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I Miss You (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warnings: none, just fluff

Dedication: I’d like to give credit to @jefferyatkind​. The edit is hers and she makes a lot of edits like this one, check out her blog https://jefferyatkind.tumblr.com/ I love her edits so much and yeah.

(I dedicate this imagine to you because from the moment I saw your edit I knew that this could be a great story)

You walked to class with you best friend alex. Yeah, that’s right, the Alex Standall. You were friends ever since FML. And after hannah, He was your second closest friend.

Right now you were walking with him to Biology. “Hey y/n! Standall! wait up” you heard a familiar voice call. You turned around smiling seeing your boyfriend, Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey. “Hey babe” you said greeting him. “Where are the dickwads?” you asked teasing him. “y/n/n!!!! They’re my friendsssss” He whines. “They’re skipping first and second period” Alex answers nonchalantly. you sigh at their stupidity, you mean yeah, they’re kinda your friends but doesn’t mean you agree with everything they do. you kiss Zach on the cheek, “That’s all???” he says pouting. you laugh and peck him on the lips then we enter bio. We were early by 10 minutes so the only people here were You, Alex and Zach. “Hey, Dempsey, are you going to the fun park with the gang?” Alex asks Zach as he settles down in his seat. “Yeah” he replies as he puts his arms around you.

“Are you going babe?” he asks you

“Aww no, I can’t. midterms next week. YOU SHOULD STUDY TOO” you replied. “Yeah but, you’ve met my mom, I studied for midterms since last week and all i have to do is review” he answers.

“Oh well, too bad for me then” you reply sighing. “Come on babe you have to go. Or else I’ll be lonely” he whines pulling you closer. “I wish I could baby” you say kissing his forehead. Then the teacher enters and you start your first class of the day.

—— lunch time ———

“Yo y/n! Ready for fun park later?” Justin asks as he and Jessica sit down at our table. “Nah, I gotta study” you reply sighing. “BOOOOO!” Bryce shouts. You roll your eyes and listen to them plan about their day.






You finish studying earlier than expected and all you could think about is Zach. I hope he’s okay. you thought. As you finished packing your phone lights up and all your friends are sending you snaps. One from Jess, one from Justin, one from Alex and one from Monty. “Why isn’t Zach messaging me?” you though aloud. You watched all their snaps and see how much fun their having. “I should’ve gone” you said to yourself “They’re probably on their way home anyway” you say glancing at the clock. 7:00pm it read. You sigh once again as you see Zach has a recently updated story. “Let’s see how much fun he had, enough to not send me any snaps or what” you mumbled as you opened his story

came out. Your heart melts at the sight of your cute boyfriend. You slide to message Alex on snap.

You: How’s my baby?

Alex: Annoying as fuck. He wouldn’t shut up about you not being here.

the definition of disgusting puppy love

You: Yeah yeah what’s up with the puppy? Is it clifford? Clifford was my favorite thing ever when I was young

Alex: He won it in the basketball game thing in the arcade part of fun park

You: Of course, basketball.

Alex: He says he would’ve given it to you and it would’ve been the perfect romantic whatever but you aren’t here so he just made himself miss you more

You: My boy is so sweet 😌💖

Alex: If you think that’s sweet then this is even better. He’s been hugging that thing while he’s sleeping and he says he’ll still bring it home for you

You: …….

Why are you guys watching Zach sleep? Where are you?

Alex: Still in fun park. We’re staying until Saturday night so everyone can study on Sunday. We rented a hotel room in the hotel beside it

You: And you all fit?

Alex: Duh, Bryce booked the biggest room there was. And its in the top most floor. You could fit too actually

You: I’d go but i don’t want to sleep in the same room as that rapist 🤢🙄

Alex: Nah. This is his so called “redemption” moment Monty and him have their own room in the floor below. And we locked our doors.

You: Soooo who are you guys with?

Alex: Justin, me, Jess, Sheri, Zach, Marcus

You: The 6 of you in a suite?

Alex: yep

You: Damn hold on

You ran out your room to see your parents having dinner. “Hey sweetie” Your mom greets. “Hey mom, i have to ask you something” You say kissing her and your dad as a greeting. “You want to go to the fun park with your friends don’t you?” your dad says even before you can utter a single word. “Y-yeah. how’d you know?” you ask confused. “I saw Zach after my business meeting in the hotel. He really misses you. I asked him why you didn’t come and he said because you had studying” he explained.

