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Engraved 17

<– Engraved 16.5 | <– Crowned 3 | Engraved 18 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 6771
Notes for Update: 40
Warnings: Anger, fighting, blood, so much foreshadowing an vagueness XD whoops.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: pls don’t kill me….talk to me!

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Angel pov

Suho was laying in the back of the car, his eyes closed and breath slow. There was an emergency kit in the trunk and you were not trying to put in an IV so that you could give him blood before he bled out.
“Are you sure you can do this?” Minseok asked, trying to hide his panic at the lifeless body of his best comrad, holding his vest against the wound in his side.
You didn’t look up and pushed the needle through into his arm hitting the vein just right. “Shut up.” Quickly you attached the blood bag and held it up high. “Chanyeol go, drive. Minseok call Lay.”
Chanyeol sped away with the car but took care around the turns. Suho was lying with his head in Minseok’s lap and his legs over yours, there was no other way.
“Lay? He’s been stabbed, lost a lot of blood. Left side. I don’t know if it’s deep, there’s a lot of blood. Artery?” Minseok talked on the phone and then turned to you. “Do you think they hit an artery?” 

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Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 3 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7Part 8

Word Count: 1,001

Warnings: Language.

A/N: You guys have been so enthusiastic about this series and I can’t say thank you enough! I really hope you enjoy this next part. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

Tags: @angesansnom @avengershavethetardis @sazzyli123 @sweaterkitty-fluff@kanadianwithashippingproblem @mellowsobri @midnightokieriete @arya-durin-77 @fanficsj @heybaekae@ilesserpanda @robotic-space @martapetrovic @spicydice @eugolorp @lisamalvina @supernatural–obsessed @shutupwylow @ichbindeindod


James Madison was the very last person you expected to approach you on any given day, but considering what had occurred the night before, you couldn’t really be surprised. If you were being honest, you had hoped that the two of you would continue to coexist and pretend that last night had never happen, but here he was standing beside your table fidgeting with the end of his t-shirt. “Hey,” he said.

“Er, hi,” you said awkwardly.

“Can we talk?”

You visibly grimaced. Great. “Sure…” You kicked out the chair opposite of you and James sat down.

“About last night…” He trailed off, looking at you shyly.

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Drunk in Love

Prompt -  I have a request! Could you do an AU where the reader is really drunk and John Laurens has to come pick her up at the bar and take care of her? And the reader wants to do “stuff” with John but he doesn’t want to cause she’s drunk AF. Thanks! (sorry that’s so specific)


Warnings - Um… drinking. And drunken dirty talk. 

Tags - @serkewen12 @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @small-stars @futureauthor45 @butlinislin @hamilton-gaygod @daveedish @darling-danger @iluvnialljameshoran @getupoffathathang @ruth-hamilton-delrio (ask to be tagged in future fics!)

You finished answering the final question on your exam and sighed in relief. You were done. After at least a month of intense studying, all-nighters, and more caffeine than a normal human should consume, you were done. And on top of that, you felt really good about how you’d done on this one. You’d answered every question to the best of your ability, and you were almost positive that you’d gotten a high score on it. With a confident smile on your face, you grabbed your bag and the exam paper before turning it in and heading out of the classroom. It was all you could do to avoid doing a little victory dance right there on the spot, but you waited until you were outside before letting out a joyful “yes!” You were done with every final, and tonight, you wanted to celebrate. You pulled out your phone and sent a group text to Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy.

(Y/N), 2:30 PM – Guess who’s finally done!

Eliza, 2:31 PM – Congrats, girl!

Angelica, 2:31 PM – Bet you’re happy.

Peggy, 2:32 PM – So now we’re all finished. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

(Y/N), 2:33 PM – Exactly. I was thinking we could go out tonight, have a girls’ night. Let our hair down. I can’t remember the last time we did that.

Angelica, 2:34 PM – It’s been too long. How does 7 sound?

(Y/N), 2:34 PM – Sounds good to me.

Eliza, 2:34 PM – Perfect.

Peggy, 2:35 PM – Can’t wait!

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The Shopping List (Mercy76)

Here’s my first entry to the Mercy76Week!  February 20th’s theme is “firsts” to start off the first day of the Mercy76 Week.  I know this isn’t my best, but it’s what I tossed together.

[ summary ] With his parent’s coming over to meet Ang for the first time, Ang says she’ll whip up her secret Swiss recipe to knock their socks off.  She gives Jack a list and, while he’s out at the store, he begins to realize that this list isn’t in English and he sure as hell doesn’t speak German…

Don’t be nervous,“ he told her while shaking his head. "They’re just my parents. Don’t give this a second thought. I promise, you’ll love them.” Moving to her side, he helped Angela put on her coat. It was a sweet gesture, but it didn’t calm her nerves. If anything, it made her feel even worse.

See, I’m not z'even capable of getting dressed. Z'hey’re going to z'hink me useless. Stupid. Just…” her voice trailed off to the point where Jack couldn’t even make out her comment.

“Please don’t tell me you just muttered that you’re just my trophy girlfriend.” He gave her one of those discerning looks. “And what’s with your voice all of a sudden. You have mastering speaking clear, clean English for months and, all of a sudden, you pick up your German drawl?” To this, he cocked his brow. “You cannot be this nervous. Like I said, they are just my parents. I know they will love you. So stop worrying,” he flicked his finger across the tip of her nose, “silly.”

