

Winter Themed Sentence Starters
  • "Hey -- put that snowball down!"
  • "Come make snow angels with me!"
  • "I sooooooooo want hot cocoa right now."
  • "But I don't wanna go outside! It's too cold."
  • "You know you've been outside too long when your snot becomes frozen."
  • "Snowball fight?"
  • "Sledding is an art. Only masters like myself know how to do it properly."
  • "How can you eat ice cream right now!? It's below twenty degrees outside!"
  • "So they shut down all the trains and buses..."
  • "I so hope that this snow is enough for a snow day."
  • "How about we both skip work and cuddle all day? We can blame it on the snow."
  • "I made a snow dick. Look -- it's happy to see you."
  • "UGH. How long is it going to snow for?"
  • "I can't hold hands with you. Too cold."
  • "You've got so many snowflakes in your hair. It's kind of cute."
  • "I hate the snow."
  • "Let's go ice skating!"
  • "Your hat is falling off!"
  • "I'm pretty sure the lake's frozen enough. We won't fall in."
  • "I can't even see a foot in front of me!"
  • "You know what I've always wanted to try? Building an igloo."
  • "The snow can go fuck itself."
  • "I feel like a penguin with all of these layers. A very fat penguin."
  • "I just need the heat on, a bunch of blankets, and a good movie. I can watch the snow from inside."
  • "I am NOT going outside in this cold!"
Snow Angel

Request: Hey youu :) Since it’s really getting winter where I live, I thought I could ask you for an imagine with Bucky lovely Barnes where you’re really Close to him and at the first snow in New York after he lives in the Tower he asks you to Play with him in the snow, which you happily do. You then spend the whole day out in the snow, playing, teasing and having fun together. As soon as he then notices you freezing he insists on going back inside where he hold you warm and then admit he fell for you?:)

Originally posted by stuckinthemoment

Winter has to be your favorite season. The snow, the activities like snowman building, snowball fights, ice skating, hot chocolate, and just the warm and coziness feel of it. It made you really happy. You always hated it when Winter was over.

So now, as you sit staring at the at the snow falling out of the large window in the tower, you smiled to yourself. Suddenly you heard loud footsteps running up behind you. Your eyebrows creased and you turned around to see Bucky dressed in a large coat and gloves over his hands with thick black sweatpants on with boots.

“Y/N! Will you please play in the snow with me?” Bucky asked, his blue eyes bright with excitement. You couldn’t help but blush as Bucky got down on his knees with cupped hands to beg you. “Please, oh, please! We can have hot chocolate afterwards! I’ll even let you use my favorite mug. Just ple-” “-Okay! Okay! I’ll go!” You giggled as you cut him off.

Bucky smiled widely and picked you up, twirling you around. “Yes!” Bucky said excitedly. He set you down, pulling you along to the elevator so you can change into layers of warm clothes. Bucky was bouncing on his feet the whole ride to your room and you shook your head at his excitement.

You were finally dressed for the snowy weather and you were watching Bucky build a snowman. You smiled and slowly bent down to gather some snow in your gloves, well two pairs since Bucky wanted to make sure you were extra warm, and formed a tight snowball.

You licked your lips and stood back up. You aimed for Bucky’s back and laughed as he gasped, turning to you. “You did not!” He yelled, a smile plastered on his red face from the cold. The remnants of your crumbled snowball fell from Bucky’s coat and he started gathering a snowball in his hands.

You squealed and laughed, running away from him as he started to chase you. You heard him chuckle and he started to get closer to you. “Come back here!” Bucky yelled, throwing his snowball at you. You felt it hit your back and you playfully fell to the ground. “Help! Help, I’ve been hit!” You laughed out, seeing Bucky run over to you.

Bucky fell to his knees and laughed. “Your snowball fighting days are over, Y/N! You’re coming with me!” Bucky playfully yelled. You rolled away from him before he could grab you and you ran away. “You have to catch me first!” You giggled, running behind a tree.

A few hours had passed and you were lying on the snowy ground once again. Bucky had finally caught you and he pulled you down to the ground to make snow angels with him. You stared up at the sky after making your snow angel, watching the different sizes of snowflakes fall.

You smiled as a few fell onto your face and quickly melting away even though you were sure your cheeks were numb from being so cold. You blinked a few times as some fell onto your eyelashes. You felt a hand reach over to yours and you turned to Bucky as he held your hand in his.

