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hey, i’m shit with graphics but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ imma love y’all down anyways. so, i hit 100+ followers a few days ago and my followers keep going up so i figured i needed to go ahead and post this. if you’re not on the list, i still adore you and i’m so blessed that you follow me. i’m going to keep it kinda short.  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

@halokissed / jessi: the love of my actual life. my most amazing beauitful wife. icb you’re my best friend in this entire shit world. i love you so much and i love every muse we write together. i’m p sure soon our discord is gonna have like 200+ rps going and i’m totally okay w that. i love you to the moon and back.

@shadowfound / addie: um henlo gf. i mean i still don’t know why you wont just fight me but oh well. you’re literally the stars in my sky and i enjoy you so much. you’re such a sweetheart and always have been to me. like im so blessed we have still mutuals and that i found you again after i deleted casper.

@rosedgoth / hailee: i love you so so much. we have been writing together / following each other for ??? years. you’ve been one of my best friends even through the worst time of my life. you’re such an angel for putting up with me all these years.

@wormkilled / maddie: icb we’ve been writing together for years ??? since my matthew days and since he was first brought to tumblr. i am so blessed and i love every character you write ugh. catch me in love.

other babes that i adore sm:

@pcrfectdaughter / @bloodsire / @anguishborn / @bewitchie / @dngnmastr / @avnlea / @birdtrauma / @bledtrauma / @bulltrue / @screwcool / @gooniedeputy / @bitchhart / @barmitzvahed / @depthshidden / @almightyguilt@playgods / @silverawayyy / @guiltrauma / @lionguilt / @lovercasted / @boysfear / @thrustsfists / @savelosers / @foulfear 

Hey guys! We hit our milestone of 420 followers! (If you’re new, hi we don’t take anything seriously here, as you can see 😂) For this occasion I asked you guys if you wanted a face reveal or a special fan fiction, and face reveal won the vote! So…here’s my face! 😅
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K-pop Giveaway!

Hey guys! Thank you for everyone who has supported and followed us! For reaching almost 200 followers, we wanted to do a K-pop giveaway for our followers! There are a few rules and information you need to know, so here they are:

1. You must be following our page.
2. You must “Like” and reblog this post. (You only need to do it once. Doing it more than once won’t add entries.)
3. You must answer 5 quiz questions from our story Unexpected Consequence and 3 quiz questions from our story Save Me. (Links are on here or you can look on our Master List.) You have two weeks to message us directly the answers to the questions.
4. If you follow all these rules, you will be entered in the drawing for the giveaway. There will be three winners.
5. Whomever wins first place gets their choice of one of the three packages, second place gets second choice and third place gets whichever package wasn’t chosen.
6. Giveaway ends October 9th.

Unexpected Consequence Questions:
1. Where does the reader work?
2. Who are the two guys that torture the reader?
3. Name all the members that like the reader.
4. What’s the real reason BigBang kidnapped the reader from Got7?
5. Who does the reader end up being with in the end?

Save Me:
1. What is the main Doctor’s name?
2. What does Suga do while he’s talking to the reader?
3. What is J-hope’s mental illness?

Here is what is in each package for the three prizes:

1. Three BTS posters, one Got7 sticker book, and one Monsta X folder.
2. Four BTS posters and one BigBang notebook.
3. Three BTS posters, one BTS sticker set and one Got7 fan.

Thank you again to everyone for your support! We really hope you will participate in this giveaway! We will do more giveaways the more followers we get and the prizes will be better! (This is our first, so bare with us haha)
~Yōsei and Gaishō

  • *After a fight*
  • Person A: Babe, open the door...
  • Person B: NO!
  • Person A: Babe....
  • Person B: GO AWAY!!
  • Person A: *breath in*
  • Person A: Veronica! Open the- Open the door please! Veronica, open the door!
  • Person B: *immediately opens door* Goddammit you


I got the admission today!! I’ll be a engineering student this fall! I got accepted to master of science in computer science! So happy!! 

And hey, thank you so much for 1k followers!! I’m so grateful ❤️ I bet the 5 following years will be a lot better having the studyblr community to lean on 😍. This has been a great day! I’m so thankful 💕📚🥂 

(picture taken from my studygram: pretty.notes)

800 Followers gift! - Thank You!!

Hey guys!! So today I got something special for you! I really loved the dresses that came for adults with Dine Out and I realised I finally know how to make CC…so I’d make a version for kids. I used a dress from Get To Work as a base for the recolour so of course that pack is required!