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Heroes Wear Dresses

angelica schuyler x reader

prompt: angelica is tired of seeing people trample over the new girl in town

a/n: ah i love the thought of defensive angelica but lmao its 3 am and this kinda sucks ah i need to write better fics 


Angelica didn’t know the new girl’s name.

Quite frankly, she didn’t know much about the girl besides the fact she moved from New Jersey and now owned the locker beside her own. Angie knew she had the most wonderful smile and would always say hello to her when they were both at their lockers. Ang also knew she was possibly the cutest girl she had ever laid eyes on. 

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Fred Sets You And George Up [Part 1]

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: Hello I’m Hannah and I’m really sorry for how late it is but I have a request. I love both Wesley twins very much, but I have a soft spot for George, I’m in the Hufflepuff house and would like something cute that happens between me and him. Like I don’t know maybe he really likes me but instead of asking me himself if I would go in a date with him, Fred does for him… Or something of that nature? Please and thank you. :-)
A/N: I feel like I say this every damn time I write an Imagine, but I’m sorry for being away so long! Today’s excuse is that I traveled around about half of Australia, graduated from University and competed in the Australian Championships and came second in the country! Look, it’s better than some of my other excuses…! I’ll be more active from now on, for sure! Also look how creative my title is, it’s terrible.
Squicks: None

[Part 2]

“She’s hot, isn’t she?” Fred says as he nudges his brother, staring at Angelina on the other side of the Gryffindor table.

“Stunning,” George says absentmindedly, not looking over at Fred’s girlfriend.

Fred gives his brother a look, before following his gaze to the (h/c) girl over on the Hufflepuff table, laughing with a few of her friends.

“Just go and ask her, what’s the worst that can happen?” Fred asks,

“She could hear me” George responds miserably.

“Hey babe,” Angelina says with a kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek,

“Hey Ange, what’s your opinion of Y/n?” Fred asks, while George sends daggers with his eyes.

Angelina laughs and looks over at Y/n, “Yeah she’s alright: smart, nice, funny, ticks all the boxes really… She’s single if you’re keen George,” she says with a sly smile,

“No, I’m good—“ George begins,

“WOW GEORGE, YOU HEAR THAT? SHE’S SINGLE” Fred says a little too excitedly,

“Yes thank you Fred I got it, she’s single”

“Then change that, go ask her out”

George rolls his eyes at his brother playing matchmaker and Angelina not helping at all,

“I can’t… She’s not interested in me and I’m not interested in being rejected, and besides—“

“If you don’t ask her out, then I will,” Fred says.

“Knock yourself out, I don’t know how your girlfriend would feel about it though”.

Fred says quietly, turning to Angelina, “You heard that, right? I have permission from Georgie to ask her out, you’re my witness”.

“Yep, heard it with my own ears,” She replies, understanding the plan that was slowly hatching in Fred’s mind.


Transfiguration was the next class that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff shared. As you were walking in the door, someone tugged on the sleeve of your robes,

“Y/n, I need to talk to you for a minute,” Fred says, pulling you around the corner,

“Hey Fred, yes I’m alright, thanks for asking,” you say sarcastically,

“George is the one who should be asking how you are and all that crap,” Fred says once he comes to a halt,

“George?” you say with a confused expression,

“Yes, George, you know him: tall, red hair, great teeth, some say he looks like me but I don’t know what they’re on about,”

You giggle as Fred continues,

“So anyway, that strapping young man has it in his head that you’re not interested in him, so he hasn’t found the balls to come and ask you out, and—“

“Woah woah woah, what?” You ask, looking a little more confused than before,

Fred stares at you for a moment in disbelief, “Come off it, how could you not know he’s into you? He’s staring at you every damn second of the day, it’s very disruptive I tell you…”

“Yeah okay, so you’re saying that George Weasley has a crush on me—“ Fred shushes you, “Sorry,” you say in a quieter voice, “So George is interested in me, but doesn’t want to ask me out… Are you asking me out for him?”

“You know it” George says with a smile, “He’s free tomorrow, you in?”

You look at him for a few moments in a miniature state of shock, before he looks at you with an expression of impatience,

“Uh, well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt—“

“Y/n just say yes” Fred says, looking around the corner to see George approaching the classroom,

“Yes, okay yes, I’ll go on a date with George tomorrow”

“Okay great, also he doesn’t know I’ve asked you out on his behalf, so you’re going to have to ask him out—“

“Fred what?!”

“You already agreed to it, no backing out now!” Fred says louder as he walks into the classroom, leaving you standing there wide eyed.


You spent basically the entire class weighing out your options on if you should or shouldn’t meet up with George tomorrow. You had a fairly big crush on him, which somehow he didn’t know about, since it felt like it was you who was staring at him majority of the time. Maybe this was Fred just pulling a prank… Although their pranks aren’t usually malicious… Maybe George really does like you… But why would George be shy of you? You kept thinking about all the different aspects of the situation when you hear something behind you,

“Fred, what the hell are you doing, I just walk out of here, why would I want to come back”

You turn around to see Fred pushing George into the classroom that you were still sat in.

