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Alcohol Squads of Kuroshitsuji
  • The Brandy Squad: Ciel, Vincent, Alexis, Ronald
  • The Gin Squad: Sebastian, William
  • The Rum Squad: Claude, Charles Phipps, Wolfram
  • The Wine Squad: Rachel, Madam Red, Undertaker
  • The Cider Squad: Snake, Elizabeth, Ran-Mao, Sieglinde
  • The Beer Squad: Finny, Agni
  • The Whiskey Squad: Bard, Francis, Hannah, Charles Grey
  • The Vodka Squad: Mey-Rin, Dagger
  • The Champagne Squad: Alois, Soma, Grell
  • The Tequila Squad: Lau, Beast, Angela, Ash
  • The Liquor Squad: Edward, Joker, Arthur