  • Requires Get To Work
  • 9 Floral Patterns and 9 Solids - original colours! 
  • Available in Merged and Separate styles (so you can have both or one!)
  • Standalone


Simfileshare - [Merged] | [Solids] & [Patterns]

Please consider tagging me if you use it in photos! I’d really appreciate it ^^

Credit to my little sister for the sim…again! (she made me credit her for that AGAIN smh ;’))

If anyone can help me with BGC please let me know ♥

Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume

Hey guys! I hit 7k followers today (thank you all so much!) so I decided to do a masterpost that some of you requested! Personally, I sometimes struggle with staying focused when I’m studying and it can get difficult to focus on your work and avoid all types of distractions. Here are some times that I find helpful when I want to be 100% focused on my study related tasks:

  • make sure your study space is as minimalist as possible: if you’re like me, you tend to have lots of pens, highlighters and sticky notes when you are studying. One of my main goals for this year is definitely to become more minimalist since I end up being distracted by the huge amount of stationery around me. Try to focus on the essentials when you are studying: a piece of paper, your textbooks, one or two coloured pens and a few highlighters. Don’t get me wrong, I looove stationery and I think it can for sure be an asset in your academic life, but sometimes it can get in the way and you’ll end up overdoing your colour coding system and wasting time in your study sessions looking at the quantity of things around you.
  • put your phone on silent mode: this is a very predictable tip but it works! Putting your phone on silent or airplane mode is the best way to make sure you won’t fall in the temptation of replying to any messages or calls for the period of time you should be focused.
  • install forest: this app is one of my favorite things ever. There are plenty of other similar apps for your phone but, in my opinion, this one is the best. With forest, you can set a timer for the amount of time you want to stay focused and while doing that, you are planting a tree. It’s so motivational because you can see a little graphic garden of all the trees you planted in the app and you also earn money to buy different species of plants. It’s a great app to make sure you stay out of your phone while your working, since your tree will die if you check any social media while it’s growing.
  • make a realistic and functional to do list: one of the best ways to make sure you stay focused during your study session is to know exactly what you have to do. If you just start studying without having specific goals you might end up feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and that will reduce your productivity levels. Make a specific list of everything you want to accomplish during that time and stick to it. This will help you be more efficient and focused plus it will motivate you to finish all the work you want to do!

I hope you found these tips helpful!


This edit comes before the ‘AU’ below.

Ever thought about how instead of Derek pushing Stiles up against the wall, Stiles pushes Derek against it? I mean I can totally imagine him looming over and close to Derek and saying “Don’t you dare Derek. Don’t you fucking dare come back to beacon hills and expect me to be the same old Stiles you left behind” And Derek realises that Stiles loved him too and maybe still loves him. So he raises his hands to Stiles’ waist and says “I didn’t leave you because I didn’t want you, I left you because I wanted you too much and I didn’t think you deserve to be with someone like me, someone damaged. So I left and learned how to be someone you will love and someone worth your love.” Stiles just keeps quiet and processes everything Derek just told him. He takes one hand and thwaps Derek on his head and says “I loved you for who you were Derek, I don’t know what made you think I wanted you to change for me. But I am sorry if I gave you the impression that I did.” Derek realises he said ‘loved’ and not ‘love’, he moves to pull his hands back and hears Stiles making a sound in the back of his throat. He looks up at Stiles and sees a soft smile on his face. “I still love you, you doofus. And I hope you love me too” Derek doesn’t reply and just moves forward to kiss Stiles. Stiles can’t help but make a pleased sound against his mouth, the feel of finally having Derek’s lips against his own is enough to send a thrill of excitement through his body. Derek moves his hands up his back and puts one against Stiles’ neck and one in his hair, lightly tugging on it. The kiss is perfect, but it gets even better when Stiles parts his lips for Derek to slip his tongue in. The kiss gets deeper and filthier until they both need to separate for air. Derek just leans his forehead against Stiles’ and says “I love you too.” He smiles and Stiles decides he doesn’t want to go a day without seeing Derek smile or laugh ever again.

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Last week’s journal page ❄

I think I’m settling with this layout.
Since I’ve got things to do but also want to record everything in my life, I have a weekly bullet journal page and a weekly journal page right after that. This layout works soooo well for me.

Today’s photo quality isn’t the best tho.
I have no idea why it is so gloomy these days :(

But hey, thank you for 100+ follows! 💙
I’m a newbie and I think my start isn’t so bad and that’s all thanks to you !!


hey guys!! first id like to thank you for 1,500 followers, i dont deserve all of you guys hghghgh and this is for my 200 subs on youtube,, enjoy <3

  • Tanya: You’re right. I have no excuses. I was totally over the line.
  • Erich: Over the line? You… you… you’re so far past the line that you can’t even see the line! The line is a dot to you!