Hey Angel Chapter 10.

“He’s Ella’s father.” You whisper looking up at him. 

As soon as those words left your lips, a huge wave of jealousy flew over Harry. He had no idea why. Okay, that was a lie. He knew why. Over the past few weeks, since meeting Ella, he’s has really taken a connection to her. He knew that he wasn’t her father and he wasn’t going to be any time soon, but he still had a fatherly love towards her. 

“Oh..” Harry says sitting down in the chair next to you. “Does he know.. about your job?” 

“Not really. I haven’t really talked to him in a while.” You say shrugging. 

“So, he probably doesn’t know that you’re here as well. I mean, assuming that Abby told him that she’s on tour with us…if he knew about your job then he would know that you would be here, right?” He asks. 

“I guess.” you sigh. 

“What are you going to do?” Harry asks. 

“I-I don’t know.” You sigh. “I mean, like you said he probably doesn’t even know that I’m here and I want to keep it that way.” 

“Are you sure?” Harry asks. 

“Yes! I don’t want him coming around Ella.” You whisper. “I know that’s horrible to say because he’s her father, but she’s at the age where she can start to remember things more and I don’t want him to be around unless he’s always going to be around, you know?” 

“I understand.” He says wrapping his arms around you. “I won’t say anything to Abby about it. I mean I don’t know how I would even say anything without mentioning that we saw her and I wouldn’t want her to think we were spying or something.” 

“Yeah.” You nod. “I just.. I can’t believe this. Of all the places for him to be and for all the girls for him to be dating, it’s Abby.” You say putting your head on his shoulder. 

“I know, it seems unreal for this to happen.” He says kissing your head. 

You smile up at him. “Come on, let’s go to bed.” You whisper. 

He nods following you back inside. You grab some clothes to change into and when you come back, Harry is already laying on the bed. He smirks over at you, opening his arms. 

“Come here honey!” He jokes. 

You laugh, rolling your eyes at him. You lay down next to him and he smiles. 

“This is really nice.” you smile. “And Jackson and Ella are so cute over there.” you smile. 

“I know.” He smiles. “Goodnight, baby.” He whispers leaning down to kiss you.

You smile kissing him back. “Goodnight.” you whisper before closing your eyes and falling asleep.


The next morning, you both wake up when Jackson and Ella climb onto the bed. 

“Wakey! Wakey!” Jackson giggles. 

“Noo.” Harry smirks pulling Jackson on top of him. 

“Daddy!” He whines giggling. 

You laugh looking over at them as Ella cuddles with you. 

“I’m hungi.” Jackson whispers. 

“Hungi! Hungi” Ella smiles. 

“Why don’t we go down and get some breakfast?” Harry asks. 

“Ya!” Jackson smiles. 

“Okay.” Harry smiles. “Want to meet in about half an hour?” He asks. 

“Sure.” You smile. 

“Awesome.” He smiles, leaning over to kiss you quickly before getting up and taking Jackson to their room to get ready. 

Once they leave, you take Ella over to change her diaper. She giggles up at you. 

“Did you like having Jackson and Harry spend the night?” You smile. 

“Ya! Ya!” She giggles. 

“Me too.” You smile tickling her little tummy. She giggles loudly and you smile. 

After you get her dressed, you spray some dry shampoo in your hair after quickly jumping into the shower to wash up. You then get dressed and grab Ella’s hand before walking out into the hallway. 

“Well, don’t you two look very beautiful.” Harry smiles when he sees you. 

“Ya!” Ella smirks. 

You laugh. “Thank you.” You smile. 

He smiles kissing your cheek and you all head down to restaurant. 

“I wan pancakeys!” Jackson smiles looking up at Harry. 

“Well then we’ll make sure that you get some.” Harry smiles. 

“Yay!” Jackson giggles doing a little dance. 

You smile down at him. Ella smiles walking over and grabbing Jackson’s hand. He smiles and takes it. 

Harry smiles to you. “I really enjoyed last night with you.” he whispers. 

“I did too.” You smile. “We should do this more often.” you smirk. 

“Yes, we very much should.” He smirks back sneaking in a quick kiss before the elevator doors open up. 

You step out of the elevator walking over to the hotel’s restaurant. It wasn’t very packed at the moment, probably because most people will just order room service than worry about getting ready and coming down to eat. 

Harry finds a table for all of you to sit at. He grabs a high chair for Ella and helps her inside. She giggles. 

“Tank Hawwy!” She smiles. 

“You’re welcome, love.” He smiles kissing her head. 

Jackson giggles sitting next to Harry. Harry hands him the kids menu and some crayons. He smiles and starts coloring. 

“Do you want anything else with your pancakes?” Harry asks. 

“Uh. Nanas! And Bwueberries!” He smiles. 

Harry smiles nodding. 

The waitress walks over, taking everyone’s order before leaving. 

“So, we’re still on for our Valentine’s Date tomorrow night right?” You smile. 

“Of course.” He smiles. 

“And do I get any details of what our date might entail?” You ask. 

“Nope!” Both Jackson and Harry say at the same time. 

“Hey!” You laugh. “That’s so not fair!” 

“Yes it is!” Harry smirks. 

“It swpise!” Jackson says. “Wight Daddy?” 

“Right!” He adds. 

“Well, how do I know what to wear if I don’t know what we’re going to be doing?” You say. 

“You’ll see.” He smirks. “I have that taken care of.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You say. 

“You’ll see.” He says taking a sip of his coffee. 

“Oh, well, hopefully this doesn’t mean you bought me anything because we’ve seen your choice of clothing.” You smirk. 

“Hey!” He laughs offended. “That’s not very nice!” 

“Oh, boo hoo!” you smirk. 

“Bwoo Hwoo!” Ella giggles to Harry. 

“Hey! Not you too!” He pouts to her. 

She giggles as she reaches over placing her hands on his face. She smirks moving them around, making him make funny faces. 

“Wella siwwy!” Jackson giggles. 

You giggle taking a video of her doing it. 


Everyone was full after finishing their breakfast, so you all head back up to the rooms, so Harry can drop Jackson back off at Abby’s room. 

“Daddy, if Mama say we can, we go do da park?” Jackson asks looking up at him once you two are in the elevator. 

“If she doesn’t mind and maybe she’ll want to come with us.” Harry smiles. 

“Y/N and Wella come too?” Jackson says looking over at you. 

You look over at Harry and he just simply nods. 

“Sure.” you smile. 

“Yay!” He claps. 

You smile. 

The elevator dings and you all get off. Harry takes Jackson to Abby’s room and you stand to the side of them. Harry knocks on the door and for a bit there is no  answer, so Harry knocks again. Still no answer. 

“That’s weird.” Harry mumbles trying to call her now. 

The next thing you two know, the elevator dings again and out walks Abby. However, she’s not alone because out walks your ex and Ella’s father with her. 



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