“Oh, that’s why…” He looks over at you, “I mean she’s why, you’re why, you are not a that, you are a person, sorry…”

“Shit you really are a mess aren’t you,” Fred says, looking at his brother clearly judging him, “No wonder you needed me to ask her out for you,”

George turns his head slowly to glare at his brother, “you what.

“Ah yes, you gave me permission to ask her out if you didn’t, so I have” Fred says with a triumphant look between the two of you, “So you’re already set up to meet tomorrow, but I thought you should actually have a conversation before you go on a date”.

“Are you actually kidding me” George says, but before he could continue, Fred was walking out the door,

“Have fun, kids!” and with that the door was shut, and you and George were alone together.

George looks at the door for a little while, before turning to face you, looking panicked. You give a little laugh, trying to lighten the mood; defuse the tension one might say.

George gives you a smile, starting to find humour in the situation.

“So George,” you start off saying, feeling more confident than usual. You felt like you had the upper had here, with George being all flustered and caught off guard; it made you feel a little reassured somehow,

“Fred says that you may be interested in me,” you say with a smile,

Ah, yeah, he did didn’t he,” George says, scratching the back of his head,

“Mhm, and I would be more than happy to take him up on his offer to go out with you tomorrow, I hear that you’re aware of the secret passage that leads to Honeydukes, yes?”

George’s eyes widen a bit, “You know about that secret passageway?”

You laugh flirtatiously, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, George,”

“Well maybe I can learn a few things tomorrow. How does 9 o’clock tomorrow night sound?”

Perfect, I’ll see you then, Georgie,” You say with a smile as you head towards the door, leaving Fred to stand there in the empty classroom in shock.

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Burrigan first meeting through Herc's POV? Idk how they'd meet, maybe Burr is working at a library and helps Herc?

“Just ask whoever is working at the desk for help.”

That’s what Peggy had told Herc when she asked him to pick up a book for her. Just ask whoever is working at the desk for help. It had seemed like good advice at the time, had still seemed like good advice when Herc walked into the campus library. But it had stopped seeming like good advice as soon as Herc saw the man who was working behind the desk.

The man is gorgeous. 

It’s gotta be illegal to look that way, Herc thinks to himself as he continues to stare, taking in the white t-shirt that shows off the man’s arms in all the right ways. He’s reading a book, long fingers fiddling with the pages, but then his dark eyes flick up to meet Herc’s.

Herc immediately panics. Not even knowing where he’s going, he spins on his heel and walks over to a row of bookshelves, silently cursing himself for looking so dumb. He can feel the other man’s eyes on him, so he quickly shuffles behind a bookshelf to hide himself from view and collect his thoughts.

But of course that doesn’t work.

“Can I help you with something?” A quiet voice asks moments later, and Herc turns to see the man standing there, looking even better up close.

“What? Oh, I-shit!” Herc’s phone goes tumbling from his hand in his surprise, and when it hits the floor with a loud clatter, Herc really wishes that he could just disappear.

The man bends down and picks up the phone, holding it out to Herc with a small smile. Herc takes it from him, trying not to jump when their fingers brush against each other momentarily. He can’t help but notice how smooth the man’s hands are.

“Were you looking for a specific book?” The man asks in his same quiet voice, and Herc gives himself a small shake. Pull it together, Mulligan.

“Uh, yeah. Here.” Herc pulls up Peggy’s text and shows it to the man. “This is the title and the author.”

“Okay.” The man looks back up at Herc and smiles again, this time with a teasing light in his eyes. “Well, seeing as that’s a Psychology book, we should probably get out of the Religion section.”

“Right.” Herc mumbles, a warm flush rising up on his face. “Well, uh, lead the way, I guess. I mean, if you don’t mind helping me, sorry, that was rude. Uhm, I-”

“It’s not a problem.” The man says, laughing softly, the corners of his eyes crinkling in a way that makes Herc smile back. “C’mon.” He motions for Herc to follow him, but looks back at him over his shoulder. “What class is it for?”

“Oh, uh, I actually don’t know. I’m getting it for my friend, Peggy. She’s sick and promised to repay the favor with coffee.”

“Peggy Schuyler?” The man asks, and Herc gives a small nod. “I work with her sister, Angelica.”

“Wait a sec.” Herc pauses, and after a moment, the man pauses too, looking back at him with raised eyebrows. “Are you…are you Aaron Burr?”

“Yes.” The man responds slowly, still looking at Herc curiously.

“Woah.” Herc laughs and rubs at the back of his neck as he takes in the information. “It’s just…you do not fit the description that Alex gave of you.”

“Alex Hamilton?” Aaron asks, disdain lacing his voice. “Well, I would certainly hope that whatever description he gives of me doesn’t actually fit me.” Aaron pauses, looking a little embarrassed. “I mean, no offense, I’m sure he’s-”

“Hey, man, it’s fine.” Herc says, laughing again. “Alex talks a lot of shit about people that isn’t true. He deserves to get some back every now and then.”

They resume walking, and Aaron leads them down a line of bookshelves, finally stopping at one and leaning towards the books, his fingers trailing over the spines as he searches for the book. But his eyes slowly go back to Herc.

“You’re Hercules Mulligan, right?”

“Yeah.” Herc responds, surprised that Aaron knows, and also thinking that he’s never liked his full name more than when Aaron says it. “How’d you know?”

“We met once.” Aaron says, straightening up to look at Herc. “At a party a few weeks ago. You were with Hamilton and his other friends, Lafayette and…Josh?”

“John.” Herc corrects, mind rapidly searching for the memory of meeting Aaron. He comes up with nothing, wondering how he could have forgotten meeting him. Aaron must sense his confusion, because he gives a small chuckle.

“You were all pretty drunk by the time I got there. But Hamilton came up to me, started ranting about something, and you followed. About five minutes into our argument, you stepped between us and just held out this picture of a puppy.”

“Oh god.” Herc mumbles, but Aaron laughs loudly, his teeth showing and the sound ringing out around them. It’s a nice sound. “That’s-I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” Aaron says, still laughing a little. “You kept telling me puppies are all about joy and excitement, and you wanted me to feel that way.” He pulls his wallet out of his back pocket and opens it. “You made me take the picture and put it in my wallet.” He holds it out to Herc so he can see the crumpled up picture of a golden retriever puppy inside. “You were very persistent about it, and charming.”

“I’m so sorry.” Herc says again, wishing the ground would just swallow him up, but also thrumming at the fact that Aaron had just called him charming. And Aaron is still smiling at him in a way that makes his stomach jump. “I…I wish I remembered meeting you. I feel bad.”

“It’s okay.” Aaron says with a shrug. “We’re meeting now.” He takes a step closer. “But I’m curious, what’s so different about me than what Hamilton described?”


“You said I’m nothing like the way Hamilton described me.” Aaron takes another step towards him. “Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?”

“Good!” Herc blurts out immediately, heart starting to beat rapidly in his chest. “D-definitely good. I mean…you’re…” He stops talking when Aaron steps even closer to him, barely any space between them. But then Aaron leans to the side a little, reaching behind Herc. When he pulls away, there’s a book in his hand.

“Your book.” Aaron says, stepping back with a smirk and holding the book out. When Herc takes it, Aaron’s fingers brush against his again, more firmly than the first time. “You never finished what you were saying about me.”

“I…” Herc stares at Aaron, acutely aware of the fact that the man is teasing him, flirting with him. But Herc feels like he’s suddenly forgotten how to form words. So he takes a step back. “I have to go. I have a…lunch. Food. I have to…” He cuts off again when Aaron bites at his lower lip, probably to keep himself from laughing. “I’ll see you around.”

He bolts away from Aaron and tries to keep from sprinting out of the library. But when he reaches Peggy’s dorm, hand clutching the book, he realizes with another rush of embarrassment that he hadn’t actually checked the book out.


Herc doesn’t see Aaron over the next few weeks. Well, he sees him once in passing, but hadn’t had the courage to go up and talk to him. So when it comes time for Peggy to return her library book, Herc can’t stop himself from offering to do it for her.

He walks into the library, giving himself a silent pep talk as his eyes search for Aaron. He had slipped his number on a piece of paper into the book, really hoping that he hadn’t misunderstood their last encounter. He steps up to the desk Aaron had been working at last time and waits. But when someone finally comes out, it’s not Aaron.

“Herc!” Angelica Schuyler beams at him, but he feels disappointment bloom inside him. “How are you?”

“Oh, I’m good. How have you been? Busy semester?”

“You don’t even know.” Angelica says with a sigh, but then she smiles and nods at him. “You returning a book? Here, let me help.”

“Uh.” Herc panics, knowing that Angelica will open it and see his number scrawled on the piece of paper. “You know what, I actually-”

“Hey, Ang, sorry I’m late.”

Herc spins around to see Aaron walking over to the desk, noting the way his lips quirk up when he sees Herc standing there. Aaron steps behind the desk, saying something else to Angelica that Herc can’t hear through loudness of his heart pounding in his chest. Before he can stop it, Angelica takes the book from his hands.

“Alright, everything is-” Angelica pauses, and Herc lifts his eyes to see her picking up the small slip of paper from inside the book. She raises her gaze to Herc’s. “Is this your number?”

“Uh…” Herc doesn’t know what else to say, but he sees Aaron’s shoulders tense and then watches as he looks down at the slip of paper as well. “Well…yes?”

“You know I’m dating Maria, right?”

“I-yes! God, yes, I know. It’s not…it wasn’t for you, it-” Herc groans and puts a hand to his face, not wanting to see Aaron’s reaction to all of this. He’s such an idiot. 

“Wasn’t for me?” Angelica asks slowly, and when Herc looks at her, he can see her mind slowly starting to put the pieces together. She glances over at Aaron, who is doing his best to keep his expression neutral, but there is a look of smugness on his face that makes Angelica laugh and Herc duck his head. “Ah. Got it.”

Herc shifts on his feet as Angelica scans the back of the book, placing the paper with his number on it on the desk in front of where Aaron is standing. Aaron looks down at it, then up at Herc, and then back down again.

“Huh.” Angelica murmurs, squinting at the computer screen. “It says that you never actually checked the book out.” 