Bucky was staring at you and you could see snowflakes falling into his hair and beard. His beanie was lopsided on his head and you smiled at him. “Why are you staring at me like that?” You asked softly, squeezing Bucky’s hand softly. Before he could answer, a harsh shiver racked your body, making you jolt in your spot.

Your teeth chattered and you sat up, feeling the melted snow all over the back of your body soaking through your layers of clothes. “You’re freezing.” Bucky said worriedly instead of answering your question. He stood up quickly, helping you stand.

You frowned and stood to your feet, only to stumble over because your feet were numb. “No, I’m okay. Wanna finish building your snowman?” You asked through shivers and chattering teeth. Bucky shook his head, his brows creased with worry and concern.

Bucky quickly wrapped his arms around you and started walking you towards the tower. “Y/N, we can do that tomorrow. For now, let’s get you warm.” Bucky said, rubbing your arms through your coat. You sighed through your mouth, seeing your breath fog into the air.

You got back in the tower and Bucky took you to your room, not bothering to worry about the excess melted snow falling onto the floors. Bucky immediately grabbed you some warm pajama pants and he searched for a sweatshirt of yours, but didn’t find one. While you were changing out of your wet snowy clothes in your bathroom, he quickly ran to his room to get one of his own sweatshirts.

Bucky had changed out of his own clothes and into some warm pajamas. You walked out of your bathroom to slip on your pajama pants. Bucky walked into your room, holding one of his thick sweaters. You smiled shyly and let your hair fall over your bra. Bucky blushed and cleared his throat. “S-sorry, you didn’t have anymore clean sweatshirts.” He said in a soft voice.

You forgot you wore your two sweatshirts in the snow and you took his sweatshirt, quickly slipping it on. You smiled and covered your cold hands with the sleeves. “Thank you, Bucky.” You said, his scent filling your nose. He nodded and walked to your drawer to get some socks. You giggled as he set you down on your bed. “Bucky, I can put on socks.” You said, watching him slip one on.

Bucky looked up at you and held your other bare foot in his hands. “I shouldn’t have kept you out there so long. You’re so cold.” Bucky said with a frown. You sighed and let him put your other sock on. You stood up and grabbed his hand. “Let’s go get some hot chocolate. Oh, I get your mug, by the way.” You smirked.

Bucky chuckled and you both left to the kitchen. As you got there, you ran into an upset Tony. “I’d blame Frosty the Snowman for getting water all over my floors, but I suspect you two.” He said, pointing his glasses at you and Bucky. You snorted and Bucky laughed. “Sorry, Tony.” You giggled. He shook his head and left to get someone to clean the floors.

You and Bucky finally made your hot chocolate and sat down in front of the fire in the common room. Bucky sat behind you, his legs on either side of you. You smiled as he pulled you against his chest. You set your cup down beside you two and he did the same before wrapped his arms around your front.

The room was filled with comfortable silence as you warmed up in Bucky’s arms. You watched the flames and felt Bucky’s thumb rubbing back and forth against your-his-sweatshirt. A small smile formed on your lips and you turned to look up at Bucky. “You never told me why you were staring at me out there.” You whispered, watching the flames reflect Bucky’s eyes.

He looked down at you, his cheeks turning red. Bucky sighed and tightened his grip around you. “You’re beautiful, especially when you’re in the snow.” Bucky said softly. 

You blushed and felt Bucky’s heart start to race in his chest. “Y/N, I like you.” Bucky said, causing your eyes and mouth to open a tad. “What?” You questioned, your own heart starting to race.

Bucky smiled and let out a breathy chuckle. “I like you, a lot. It’s fine if you don’t like me back, but-” You cut him off with a kiss, pressing your lips against his. You felt him smile against your lips and you pulled away. “I like you, too.” You said with a giggle. Bucky pulled you in for another kiss and you turned in your spot to wrap your arms around his neck.

Your stomach flipped and your heart beat fast. You couldn’t believe Bucky actually liked you back. You grew close to him quickly and you fell for him, just as he fell for you. You felt Bucky pull away and you smiled, turning back to lean into Bucky again.

Bucky pulled you closed to him and rested his chin on top of your head. As you stared into the flames again, you felt happy and you knew you’d be happy for a long, long time since you had Bucky Barnes in your life.

Note: I hope this didn’t suck! thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome! .c

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Only Hope: A Charming Family Story

In a world where Snowing welcomed twins, Emma and Leia. 5 years later, Zelena curses their kingdom. It tears apart not just the couple, but the twins as well. When the girls are 10, they reunite and are determine to break the curse. It’s up to convincing their parents first.

Also on AO3/FF

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THIS IS ONE OF THE FLUFFIEST THINGS I HAVE EVER WRITTEN IN MY LIFE OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amehanaaa!!! You are one of my favorite writers of all time, and one of my biggest inspirations to write. It’s honestly such an honor for me to be able to talk to you at all. I really hope you enjoy this little NaLu drabble I wrote for you ^_^ though it pales in comparison to your writing lol

Title: Colors of the Seasons
Summary: “Their love had lasted through each season, yet seemed to star anew each day.” Lucy loves him, and she loves the colors he brings her life. (NaLu, AU)

Autumn, three years before

Lucy lounged across her bed, her head on top of her best friend’s torso. Natsu was playing with her hair and tapping his phone quietly.

She looked out the window from the corner of her eye, a smile playing at her lips. Golden leaves swirled in the breeze, brushing onto her window before spiraling to the ground. The trees moved back and forth in the wind, scattering leaves of red, yellow, orange and brown.

Though she now lived alone, she had vivid memories of happy autumns. Her parents’ laughter, halloweens with decorations all over their house and funny costumes, playing in the fallen leaves, warm apple cider and pumpkin pie. She was an adult now and her parents were gone, but the warm feeling of chilly autumns still tugged at her soul.

She tried to remember the last time she had carved a pumpkin. The last time she had jumped into piles of colorful leaves. The last time she had gone apple picking.

The orchard her parents used to take her to was about ten minutes away from her childhood home, and forty from her apartment. There were endless rows of different apple trees lined up like stiff soldiers, bending down to display their fruit. Her dad woulds sometimes lift her onto his shoulders so she could grab them in her little hands.

She remembered making apple pie with her mother, though their cook would fuss over them. She remembered her mother’s worry whenever Lucy so much as glanced at a knife. She remembered her dad’s face when he saw her carrying the slice of apple pie to him on a little plate, fork in the other hand.

She missed it.

“Hey Natsu, have you ever gone apple picking?” she asked, absentmindedly.

“I don’t really remember,” he frowned. “I feel like I have, but the memory is fuzzy. Why?”

“I remembered what it was like. I kind of miss it,” she replied, smiling sadly. “The last time I did was with my parents…and that was before mom died.”

Natsu stopped twirling her hair with his fingers. “Then let’s go,” he said immediately.


“Let’s go tomorrow. We should go apple picking.”

Lucy smiled again, though a bit confused. “Not that I’m complaining, but…why? We’re not exactly kids anymore, Natsu.”

“It’s a good memory for you, right?” She nodded slowly, though she didn’t move off of him. “Then I want you to feel happy about it again. Let’s have fun together.”

Times like those, she remembered exactly why she was in love with her best friend.

Winter, two years before

“It’s snowing! Luce, Luce look out there!”

Lucy woke up groggily, opening her eyes slowly. She looked at her boyfriend, who himself looked like an excited puppy. She couldn’t help but giggle, though her voice was hoarse from sleep.

“Yay! We need to make snowmen and throw snowballs and make snow angels and drink hot chocolate and hey maybe we should make an entire snow family-”

“Natsu,” Lucy laughed. “Calm down. Can I wake up first?”

He pouted but chuckled too. “Fine,” he allowed. He rubbed his nose against her cheek. “Wake up, sleepyhead.”

“I’m awake, I’m awake!” she squealed, as he used his nose to tickle her neck. “Ah! Natsu stop!”

“But I don’t want to…”

She pushed him away as she tried to sit up, only to be tackled back down by him. He tickled her until she screeched, desperately trying to get him off of her between peals of laughter. Like most tickle battles, it ended up with the blanket wrapped between their legs and them falling off the bed.

“Now look what you did.” He pouted again.

“This is your fault!” she exclaimed, looking at him in disbelief.

“Now come on, we have a day of playing in the snow ahead of us!”

She smiled, watching the bright splashes of excitement twinkle in his eyes. She sat up and kissed his nose, then rested her forehead against his. “Sounds great, Natsu.”

Spring, one year before

“This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.”

