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Well ... since jin is gone for prom , do you guys wanna hangout a lil bit ? It's okay if you can't cause I was kinda bored and I'll find something else to do (guys plz come with me i'm so lonely)

Hobi: OH! IT’S YOU! I remember youuu

Hobi: It was supposed to be Jin Hyungs other prom outfit but he didn’t wanna wear a dress so I made him the current outfit he’s wearinggg and fortunately, he was nice enough to draw him wearing the dress hehe here it is

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usually idgaf about guests at conventions because I can never afford the photo ops/lines are always massive, but I looked at the guest list for Megacon out of boredom and








Lie to my face after I worked there for a year and was a supervisor? Have fun losing your job.

Hey all! I used to work for a cable company in eastern Canada [rhymes with lifelink] I finished up with them on good terms about 2 years ago and called in due to some issues with my hardwired speed being 20mbps instead of the 50mbps I was paying for, I knew they could guarantee 80% hardwired as was the policy, this woman I got on the phone argues with me up and down [keep in mind I was a supervisor before I left] that they only guaranteed WIRELESS speeds! I told her she was an outright liar and needed to be retrained, went over company policy and what she was supposed to be doing step by step, eventually she put me on hold for 10 minutes after I requested a supervisor cause I was done dealing with her, she comes back and says “Are you ready to speak to me like an adult now Envory?” I was pretty ticked, went on facebook and contacted the 3 managers I knew from her callcenter and got them to listen in on the call and advised her of what I had just done, she started apologizing profusely and was almost in tears, found out later she got fired as she had been talked to numerous times about this and would not stop.

For all you call centre reps out there that do your job, you’re awesome, for those of you that are meh at it but still do it, keep it up, for those of you that blatantly lie to customers to get them off the phone quicker and make them call back to pester another rep, a sincere and heartfelt f*ck you. Remember some of us used to work for you and know higher ups in your company and will report you.

Have a nice day :)


You’ve Got The Wrong Idea, Buddy

It has been exactly four months since you joined the Young Justice team but to some, you are still considered the newbie. You have earned your teammates respect and proved yourself worthy of your place in the team, none of them think of you as a rookie. Your power is rare, as you possess the ultimate level of telekinesis, which means you have the ability to manipulate anything. This is also known as Omnikinetic Manipulation. You are still learning the full extent of your powers yet seem to have control over them. The reason why you joined the team was so that you could put your abilities to good use and grow as a person, it didn’t take much convincing. 

During this time you have become close to Bart Allen and Jaime Reyes, better known as Impulse and Blue Beetle. Keeping your identity a secret from your teammates never really occurred to you because you are all in the same position, putting your trust in one another to guard each other’s identities outside of this team. 

Bart was one of the first to interact with you, mostly because he is a very sociable person and is very outgoing. He never fails to make you laugh and is the biggest goofball you know. Most importantly he made you feel welcome, the two of you have been quite close ever since. 

Jaime, on the other hand, has always been kind of shy around you for some reason. Whenever you get too close or engage in a conversation with him he gets all flustered and starts mumbling to himself. At first, you found it rather strange but have come to learn that is just how he is. He is a lot calmer now and you have gotten to know him more. The more time you spent with him the more you started to like him… like really like him. There’s something about him that draws you in. Whenever his big brown eyes make contact with yours, your heart melts a little. They are just so warm and welcoming. Then there is his smile, god how it gives you butterflies. Normally you are not one for anything cheesy but Jaime just makes you feel these things. You have had crushes before but this one is different somehow, you want it to be more than just that. The only thing is you are unsure of how he feels about you in return, you wouldn’t want to risk the embarrassment of confessing how you feel. 

Luckily you have Bart to talk to about it all and surprisingly he gives good advice. Really, he has always known that you liked Jaime in that way, he could tell by the way you stare at him with a huge grin on your face. That and you laugh at all his terrible jokes. If that doesn’t prove you like him then he doesn’t know what does. Bart is also aware that Jaime does in fact like you too, but because he is close friends with you both he has promised not to tell the other and being the good friend he is, has stuck by that promise. He may not be able to keep his mouth shut at the best of times but a promise is a promise and he knows the value of them. Though that doesn’t stop him from telling you both to just tell each other or playfully flirt every once and a while or even leave subtle hints. 

“Why don’t you just tell him?” Bart suggests for what might be the one-hundredth time as the two of you stand out on the balcony that overlooks Happy Harbour. 

You are leaning over the railing, body hunched, looking at the light of the sun reflecting off the clear blue water. Before speaking you let out a sigh. “I just can’t, there’s something stopping me. Like I’m afraid of what he might say or how he will react.” You turn your head towards your friend. 

“You know it wouldn’t affect what you already have, right? Jaime is a nice guy like that. Sure it might be awkward but you’d both get over it. You don’t know unless you try it. I’ll tell him for you if you want?” Bart tries to be helpful but you shake your head to decline. 

“No, I don’t want to look like I don’t even have the guts to tell him myself.” You give him a reason as to why you don’t want him to do it and he understands. “Thank you though.” You manage a smile. 

“Hey, isn’t that what friends are for?” Bart opens up his arms to you. “Come on, give your bestie a hug, hugs make it all better.” He opens and closes his hands as a way or luring you in. 

You laugh your way into his arms and put your around him, resting your chin on his shoulder. Bart always knows how to make you feel better. It’s always good to talk with him too. 

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Hey Tay (omg that rhymes)! When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy then send it to the last ten people on your recent activity!

My name rhymes with way too many words 😂 This is the third time I’ve gotten this in my ask, so these answers will be about food/drinks:

1) Baking and eating cupcakes

2) Trying a new restaurant and loving it

3) P I Z Z A 🍕

4) A hot mug of tea on a cold day

5) Eating funnel cake on the boardwalk

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☎ (Mark and Bing at Googs and Green hey that rhymed)

Name: Bingaling
Ringtone: All Star by Smash Mouth
Picture: Bing on his skateboard with Oliver on a long board in the distance :“)
Last Text Received: Bing, yes.
Last Text Sent: Bing, no.

Name: Protect Mark 💚
Ringtone: Talk Too Much-COIN
Picture: A picture Mark took of both of them when Green didnt have his emotions Chip-He’d change it but Mark looked happy in the picture(if you ignore Green’s deadpan stare)
Last Text Received: shut up, Green’s a creative color. I love you too.
Last Text Sent: Green is not a creative color, but okay. I love you. 💚

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Oh my gosh that's hilarious XD you know she'd be dying of laughter from that and would bring it up now and then like in the middle of class she'd lean in and say, "hey, guess what?... sucker rhymes with fucker!" And laugh all over again It is ;w; and it'd make it all the more worse because they'd technically be visiting an empty grave. It'd be worse if the villain that killed her was the same one that is controlling her body now

HAHAHAH! I CAN TOTALLY SEE THAT HAPPENING and Bakugou just turns away from her and tells her to shut up. She always brings it up every now and again because it’s too funny not to. It’s their little inside joke now. 

AHH THAT’S TRUE. I can see that being the case because what if the villain has to kill the person in order for them to become his puppet? 

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What exactly is a lyrical rapper by your definition? Someone with a good message in their rap, someone with storytelling ability, someone with great wordplay, a combo of all three?? I feel like as soon as someone's branded as lyrical or not the masses stick with that forever.

It’s an abstract and largely oppressive designation, mostly applied to whichever rappers best manage to uphold a certain loosely defined conservative leaning set of cultural and aesthetic values while simultaneously telegraphing their intelligence and/or morality to listeners who are insecure about their own intelligence and/or morality. 

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May I have some nice both SFW and NSFW Spain headcanons ;)

NSFW are below the cut as always!


Oooh boy, this man is so tan (hey that rhymes.) From all the time he spends outside, he’s got gorgeously tanned skin, and he’s always really warm. His back is really sensitive too, and he loves it when you rub or scratch it for him.

He sings while he cooks, while he’s in the shower, hell… Antonio sings no matter what he’s doing. Usually it’ll be under his breath, so he won’t bother the neighbors, but sometimes he’ll break out into a full dance routine while cooking dinner.

He loves to show you affection, no matter where you are. He won’t be obnoxiously showy about it, but if you’re in public, he’ll always have a hand around your waist or across your shoulders, to show how comfortable he is with you.

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So I'm going to be a Freshman in High School and I am currently looking for advice/tips because I'm nervous as heck and I don't know what to expect (hey that sorta rhymes). Thanks for your time :)

Nice rhyme, haha! :)  All right, so if this helps, please know that everyone else is just as scared as you are about starting freshman year!  I definitely was! But now, as a senior, I can assure you that it’s all going to be just fine.