“He didn’t.” Aaron says before Herc can respond. “He was in a rush and forgot.”

“Uh huh.” Angelica says, looking at Herc in a knowing way. She places the book down and leans on her elbows as she raises her eyebrows. “Too busy checking something else out?” She asks, and Herc splutters in response while Aaron chuckles. 

“I should go.” Herc grumbles, feeling more self conscious than he has in awhile.

“No, Angelica should go.” Aaron says, nudging Angelica with his elbow and stepping in front of her. “Hercules, was there anything else you needed?” Aaron’s eyes lock on his. “Anything else you wanted to ask?”

“I…well,” Herc chews at his lower lip, trying to figure out if he still has the courage to ask Aaron out. “Do you…I mean, if you want, would you…”

“My shift ends at eight tonight.” Aaron says, smiling that gorgeous smile that makes Herc’s heart leap. 



“Okay.” Herc breathes out, suddenly feeling like he has enough energy to run a marathon. “Uhm, I’ll stop by at eight then.” He ignores the kissing face that Angelica is making behind Aaron’s back and focuses instead on the way that Aaron is looking at him. “See you then.”

“See you then.” Aaron agrees, giving Herc one last big smile before turning away to start his work.

Herc leaves the library, feeling a smile breaking across his face as he walks. He barely makes it five steps when his phone vibrates in his pocket. He takes it out and sees that it’s an unknown number. Knowing it’s from Aaron, Herc slides it open, and then laughs loudly at the message.

It’s a picture of a puppy.

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hey ang just thought i'd share: the first time i had an edible i ate the whole thing before going to my 4 hour history of animation class and it just so happened that that was the day we were learning about looney tunes-era stuff and let me tell you. i have never been that high in my life and i couldnt follow anything that was going on. also u know that fat horse from What's Opera Doc bc it made me fucking lose it. it was the funniest thing i'd ever seen and i dont know why


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hey ang I rly hope this doesn't come off as bragging but ur like an Internet older sister and I'm just happy? This was my first year of college and I'd only been on like three dates w a couple guys and never been kissed but a few days before I turned 19 the guy I liked kissed me and we're v casual abt it like we're basically bros but we've been dating for 2 month and I can't believe I finally have a boyfriend and he's hot and cool and goofy

isn’t it crazy how stuff just changes!!! everyone thinks things will never happen but they just do

Congratulations: Reprise (Angelica-x-Jefferson)

“Congratulations: Reprise”
Series: Hamilton: An American Musical
Genre: Angst, [light] Romance (ish)
Couple: Jefferson/Angelica
Rating: T
Summary: Jefferson has to answer to Angelica for what he knew, and what he did.
First Published: 2/20/2017 at 2:21 PM on Tumblr
Written by: Brittany R./FoxieSango/Rikareena

A/N: In celebration of #Reneeappreciation week.  My first Angelica/Thomas fic!  I want to do another that I hope I can crank out later today.  But in the meantime, enjoy!  Rated T for language (as the entire play is).

For this piece, I imagine that Angelica and John Church (if you want to still acknowledge him) have had a divorce.  So she’s reeling from that, and has to come home and deal with what Ham has done to her sister because of Jefferson (just to add to the angst).

So, there ya go!

              “MY GOD!  You are the most ridiculously frustrating, ego-centric, high-maintenance, obnoxious, pretentious man I’ve had the honorable DISPLEASURE of meeting in my ENTIRE life!”

               “Aw, I love you too, princess,” Jefferson said, with a smirk.  He had his legs propped up on his desk, crossed at the ankles.  He was leaning back in his spinning, rolling chair with his elbow on one of the arm rests and his chin lightly propped on the back of his hand.  Angelica stood in front of his desk, clenching her fists at her sides in fury, and bit back a low growl.

               “Ugh!  You’re infuriatingly impossible!  No one told you to…to goad Hamilton into…into…”

               “Ruining his political career?”

               “DESTROYING HIS FAMILY!” she shouted, tears welling up. Jefferson’s own eyes bucked wide.

               Oh shi—

              He swung his legs down from his desk and sat up straight.

               “A-ange…Ange wait—”

               “Damn-it, you…you knew!  You knew he wouldn’t back down from a threat and you exacerbated the situation!  Did you even THINK about the repercussions?!  Of course you didn’t; you never think about anyone but yourself!” she said, knocking some papers off his desk.  “Well if you wanted to rip apart a loving family…MY family, then CONGRATULATIONS!  You succeeded!  I hope you’re proud of yourself!” She turned and immediately made her way for the door when he stood up and made his way in front of her, grabbing her by the arms.

               “Hey! Hey-hey-hey, hold on!  Now that’s not fair, Ange!  Hey!  Now listen, no one.  Told. Hamilton, to break his loyalty to your sister.  Okay?”

               “Oh, shut the hell up, Jefferson,” she struggled against his hold. “I’m not an idiot!  I already chewed Hamilton out for breaking my sister’s heart, but infidelity is not a foreign concept in this day and age.  What they DIDN’T need is for their names to be dragged through the mud and to be scorned by society BECAUSE of the scandal.  It just inflamed everything, and THAT I blame solely on you! You set everything in motion!”

               “N-now, now hang on!  We didn’t know about the affair, alright?!  We just suspected pecuniary speculation.  HE told us about the affair of his own free will.  HE was the one who was so insecure that he felt the need to defend himself by exposing everything.  We let it all go WAY before he did that!  C’mon, do you really think I’d do anything to hurt you on purpose?!”

               “That doesn’t make it fucking better, Thomas! You’ve been out to ruin his credibility since day one and you succeeded FAR beyond your expectations!  That’s why you’ve been so smug for weeks!  You didn’t even CARE about what the speculation charge would do to his family, to MY SISTER!  MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS!  And when you found out that the charge was much WORSE, OH-HO-BOY did you rub salt in the wound!  You basked in his demise!  You’re a fucking asshole, and you-you’re no better than he is!” she cried smacking his arms away.  

               That stung.

               There was an ache in his chest at seeing the seething despair overtaking her.  Hot tears flowing freely down her face, teeth clenched, a vein clearly visible on her forehead, arms folded tightly against her chest.  She was crumbling before him….he couldn’t take it.


               “Just…leave me alone…I must tend to my sister,” she tried to move past him.  It had been her in duties to try to pick up the fragile pieces of her dear Eliza’s heart while trying, and failing, to keep her own from shattering.  But Jefferson wrapped his arms around her from behind.

               “Damn-it, let GO of me, Jefferson!  Don’t TOUCH me!”

               “NO!  Listen, Y-you’re right…okay?  I’m an idiot. I’m a moronic idiot and I only think about myself. …But…but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.”  His voice was breathless, as if he was trying to grasp onto…something…anything.  There was a pause.  He turned her around again and softly pressed her head to his chest, wrapping his other arm around her waist.  She was stiff in his arms and pushed against him.

               “You—you mean the world to me, Ange.  I’d…never intentionally hurt you, or your family.  You…have to know that, right?!” he asked.  After about a minute, he leaned back a bit and cupped her face in his palm, thumb gently wiping away her tears.  Her hands rested lightly against his chest, drained from her attempts to push him away.

               “Thomas…” her voice was wound tight.  He kissed her forehead,

               “I-I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  This…it shouldn’t have gone this far.  We just…” he sighed, “the Federalist Party has been so…obstinate lately because of Hamilton and we haven’t been able to get anything done.  We couldn’t take it anymore; the administration was on the verge of imploding,” he said.  She frowned,

               “A weak excuse… ”

               “I know I…” he sighed and tightened his grip around her.  “Politics…are…a necessary evil…” he said.  There was a beat before he heard the tiniest of giggles escape her and she shook a bit in his arms, trying to stifle her laughter.  She buried her face in his shirt and a small smile played at his lips.

               “Damn it, Thomas.  That’s not the quote and you know it!”

               “Well, you would know.  I wouldn’t expect anyone who didn’t avidly dabble in Paine’s work to get it.  …It’s one of the things I love most about you,” he said.  

               “…Words can be empty, Jefferson.” she said.  There was a pause and he sighed, knowing she meant it in more ways than one—not only in him showing his genuine feelings for her, but also in his supposed support for what she stood for, what she believed in.

               “Besides, it sounds to me more like men just letting their petty pride and ambitions get in the way of diplomacy.”

              “…Heh.  I-I don’t know…if the world is yet ready for the powerful minds of women like you,” he said. And she frowned at the audacity of him to allude to another topic he’d been adamantly avoiding for months now.

               “But that doesn’t mean I won’t stop fighting for your voice, Ange.  Yours and your sisters,” he said, meaning her sisterhood, not just her family.  He placed his hand on the back of her head again, tucking her smaller figure just under his chin.

               “After all, your opinion is the one I hold in the highest regard; and the only one I really care about.” She tsked,

              “….You’re still an asshole.”

               “I know.”

               “But, maybe you’re not..entirely hopeless…” she said, absently fiddling with the ruffles at his neck.  “I’m still furious with you.”

               “I know.”

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The Vineyard

Sitting atop the bluffs, their house arguably had the best view in all of Italy. The Sicilian countryside harbored their small vineyard, its rolling hills nestling everything into a cozy home. The expanse of the sea provided the most spectacular sunsets. Waves splashed upon the sun-soaked shores, its rhythmic beat perfectly in-tune to the songs of the birds. It was absolutely perfect.

Angela sat in her garden, tending to her herbs. Each plant she handled with the gentlest touch. Scooping away the soil, she made a little hole to place the plant. Once seated to her liking, she added soil back and patted it down, making sure to water each plant. She did this for the entire morning, only stopping when Jack rounded the corner. Looking up from her handiwork, she smiled at Jack.

“Your garden has got to be the envy of the whole town.”

“Thank you”, Angela was blushing.

“I’ve got lunch ready if you want”, jerking his thumb behind him, Jack motioned to the way he came from.

“Thank you, I’ll be there in a moment”, Jack came over and offered her a hand getting up. “These old bones just can’t do what they used to.”

Casting a sideways glance at her, Jack scooped her up into his arms, and carried her to the patio behind the house. All the while, Angela was at a loss for words.

“I… wha… but… Jack!”

“Sorry ma'am, but I’m forbidding you to do any work. Doctors orders.”

“Will you at least let me wash up?”

Elongating a pause for comedic effect, Jack finally set Angela down, “I don’t want to hear of any injuries while you’re gone, understand?”

Sighing, Angela made her way into the house.

It’s been ten years since Overwatch was disbanded. Talon lost its power, the Omnic crisis has long since passed, and no new issues had risen. Although Overwatch’s second rise wasn’t officially sanctioned, everyone received an honorable discharge and ceremony when it was shut down. New generations of heroes were soon to come, and with them, there were sure to be villains. But the world was tired of conflict, peace was welcomed with open arms.

Jack always wanted a home on the Mediterranean sea. He promised Angela that once all the fighting was over, he’d whisk her away to a lovely little house in the Italian countryside. There they’d make wine, grow fruits and vegetables, fish the azure waters of the Mediterranean, and grow old together. To Angela, it sounded like a dream; a dream she was willing to chase.

In the ten years they lived there, Angela was finally able to convince Jack of nanotech therapy. She was able to repair his eyesight, heal many of his scars, and even as far as returning some color to his hair. None of this came without some complaints from Jack.

“Great, now I have two-tone hair…”

“Well, I think it makes you look cute. It kind of reminds me of someone… Hal Jordan I think.”

“I’m flattered, but Hal Jordan is a fictional character.”

“So, what’s wrong with that?”

“He’s a Green Lantern, from a comic book. That’s the farthest from reality you can get. And how do you even know about Hal Jordan?”

“What, just because I’m a girl and a doctor doesn’t mean I can’t like comics.”

“I thought that you’d be reading something else… something more sciency.”

“Comics give us something to strive for, ideals to achieve, and they give us worlds to escape into. I love comic books.”

“Huh, I’d never’ve guessed…”

“You’re my Hal Jordan, but you’re a Blue Lantern.”

“Oh yeah? And how’s that?”

“Because you’ve given us hope. You’ve given me hope.”

It was times like this that Jack wouldn’t trade the world for. He loved Angela, and felt blessed every day that she chose him over anyone else.

After quickly freshening up, and washing her hands, Angela made her way back outside to Jack.

“Is m'lady ready to dine?”

Counting on her fingers, Angela replied, “So you were a loving husband, a doctor, a sergeant, and now a medieval knight. What’s next, a cowboy? Wait, forget I asked”

“Well Jesse isn’t here, but I can give it a go.”

“No no, I want Jack Morrison back. I want the man I fell in love with.”

“That can easily be arranged.”

Sitting down, they began to eat their lunch, and talk about the remainder of the day.

Jack began, “You remember that we’ll be having guests over soon, right?”

“Oh yes, that’s today! We need to get the house cleaned after lunch!”

“I actually took the liberty to clean it while you were in the garden. There’s nothing you need to worry about hon.”

“Oh, Thank you! Are the guest rooms all set?”

“Of course, nothing but the best for our friends. Speaking of which, I believe they’re slated to show up at any time now.”

As if on queue, Gabe walked around the corner.

Angela was elated, “Gabriel, it so nice to see you! Please join us!”

Gabriel Reyes, once the Reaper, formerly a Blackwatch agent, was once again a friend. The change happened during one of their last battles.

Bad intel said that the warehouse was abandoned, and that it was empty. It didn’t mention any of the thousands of stored armaments, or any of the hundreds of explosives. Nor did it prepare either of the groups for the mercenaries who guarded it. Amélie was wounded by an explosion, and Gabriel couldn’t do anything to help her. He was a soldier, not a medic, but what he saw changed him forever. Angela rushed through the onslaught of bullets and incoming fire to save Amélie’s life. He saw compassion, he saw forgiveness, and he saw understanding. Even though Amélie and Angela were on opposing sides, Angela risked her life to save her former friend.

As she approached Amélie, Gabriel came to her aid. Providing covering fire, he and Angela were able to get Amélie to safety. Once out of the hot zone, Angela was able to administer treatment. Amélie wasn’t in good condition: burns crossed the right side of her body, multiple lacerations, and open cuts, and shrapnel had pierced her torso. Gabriel was almost certain that Amélie wouldn’t survive, but to his amazement, she did. Angela worked quickly, removing shrapnel and stanching the bleeding, she applied careful doses of nanotech in order to help Amélie’s recovery. By the time she was finished, Amélie was able to walk and they all were able to leave the combat zone. Gabriel considered what he saw nothing short of a miracle. His friend was on death’s door, and he found a savior in what he thought to be the least likely ally.

For a while, that was the last they saw of Gabriel. No one knew where he was or where he went. It was only after Overwatch had disbanded when he reappeared, and he showed up to none other than Jack and Angela’s door. Seeking forgiveness, Gabe wanted to apologize for all that he’d done in the past as the Reaper. Jack was skeptical, he didn’t know whether or not to trust Gabe, but Angela was different. She pulled him into a hug and said she forgave him for everything. All she wanted was her old friend back. Her actions surprised both Jack and Gabe, neither of them expected Angela to act the way she had, but they were glad she did. With his plea for forgiveness, Gabe also asked Angela if she could help him with his cellular degeneration. He knew it was a tall order, but he knew that if anyone could do it, Angela was the doctor for the job, and that she excelled in performing miracles. Through regiments of careful treatment and therapy, they were able to cure Gabe. No longer did his cells stay in a constant state of degeneration, and his pain was gone. To this day, he will say that his choice to ask for forgiveness was the best choice he’s ever made.

