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gif making adventures

So trying to make some gifs of Kazuma from the second movie and he’s just too adorable?? And dorky?? I love it.

(Look at this pouty face. It’s my new reaction image.)

Now, a compilation of cute frames.

(Just letting you know, you can still request graphics or gifs of Kuwabara from me. Just saying.)

YOOOOO so my personal Instagram is SO CLOSE to 1k followers which blows my mind, but it’s been fluctuating for DAYS and it’s driving me nuts 😂😂 if you give me a follow I’ll follow you back!! It would mean the world to me 😍

me, saying no to a binge: WOW I am HEALED I am a fucking ROCKSTAR god I am QUEEN OF SELF CONTROL !!!

star wars au where instead of going into hiding obi-wan hides in plain sight and gets a job at space buzzfeed writing embarrassing clickbait articles about anakin like ‘top 10 embarrassing stories darth vader doesn’t want you to know!’

listen. l i s t e n. barry j bluejeans is the lover. he loves so much that he is defined by it. lup was more important to him than his own life, a fact that he proved many many times over an eleven-year period by literally dying for her again and again.

but it wasn’t just lup on the starblaster, and it wasn’t just lup that barry loved. the starblaster became his family, and barry, who is known for his love, loved them too.

so give me a barry who stays up until four in the morning sharing stories with lucretia, reminiscing about the lives they lost to the hunger and talking about the families they miss dearly. give me a barry who spends years chipping away at taako’s facade with infinite patience, because he knows there’s more to taako than the fronts the elf throws up, is overjoyed when he finally sees the elf talk to him about something serious. give me a barry who sits quietly next to davenport and coaxes jokes out of him, never judging, to reassure his captain that his crew sees him as more than a silly gnome with a silver ship. give me a barry who gets pranked by magnus and throws himself into his retaliation with eagerness, because it makes magnus laugh and anything that makes his little brother laugh is worth doing. give me a barry who engages in theological debates with merle for hours about the religious connotations of necromancy, and then learns dwarven drinking songs with an atrocious accent to sing with him after they leave fungston. 

give me a barry who loves - who loves so much that his love defines him across the universe.

hi all!!! since this inktober i’ve found myself blissfully between one job ending and another beginning, i’m gonna have another crack at finishing a les mis comic. i’ll be doing a 1-2 page comic for each day and each prompt, then turning the whole thing into a little zine. so here’s a pile of amis to serve as cover art. see y'all october first!!