Lucy’s world spun with the breeze, cherry blossom petals floating like autumn leaves. How Natsu had managed to get tickets to the most exclusive cherry blossom exhibit she had ever heard of, she didn’t know. What she did know, however, is that she loved him more than ever. His kind, loving smile. His sparkling eyes. His rosy pink hair that matched the pink of the petals resting in it.

The feeling of his hand around hers, callouses and fingertips against her skin.

She wished she could capture this moment in more than a photograph, and she wished she could grasp it forever. With that, her grip around Natsu’s hand tightened too.

“I’m glad you like it here, Lucy,” he said, smiling brightly. His eyes grew sad. “I know nothing can make up for what happened, but if I can at least do this-”

“Hey,” she stopped him, stepping closer. “That was not your fault. I lost my temper, and I didn’t mean a thing I said. I can’t make it up to you, you know. You’ve given me nothing but love, and I…I’ve just brought you pain.” Her cheeks felt warm. Bringing her other hand up to her face, she realized she was crying.

Natsu brought her into his arms, nuzzling into her shoulder. “I yelled at you, Lucy. I yelled at you, and I hurt you, and being apart those months was the hardest thing I have ever been through. I can’t ever forgive myself for those awful things I said.”

“It’s over now,” she told him, managing a shuddered sigh. “Couples fight. We’re okay now, though. I love you. I will never stop loving you.”

He pulled away, and Lucy saw tears staining his cheeks. She reached up to wipe them. “I love you, Lucy Heartfilia. I always have, and I always will. You’re the light of my life.”

Her laugh was broken and shuddering, because the love in her heart was overwhelming. She didn’t know how to put it properly into words, to describe the butterflies of emotions dancing inside. “I love you,” she whispered, and touched her lips against his.

The cherry blossom trees swayed and dipped down towards them, framing the couple in love.


She walked along the beach, holding her shoes in one hand. In her other, she grasped the handles to the little gift bag for her boyfriend, her best friend, and the love of her life.

It was the anniversary of the day they met, and like the previous few years, she had gotten a present to represent the time they had spent together. She was rather proud of herself for finding the little painting.

It was one of the most beautiful paintings she had seen, easily. The colors swirled over the canvas like autumn leaves, like falling snow, like delicate cherry blossom petals in the wind. The shades were as lovely as the colors of the ocean sprawled in front of her, and flowed like the rolling waves.

The painting had the different seasons blending together. Red, orange, yellow and brown autumn. White, silver, blue and grey winter. Pink, purple, green and peach spring. Golden, navy blue, aquamarine and pearl summer. They were delicate and strong, weaving together like the seasons themselves.

Their love had lasted through each season, yet seemed to start anew each day. Like starting a new year at school, a new year on the first day of January, a new year for flowers and animals, and new freedom. She couldn’t put it into words without reaching unsuccessfully for the thoughts that curled into little wisps of wind, yet the painting seemed to do it for her.


She turned, seeing Natsu in a crisp white shirt and jean shorts. His signature scarf was still wrapped around his neck, though the summer heat was scorching. His cheeks were tinged in rose, and his eyes were gentle. She walked towards him, her dress fluttering behind her. She handed him the gift, placing a quick kiss on his cheek.

He tilted his head before opening it, his smile growing. His mouth popped open in awe, appreciating the beauty of the painting. She felt pride at finding it fill her again.

“Happy anniversary, Natsu.” She tucked her hair behind her ear, grinning at him.

“Hold this for a second?” he asked. Lucy nodded, and he placed the painting back into the bag before handing it to her. She grasped it lightly as he reached for something out of his back pocket.

Her jaw dropped, and her eyes filled with tears.

He sunk onto one knee, opening the box with a nervous smile. “Will you marry me, Lucy?”

She laughed, and felt the breeze pick up. The sun seemed to smile at her, dipping slightly to paint the world orange. Orange like the pumpkin they carved together. Orange like his favorite mug to drink from. Orange like the flowers that bloomed in front of the apartment they shared.

Orange, like a summer sunset she would never forget.


I really really hope you enjoyed!!! Happy birthday senpai hehe ^_^


Do you want to practice skating?
Bubbles/ Frozen
Do you want to practice skating?

“Do you Want to Practice Skating?” - Frozen Hijack.

(In the style of ‘Do you want to build a snow man?’)

So chronologically this one is first track of the musical. Also Jesus H on a Bike there are now enough of these covers to merit a tag: Frozen Hijack

If any of you guys feel like covering this, then by all means do so! 