“Hey, Ange. Jack. How’re you doing? Your garden looks as beautiful as ever.”

“Oh, thank you”, Angela blushed.

“Gabe, come on and join us for lunch, we just started.” Jack added, “It’s caesar salad, since I knew you’re trying to watch your weight.”

“Jack, stop that…” Angela scolded him.

“It’s alright Ange.” Turning to Jack, “And I see you’ve only honed your sense of humor in your age.”

“Eh, what can I say?” Jack shrugged, “But really, please join us. You must be hungry.”

Sitting down, they all began eating their lunch and reminiscing of the days past; if the days back in Overwatch. Near the end of their meal, four more guests showed up.

“Terribly sorry for being late luvs, the airport was a bit of a hassle.”

“Well, it’s not every day that an airport has to work with a gorilla.”

“Oh hush Winston, that’s still no reason for it to be so slow.”

Jack piped up, “Well we’re glad that you’re all here! Please join us, we’ve just about finished, but I’ll get some more food ready.”

Getting up from the table, Angela and Gabe greeted the new arrivals while Jack made his way back into the house to get more food.

“Gabe, I have to say, it’s uhh… it’s a surprise to see you here.”

“You as well Winston, but I hope it’s a pleasant surprise.”

“Indeed it is.” Winston smiled.

“Come on, I’ll show you around while Jack’s getting the food ready.”

Making their way down the patio, Gabe showed Winston around the garden and the vineyard. Meanwhile, Angela was busy greeting Lena, Emily, and their newest addition: Isabella.

“Aww… And who’s this little cutie?” Angela cooed.

“Go on Bell, say hi to Auntie Angela!”

The little toddler trundled her way over to Angela’s open arms. Upon her arrival, Isabella was scooped up into an adoring hug, and a kiss was planted on her little cheek.

“Isabella… What a beautiful name. Lena, Emily, you will make wonderful parents.”

After handing Isabella back to her parents care, Angela ushered her guests to the table. After greetings were exchanged, tours were given, and food was eaten, both guests and hosts sought the shade of an old olive tree in the back yard. There even Jack’s old dog Avery joined them and played with little Isabella. It was a perfect day, in the company of good friends, under the Italian sun, no one had a care in the world. No one wanted to change a thing.

It was perfect.

First off, let me say this: Yes I “borrowed” Avery from Xavi’s stories. I mean hey:

“they’re good dogs Brent”

Second, I’d like to thank you all for putting up with my dumb ass, and insufferable posting schedule. 

Lastly, it feels good to write a happy story. For so long I’ve had terrible thoughts  ideas for stories, and they’ve translated to everyone dying. But I mean, if that’s your thing then… you’re welcome… I guess?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one. It took me a while to write, and even more effort than what I put towards school work. 

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sapphicnelirul-deactivated20170  asked:

Hey Ang you're a cool gal so maybe you can help; it's like 1am and I can't sleep so could I get some animated movie recommendations? I'd really appreciate it.

HMMmm lemme think….. just stuff to watch for fun could be like: the thief and the cobbler, uhh Any laika film, my life as a zucchini, omg.. the iron giant is fun even if u’ve already seen it, and bambi is always a fun one lol

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Hey Ang, how do you like living in Ohio? My best friend and I are thinking of moving there because the cost of living is so low. But is there anything fun to do in Ohio?? Cause I wanna live an inexpensive lifestyle that's also zesty at the same time

living in/near the city is great there’s lots to do, i can’t say much for the rest of the state i mean it’s a lot of open farmland but i live in cleveland and i very much enjoy it it’s very zesty and metropolitan. there’s a lot of cool places to eat and the lake is fun. winters can be rough though, i would consider that if you’re coming from somewhere warm because you’ll probably wanna die 5-6 months out of the year lmao

     “    hey  ange   ”    

            surprises werent the soldiers forte. but a commander had to keep up-to-date with his teammates. and even if they didn’t work in the same department, there was even more momentous of a SMILE as he peeled her away from a busy crowd, HAND IN TOW WITH HERS. taking her simply to the a corner of the room— not the most ceremonious of places but he WANTED TO MAKE IT THE TINIEST BIT SPECIAL, this moment. “ i  know  you  might  not  want  a  gift  but— here.  close  your  eyes.  ” pulling his hands so softly away from hers, he waved them over the tired doctors eyes until they were closed off. pulling THE SURPRISE OUT OF HIS POCKET, angela could feel his hands tug something right around her neck…before letting it drop into place and PLAYFULLY ruffle her carefully kempt hair. he waited until she opened her eyes to see it— a soft STUDDED necklace, pale but SHINING in the dim lights. with a SPARKLING CHAIN leading to a SHARPLY CUT SAPPHIRE, locked in place and resting ever so PERFECTLY upon the crest of her chest. he looked to her with expectant, but PRIDEFUL EYES, and a soft, SINCERER SMILE. 

          “  happy  birthday.  have  a  nice  one  for  me,  won’t  you? ”  @osavior