“but since you’re probably done” Your mom adds trailing off. “You may go” your dad replies motioning to your bags on top of the staircase. “You knew I was going anyway? And you DO know its overnight…. right?” you ask both of them as you walked up to grab your bags. “Yeah and we’re okay because I trust you and Zach” Your mom says kissing you goodbye. “I’ll take you” Your dad says grabbing his keys.

You walk to the card and head out. You quickly send Alex a text

You: I am on my way don’t tell Zach. It’s a surprise!! Do you guys want pizza? xx

Alex: Yes please 🙏🏻

“Hey dad, is it okay if I buy Pizza for the gang?” You ask shyly. “yeah sure” and with that you park and get some pizza


“Hey guys let’s order pizza” I yell. A chorus of sures and hell yeses were being thrown. “Alright” I said laughing slightly. I notice everyone is in the common area talking except one certain raven haired male. “Zach we’re ordering pizza” I tell him walking in his room to see him still cuddling the stupid red dog. “I don’t want any” he says hugging it tighter. “Alright” I say closing his door. Man I hope y/n gets here soon. Her boyfriend is too whipped.


“y/n, y/n, wake up!!” your dad calls as he shakes you lightly. “5 more minutes” you whisper putting your jacket over your face. “Are you sure? In 5 minutes I can turn around and go back home and you’ll miss surprising your boyfriend” he says turning the car around. “WHAT I’M HERE? ALREADY?” you yell sitting up. “y/n! Stop shouting we’re in an enclosed area, but yes we’re here” your dad says pushing you out the door. “Thanks dad” you say throwing him a smile then kissing his cheek. “See you tomorrow” you say before closing the door and walking inside the building.

You finally reach the room and press the doorbell thing. “Wow the pizza guy is fast” you hear Jess say on the other side of the door. “Hey I’ll get it, he might be cute” you hear Sheri call and right after the door opens. “y-“ you cut her off before she can yell “shhh it’s a surprise” you say whispering and putting your finger to your lips as if you’re telling her to be quiet. “Well I’ll say”Jess says walking in the room. You hug everyone then turn to Alex. “Where’s my cotton ball?” you ask the bleached blondie. “In that room. He’s terrible without you. The Clifford hit him hard” he says motioning over to the door beside us. You grab a piece of pizza and a paper plate then you try to open the locked door and when you accept that you can’t open it, you knock on his door instead. “Alex I told you I don’t want any pizza” your boyfriend grumbles as he opens the door. His face turns from gloomy to shock. “y/n???”

“You don’t want any pizza even if it comes with me?” you say pouting.

He quickly gets out of his state of shock and wraps his arms around you “darling if I knew that all i had to do was to order a pizza, I would’ve called ages ago” he whispers in your ear then kisses you. You melt in the kiss and pull him towards you. As the kiss becomes more passionate you hear a cough behind you. You both pull away to see your friends glaring at you guys playfully. Sheri counts, “one… two… three” and all together they shout. “GET A ROOM”

You all laugh at each other then you and Zach walk back in his room cuddling, as you replace the big red dog with your small petite body. And neither you nor Zach would have it any other way

I think about you when I cum pt.2

Summary: You meet Yoongi in a club and you go home together, the first time you only end up sleeping th second time you end up doing something more exciting

Requests are open!!

A/N: This is a collab between me and @yoonskookie !! Part 1 is on her blog so go and read it there.

Genre: Smut, fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Word count: 2 k

!!!!!Part 1 is here!!!!!

Your phone buzzed, it was Alex.

”Hey you wanna go out with us tonight?”

Her voice sounded a little slurry already and you couldn’t help but smirk.

”Sure, let me just get dressed and get something to drink, I’ll be ready in 30?”

Alex cackled and you could hear excited voices in the background.

”I’ll met you at the club!”

Your phone buzzed again and you thought it was Alex purse calling you but then you saw the name, Yoongi.

”Hey are you going out with Alex tonight? I’m joining them and I was just checking if you were also coming.”

”Yes I am, I’m getting dressed now.”

”I can meet you so we can go there together?”