  • in addition to lunch, pack a snack! i always keep a granola bar in my backpack in case i get hungry between classes (or if my teacher let us eat)
  • not to freak you out, but colleges will be seeing your courses/grades from your underclassmen years, so please don’t procrastinate and try your hardest.  i know it can be annoying, but it’s awesome if you can finish your homework either at school or right when you get home- having the rest of the night free is SUCH AN AWESOME FEELING.  also, get big projects out of the way asap.  they’re huge stressors.
  • i know you’ve heard this before, but i’ll say it again; JOIN CLUBS/SPORTS! they are honestly failsafe ways to make friends and have fun doing what you love- plus, it’ll make your applications/resumes stellar!
  • go with the flow.  accept now that things are going to go horribly, terribly wrong.  you’ll make mistakes.  but that’s perfectly fine- if you try to see the big picture, you’ll realize that a lot of things in high school won’t matter in the long run!  
  • but in all honesty, i’ve had a really fun high school experience- it’s been so much better than i expected.  it took me a few weeks to adjust, so don’t panic if you don’t like it at first, but i think you’re going to have a good time.  it’s way better than middle school, at the very least.  make the most of it, because before you know it, you’ll be applying for colleges and maybe moving away.  be friendly, take pictures, and act smart.  best of luck! <3
Summer to Remember - Part 4-Taylor Caniff Fanfic

 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


It was Saturday morning. Ahh. The sunshine shineing on my face. Then I turn to see Taylor. I poke his nose lightly.

“Tay Tay.” I say in a baby voice. “Wakey Wakey!!” I say hitting him with a pillow. He just groans and pushes me off. I land on the floor, booty first. “My ass hurts now…” I say lightly rubbing my booty. Taylor ran over to me and our eyes met. 

“You okay? I didn’t mean t-” I cut him off.

“Its okay.I’m use to it.” I say pushing past him and in the bathroom I go. I break down crying. These gave me flash backs when I use to get bullied, but when I met them they’ve always been there for me. I wiped all the tears and I was about to stand until I see all the boys pile into the bathroom. “What are yall doing in here.” I say trying to push through them.

“Tool Pic…” Taylor said cockily. I giggle at how he thinks he’s all that. I was about to leave until Taylor grabbed by the waist and took a mirror pic with all of us in one bathroom. “This is definetly going to be a memory.” He said editing the photo.

“Filter boy..” I mutter. They laugh but Taylor just says,

“Fuck you..” I smirked laughed at his comment.

“You know you want this. But, you can’t handle this.” I say smirking devilishly/ tease-ly. He began to get closer and all the boys fled.

“USE PROTECTION!!We don’t want our SISTER PREGERS.” Matt yelled closing the door. I look down. Taylor began to play with the hem of my crop top.

“What do you want?” I say moving to the door. I see a big grin spread across his face. Oh this can’t be good…

“I was gonna sa-” He was cut off by screaming. I look out of the bathroom door and see 4 familiar faces. I studied them for a while. Taylor pushed me to the side and hugged all of them. I look and see, Hayes, Dillon, Sam, and Jacob. I jump and thought everyone heard, but like the idiot I am I didn’t say it… They all just ran to me and we had a group hug.

“So who’s up to go swimming at the hotel pool?” Sam said. I jump in excitement.

“YASSSSSS” Matt and I say at the same time. We both laugh and I went to go change.

“Nobody is gonna unlock this door. Now if you mind, I will be changing/ taking a shower.” I say directing it to Taylor and locking the door. He gives me a seductive smirk and I gave him my ‘Haha. No.’ face. I strip out of my clothes and I took a shower. After I showered I changed into a neon yellow bandeau and neon green bottoms. I put a shirt on that said, 'Miami Bitch’ over my bandeau, so I wouldn’t distract a certain person. *cough cough* Taylor *cough cough* I grab my aviators and put my favorite hair accessory on. My tie dye bandanna. Taylor gave to me when we were really close friends in 7th grade. I put water proof mascara on and I head out. I walk out to see all the guys with no shirt. Then I see Dillon and Taylor finishing putting tanning spray on. I couldn’t help but laugh and Taylor glared at me. I bit my lip trying not to laugh. As I got over laughing at them begin tan we head to the lobby. I was in the middle so I was protected. I couldn’t help but grin at all the girls that kept drooling over them. I swear each time we take a step I hear someone say, 'She’s such a slut…etc..’ But like Taylor says, “I don’t give a fucccck.”

