hey! wanna see my tattoo

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Swapfell and Underswap Papyrus's reaction to finding out that his S/O's tattoos glow and move around on her skin (Like Cecil from WTNV if you listen to it)

I was so happy to learn that glow in the dark tattoos are real, but they’re apparently dangerous ;-; C’mon scientists, pull through for me!



Papyrus (Stretch)

Monsters can do so many cool things with their magic, it can honestly be a little bit hard to keep up with at times. The new trend was glowing tattoos, but you wanted to go the extra mile. After secretly saving your money and studying to find a willing artist, you got a tattoo that could glow and move.

You look over at Papyrus, excited to see how he reacts. Shuffling over to him on the couch you try to grab his attention. ‘Hey, wanna see my new tattoo?’ He quickly turns his head over to you, eye sockets widening in surprise.

‘Huh? You didn’t tell me anything about that.’ You roll up your sleeve to reveal a bird on your forearm. Guiding your finger across your arm, the bird followed your movement to your fingers. ‘In a few months, I can make it move without touching it. Cool, right?’ Papyrus got an idea. Scrambling to the kitchen, he grabbed a sharpie and drew on his wrist bone. He showed his creation to you, revealing that he had drawn a stick figure above what seemed to be a table.

He started to move his hand, making the stick figure move up and down. The image finally made sense. ‘See? It’s a guy on a trampoline. That’s my fancy tattoo.’ You laugh, lightly slapping his arm. Papyrus laughs and smiles widely.

‘But seriously, your tattoo looks great. Just make sure to tell me next time, okay? I want to be there.’


Papyrus (Rus)

‘Your new tattoo is amazing and all, but must you show it off when we’re trying to sleep?’ You moved your tattoo across your shoulder to your neck, flashing in Papyrus’ eyes.

‘Isn’t it cool, though? I can move it wherever I want!’ The tattoo spun around your neck before you moved it to your hand. As you move onto your back you gaze at the tattoo and trace it with your fingertips. It represented so much to you, and you knew it meant a lot to Papyrus as well. He just wasn’t showing it.

Papyrus sat up, the blanket falling to his knees. He yawned and placed his hand on your forehead. ‘I’m gonna go get a drink. I’ll be back.’ Waving him off, you admire your tattoo some more. The way it would glow, turn and spin was entrancing. Almost hypnotic…

Papyrus returned not with a cup, but with a pen and rag. He quickly circled your tattoo, and then covered it up with a rag. No matter how hard you tried, your tattoo couldn’t move out of the circle. The rag made the tattoo difficult to see.

‘Hey! What was that for?’ You laugh out. Papyrus places one hand on his hip before scolding you. ‘Hey, It’s your fault for keeping me up!’ he crawls back into his bed. ‘Oh, and, uh, the pen’ll wash off in the morning. Goodnight.’ Ah, well. It was your fault, after all. You laugh softly and turn back onto your side, ready to spend time with Papyrus in the morning. ‘Goodnight, love.’