”Sounds great, give me 30 minutes and I’ll be down to meet you!”

This night was already going great, you wore a nice comfortable dress that showed off your figure perfectly and some nice flats, since going out in heels was always a bad idea. You locked the door and went down the stairs, you already saw something familiar, the chestnut hair. This was going to be an amazing night, you just knew it.

You met up with Alex and the other guys and they ordered in shots for everyone. Shot after shot and drink after drink, you could feel your head getting quite groggy. Yoongi looked over at you and went to get some water, he knew his limits but he wanted you to have a good night and not getting way to wasted. You went up when you saw him leave and you followed him to the bar. 

“So what are we having?”

The words came out with some hiccups and he looked at you and smirked.

"Let’s get out of here.”

Yoongi pulled you into a more quiet corner in the back of the club and caged you between him and the wall.

“Yoongi you know last time we went home drunk together didn’t end very well.”

“I know and I haven’t stopped thinking about that ever since. I’m not that drunk tonight, I know exactly what I’m doing.

“And what are you doing?”

Sadly not you.

You chuckled at him but it was clear that he had more control over the situation this time. He looked into your eyes for a few seconds before slowly lowering his head towards you. You could feel the few drinks that you had in your blood stream cause your head seemed to yell at you don’t do it but your body just wouldn’t listen. As his lips finally touched yours you melted into the kiss, putting your arms around his neck. His kisses got rougher and you pulled him closer to you. After a few minutes Yoongi pulled away to catch his breath.

“We should take this home.”


He grabbed your wrist and walked towards the back exit of the club.

When you reached his flat he fumbled with the keys to finally unlock it. You laughed at his failed attempts but when he finally got it, he pushed you inside gently to slam the door behind his back. Just as he had done that he grabbed your arm to turn you around and push you against the closed door. He went right back to where you had stopped in the club and kissed you roughly. He motioned you to jump and you wrapped your legs around his waist. Without breaking the kisses he tried to carry you to the bedroom but not without bumping into several walls or pieces of furniture. When you finally reached the bedroom he threw you onto the bed. His lips trailed from your lips along the jawline to your neck as he kissed it and sucked some hickies onto it.

“You know what? Ever since that night you took me home when I was drunk I’ve been thinking about you.”

His words were a bit slurred due to the alcohol and you looked at him slightly blushing.

“I think about you all the time. I can’t stop thinking of you. I think about you at work, I think about you when I’m trying to sleep, hell I even think about you when I cum.

Your eyes widened in surprise at his statement and he obviously didn’t plan on saying this.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, it just slipped out, just forget it.”

He tried to climb off the bed but you held onto his wrist and pulled him back onto the bed. He look at you confused. You were slightly drunk and Yoongi was hella attractive. It was time to live a little. Regret can come later.

I’ve been thinking about you as well.

You pulled his head closer and crashed your lips onto his. He climbed over you and pushed one of his knees between your legs to open them a bit more. His lips trailed along your collarbone leaving several hickies and love bites that would probably last for days. You puled at the hem of his shirt so he took it off. You mirrored his action throwing your shirt somewhere in the room. He reached behind your back to unclasp your bra and threw it to the shirt. His attention went back to your boobs as he trailed open mouthed kisses between the valley of your breast and then towards your nipple. He took it in his mouth and started sucking gently. You moaned as you tangled your hands in his chestnut hair. He took the other nipple between his fingers and rolled it between them. You tried helplessly to grind your hips onto something to relieve some tension. When he shifted around to get more comfortable his knee brushed against your core and you whimpered as you started to grind onto it.

“Are we a bit impatient, huh? I bet I got you already soaking wet before I even touched you.”

His fingers reached for your core as he let 2 fingers run up and down your clothed slit.

“Just as I expected, you completely ruined your pretty underwear. It’s useless now.”

With that he pulled your panties down your legs and threw them god knows where. His attention went straight back to your core as he started to circle your clit as slowly as possible.

“Yoongiii please?”

“Please what? Use your words baby.”

“Please just do something.”

“You’re not being very specific.”

His fingers went lower to slowly tease your opening.

“Something like this?

He slowly pushed one finger inside of you and your back arched of the bed. He pulled it out ever so slowly to add a second finger but he didn’t speed up in any way. His pace was frustratingly slow, he was making sure to pull his fingers all the way out before pushing them back in, whilst looking at your reaction. You were whimpering and moaning under his touch but it just wasn’t enough for you.