“What did you just say?” Taylor say walking next to me. I just look down in embarrassment. “Please tell me!” He begged. “I’ll tell the secret.” I looked at him, and was about to strangle his neck. “ I said a quote from you..” I muttered a little bit low. “And that quote is?” He said waiting for my response. “I don’t give a fuccck.” I say copying what he did a couple of week ago when someone called him a fag. Taylor laughed at what I had just did. Wow I just looked like a complete idiot in the fucking lobby. I ran as fast as I could to the pool gates. When we got to the pool I sat on the beach chairs and I stayed there and took a small nap.

~~I Woke Up Like this.~~

I wake up to my skin burning like hell. “What the hell? Why is my–OH SHIT! I’M fucking red.” I screamed. All the boys attentioned turned to me. Then Dillon and Taylor started to walk  forward into my direction and they both had a grin spread across their face…That couldn’t be good at all…They carried me off my chair and I suddenly feel the cool water cover me. I get to the surface and chase after them. I get tired and just sit by the pool and I see all the boys go towards me.

“Y/N, were doing a group picture. Get your lazzy ass off the ground and join us please!” Nash said with his puppy face. I nod and we were on the other side of the pool and we all scream,

“1..2..3!!!” We had our jump shot taken and I swim to where the photographer was. I go up to her and she shows us the picture. I smiled at the picture of all of us hand in hand. Just like old times… But the one thing about that picture made me melt. Me and Taylor were in the center holding hands and jumping into the water with everyone else. I couldn’t help but blush. I walk over to my chair and grab my phone. I wince as I sat down. 

“Fuck…” I muttered as I felt my nerves. Stupid sun burns… I look up and see all the boys just talking and laughing and hear a few OOo’s and Oh’s. I decided to see whats going on. I jump into the conversation. “Watcha doing?” I say innocently. They all turn to me and I gave them my exaggerated smile. They all talk at the same time, but Taylor just blurted,

“Nothing.” He says with his eyes wide. 

I was just staring at him. I flatly said, “Really? Again? You don’t tell me, again!”  He stared at me and I finally burst. “You know what. Never mind…I’m done with you saying nothing when there is shit. I wish you could just te-” I was shut up by Taylor smashing his soft lips on mine and all the boys just cheered in the background. He pulled away and whispered,

“I don’t tell you because I don’t want you to know any surprises.” I look at him with a dull face. 

“Surprises what surprises?” I ask suspiciously. Then all change the subject without answering my question.

“Lets play spin the bottle.” Dillon suggested. Then all of them broke out talking at the same time.

“HEY!” I yelled, and that made them shut up. “How the hell are we going to play spin the bottle when there is only one girl?” I say pointing at myself. Pointing out I was the only girl. Ha Ha. Captain Obvious.. “How about spin the bottle, but face the truth/dare addition.” I suggest with a grin on my face. They all cheered. I suddenly feel warm air beside my ear. 

“Bad Girl coming out I see.” He whispered. That sent chills down my spine. The game started and it lands on Me. 

“Wait what? Cot damn it!” I pouted and Taylor kept chuckling.

“I said, 'You will fall in love with someone here’.” Cameron says lifting one eyebrow. 

“And who would that be?” I ask giving him the 'I doubt it’ face. Then all turn to Taylor.

“Taylor.” All the boys said, but Dillon said himself and we bursted out laughing and we all ended up rolling and crying on the floor. Could not breath at all.

“I can’t-I can’t breath!” I said in between laughs.

“Dr. Taylor, We have a patient who can’t breath.” Dillon says gesturing over to me. “CPR needed.” My laughter died and my eyes shot out of my eyes. Taylor hovered over me. He leaned in, but he just decided to tease me. That little fucker…

“TEASE!” I yelled and all the boys, 'Ooo'ed’ and I pretended to gag, but inside I was turned on. I can’t have feeling for him, but its summer. Lets just go with the flow and do crazy shit. I was sitting at the edge my pool and Taylor’s towel was next to me, so was his phone. I watch the boys play in the pool and Taylor came up next to me. 

“Hey bae. Do you want to do the Nae Nae or do meh?” He rhymed then flashed a seductive smirk. I giggled at him because he didn’t make sense, but that’s why we all hang. Were all crazy and weird. 

“Hey Tay. Nah, I’m okay.” I rhymed back winking like Miranda Sings. He just chuckled. Taylor was drying his hair a little bit and we hear an object drop into water. It made the,'Bloop’ sound. Suddenly Taylor dove into the water and he popped right back up carrying his iPhone 3. Late…

“Shit!” He cursed. He then muttered more words I couldn’t quite find because he was murmuring it too low and fast. I calm him down by wrapping arm around his shoulders.

“It okay. Well buy a new o-” I was cut off by Taylor,

“I can’t get all those memories back!” I grabbed his face and we had eye contact.

“You synced it, right?” I say waiting for an answer. He nodded. I sigh in relief. Wait why did he just panic just for his photos? Wait did he keep the photos from the past when me and him were really close? Hmph. I wonder, but I’m not gonna be nosey Rosie anymore. We got up and we took one last group picture. I was on Taylor’s shoulders. Cameron and Nash were on the floor were doing the slid move and all the other boys were pointing to the camera like thugs. After that we were heading inside, but the photographer stopped us.

“Could you both stay? You guys for the first time are the most cutest couple I’ve seen.” She complemented us. I smile and Taylor blushed.

“We aren’t exactly a thing…” Taylor muttered, but from the looks of it Taylor’s cheeks were just plain rosey red. I nudged him and he gave me a smile. I haven’t seen him smile at me that way ever since Freshmen year. 

“Were best friend, with benefits.” I said taking pride in my cheesiness. She smiled and she said,

“If you are best friend or not or not even a couple you’d still be the cutest couple ever. You look perfect for each other.” I look down and try to hide my face cause my face was redder than ever. Taylor muttered something to the photographer and Taylor lifted my chin up. Our eyes met and a flash from the camera. It didn’t bother me at all. Right now all I could focus on was Taylor.Taylor.. Taylor…Its just been a few days and things are already crazy.


Hey yall hope you liked this Part! I kind of struggled to write this, but I eventually did it! I smiled alot at the ending. So I hope all of you are enjoying your Summer Vacation and enjoying this story! Tonights Fandom new tho. 6/13-6/14 Um..No comment.

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i really want to go vegan because i love animals so much and feel so guilty eating any animal products and it makes me sick, but my mom is a bit skeptical about the vegan diet and isn't so open-minded. anything i can do to introduce her to the idea? and also, do you have any tips for beginners?

I’m glad to hear that! But to make things clear, veganism is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Plant-based is the diet. Veganism includes not supporting zoos/aquariums, animal testing, fur and any form of animal exploitation.

Anyway! First things first: research, research, research! 

Vegan Coach was one place that really helped me learn about veganism. The site format has changed so I’m not 100% sure where everything is anymore, but there is information on iron, B12, calcium, omega-3 and anything that people worry about before going vegan. I’ll also go over that a little later in this post. 

Here is a general vegan food pyramid. 

So I was going to provide you with other vegan health links and info but i decided I’m just going to use stuff off of vegan coach. The stuff that Patty (founder of vegan coach) has is really great. 


Here you can find out pretty much everything about protein that you want— even how much you need. For example, most people seem to think they need a TON of protein when that isn’t the case. I happen to be the example, I’m 105lbs so I need about 47 grams a day. Since I’m active I aim more for 60, and even that is extremely easy.

So… where can you get protein from (pulled directly from the site):

Next, let’s discuss these powerful protein sources.

BEWARE: You will encounter some technical terms such as “grams of protein”.

But fear not, my friend, because it will all become clear in the end.

Hey, that rhymes.    :)

Legumes top the list for great sources of plant-strong foods with protein. These include beans, lentils, and organic soy products such as tofu and tempeh.

1 CUP OF MOST COOKED BEANS AND LENTILS contains right around 15 grams of protein.

1 CUP OF COOKED ORGANIC SOYBEANS contains around 30 grams of protein.

1 CUP OF FIRM ORGANIC TOFU contains about 40 grams of protein.

1 CUP OF TEMPEH contains approximately 30 grams of protein.

1 CUP OF SEITAN contains approximately 52 grams of protein. I like seitan — but I consider this a “fun food” and don’t recommend you base your everyday diet on this protein source. That’s because it’s high in wheat gluten, and is difficult for most people to digest.