Young and older Emma Overland

Jackson Overland/ Jack Frost

Gossip 1 and Gossip 2.


Young Emma

Hey Jack?

Do you want to make snow angels?

Or maybe use the trees to hide?

Because spring’s really getting near

And now I fear

That the Ice will melt outside.

We’d have to wait until December

Until the winter fun

Comes back to the World again…

How about we try ice skating?

You know I want to practice skating…


“Jack! I’m scared”


Look at me… You’re gonna be fine….

Gossip 1

Have you heard about young Jackson?

Gossip 2

I know, his Mother is bereft….

Gossip 1

But what do you know of the girl?

He was her World-

Gossip 2

Now she’s the only child left.

Gossip 1


Gossip 2

But stranger things have been occurring-

Gossip 1

How do you mean?

Gossip 2

The water’s still not thawed out..

Gossip 1

…The lake’s still frozen solid? Is that place really haunted?

Gossip 2

There’s no doubt….

Older Emma

*Shivering in the cold.*

Jack… Why did you leave me?

Life’s no fun here any more.

The sun is shining over head

But here I tread, where there’s frost still on the floor.

You’re meant to be the older Brother.

And stay with me, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Jack Frost:


Ma'am, why are you crying?

There’s never sense in crying…


“hey Pookie lets make snow angels..”

“your already an angel.. why add snow?”

“awww stop..”

and of course she gets cold and he’s perfectly willing to warm her up..❤

I have shit ton of snow in my yard might as well have a little fun roght? 😆

4th Day of Christmas - Christmas Lights

                “I hate lights,” you complained, fussing with the tiny little light bulbs in a strand of Christmas lights. You wanted to decorate the place, wanted to put them up along the outside of the house, but you were having trouble. Bobby had had them for so long that they’d stopped working… well, who knew how long ago? The receipt you’d found them with had been dated almost seven years prior, yet they’d never been used.

                “Yet you’re spending your evening on them?” Gabe’s cocky voice came from right ahead of you as he laid stretched across a couch, looking at a magazine with an interest that might have alarmed you, if you weren’t so caught up with trying to make the strand light up. You just wanted some nice colors. Nothing was going your way lately, and it was really starting to piss you off. It was as though Chuck himself was a giant Ebenezer and wanted to make you suffer.

                Well, you had punched him in the face (not once, but twice) so maybe you were actually onto something there, but if he really wanted to make your life suck, there were much better ways to do it than to break some Christmas lights.

                “We need Christmas lights.” You explained. That was really all there was. There wasn’t some big reason or special story. You weren’t even trying to indoctrinate Cas into a human tradition. You just wanted Christmas lights, and you were hell-bent on getting them up one way or another. … It was seeming more and more like you’d have to settle for “another” way. That way would possibly warrant a trip to the store. Groaning and admitting defeat, you tossed the tangled ball of miniature lights to the side of your lap and prepared to ask a favor. “Hey, Gabe, remember how we used Angel Air to go play in the snow?”

                “I tend to remember when my wings are utilized for my girlfriend, yes,” he confirmed, rolling his eyes.

                You shuffled forward on your knees. “Well, what are the hours of operations, and how do they overlap with Home Depot’s schedule?”

                He tore his eyes away from the magazine and scoffed at you. “You have a magical escort to anywhere you could possibly want to go in the entire world, and you choose a hardware store?”

                “It’s for the magic of Christmas,” you argued weakly.

                “Yes, and nothing says ‘magic’ like obnoxious orange aprons and noxious paint fumes,” he sassed back at you, sitting upright and reaching for you. You took his hand and jumped up to your feet, eager for the ride he was apparently going to grand you anyway.

                “You read my mind.”

                Gabe chuckled. “Not exactly. Hold tight, little popsicle.”

                “Wait, wha- oh my Jesus-“

                You were standing in snow. Snow, snow, and more snow. You loved snow, but only when you weren’t wearing your laundry day clothes, sans socks. You already couldn’t feel your toes!

                Gabriel laughed impishly and then smiled at you. He pecked the tip of your nose and from the kiss, a sense of warmth spread through you, taking the bite out of the harsh weather. Before you could scold him, he pointed up to the sky. You tipped your head back.

                “No way,” you breathed, entranced. “Is that the Aurora Borealis?”

                “Now that is much closer to magic than Home Depot,” he smugly answered, crossing his arms and admiring the view.


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