“F-faster, please.”

You thought he would keep on teasing you for a bit before he complied but Yoongi reacted immediately, pushing his fingers in and out at a rapid speed now. He made sure to curl them upwards to reach your spot with every thrust of his fingers you were so close to your orgasm, clenching around his fingers as he suddenly removed them all at once leaving you clenching around nothing and whining in frustration.

“What the fuck Yoongi I was so close…”

“Don’t worry I got something even better for you.”

You looked at him in anticipation as he lowered his head between your legs. When he finally wrapped his soft lips around your clit and started sucking it felt like you entered heaven. He licked one flat stripe up your slit to look at your arching back and dragged out moan of his name. He repeated this process a few times before finally pushing his tongue inside. This time he didn’t tease you he went in a quick rhythm as he pushed his tongue in and out of you. You tried to push your hips even closer to his face so he held them down with one arm. When he felt you nearing your orgasm again he pulled his tongue out of you to start sucking on your clit again whilst replacing his tongue with his fingers. He went in an insane pace that was almost painful if you weren’t so desperate for you release.

“How about another finger baby?”

You just nodded as quick as you could, not trusting yourself with speaking. He pushed a third finger next to the other two and you came undone. The alcohol mixed with the pleasure had you seeing stars. You tried catching your breath as you laid there on your back looking into yoongis eyes that were now black of lust. He kissed you passionately and you could taste yourself on his lips. You tugged at his belt to signalize him to take his pants off. Yoongi climbed off the bed and discarded his clothes somewhere as well. It was funny to watch him struggle in his drunken state but in the end he got out of his skinny jeans. He crawled back to hover over you.

“How dare you to laugh about me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re not but you will be.”

You were chuckling but you could see in his eyes that he was dead serious. The tip of his dick ran teasingly over your folds and your clit.

“Are you ready'”


He pushed inside just a few centimeters and stopped.

“Are you really sure?”


He pushed inside all the way and held still to give you a moment to adjust. And to get his composure back.

“It’s okay you can move.”

He pulled out in an agonizingly slow pace and pushed back in in the same pace too. He was hitting deep and filled you up completely but you wanted more. The alcohol was still buzzing in your brain.

“Yoongi please I bet you can do that way faster. I want you to fuck me like a real man.”

“Oh a real man? As you wish baby, but remember you asked for it.”

He slammed back into you and your moan got stuck in your throat. From then on he thrusted into you in an incredibly fast pace. He angled your hips better to hit your spot every time. You were a panting and moaning mess as he lowered his mouth to your ear.

“I thought of fucking you for so long. And it was so worth it.”

His voice was so low and raspy it was almost enough to make you come undone.

“I’m s-so close Yoongi.”

“I know, me too.”

He reached between you both to rub quick circles on your clit and that did it for you. Your second high hit you even harder than the first one did. The mix of alcohol and immense pleasure made you feel like you were floating. Everything went black for a short while. Your erratic clenching around him pushed Yoongi over the edge as well and he came grunting your name lowly. When you opened your eyes again Yoongi laid next to you.

“What about the others? They don’t even know where we went, they will sure be worried.”

“Namjoon texted me and asked if we went home together, it’s alright, they know.”

“I don’t know if I actually prefer this to them not knowing where we are.”

He chuckled and pulled you into his embrace, his heart was pounding after he was getting down from his high. It was rather calming and you’d missed this. The feeling of someone else skin against yours. You felt safe in his arms, this was something that you wasn’t that familiar with.

”What are you thinking about?”

His words startled you as you were in your own thoughts.

”Oh it’s nothing, I just, I feel calm when you’re here, I can tell you some other time.”

You met his eyes and he knew that this was something that you could talk about later, right now he just wanted to be there in the moment.

You looked up and met his gaze and even though you only had met two times, you felt safe, his embrace was home and you felt like drowning in those eyes day after day.


Marco Reus Top 10 asked by anon

(I have to admit that I didn’t have any photos saved on my laptop so I had to look for them. I’m also really sorry because I think that the anon didn’t really want or expect such photos/gifs but I like these because they are different and mostly funny, so here we goooo!)

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