Meat analogues made with soy (fake meats) are another option for you to consider. Personally, I try to eat very little of them because they’re not a whole food, which as you may know is what I recommend. But if you DO want to add these to your diet, PLEASE do so sparingly. Try to base your diet on whole foods with protein versus these highly processed soy foods which are usually loaded with sodium and many times are not organic — and it’s really important to try your best to eat organic soy. Read the labels to determine how much protein you will find in these foods.

Nuts, seeds, and their “butters” are also fantastic foods with protein that you should include in your diet.

¼ CUP OF MOST NUTS can range anywhere from approximately 4 grams of protein to 8 or 9 grams.

2-3 TABLESPOONS OF SEEDS provides around 8 grams of protein, with the exception of FLAX SEEDS which will provide you with around 4 grams.

3 TABLESPOONS OF TAHINI provides you with 8 grams of protein.

While everything listed above is a protein powerhouse, there is protein in vegetables and fruit as well, so protein isn’t a problem!


Patty doesn’t have a page on iron anymore, but there is a ton of iron in dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, mustard greens, dark lettuces, swiss chard and so on. There is also a lot if beans and legumes. You can increase the amount of iron absorbed from a meal if you also eat something high in vitamin C, such as an orange. 


Pulled right off the vegan coach site again:

  • All dark green leafy veggies*, including KaleBroccoliCollard Greens/Mustard Greens/Turnip Greens, Bok choy, and green leafy lettuces (such as romaine, red leaf and green leaf), okra
  • Green Beans
  • Asparagus;
  • Oranges;
  • Figs;
  • Most nuts, especially almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios
  • Most seeds, especially flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds (AND sesame tahini);
  • Pseudo-cereals such as quinoa and buckwheat;
  • Beans, especially Soybeans (and soybean products - always buy organic), White Beans such as Great Northern and Navy, Kidney, Aduki/Adzuki, Garbanzos, Pinto, and to a lesser extent Black;
  • Calcium-fortified foods such as OJ, non-dairy milks, cereals, tofu (be sure the label for these foods shows that they are calcium-fortified);
  • Blackstrap molasses;
  • All Dried Herbs. The drying process removes the water content from the plant, leaving the concentrated nutrients behind.

B12 and Vitamin D

Vegan Coach will tell you to supplement. I don’t, and most vegans on this site I know do not. It certainly is not a bad idea, but if you don’t you should be fine. However this is something you should really keep track of. Cereals, fortified milk replacements, fortified drinks (i.e. vitamin water), orange juice, and some fortified tofu’s have it. So, it really shouldn’t be a problem. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Again, it’s pretty easy. You don’t need very much a day. Chia seed, flax seed, peanut butter (in particular the omega-3 fortified ones), some fortified drinks, seaweed, beans, winter squash, leafy greens and more are full of omega-3 so again, as long as you eat a variety of foods you’re all good. All of these also have omega-6, and oils like olive oil have omega-9.

Moral of the story is: eat the rainbow (not skittles) and you’ll be perfectly fine. Most carnists and even a lot of vegetarians suffer from some degree of malnutrition so it’s something they need to be worrying about, but they don’t.

Moving on! 

Show these things to your mom. Maybe they’ll make her go vegan too. They’re mostly reasons why to go vegan. You should go vegan for ethics, not health, because as stated above, it is a lifestyle (though plant-based is better than doing nothing).

(taken from vegan-veins ask again because I’m a pleb and misplaced these again):


Gary Yourofsky’s Speech

From Farm to Fridge

Vegucated (on Netflix)

Food Inc (Not that great because it still supports “humane slaughter” but it shows the reality in factory farms) (Also on Netflix)

Food Matters (focuses on the health related benefits of veganism) (On Netflix) 

Forks Over Knives (also focuses on health aspects of veganism)

Peter Singer: “The Ethics of What we Eat”

Death on a Factory Farm

This may seem like a lot to remember, but it really isn’t. At first its a little tough but you catch on really quickly. I love being vegan, it’s one of the best things I ever did.

If you need any more help, don’t be afraid to ask!