hey alexis hey

so Stanley

this man planned to end up dancing with the love of his life.

a dance where no one else switched but his pair and LeFou’s pair just conveniently switched AND mixed up the genders? that’s kinda sus.

and look at his face during the switch. where LeFou’s was surprised, Stanley’s was focused. focused into the eyes of the man he was with. for someone who accidentally switched partners and mixed up the genders, that’s not the face I would expect.

also the way the switch happened looked like the gender switch was completely intentional, like their dance partners were completely in on it.

tl;dr: the way the switch happened was hella sus and Stanley totally planned to make it happen bc he just loved LeFou that much.

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me watching the live action BATB
  • me: omg look at Alexis he's so adorable wtf
  • me, about a minute later: wow Dan you're amazing
  • me, the next scene: awwwwww Alexis you're great
  • me, sometime in the next few minutes: yooooooo Dan I see you
  • me, by the end of the movie: WHY ARE DAN AND ALEXIS SO PERFECT BYE

endless list of favorite episodes of random tv shows:
Gilmore Girls 4x02 The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale